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Changelog e athena

  1. 1. Date AddedAS OF SVN REV. 5091, WE ARE NOW USING TRUNK. ALL UNTESTED BUGFIXES/FEATURES GOINTO TRUNK.IF YOU HAVE A WORKING AND TESTED BUGFIX PUT IT INTO STABLE AS WELL AS TRUNK.2010/04/28 * Fixed OnTouch doesnt trigger on hiding character. (bugreport:4208)[Inkfish]2010/04/23 * Merged a few updates for supporting renewal clients (thanks to Diablo):[Skotlex] - Updated packets for char-select screen, trade item add, guild storageitem add, vending list. - Allow client to change item-share party settings2010/04/12 * Fixed SuccessRemoveCards removing Armor Enchant. (bugreport:4014)[Inkfish]2010/03/31 * Rev. 14277 Moved /npc/sample/ to /doc/sample. These are examples, notactual npcs. [L0ne_W0lf]2010/03/23 * Rev. 14270 Implemented NPC_TALK (Credit to SnakeDrak and Daegaladh)[L0ne_W0lf] - Also added in the ability to use @npctalkc as a GM command.2010/03/21 * Added missing checks to stop an infinite free cash point exploit.(bugreport:4139) [ultramage]2010/03/02 * Fixed an exploit where the buyer can end the auction himself. [Inkfish]2010/02/27 * Fixed Posion Status killing monsters with low max hp(like plants).[Inkfish]2010/02/19 * Fixed racial bonuses for RC_NONDEMIHUMAN applying to right cardfix value(cardfix) instead of left cardfix value (cardfix_) in the case of melee attackswhere left_cardfix_to_right is set to no. [Paradox924X] * Fixed NPC_INVINCIBLE can be dispelled. (bugreport:4046) [Inkfish] * Fixed a compliation warning. [Inkfish]2010/02/09 * Expanded range for cached and stored-in-db guild member exp (devotion)from uint32 to uint64. (bugreport:3983) [Paradox924X] * Capped value when sending to client to INT_MAX to prevent confusion.[Paradox924X]2010/02/07 * Bleeding doesnt kill non-player characters. [Inkfish]2010/02/06 * Added official packet to display received expirience. [Inkfish]2010/01/30 * Added support for PACKETVER 20100105, which updates the vending relatedpackets on this and later clients. [Skotlex]2010/01/28 * Rev. 14232 SN_SHARPSHOOTING is no longer affected by AC_VULTURE.(Bugreport:3909) [L0ne_W0lf] - Removed the mercenary version from there as well, as its not needed. * Fixed target skill doesnt autocast on hit when hit by AoE. [Inkfish]2010/01/24 * Prevented the changing of alliances to oppositions during WoE.(bugreport:3923) [Paradox924X]2010/01/23 * Prevented pc_skill with a value of 2 for flag from granting a skilllevel that surpasses MAX_SKILL_LEVEL. (bugreport:4022) [Paradox924X]2010/01/19 * Snatch should warp you anyway even if the target died. [Inkfish]
  2. 2. * Snatch now checks the distance between source and target in case itkills the target and then warps the respawned one. [Inkfish]2010/01/16 * Fixed items dont grant skill if you had this skill before and thenchanged your job. [Inkfish]2010/01/14 * Fixed change cart packet doesnt check for skill. [Inkfish] * Added new packets for Plagiarism. [Inkfish]2009/12/27 * Fixed Meteor Assault and Spread Attack have twice the chance to triggerAutoSpellOnSkill. [Inkfish]2009/12/03 * Prevented online user count from going negative. (bugreport:3913)[Paradox924X]2009/12/02 * Rev. 14183 Semi-revert of 14182, moved ALL_WEWISH up under SA_GRAVITYinstead, as I hadnt noticed it does exactly what the new case did. [L0ne_W0lf] * Rev. 14182 Added skill ALL_WEWISH. This skill in older clients plays asong, however in current clients it does not. The effect (AL_ANGELUS) stillshows. [L0ne_W0lf]2009/11/26 * Moved log_sql_init() call up in map-server-init to after aftermap_sql_init() call to prevent unnecessary processing before a potential quit.[Paradox924X] * NPC event code cleanups. [Inkfish] - removed the OnMyMobDead dead code. Its never supported thoughdocumented. - removed the feature that events only trigger when the player is in theOnTouch area IF its specified. Its never documented and breaks official scripts. - some cleanups and bug fixes to OnTouch_. * Fixed warping in OnPCDieEvent revives people with 0 hp.2009/11/25 * Fixed strnpcinfo(1) returning blank strings when NPC names did not havea hidden portion of the display name. (bugreport:3758) [Paradox924X]2009/11/23 * Fixed player keeps bleeding when dead. [Inkfish] - If battle_config.invincible_nodamage is true, reflected damage totargets in invincible status is now 1.2009/11/22 * Added ipban_cleanup_interval option which determines how often expiredIP bans are