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  • Power of the Internet Innovative technological development with widespread global usage. Virtual activity on a much larger scale. Rise of ‘Brick and Click’ distribution channel – businesses who have introduced and integrated an online site for ecommerce. Ecommerce has directly influenced the development of the online retail industry, buying and selling items virtually. Statistics Statistic 1 - Virtual shopping to reach £123bn in 2020. More customers going online, smooth, enjoyable, product choice and variety available, convenient, easier, and access it in their own comfortable environment. This is directly what Peerius Ltd is based around, focusing on enhancing every customers’ online shopping experience. Statistic 2 - Half of all retail sales will be made online/virtually by 2020. Huge market space and innovative opportunity for the online retail industry and Peerius to get stuck into and get creative with what their clients want.
  • Founded back in December 2007. Running for 4 years now, and growing at a substantial rate as a SME. First unique business offering that I have ever come across. Peerius integrates a ‘tell me and show me’ philosophy. Recommendation – Peerius ‘tells’ and advises their clients. Personalisation – Peerius actively ‘shows’ what they can do to their clients, using their specialised software. Objective Boost virtual client sales and customer experience – more pleasure, interactive, personalised, where customer is and feels like a king/royalty. Consultative Approach - Act as a support mechanism for clients, work together, advise and provide great solutions, which personalised and tailored to the client needs. Mutual symbiotic relationships, which are transparent. Client Loyalty and Retention. Provide the best products and services to a range of Peerius’ clients. Vision Only be the best in recommendation and personalisation services. The only player with a game plan within the online retail market – An effective virtual shopping assistant. Unique company with potential to go very far indeed.
  • Peerius holds B2B relationship close to their hearts and is a fundamental area in its own right. PEERIUS works with  CLIENTS and help boost their online sales and customer experience/knowledge which is directly fed into  CUSTOMERS who enjoy the virtual shopping experience, more purchasing, more product choice, tailored, specialised. Ability for Peerius to gather customer online shopping behaviour research and data via the clients’ website to make further developments, improvements and recommendations.
  • Everything that is visually observed on surface of the website by the clients and the customers is fed into the engine Understanding customer and a collective group of customers Able to extract and analyse the data Effective feedback system for Peerius to focus/improve its services – what and where
  • Focuses on what each customers wants (such as the type of products and product range they go for) and does on the website. The site automatically adjusts its search results to suit the customer in mind and only them. Geared towards having specific products for specific customers on the site or at times already placed on the site for customers – Feel special and think wow! Improves the overall customer experience and service.
  • Move away from just focusing on recommending and personalising online and online retail websites. Gain a deeper insight and expanding into other areas, such as of online marketing and offline marketing. Require immense creativity and innovative ideas by Peerius. Face new challenges when dealing with online and offline marketing. Boost the clients’ CTR and drive customers back to the website (customer retention) Importance on making sure the client understand its customers.
