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Network media presentation


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Network media presentation

  1. 1. What is cloud computing/web as a platform By Sheri Satchell, Rachel Eyre, Jess Mcgee, Nikki Dlamini, Renae Hayes
  2. 2. What is cloud computing? • A way of utilizing your data in a storage managing system through the web. • For example date such as images, videos, music and documents can be stored on the web into a server allowing your computer/devise to consume less energy. • This mean we can access all our data anywhere in the world just with the help of a internet connection. Your data is stored in a huge warehouse where a considerable amount of servers store mass amounts of the data uploaded by the users of particular web application. These are running through the day into the night and are protected. Also precautions are taken into account such as data protection and if an emergency was to occur your data would be sent to another server somewhere else in the world.
  3. 3. • Cloud computing can also be used so we can access our data using other devices such as a phone, computer or laptop. Therefore if one device breaks we are able to access the data through the internet without the data being lost. • Cloud computing also allows us to assess software or information on demand constantly without it being stored locally.
  4. 4. •Private internal: Gives the user more control and has limited access to people behind a firewall. •Public external: is the standard cloud computing model, in which the storage is available to the general public over the Internet. •Before we would use our data where it was stored for example at home, at work and at school but now we can access all that data together where ever we are. •Cloud computing allows all our date to grow for personal use or within business. •It illuminates the limitations of storing your data locally. •Cloud computing is a good way of backing up data, but also another way of sharing data.
  5. 5. Example’s of cloud computing. • Flickr, facebook, Youtube, dropbox – allowing millions of pictures, videos, documents, emails, calendars to stored or uploaded onto these websites into the server and accessed though an internet connection. • Not only do these applications act as backup for data they are used to share that information throughout the internet, people use flickr to share their images and gain comments on what they have uploaded.
  6. 6. Web as platform 1. What is web as a platform? • Software that uses the web as a platform • Allows the user to do more than just access information.
  7. 7. Examples of web platforms • Javascript
  8. 8. Platform Vs Application • Platform • Easily updatable • easy to use • Larger amount of people use it • Use it to suite your needs. • Application • Accessible without the internet • Browsers crash • Security • Offline access
  9. 9. Cloud Computing is web as a platform! Cloud computing uses the way the web is built in platforms .
  10. 10. Advantages •Leave all the technical side of updating and fixing programmes to a specialist. •Access it anywhere in the world! •Saves space •If your computer breaks you still have work saved on servers.
  11. 11. Disadvantages •Only big companies can control cloud computing. •How good is the server farm that you are trusting? •How secure is the server farms security? •Tied into another companies financial health.
  12. 12. VS Google gives us the service to write up documents online now, including spell checking your document. Microsoft gives u a more in-depth application with more fancy features, however all the basics of writing a document are available online on Google Docs. From Microsoft you can download an application to your device which is called “Microsoft photo editor” ..However, you can use Google's facilities and download Picasa to your device which is a photo service too! Google is a BIG cloud computing platform open to the public to use and create/share their documents and files on/with. Google allows us to do a variety of things such as share images, store files, share videos on YOUTUBE(owned by google), create and store emails, and so on. The company is just getting bigger and bigger offering us more and more services. It is known as a cloud computer due to you being able to store all your information to it. Google gives us the opportunity of being able to share our files and docs to other computers and networks too!
  13. 13. is another big part of cloud computing. They also offer a lot of services to the public to store their documents and use their services instead of applications, connecting you to other networks and computers such as........ “Flickr is an image and video hosting website, web services suite, and online community” – wikipedia. Flickr is a different type of cloud computing platform than Google is. Flickr is a website which allows its users to sign up to them and then be able to share their photos online with others, tagging their friends and other users in the photos. It allows the user to also store all their images online instead of having to have the file on your computers memory. This saves you storage and gives you the opportunity to keep your friends up to date with your pictures, good huh? Flickr’s business is a cheap run business as the members run the business. You as a member upload your photos and videos, and do the tagging too! The employees have an easy job, but we benefit nicely. 
  14. 14. We think that overall “Cloud computing” will be getting bigger and bigger as the time moves on, and more and more people will be learning about it and using it. At the moment a wide variety of people know about it, but as its getting bigger more people know about it. Over the past few years cloud computing as a platform has evolved hugely and more is coming out of it such as document saving online, picture saving online, creating documents instead of using a word processor and so on. Eventually the internet will evolve so that applications wont even be needed! Some people can’t use cloud computing as they don’t have access to the internet, and some people aren’t bothered about having it on certain devices anyway – especially if its working one. Therefore not everyone will be using cloud computing as its not an option for them. Overall we think that in the future cloud computing will be bigger than it is now, and evolve as much as it can, but we also think that it wont be taking over completely. We think cloud computing VS software will be a 50/50 competition for obvious reasons such as some people don't trust the internet with all their work, they don't want people to have access to their personal files and so on... In March 2010, Microsoft’s CEO, Steve Ballmer, referred to cloud computing as: "For the cloud, we're all in" and further stating "About 75 percent of our folks are doing entirely cloud based or entirely cloud inspired, a year from now that will be 90 percent.“