Sertoli Cell Only Syndrome Treatment


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Sertoli Cell Only Syndrome Treatment at Welling Clinic, Mumbai, India.


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Sertoli Cell Only Syndrome Treatment

  1. 1. Natural Conceiving for those suffering fromSertoli Cell Only Syndrome
  2. 2. SCOS - Treatment• Sertoli Cell Only Syndrome ( SCOS ) is a very rare illness and an unfortunate one for you to face it.
  3. 3. SCOS - Treatment• Due to absence of sperm production, one is incapable of fathering a baby of his own via any modes / methods of reproduction i.e: natural or artificial assisted techniques
  4. 4. SCOS - Treatment Very Important After biopsyAbsence of sperm at one site in yourtestes doesn’t preclude the absence in other site .
  5. 5. SCOS need notmean no sperm for life
  6. 6. SCOS - Treatment Its proven in variousresearches around the worldthat there are small areas of sperm production even inworst cases of SCOS, and ifthose areas are stimulated rightly, there should be no difficulty in you, fathering your own baby .
  7. 7. SCOS – Treatment Option
  8. 8. SCOS - Treatment• In the conventional treatment, there is no way in which any medication or methods can help in SCOS• Hormonal medications and nutritional supplements are usually prescribed with zero practical benefit
  9. 9. SCOS - Treatment• As a last option, you might be advised ICSI with donor sperms• After repeatedly failed cycles you might be advised adopting a baby
  10. 10. But SCOS need not mean no sperm Some of these rare sperm can be retrieved through multiple biopsiesand used for ICSI in 5 % of men with Sertoli cell only
  11. 11. TESA & PESA• But this may involve painful procedures with trial and error for hunting of sperms at various sites in your testicles
  12. 12. HART Treatment for PCOS• Homoeopathy on the contrary, has immense potential to tap these issues due to the power of medicines to stimulate the small number of germ cells that may be present, to mature in healthy sperm. Yes it is not an easy process, but definitely not impossible.
  13. 13. HART Treatment for PCOS• In the last 10 years, the treatment has been successful in 24% of patients after 2 HART cycles 60% of patients after 4 HART cycles.
  14. 14. SCOS - Treatment• Homoeopathy acts along the Pituitary-Neuro- Endocrine-Immunological (PNEI ) axis, to trigger & stimulate required hormones, reproductive organs and sperm production, to bring about a cure and thus natural conceiving
  15. 15. SCOS - Treatment• Also in homeopathy, there is nothing like “one medicine that fits all“, each and every treatment is customized according to the personality and temperament of the patient.• This is done through our unique ‘360 degree Homeopathy’ analysis
  16. 16. SCOS - Treatment• It is not an overnight process and time duration can be a giving up factor for patients or to put it as “loss of hope”. But one has to remember that in SCOS cases, there is no hope otherwise!!!
  17. 17. SCOS - TreatmentAs mentioned earlier, every case of SCOS is a stand alone case for us, and every problem in SCOS case is unique, hence it can’t be compared if another SCOS case being cured by us in the past.When we chalk out a treatment, every case will differ, and every result will vary.
  18. 18. SCOS - TreatmentIt’s you who needs to take a decision whether you want to father a baby now or adopt one.We just advise, to start as soon as possible, if you ever plan to father your own child, naturally
  19. 19. SCOS - Treatment• Homeopathy have done wonders, and will always keep doing them, whether your conventional doctor accepts it or not – it’s just that you need to believe in it and experience it yourself before its too late. Visit: to start your treatment online