cleaned from the database. (bugreport:3734) [Paradox924X] * Modified ipban_check() to only include ipbans that havent alreadyexpired. (bugreport:3734) [Paradox924X]2009/11/20 * Cleaned up mapreg dirty-marking code to only mark the mapreg as dirtywhen it actually is. (bugreport:3735) [Paradox924X]2009/11/19 * Applied the renewal client support patch from Diablo (eA forum topic222623). By default eA still supports sakexe/ragexe clients. In order to supportthe renewal clients you must: - 1: Change the default packet version to "default" in db/packet_db.txt - 2: Change the supported PACKETVER in src/common/mmo.h to the most recentone - 3: recompile. [Skotlex] * Added support for strcharinfo(3) to retrieve the players map, asgetmapxy can be a bit unwieldy when you just want this information. [Skotlex] * Added script command "searchitem" which enables scripts to do itemsearches based on name (can be useful for creating query NPCs). [Skotlex]09/11/09
  3. 3. * Fixed mob is removed from map right after his rebirth. [Inkfish] * Fixed dead event does not trigger when a mob has rebirth skill and diesfor the second time. [Inkfish]09/11/08 * Added a flag to indicate if the script of an autobonus was parsed forthe sake of resourse saving. [Inkfish]09/11/04 * All Songs/Dances now create a 3 second delay before Adaption can beused. [Inkfish] * Fixed unit still not being able to move when fiberlock is removed byMagnetic Earth. [Inkfish]09/11/02 * Rev. 14119 Added battle_config.mob_slave_keep_target config option(monster.conf) [L0ne_W0lf] - When yes (default) MVP slaves will always keep their prior targets. - When no the old behavior of switching to the closest target is enabled. * Updated MAX_MOB_DB to 4000 (Monsters are starting to appear in the 2kranges) * Changed default respawn time (when 0) to 500 from 5000. * Quick fix to char command checking gm level of the target player insteadof the command user (bugreport:3255). [Inkfish] * Disalbed @jump/@jumpto usage when dead. [Inkfish]09/11/01 * Rev. 14115 Implemented the fix for Slim Pitcher working on WoESE objects(bugreport:3618). [L0ne_W0lf] * Added SC_SPIRIT to the list of buffs that are dispelled when the playerlogs out.09/10/27 * Fixed quest will never get erased when its the only quest you have.[Inkfish] * Cast time of Emergency Call is doubled if you master of High Jump.[Inkfish] * High Jump cant be used on PvP maps. [Inkfish]09/10/26 * Implemented NPC_VAMPIREGIFT and NPC_WIDESOULDRAIN. [Inkfish]09/10/25 * Rev. 14101 The status SC_INVINCIBLE now reduces all damage to 1.[L0ne_W0lf] - Official behavior, and allows players to cancel NPC_ALLHEAL casts. - If battle_config.invincible_nodamage is true, reflected damage is still0.09/10/25 * Implemented the official version of OnTouch named as OnTouch_ and itcan be defined in script_athena.conf. [Inkfish] * Adapted map_foreachinarea to map_forsomeinarea so that it allows youto specify the count of bl you wanna operate on. [Inkfish]09/10/24 * Reverted the previous change to OnTouch not triggering for invisiblechars [ultramage] * OnTouch script shouldnt trigger when you are invisible.(same aswarps) [Inkfish] * Fixed character doesnt stop walking when walking into OnTouch area ofan NPC who doesnt have an OnTouch label. [Inkfish]09/10/18 * Removed the char_rename setting in favor of a PACKETVER define[ultramage] * Inverted the way renames are counted: 0 now means no renames left(the default) * Please make sure your database matches this new behavior before startingthe server.09/10/10 * Added character rename function. [Inkfish] * NPCs names should only be 24 characters long including EOS. [Inkfish]09/10/06
  4. 4. * Fixed rental items can be moved into guild storage from cart. [Inkfish]09/10/04 * Implemented new packets for rental items (from Jobbie and Natz and fixedby me). [zephyrus] * Rental items now can be moved to storage and cart. [zephyrus] * Autotrade cannot be used when user is dead, and its not dispelled ifuser dies to prevent abuse. [zephyrus] * Fixed pc_checkitem to do a proper item check and remove. [zephyrus]09/10/02 * Fixed a damage underflow.(bugreport:3624) [Inkfish] * Marionette Control now has an infinite duration.(bugreport:2542)[Inkfish]09/09/23 * Added supports for Soul Bound. [Inkfish]09/09/21 * Disabled ip checking during auth, since it lead to a lot of confusion.