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What is SlideShare?

LinkedIn SlideShare is a global hub of professional content. It’s one of the top 100 most-visited websites in the world, with over 70 million unique visitors amonth and 18 million uploads to date. On SlideShare you can view and upload:

  • Presentations
  • Infographics
  • Documents
  • Videos

How can you use SlideShare?

Individuals and businesses worldwide use SlideShare to:

Share your insights on SlideShare to give your content the audience it deserves. Over 70% of SlideShare’s viewers come from search - from a targeted audience actively searching for your expertise and advice. Building traffic to your blog or website is not easy. But when you upload to SlideShare regularly, our SEO muscle power boosts your search visibility, making it easier to build a following.

“I’m stunned by the result (so far). This first month was the fastest sharing of any of my content in more than a decade of sharing free stuff on the web” David Scott, Bestselling author of “The New Rules of Marketing and PR”

What to Upload?

Not sure what to share on SlideShare? With more than 18 million uploads to SlideShare, on topics ranging from marketing tips and design trends to household hacks and photo essays, the possibilities are endless. Check out a few of the most popular examples of what you can upload:

Join Our Monthly Upload Campaigns

Let your voice be heard, and join our monthly conversations! Each month we select two hot topics to discuss and promote. Weigh in, and share your insights and opinions. Check out our Upload Campaign calendar below, and when you upload, be sure to tag your SlideShare with the tag noted for each campaign.

Tip: If you share on topics that are trending, you’re likely to generate more views!

2015 Campaigns:

Who Uses SlideShare?

Eric Schmidt. Guy Kawasaki. Cisco. And thousands of others with knowledge worth sharing including Fortune 500 companies, professionals with unique insights, and subject matter experts. Here are some of our top contributors. Browse their content to get expert insights and knowledge:

Industry Leaders & Entrepreneurs
Non-Profits & Government
Conference Speakers

Customer Stories

Millions of people have used SlideShare to establish themselves as experts in their field, launch small businesses, market their services and products, share and test ideas, meet like-minded professionals -- and much more. Here’s how a few star users reached success on SlideShare:

“With the right methods and approach, just about anyone can reach 1 million views on SlideShare,” Facebook content strategist Jonathon Colman says.

Colman, a longtime SlideShare power user, published 37 presentations over seven years, ultimately reaching 1 million views. His most popular presentation -- part of a SlideShare upload campaign -- titled, “What I Carry: 10 Tools for Success” has fetched more than 330,000 views.

He shares his advice for reaching 1 million views on SlideShare:

  • Invest Time in the SlideShare Community
    Follow other users, “like” and comment on SlideShares you admire, and subscribe to your favorite topics. “SlideShare isn’t just a repository for PowerPoint files. It’s a community. And like any community - real or virtual - you get out of it what you put into it,” he says.
  • Learn From Others
    With 18 million uploads and 40 million registered users on SlideShare, there are a lot of examples and people to learn from. See how others engage an audience, and do the same.
  • Support Others by Sharing Their Work
    If you share someone else’s deck on social media platforms, they’re likely to share yours. And the more your content is shared, the closer you are to reaching 1 million views!
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