  • Peerius Data Analysis and Methods are done by: Customer Segmentation – Info on a similar group of customers for more targeting customised marketing campaigns. Product Conversion – Find out which product sells the best and poor selling products, able to figure out the reasons why and make improvements. Product Range Optimisation – Find gaps in product attributes and range
  • Sales and Marketing work parallel with one another – Marketing is the method to reach, target and persuade propsects and promote the product or service in mind. Sales is the proactive side of Marketing, where you actively sell to the prospect, come to an agreement and close the deal. Networking with clients, colleagues and partners Event Management (organising and attending the events) Provide leads (potential and new contacts) for the Sales team and support them Research into and monitor competitor activity Support and help the Marketing Manager and Team to plan campaigns using different Marketing strategies and techniques. Manage and improve client/customer relationships via increasing value and provide consistent feedback Create, update and manage marketing promotional material, and organise its distribution method(s) Maintain and update client/customer database Improve and evaluate/report on marketing campaigns
  • Admire this new, unique industry, want to know more about ecommerce and the retail industry Get the opportunity to liaise and network with various individuals and clients Studied various Marketing modules from Consumer Psychology, Marketing and Social and Political Marketing at University, which I enjoyed. Solid extensive Marketing experience, doing various Marketing internships, work experience and volunteer work Willing and keen to constantly learn new things daily Advanced Microsoft skills and Adobe Photoshop – Looking to do a Dreamweaver CSS evening course in a few weeks time. 2 nd Language – Panjabi, Hindi Analytical and have an eye for detail and accuracy when dealing when data Enthusiastic about Marketing, and hopefully see myself progressing to a Marketing Manager in 4 to 5 years time Extremely resilient – never give up and go strength to strength Quick learner Hungry to strive within Peerius, to learn from and off others Ambitious in life and work Workholic – Hardworking Demanding All rounder - Desire to get a taster of other Peerius business areas – Operations, Finance, HR Want to show you examples of my creativity work and promotional materials for other businesses that I undertook
  • Peerius Limited Presentation 09.12.11

    1. 1. Peerius LimitedPresented by Sandeep SaibFriday 9th December 2011 1
    2. 2. Agenda• Online Retail Revolution• About Peerius Ltd - Who - What – Objective and Vision - B2B Relationship - Peerius’ Clients and Partners - 4 Key Services/Solutions• Sales & Marketing Executive Role• Why hire me?• End - Q&A 2
    3. 3. Online Retail Revolution• Power of the Internet• “Online retail market to grow by 110%, reaching £123bn in 2020.” (Source: Sahota, D., July 2010, ‘UK online retail market’, website)• “50% of all retail sales will be made on the Internet towards the end of 2020.” (Source: Roper, J., July 2010, ‘UK online retail market’, IMRG CEO, website) 3
    4. 4. About Peerius Ltd “Maximising your site’s online sales”• Established in December 2007 (4 years ago).• Recommendation and personalisation technology software solutions to clients.• B2B – Agency side.Objective: - Help enhance clients’ online sales performance and optimise customer experience on the site. - Consultative ApproachVision: - Get, be and stay ahead and be the ultimate best recommendation service. - Change, challenge and further revolutionise the online retail industry for years to come. 4
    5. 5. About Peerius LtdPeerius’ B2B RelationshipB2B PEERIUS CLIENTS CUSTOMERSB2C 5
    6. 6. About Peerius Ltd Peerius’ Clients Peerius’ Partners 6
    7. 7. Peerius’ Key Services 1. Recommendation Engine- Core aspect of the overall business- Customer Personalisation when visiting a website- Tracks the entire journey from start to finish 7
    8. 8. Peerius’ Key Services 2. Personalised Search- Extension of the Engine- Detailed analysis of personalising visitor’s behaviour and actions- Consumer Psychology 8
    9. 9. Peerius’ Key Services3. Multichannel Recommendations- Recommend and personalise online and offline marketing for a range of businesses- Examples: - Retargeting a mobile phone campaign - Segmenting a publication’s customer base - Improving the content for a email campaign 9
    10. 10. Peerius’ Key Services4. Analysis and Insight- Ongoing research- Gather and analyse statistics and data of online shoppers for clients (habits and trends) 10
    11. 11. m ent Lea d anage Gen era ve nt M tion E What is my understanding of the ‘Sales and Marketing Executive’ role at Peerius Ltd? rk et wo Prom N otio a nd Research Hub nal e MatLiais erial 11
    12. 12. di kills d Hin S n oso ft ja bi a in g r s) Mic r Pan ork pl aye ask ( d e – a rdw m set t va nce uag ly h tea th eAd Lang me oo d on 2n d xtre G d E oc use F Why hire me? or as cat ide s uni and tion in m ns es r ss com de sig ht q u an age gre od ith rig M proGo w s th e ting to tive ask r ke ust ry rea Ma ind C ays e a ue Alw m iq B eco t , un G rea 12
    13. 13. Thank you for listening to my presentation.Please feel free to ask me any questions. 13