[ultramage]09/09/17 * Duration of SC_STONE is not reduced by MDEF. [Inkfish] * LexAeterna is allowed to be used on petrifying targets. [Inkfish] * Mobs wont attack back if StoneCurse fails. [Inkfish]09/09/13 * Progressbar aborts when player is attacked. [Inkfish] * Do not stand if damage is from yourself or has no source.(bugreport:3582) [Inkfish] * Any mobs killed by party members within view range are taken intoaccount in questlog. [Inkfish] * unit_walktobl now uses at least 1 as the range sinceunit_can_reach_bl always sets the target coordinates 1 cell away from thetarget block. [Inkfish]09/09/12 * Clarified the names of some questlog functions and eventuallyimplemented kill counts updating. [Inkfish]09/09/04 * QuestLog Fix. [Inkfish] - mob id no longer stores in sql. - counts wont increase if you have killed sufficient mobs.09/08/25 * Implemented Progress Bar.(topic:207933) [Inkfish]09/08/21 * Fixed Teleport through Hocus-Pocus skips menu. (bugreport:3513)[Inkfish]09/08/20 * Added bMagicHPGainValue and bMagicSPGainValue. [Inkfish] * Fixed the wrong packet length makes client choke when add_quest packetsare sent. [Inkfish]09/08/18 * Some fixes for Heat [Inkfish] - Heat and other ground skills activation wont cancel combo wait.(bugreport:3228) - Heat should work with hp/sp drain bonus. (bugreport:3507) - Heat consumes 10 sp if the attack doesnt connect. (bugreport:3038)09/08/17 * Equipment DEF penalty shouldnt be applied to players in MentalStrength. (bugreport:3454) [Inkfish]09/08/14 * Fixed self skills affecting target unit when used within combo delay forAsura and Flying Kick. (bugreport:3495) [Inkfish]09/08/11 * Fixed changequest behavior(before: completequest+setquest, now:erasequest+setquest) [Inkfish]09/08/10 * Fixed autospell and autobonus will still trigger even if the chance is0. [Inkfish]
  5. 5. * Disabled "show_party_share_picker" functioning on client older than20071002 to prevent from disconnection. (bugreport:3457) [Inkfish] * Fixed units other than players and mercenaries using Devotion will causecrashes. (bugreport:3475) [Inkfish]09/08/01 * Questlog code cleanup. [Inkfish] * Fixed range check on autospell and autospell2. [Inkfish] * Implemented official behavior of party_show_share_picker. [Inkfish] * Fixed a typo on reading no_equip list. [Inkfish]09/07/28 * Kaahi heals no matter if attack connects. (bugreport:2440) [Inkfish] * Fixed a typo causing skillitem always resets skill delay.(bugreport:3431) [Inkfish] * Fixed damage_level is not calculated properly on normal attack.[Inkfish] * Kaahi is supposed to be canceled on logout. [Inkfish]09/07/25 * Rewrote Quest Log system. [Inkfish] * Fixed message display for FullStrip and SelfProvoke. (bugreport: 3011,bugreport: 3415) [Inkfish]09/07/21 * Added proper bounds of INT_MIN to INT_MAX for hp/sp when being sentto/from status_damage/status_heal for negative values because of INT_MAX being(-INT_MIN - 1). [Paradox924X]09/07/17 * Dead branches no longer check for players level. (bugreport:3378)[Inkfish] * The Lovers Card wont teleport anyone on PVP/WoE/BG maps.(bugreport:3371) [Inkfish]09/07/11 * Some updates for range check. (bugreport:3339) [Inkfish] - Monsters shouldnt use skills if the target is within its attack rangebut is out of the skill range. - Monsters skill range is no longer 9 by default. - Range for players attacks and skills should always have a circularcheck.09/07/07 * Skills with multiple hits should do 1 damage per hit to plants.[Inkfish]09/07/04 * TK_POWER shouldnt count the player him/herself for the skill. [Inkfish] * Fixed a wrong check of Intimidate on hp. (bugreport:3305)[Inkfish] * Extended ATF_SKILL to ATF_MAGIC and ATF_MISC. [Inkfish]09/07/03 * Martyrs Reckoning can be perfect dodged. [Inkfish] * Casting Flying Kick while running and in the spurt status doubles thedamage dealt without spurt status. (bugreport:1898) [Inkfish] - TODO: bonus on running is still not correct.09/07/02 * Updated autobonus [Inkfish] - added documentation for autobonus. - invoke status_calc_pc after execution so that client display getsrefreshed if neccessary.09/06/30 * Fixed when dynamic_mobs is active, reloading script right after the lastplayer having left a map leads to permanet mobs not spawning on that map.[Inkfish]09/06/29 * Fixed attack not counted as connect when dodged and got damage fromskill bonus like Weaponry Research. [Inkfish]09/06/28 * Implemented script command "autobonus". [Inkfish] - "autobonus" is similar to "bonusautoscript", however it has a timer ofits own.
