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This PowerPoint contains the directions for your Presidents project.

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  1. 1. 5 th Grade Research Project Mrs. Samson Anytownville Elementary School The American Presidents
  2. 2. Project Index Project Overview A Quick Review Web Report Search & Work Sheet Resources Fun & Games
  3. 3. The President Project You have been assigned to find out about one of the American Presidents. After you have completed your research, you will be asked to share what you learned with your classmates. Your report must include: More Info Project Index The name of your President & when he served A picture of your President Facts about his childhood and/or family A few interesting events that happened during his term
  4. 4. Your Web Report Instead of handing your report in to your teacher, you will be posting your Presidential Report on the Internet. It’s easy! Just follow these steps: Project Index Complete your “Search & Work” Sheet Write a rough draft of your report. Include references. Save a picture of your President to your desktop Click here to get started. Follow directions carefully! E-Sheet
  5. 5. Take a Minute To Review What do you remember about the American Presidency and how it fits within our system of government? Video Clip Who is eligible to become President? How long can one person serve as President? If you are the President, can you do anything you want? Project Index
  6. 6. The Presidency Questions Due to copyright considerations, the video clip selected for this PowerPoint slide show cannot be included here. If you are a subscriber, you can obtain clips from Aims Multimedia Services online. Project Index
  7. 7. Gathering Information You will be collecting information about your President on the “Search & Work” Sheet that accompanies this project. You have two choices on how to fill out this sheet: Use the printed copy that is included in your Instructions Packet. Click the button to use an electronic version of the “Search & Work” Sheet. = or = Project Index E-Sheet
  8. 8. Resource Library C l i c k t h e P r e s i d e n t i a l S e a l o r t h e t i t l e t o v i s i t t h a t s i t e The American Presidents: Life Portraits WhoWhatWhere Interactive Timeline CyberSleuthKids: The American Presidents USA Trivia: Presidents Internet Public Library: Presidents of the U.S. Presidents Hall Lists of Presidents Vincent Voice Library Project Index E-Sheet
  9. 9. Fun and Games P u t y o u r k n o w l e d g e o f t h e U.S. P r e s i d e n t s t o t h e t e s t! Presidential Nicknames Put the Presidents in Order! Online Crossword Project Index Play Hangman E-Sheet