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Indicators lab


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Indicators lab

  1. 1. Name ________________________________ Period ____________ Chemistry I Date _____________ Indicators Lab Purpose: Use various indicators to classify solutions as acids, bases, or neutral. Procedure: 1. Use a well plate. Be sure to clean it thoroughly before beginning lab. 2. Add ten drops of acetic acid solution to three horizontal wells. 3. Test the first well with a strip of red litmus paper and then blue litmus paper using tweezers. Record results in the table. 4. To the first well, add one drop of phenolphthalein. Record results in the table. 5. To the second well, add one drop of bromothymol blue. Record results in the table. 6. To the third well, add one drop of methyl-orange. Record results in the table. 7. Repeat steps 2-7 with each of the samples. Make sure you do not confuse the samples. Pre-lab Questions 1. What is an indicator? Name three examples used in this lab. 2. What is an electrolyte? What three substances are usually electrolytes? 3. Predict whether water is acidic, basic or neutral. Why?
  2. 2. Data Solution Formula Red litmus Blue litmus Phenoph- thalein Bromothymol blue Methyl orange A-B-N Acetic acid HC2H3O2 Ammonia NH3 Lemon Juice Isopropyl alcohol C3H7OH Magnesium sulfate MgSO4 Salt water NaCl Sodium hydroxide (drano) NaOH Sucrose C12H22O11 Water H2O Baking Soda NaHCO3 Sprite
  3. 3. Indicators Acid Base Neutral Red litmus paper Red Blue Red Blue litmus paper Red blue Blue Phenolphthalein Clear Bright pink Clear Methyl orange Red orange NA Bromothymol blue Yellow Blue Green