  6. 6. - Updated itemdb changing items bonus using "bonusautoscript + sc_start"mode to "autobonus + bonus" mode. - Remove bonusautoscript and status changes that was needed bybonusautoscript and is no longer in use.09/06/23 * Minor update to atcommand_jailfor and atcommand_char_bans modif_p varincrementation for minute-based bans/jails. [Paradox924X]09/06/20 * Changed Asura Strike/Jump Kick to target skill to get rid of the "targetdelay". (bugreport:2174) [Inkfish]09/06/19 * Implemented script command "areamobuseskill" and skill NPC_INVINCIBLEand NPC_INVINCIBLEOFF. (topic:217330) [Inkfish] * Using items no longer cancels invincibility(but using target and groundskills through items does). (bugreport:3259) [Inkfish] * Fixed Butterfly Wings not working during GVG. (bugreport:3264) [Inkfish]09/06/16 * Fixed an exploit that makes guild skill get higher level than the maxdefined in guild_skill_tree. (bugreport:3241) [Inkfish] * Turn Undead wont apply aftercast delay when casted on a "living"entity. (bugreport:1740) [Inkfish] * Autocasts should always fail if the target is outside the skill range oran obstacle is in between. (bugreport:3201) [Inkfish] * The Lovers should affect the target instead of the caster.(bugreport:3252)[Inkfish]09/06/15 * Skill through items will not be blocked when 90% overweight.(bugreport:3246) [Inkfish] * Now you can drop items when hiding. [Inkfish] * Now you cant logout when hiding, cloaking or chase walking. [Inkfish]09/06/14 * Fixed a crash due to group being redeleted when players are performingan ensemble and one of the partners sp run out. [Inkfish]09/06/13 * If both Double Attack and critical attack have chance to trigger withinone attack, Double Attack takes priority. (bugreport:3231) [Inkfish] * Fixed Butterfly Wings not working on maps blocking Teleport.(bugreport:3236) [Inkfish]09/06/12 * Fixed "arrow_atk" flag never being reset results in arrow consumption onitemskills and autocasts. (bugreport:3233) [Inkfish] * Fixed itemskill not bypassing Silence, SteelBody, Berserk and the like.(bugreport:3232) [Inkfish] * Fury and Asura no longer disable SP regen on any other classes thanMonk/Champion.(bugreport:3200) [Inkfish]09/06/11 * Fixed TaTaMiGaEShi(Improvised Defense) not working. [Inkfish] * Implemented new cooking success formula. Now cooking experience startsat 0.(bugreport:2439) [Inkfish]09/06/09 * Fixed applying autocasts with negative rate before the positive one madeit fail to remove the autocast. [Inkfish]09/06/08 * Rev. 13869 Follow up to r13867, corrected the newly added MD_TARGETWEAK.Monsters with this mode will now only target players five level LOWER thanitself. [L0ne_W0lf]09/06/08 * Fixed bHPGainValue and bSPGainValue worked on all types of attacks andwas only activated on mobs death.(bugreport:3193) [Inkfish] * Added a configuration for whether damage of EarthQuake with singletarget can be reflected. [Inkfish] * Fixed Wizard Spirit can block reflected magical damage other thanKaites.(bugreport:3161) [Inkfish] * Fixed Kaite works against bosses.(follow up to r13857) [Inkfish]
  7. 7. 09/06/07 * Magical damage reflection now works against boss monsters and only ontarget skill(but EarthQuake with one target is an exception). [Inkfish] * Changed hardcoded "5" to MAX_ARROW_RESOURCE in skill_arrow_createpreventing proper usage. (bugreport:3025) [Paradox924X] * Implemented "cooking exp" that increases the success chance of cookingby 0.05% per try and the max bonus is 20%. [Inkfish]09/06/05 * Job_Battle_Manual and Battle_Manual can be used simultaneously.[Inkfish] * Fixed "sleep" after "attachrid" (a different rid) halts the script.[Inkfish]09/06/04 * Fixed turning off a skill needed to meet the requirements. [Inkfish] * Skills used through items which dont have aftercast delay or cast timenow dont overwrite the former canact_tick. [Inkfish] * Multiple autoscripts now can trigger at once. [Inkfish] * Applied a temp fix for autoscripts crashing server. [Inkfish] * Implemented SC_JEXPBOOST (thanks to GMJobbie for the diff) andSC_IGNOREDEF. [Inkfish] * SC_DEFRATIOATK wont affect boss monsters. [Inkfish] * Fixed skip_teleport_lv1_menu made lv2 skip menu as well. [Inkfish] * Rev. 13843 Updates to ST_PRESERVE and a few other minor details![L0ne_W0lf] - Recasting Preserve no longer toggles the skill off while active. - Preserve is no longer saved on log-out or mapserver changes. * Added SC_CRITICALWOUND and SC_SLOWCAST to negative statuses not savedwith battle_config.debuff_on_logout&1 * Implemented the skills NPC_HELLPOWER and