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Ehr implementation


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Ehr implementation

  1. 1. EHR Implementation & The TURF Framework for Usability McKenzie Wilson, Kara Morris, Sarah Riley Saint, Jennifer Firmin
  2. 2. The Information Age ● Internet: 1970s ● World Wide Web: 1990s ● Electronic Mail
  3. 3. Evolution of EHR ● Early use: 1960s o Many efforts to streamline medical data entry process ● HITECH Act: 2009 o American Recovery and Reinvestment Act: 2009 o Meaningful Use ● Technological Advancements o Mainframe computers: large companies and corporations o Mini-computers & personal computers: affordable o Internet: secure communication and data sharing o Microprocessors: hand-held technology, availability
  4. 4. Purpose of EHR ● Electronic Medical Record (EMR) & Personal Health Record (PHR) o Not interoperable: managed by provider and one by consumer  Multiple EMR & Unreliable PHR ● Electronic Health Record (EHR): comprehensive view of an individual’s health care o Point-of-care information o Reduction of errors o Interoperability
  5. 5. Why do we need EHRs? ● Better Physician decisions and more coordinated care
  6. 6. Barriers to Implementation ● User attributes ● System attributes ● Support from others ● Organizational support ● Environmental factors ● **Usability: used to accomplish goals and extent to perform necessary tasks ● **Workflow: the systematic sequence or process through which a piece of work passes from initiation to completion
  7. 7. What is TURF? ● Task, User, Representation, Function ● TURF is an integrated toolkit: o Usability evaluation, testing, measurement, and design ● Developed by SHARPC research group: addressing usability and workflow ● Two primary functions: o Evaluate usability of existing EHRs o Provide framework for new EHRs
  8. 8. Framework For TURF
  9. 9. How does well TURF work? “I found TURF to be a versatile, robust tool for EHR usability analysis. Its seeming complexity masks an ability to work in various settings and tackle hosts of problems. If you aren’t happy with your EHR’s interface, TURF gives a remarkable tool to show what’s wrong and what you want. Indeed, with some adaptation you could use TURF to analyze almost any program’s usability. Not bad for a freebie” Carl Bergman President, Silver Soft, Inc. Managing Partner, Specializes in EMR/EHR systems
  10. 10. Why does TURF work? ● User Sessions ● Administration ● Testing for Specifics ● Comparing Steps ● Reporting