Force and acceleration test


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Force and acceleration test

  1. 1. Name_____________________________ Date_________ Period ______ Test 3: Acceleration and Force Acceleration = Final velocity – Initial velocity Time Time = Final Velocity – Initial Velocity Acceleration Final Velocity = Acceleration * Time + Initial Velocity Force = mass x acceleration Problems: In order to receive credit for this worksheet you MUST show your work. You can use a calculator but you must show all of the steps in the spaces provided. DRAW A DIAGRAM FOR EACH QUESTION. 1. A roller coaster car rapidly picks up speed as it rolls down a slope. As it starts down the slope, its speed is 4 m/s. But 3 seconds later, at the bottom of the slope, its speed is 22 m/s. What is its average acceleration? 2. A cyclist accelerates from 0 m/s to 8 m/s in 3 seconds. What is his acceleration? Is this acceleration higher than that of a car which accelerates from 0 to 30 m/s in 8 seconds? 3. A car advertisement states that a certain car can accelerate from rest to 70 km/h in 7 seconds. Find the car’s average acceleration. 4. A lizard accelerates from 2 m/s to 10 m/s in 4 seconds. What is the lizard’s average acceleration? 5. If a Ferrari, with an initial velocity of 10 m/s, accelerates at a rate of 50 m/s/s for 3 seconds, what will its final velocity be? 6. A man hits a golf ball (0.2 kg) which accelerates at a rate of 20 m/s2. What amount of force acted on the ball?
  2. 2. 7. You give a shopping cart a shove down the isle. The cart is full of groceries and has a mass of 18 kg. The cart accelerates at a rate of 3 m/s2. How much force did you exert on the cart? 8. The wind pushes a paper cup along the sand at a beach. The cup has a mass of 25 grams ( = ? kg) and accelerates at a rate of 5 m/s2. How much force (in Newtons) is the wind exerting on the cup? 9. You push a friend sitting on a swing. She has a mass of 50 kg and accelerates at a rate of 4 m/s2. Find the force you exerted. 10. How much force would it take to push another, larger friend who has a mass of 70 kg to accelerate at the same rate of 4 m/s2? 11. A worker drops his hammer off the roof of a house. The hammer has a mass of 9 kg, and gravity accelerates it at the usual 9.8 m/s2. How much force does the earth apply to the hammer? 12. Your bicycle has a mass of 9.1 kilograms. You accelerate at a rate of 1.79 m/s2. Calculate the net force that is accelerating the bicycle. 13. A runner has a mass of 89 kilograms. He produces a force of 84 Newtons between the ground and his running shoes. How fast does he accelerate? 14. The Space Shuttle has a liftoff mass of 2,041,000 kg and accelerates at a rate of 16 m/s2. Calculate the force (thrust) that is accelerating the Space Shuttle.