NPC_WIDEHELLDIGNITY, as per mypersonal experiences with the skill on iRO. * Increased MAX_MOBSKILL to 50, as Satan Morroc has over 40 active skillsnow.09/06/03 * Some clean ups on autocast and itemskill code. (see topic:220921 forsome info) [Inkfish] - Autocasted Teleport now skips the menu. - Fixed nullpo info when defensive autocasts are triggered. (follow up tor13815) - Fixed Warp portal used in item script never worked. - Item skills now bypass skill delay check. - Implemented SM_SELFPROVOKE. - Updated item db using itemskill for some items. * Basic skills will never be reset. [Inkfish]09/06/02 * Rev. 13840 Implemented the Party Buff cash skills. [L0ne_W0lf] * Fixed Mystical Amplification having unlimited duration [Playtester] * Fixed skills used through items and Hocus-pocus consume requirements ifyou have them. (bugreport:3164) [Inkfish]09/06/01 * Fixed Fiberlock sometimes fails due to the long interval ofskill_unit_timer. It may never fail now, though this may not be official.(bugreport:3136) [Inkfish]09/05/30 * Fixed gemstones are still required when players equipped Mistress Card.(bugreport:3147, follow up to: r13815) [Inkfish] * Fiberlock only catches targets the moment its casted. [Inkfish] * Multiple autocasts can go off at a time now. [Inkfish] * Splash damage doesnt get modified by percentual modifier now. [Inkfish] * Monsters Spiral Pierce is again...elemental. [Inkfish] * Fixed Hocus-pocus always fails. (bugreport:3143, follow up to: r13815)[Inkfish]09/05/29 * Added new bonuses bHealPower and bHealPower2. [Inkfish] * Heal skills code clean up. [Inkfish]
  8. 8. - bSkillHeal can affect offensive heal now. - bSkillHeal2 can affect AppleIdun and SlimPitcher now. * Added new bonuses bUnbreakableGarment and bUnbreakableShoes. [Inkfish] * Some more fixes to skill condition issues. [Inkfish] - Fixed skills fail when MAX_INVENTORY reached. - Fixed spiritballs not being removed correctly in some situation.09/05/28 * Fixed some skill condition issues. [Inkfish] - HP is now checked at the end of cast. - Lv 6-10 StoneCurse doesnt consume gems when it fails. - Tarotcards aftercast delay will still be applied if it fails.09/05/26 * skill_check_condition clean up (bugreport:2770, bugreport:2957,bugreport:3010) [Inkfish] - Weapon, SP, HP and state are checked at the beginning of cast. - Required items and ammos are checked at the end of cast. - SP and status change required are removed at the end of cast withoutchecking again. - Required items are removed only if the skill is successfully used. - Autocasts wont check for requirements but will remove them if you havethem(except for SP/HP).09/05/25 * Fixed losing skill list after base change. (bugreport:3106) [Inkfish] * Now we can use boss_monster to summon whatever monsters that need tobe radared by Convex Mirror. (bugreport:2653) [Inkfish]09/05/24 * Taro Card can now break shoes and garment and wont affect dead target.(bugreport:2513) [Inkfish]09/05/23 * Splash attacks do cause additional effects except for autocasts.(bugreport:2661) [Inkfish]09/05/22 * Fixed some behaviors of additional effects(bugreport:3100,bugreport:2661) [Inkfish] - Coma can now be blocked by such skills as SafetyWall, Pneuma andBasilica. - Equipment breaking behaves exactly like coma. - Skills self damage may now causes coma, equipment breaking andautospell/autoscript. - GrandCross now allows you to drain hp/sp. - Splash attack doesnt cause any status effects or autocasts any more. * The delay icon doesnt appear during casting now. * Status icon of ASPD potions doesnt overriding each other now. * NPC_STOP now stops both sides and will be canceled if either sideteleports or dies.(bugreport:3099)09/05/20 * Now fiberlocking a fiberlocked target doesnt renew the timer butinstead increases its fireweakness [Inkfish] - This makes doublecasting firebolts on a double fiberlocked target havingdouble damage from both 2 bolts possible = =(bugreport:3061)09/05/19 * Added missing packet 0x2c9 and fixed 0x2das length error. [Inkfish] * Fiberlock now can trap multiple enemies on the same cell and itstriggering area was reduced to 1x1. [Inkfish] * Miracle should only be dispelled on map change. [Inkfish] * Fixed the three hits of EarthQuake not being calculated seperately.[Inkfish]09/05/18 * Item-bonuses now use the official default durations for status changes[Playtester] * status calc code cleanup [ultramage] - Inverted the status calc code order, so that status_calc_bl optionallyinvokes status_calc_pc/mob/whatever instead of every status_calc_* callingstatus_calc_bl.
