November 12 green_committee


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Presentation for the November 2012 Greens Committee Meeting

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November 12 green_committee

  1. 1. Pinehurst Country Club’sGreen Committee Meeting November 8th, 2012
  2. 2. Agenda Chairperson Report – Erich Tiepel  Approval of minutes General Manager’s Report – Loren Pippin Grounds Report – Steve Sarro  Driving Range Status  Water Update  Water Review for 2012  Harriman Construction  In-house construction for 2013  Tee boxes  Pfluger putting green presentation  Sand replacement in bunkers  Revisit compost area  Imprelis Update  Bentgrass/poa annua Trials  New Business  Course Conditions for the 2012 season
  3. 3. Driving Range Research
  4. 4. Tanner Consulting The only firm to research ball flight for golf courses They find resolutions for golf properties to achieve goals in regards to safety, playability and aesthetics Currently working with Vail G.C. Successful projects around the globe. Our goal is to correct safety issues and provide a cohesive environment Models and improvement plans will be presented No more than $5,000 was approved for the study by the board of directors.
  5. 5. Water Spent $23K on 125 Acre Feet of leased water Harriman reservoir was offline (50 Acre feet) Extreme heat and drought conditions As of October 31, 2012 we pumped 353 AF Our 8 year average is pumping 350 AF annually 73 days of 90 degree heat, 61 days in 2000 Reduced irrigated acreage and turned off roughs for 3 weeks
  6. 6. Harriman Reservoir Reservoir is complete, outlet structure is being reconstructed due to a contractor mistake. New schedule is to be completed by the end of the year. Once the outlet is complete, the reservoir can begin to fill Goal is to have 50 Acre feet available again for PCC in 2013.
  7. 7. Harriman ReservoirRepoured transfer pipe. A dam is placed on top of pipe.
  8. 8. Harriman ReservoirSediment basin
  9. 9. Harriman ReservoirOutlet to Johnson lateral
  10. 10. Harriman ReservoirJohnson Ditch
  11. 11. #2 Pfluger Forward Tee
  12. 12. Finished #2 Pfluger Forward Tee
  13. 13. #6 Pfluger Forward Tee
  14. 14. Irrigation Upgrades
  15. 15. Pfluger Putting Green Presentation
  16. 16. Upgrade To Presentation
  17. 17. Sand Replacement
  18. 18. Contaminated Sand
  19. 19. Compost AreaOnce material is available for appropriate berms to hide the area from thegolf course we will then consider moving the compost. Meanwhile, ourgoal is to maintain the current area in a clean and orderly fashion.
  20. 20. ImprelisOn October 25, 2012 a letter was sent to Dupont from Pickard & Associates.The letter demands an immediate response to our claim rejection and to findan appropriate resolution.
  21. 21. Bentgrass TrialStrong recovery this fall. The spring will lead to one more application ofherbicide and aggressive inter-seeding to achieve a consistent stand ofturfgrass on approach.
  22. 22. Grass on GreensWe have made great strides in 2012 to increase populations of bentgrasson greens.
  23. 23. Poa annua Trials Ridding poa annua from greens is a long term solution. Short term plan is to initiate aggressive bentgrass seeding on an annual basis. Once populations increase near to 75-80% bentgrass in greens, then we would explore with products to achieve a higher success rate and reduce impacts to playability. Currently the Maxwell greens have 15-25% bentgrass populations.
  24. 24. New Business Tree Care for the winter is a main project Pinehurst spends $35,000-45,000 on tree care annually Drought conditions impact trees years later. Pruning and removal begins in January Tree removal necessities:  safety concerns  turf and tree quality  playability
  25. 25. 14 Green Dead Cottonwood and MapleThe trees will be removed. New cottonwood trees are blooming strong inthis location. This areas is a potential candidate for more trees in thefuture.
  26. 26. Dying Ash Tree at 2 Green MaxwellThis tree has been declining rapidly. Fighting age and drought conditions. Atthis time there are plenty of mature trees in the area. Replanting does notmake sense at this time.
  27. 27. Remove older Ash trees on #9 MaxwellThe left side of 9 on the Maxwell is highly over planted. Ash trees become increasinglydifficult to maintain the older they become. Removing older species will help with turfhealth and provide more room for younger trees to flourish. We battle wet turf in this areadue to lack of sunlight.
  28. 28. #7 Green MaxwellNo one wants to remove this tree. It might be the most interactive tree with a golfer in around. However, this is an enormous liability. The tree is completely rotted away inside.Another cottonwood was planted a few years ago to anticipate the removal of the old tree.
  29. 29. #7 Green MaxwellA stimpmeter is three feet in length. You can determine the hollowness ofthe cavity.
  30. 30. #7 Green MaxwellTree populations are plentiful at this green location. Removing the oldcottonwood will assist the other trees to thrive. The green also suffers frominvading roots.
  31. 31. Hawthorns at the Snack BarThese trees have no value to the golf course. They are a safety hazard at thepool. We see a lot of traffic from children and members while in bathing suits.The thorns on these trees are highly unfriendly.
  32. 32. 11 Tee BoxThe roots of this tree have invaded the surface. The roots compete with the turffor water and nutrients. They cause an uneven surface and unsafe for golferswhen they come in contact with a root by a club.
  33. 33. Replace Firs at Club EntranceThese firs have reached their life expectancy. They have suffered from theconstruction at the entrance over the past few years. I have a lead on replacingthem with 25-30 foot Colorado Blue Spruce trees.
  34. 34. 2012 Course Conditions Feedback on course conditions for the 2012 season Mowing Patterns Firmness of the golf course Turfgrass Quality Sand trap maintenance Miscellaneous