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Slide show presentation of the agenda. Goals and tasks for the Golf and Grounds Maintenance Dept.

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  1. 1. Pinehurst Country Club Greens Committee Meeting Thursday, August 9th 2012
  2. 2.  Chairperson Report – Erich Tiepel General Manager’s Report – Loren Pippin Grounds Report – Steve Sarro  Water Update: Lease Status, Pond Master Plan, Ft. Logan Ditch Upgrades  Master Plan Objectives:  15 Tee Renovation and budget estimate,  In-house winter projects: par 3 tee leveling, Sand trap renovation on 4, 9, 18  New Business  Poa/bent trials  Rounds 4 Research
  3. 3.  Currently we have used 60 AF of the 125 AF on lease. We are projecting to expire these leases near September 15th if there is no further rainfall. Denver Water has offered to extend the lease with us if needed through October. Irrigation demand is less in October, but recovery will be important
  4. 4.  Two projects to assist with delivery of water to Pinehurst and other constituents  1st project: During the expansion of Quincy between Wadsworth and Kipling, a splitter box will be installed. Allows Harriman Ditch to flow into the Warrior Ditch and provide versatility.  2nd project: A second splitter box to put Ft. Logan Ditch into Urban Drainage sooner to avoid ditch through the neighborhood and costly maintenance.
  5. 5.  15 Tee Renovation  Includes all tee boxes  Adds up to 30 yards in length to the 1 cone tees  Upgrades the old “runway” design  Increased potential for water savings with native grasses incorporated around the tee boxes  Replaces the cart path and moves it to the right side of the tee box  Minor enhancements to Windmill Hill
  6. 6.  Non-competitive bid was approximately $65,000 Up to $6,200 in design fees. (Approximately 10% of the scope of work) Design Fees Include:  Revised Grading Study  Construction Specifications  Bid Forms  Solicit and Collect Competitive Bids  Analyze Bids and Assist with Selecting Contractor  Up to Four Site Visits for Field Adjustments
  7. 7.  Par 3 tees to be addressed on both Golf Courses Total of 30,950 square feet of Par 3 tees Till, Amend Soil, Compact and Level Surface:  $3,000 Sand  $7,800 Sod  Contractor: Pinehurst Grounds
  8. 8.  Sand Traps are recommended to be renovated every 10-15 years. According to records the Maxwell traps are 12 years old. It is time to determine a replacement schedule
  9. 9.  Sand Bunker Goals  Evaluate size and placement of the bunker  Upgrade or install drainage  Install irrigation around perimeter  Re-grass edges of the bunker  New screened sand into bunkers and proper depths
  10. 10. Goal: Remove Poa Annua from puttingsurfaces to increase performance
  11. 11.  2012: We are providing a drier surface and we have seen a major improvement in bentgrass populations on all putting greens. Maxwell Greens average 20% bentgrass Pfluger Greens average 75% bentgrass Goal: 95-100% bentgrass populations  Better roll and performance  Less water due to deeper roots  Higher tolerance for heat stress Use Chipping Green for poa annua trials
  12. 12.  Older varieties of bentgrass is contaminating tees, fairways and approaches. Inconsistent turf surfaces. A new chemical has been developed and studied for a few years that kills bentgrass in other turf species. Goal: To provide consistent turfgrass varieties in all short grass areas.
  13. 13.  Suggested trial locations: 5 Maxwell, 3 cone tee and/or 1 Pfluger Approach. Three applications are made in the fall and again in the spring if necessary. Bentgrass turns white and does not process photosynthesis and dies. Re-seeding with blue or ryegrass to fill in any bare spots.
  14. 14. Tenacity herbicide trial This trial was performed byOhio State University in a golf course setting.
  15. 15.