  9. 9. - Inlined functions status_calc_bl_sub_pc, status_calc_bl_sub_hom andstatus_calc_bl_sub_mer into status_calc_bl. - Restructured status_calc_bl to require as little bl type-specificbranching as possible. - Split status_calc_bl into two layers - the inner does the battle statuscalculations, while the outer deals with running appropriate base statuscalculations, remembering old values and handling client updates. - The status_calc_bl function is now the single entry-point for all statuscalculations. - status_calc_bl will now trigger a client update only on attributes thatactually changed. - If hp or sp changes during status_calc_bl, it will now properly refreshon the client. - Removed SCB_PC, now SCB_ALL should be used instead. - Revived the unused status calc flag SCB_BASE to indicate that a basestatus recalculation should be done first (thats what the status_calc_*functions are for). - Defined a new symbolic bitmask SCB_BATTLE (SCB_ALL - SCB_BASE) in casesomeone needs to only calculate the battle status (currently unused).09/05/17 * Monocell, Instant Death and Class Change will now fail on bosses(bugreport:2907) [Playtester] * Eske and Eska now affect friendly guardians and slaves. (bugreport:2131)[Inkfish]09/05/15 * AutoSpellWhenHit now triggers on normal+skill by default(bugreport:1652) [Playtester] * Removed the undocumented custom level feature from monster spawn lines(bugreport:3076) [ultramage]09/05/13 * Fixed combo wait was not canceled when TKs Kick skill was successfullyused. (bugreport:1345) [Inkfish] * PNEUMA, BASILICA and SAFETYWALL no longer protect you from such negativestatus changes as COMA, STUN, FREEZE and etc. (bugreport:1346) [Inkfish]09/05/12 * Fixed Aid Potion can heal the Emperium (bugreport:164) [Inkfish]09/05/11 * Fixed a crash when mob uses self-destruct skill (bugreport:2874)[Inkfish]09/05/10 * Magnetic Earth will never stack (bugreport:2568) [Inkfish] * Fixed Joint Beat incorrect DEF reduction (bugreport:3051) [Inkfish]09/05/09 * Fixed GXs skill level modifier is missing [Inkfish] * Fixed some known and unknown player attached NPC timer problems[Inkfish] - Attached timer now can be stopped properly. - Attached timer will now stop if the NPC is unloaded. (bugreport:2510)09/05/07 * Fixed up the base success rate of normal strip skills [Playtester] - normal strip skills: 5% + 5%*level - Full Strip: 5% + 2%*level * Fixed splash damage from Baphomet Card might miss. [Inkfish] * Check if group unit is expired before processing it. (bugreport:3054)[Inkfish] * Fixed Grand Corss outdated behavior (bugreport:1590) [Inkfish] - use new damage formula - DEF is reduced to 2/3 during cast time - block shields switching within attack duration - monsters dont damage themselves any more - intervals between hits are 300ms * Added check on stackable items to checkweight (bugreport:1569,bugreport:2756, bugreport:2994) [Inkfish] * Fixed flee penalty wasnt applied for battleground and wouldnt be
  10. 10. restored on map change [Inkfish] * Fixed players can pull water from ME cell (follow up to r13730)[Inkfish]2009/05/04 * Added the md5() script command. [brianluau] * Now if a dead player is moved for whatever reason, hell be alive with 1HP. (bugreport:70) [Inkfish] * Players now are allowed to copy the skills the level which is beyond theskill_db max. [Inkfish] * Fixed some behaviors for Waterball (bugreport:3024) [Inkfish] - High level Waterball used by players doesnt increase the number ofballs. - Monsters cant pull water from cells with Magnetic Earth.2009/05/03 * Updated item_db.sql and mob_db.sql from recent changes to both. Thanksto Peter once again! [Jguy] * Do not log damage if its done by mob itself (bugreport:2933) [Inkfish] * Fix awake not working (bugreport:2580) [Inkfish] * Fix several npctimer issues (bugreport:1619, bugreport:1730) [Inkfish] * Players now cannot be revived during pvp respawn delay [Inkfish] * Block equipments switching for some skills (bugreport:2900) [Inkfish] - cannot change equipments during Arrow Vulcans cast time - cannot change equipments within Desperados attack duration2009/05/02 * Spirit of Bard and Dancer now only works for mastered skills(bugreport:3037) [Playtester] - also fixed an outdated comment in the source code2009/04/27 * Fixed break equipment debuff working on bosses (bugreport:3023)[Playtester]2009/04/25 * Fixed Monster Spiral Pierce not being reduced by Ghostring Card(bugreport:3013) [Playtester] - it is forced neutral as its a MISC skill for monsters and doesnt takeweapon element * First attempt to fix up the strip skills, please make sure these fixeswork (bugreport:3011) [Playtester] - the minimum rate of strip skills is now 5% for all levels - duration of strip skills depends on the dex difference between targetand caster and can be reduced to 0 - strip skills can now affect bosses (if duration doesnt