Space industry


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Space industry

  1. 1. Space Industry Presented by:Sanjeet Singh Thakur
  2. 2. Introduction• Space industry refers to manufacturing, and delivering components that go into space and related services.• This industry comperises companies involved in space economy.• Three major segments are satellite manufacturing, providing ground equipment and services and launch industry.
  3. 3. History• Space industry started devloping after world war II.• First space organisation was CCCP.• First manned spaceflight was vostok 1 launched in 1961.• First Space walk was performed by Yuri Gagrin of Russia.• First shuttle went into moon was apollo 11 in 1969.• First man walking on moon was Neil Armstrong.
  4. 4. Space organisations• Total 60 nations has their own space agencies.• Only US,China, and Russia has capability of manned spaceflight.• India is among the countries having capability of launching shuttles.• US, Russia, France and Europian space agency contribute maximum to space economy.• Private space Agencies are also in development.
  5. 5. Space Product and services• Space products include sattelite and ground equipments.• Launch of sattelite and related services are major contributor in space industry.• Private companies are also involved in providing the products.• Services are mainly provided by govt. Controoled organisations.
  6. 6. The Space Economy• Includes Govt. And Commercial activity.• Total global space economy in 2011 was 289.87 billions govt budget and 258.21 billion commercial spending.• Industry grown by 12.2% rate and major contributor was commercial sector.• Govt. Spending increased by 6% but varied country to country.• Space foundation index was incepted by looking into its growth perspective.
  7. 7. Global Space activity 2011 Sales $ .01 B $ 25.25 B commercial space products and service$ 1.25 B commercial infrastructure $110.53 B and support industry indian govt. space budget $106.42 B non indian govt. space budget commercial space transportation budget
  8. 8. Space Infrastructure• It covers developments regarding space stations, satellites, ground stations, spaceports and scientific systems.• First space station was salyut 1 build in 1971 by russia.• ISS was build in 1998 by international collaboration.• China was leading in development of space infrastructure in 2011.• There was 84 launches in 2011 14% increased than previous year.
  9. 9. Workforce and Education• For development in this section education of workforce is important.• Their is shortfall in workforce.• 70% of the workforce is between 40 to 60 year old.• Workforce in this section is expected to grow in coming years.
  10. 10. Conclusion• One of the biggest and growing industry.• Maximmum control is in Govt. hands.• Few private players but expected to grow in coming years.• Most lucrative and adventourous career.