get reduced to 0due to their high dex) - strip skills do a fixed -25% ATK, -15% DEF, -40% VIT or -40% INTindependant of skill level - autocasting Full Strip has a duration now (if dex is high enough)2009/04/20 * Fixed safestrncpy trashing the memory before dst when n == 0. (sincer10667) [FlavioJS]2009/04/15 * Monster Spiral Pierce is now a ranged misc attack [Playtester] - it always gets blocked by Pneuma, but never by Safety Wall - Defender doesnt reduce its damage - Range-Def item bonuses reduce its damage2009/04/14 * Cooking success chance is now affected by DEX and LUK [Playtester] - "cooking exp" still needs to be implemented - also fixed a small issue when whispering to someone in autotrade2009/04/01 * Removed online_check config options. (always active now) [FlavioJS] * Clarified char_maintenance config option. * Changed packet 0x2712. (added request_id) * Changed packet 0x2713. (added sex, request_id, version, clienttype;removed email, expiration time, gmlevel) * Delayed user count check and mmo_char_send006b to when the account data
  11. 11. arrives. * Created auxiliary function MD5_Salt.2009/03/31 * Gunslinger Tracking can be canceled if you get hit. * Gunslinger Disarm always shows skill animation. * Removed custom firetrap effect from Gunslinger mines. [ultramage]2009/03/27 * Fixed a problem that blockskill timer failed when there was more thanone on a skill [Playtester] - please test this, now Asura should be blocked 2 seconds after EVERY Snap2009/03/26 * Fixed Spirit of Assassin not reducing the aftercast delay of Sonic Blow[Playtester] * Assumptio can neither be cast nor dispelled on monsters anymore[Playtester]2009/03/23 * Added support for new status change packet, uses new settingdisplay_status_timers in client.conf. [Sara]2009/03/18 * Updated item_db.sql with the perl script [Playtester]2009/03/08 * Fixed a couple bugs with marionette control [Brainstorm] - Reduces caster max hp by 1000. - Job and Equipment bonuses counts toward the 99 limit. - Fixed stat overflow on baby targets with stats over 80 (bugreport:2232). - Fixed clowns being able to cast it on another bard/clown (same forgypsy/dancer) (bugreport:166). - Caster is no longer blocked from using items. * Added several mail id checks to prevent a map server crash(bugreport:2837)2009/03/02 * Blade Stop status no longer prevents item use and equip changing. * Against non-players, Blade Stop skill will now only activate if theattacker is at most 2 cells away (1 if barehanded).2009/03/01 * Fixes from 2008/10/13 bugreport:2077 (Only commiting because nobody diduntil now and those bugs would get lost) * Fixed monsters Spiral Pierce, now it is always blocked by Pneuma. * Fixed Monk Absorb Spirits mana recovery per spirit absorbed, 7, not 10. * Fixed Monk spirit balls not being removed on death (like happens withgunslingers). * Fixed Swordman Auto-Berserk sp cost, 1, not 5. Should be 0, but eA wontallow the skill to work.2009/03/01 * Ankle Snare cannot be knocked back anymore (bugreport:2804) [ultramage]2009/02/25 * Wrong variable being used in StringBuf_Vprintf. (follow up to r13386,fixes bugreport:2798) [FlavioJS]2009/02/23 * Made mob_delayspawn check the spawn_timer in the mob. [FlavioJS] * Added missing delete_timers every time spawn_timer is being set.(except when allocating) * Made mob_timer_delete check the deletetimer in the mob. * Added missing delete_timers every time deletetimer is being set.(except when allocating) * Consolidated is_atcommand() and is_atcommand_sub() [SketchyPhoenix] - replaced gmlvl arg with a flag arg for internal/player generated checks.(dummy sds that used this arg are given gm levels) - each command check runs through is_atcommand() and is checked for itsorigin (internal or player generated) - charcommands are also parsed in this function. - script atcommand/charcommand function calls to is_atcommand() have beenupdated - also updated some clif/map functions calls to is_atcommand()
  12. 12. * charcommands should now log properly with the target of the commandincluded.2009/02/20 * Increased variable size for status/skill points to remove the 65k cap(bugreport:1579) [ultramage] * Modified WFIFOSET to trigger a fatal error when trying to send a packetthat is too big. [FlavioJS]2009/02/19 * Fixed improper filling of w4 in npc_parsesrcfile when there are lessthan 4 fields. (bugreport:1063) [FlavioJS] * Simplified atcommand_spiritball. (deprecated msg_txt 204 and 205)2009/02/06 * Follow up to r13485. (bugreport:2741) [FlavioJS] - @spiritball creates spiritballs without timer (limited to the array sizeinstead of 500)2009/01/25 * Changes to the configure script: [FlavioJS] - added option --enable-profiler (supports gprof) - added option --enable-64bit (dont force 32bit)2009/01/24 * Changed pc_spiritball_timer and pc_addspiritball: (bugreport:2705) - dont make assumptions about the calling order of timers - ensure that sd->spirit_timer is ordered by expiration time * Changed the variables of the mapcache structs to fixed size equivalents. * Changed all uses of struct skill_unit_group* to group_id instatus_change_entrys. [FlavioJS]2009/01/23 * Changed npc_get_new_npc_id to ensure that it never returns invalid/usedids. [FlavioJS] - npc_get_new_npc_id is used to generate ids fornpcs/mobs/homunculus/mercenaries/pets. If the server runs for long enough (years to months or less, dependingon settings), the auxiliary variable npc_id will eventually overflow and go negative,then go through the range of object ids, then through the range of account ids. This can lead to all sorts of random crashes and memory leaks.2009/01/22 * Changed val4 of SC_BLADESTOP from a block_list pointer to an id.[FlavioJS]2009/01/21 * Added a limit of 1MB of pending data in the write fifo for non-serversockets. Connections that go over the limit are closed. * Replaced the fake timer heap (sorted array) with a real heap. (improvesperformance) [FlavioJS]2009/01/20 * Added a generic binary heap implementation based on defines. [FlavioJS] * Fixed pc_statusup2 to correctly update the clients stat window[ultramage]2009/01/15 * Updated script_commands.txt with the book reading command.[SketchyPhoenix] * Added/reworded/removed comments out of r134502009/01/14 * Added client login packets 0x01fa and 0x027c. [FlavioJS] * Other minor cleanups. * #commands used by nonGM players now appear in the chat like normalrather than being processed and ultimately failed, printing out failed commandmessages that should be visible to only GMs.2009/01/13 * Cleaned up command @users/#users: [FlavioJS]
  13. 13. - displays everything on the target user (self for @users) - uses a static array instead of a temporary DBMap - displays percentages with precision of 0.01% - uses safesnprintf instead of sprintf2009/01/12 * Mobs with nonzero spawn time can now be cached as well (bugreport:1197) * Fixed dynamic mobs being unloaded without stopping their respawn timer * Added regen_db to reduce hp/sp processing delays (bugreport:2256)[ultramage] * #command parsing cleaned up. [SketchyPhoenix] - Fixed charname reading problems from r13441 - Corrected agitend typo to agitend2 (bugreport:2654)2009/01/05 * Fixed @mobsearch and @showmobs (bugreport:2481) [ultramage] - now only search for mobs on the same map as the caller - now properly distinguish between dead and alive mobs * Added @charcommands to return a list of available charcommands(bugreport:2630) [SketchyPhoenix]2008/12/31 * Changes to the script engine: [FlavioJS] - new stack datatype script_retinfo for C_RETINFO to hold all the returnstate info that was being stored in the stack. (the script engine in 64bit-readynow) - pop_stack is responsible for adjusting all the stack pointers. - push_* returns the created script_data. - return only converts to value scope variables of the current scope.2008/12/30 * Changes to the script engine: [FlavioJS] - script ends when run_func cant find the buildin command. (script engineerror) - run_script_main doesnt change RERUNLINE to RUN automatically, the buildin command that set it is responsible for that now. The buildin command can use this to detect a rerun. - created functions to alloc/free a script_state.2008/12/28 * Added missing command #delitem. [SketchyPhoenix] * Fixed charcommand behavior where those that can accept a name with noadditional parameters being able to execute under said players name with the name as aparameter. (bugreport:2601)2008/12/25 * Extended sv_escape_c to escape a,b,t,v,f,? characters to their respective representations instead of octal. [FlavioJS]2008/12/22 * Added a few missing atcommands. [SketchyPhoenix] * Added more commands to configurations (bugreport:2565) * Added a missing charcommand symbol config to atcommand configs. * GM command configs under the old format will have a warning printed backto the console as being deprecated. * Other fixes/cleaning partially resolving bugreport:25492008/12/20 * Extended how duplicates work: (based on Orcaos work in bugreport:2361)[FlavioJS] - you can duplicate warps/shops/cashshops/npcs (before only npcs could beduplicated) - warp duplicates inherit the target location - shop/cashshop duplicates inherit the item list - npc duplicates inherit the script code (backward compatible behaviour) - updated script_commands.txt with the information2008/12/17 * Removed charcommand code and allowed atcommand code to support itsfunctionality. [SketchyPhoenix] - Charcommands still retain their # symbol but now looks for a character
  14. 14. name as the first parameter instead of last. - Atcommand configs now support charcommand level configurations by commaseperation (e.g. 60,99). - As a result of this, all atcommands that dont affect multiple usersalready (@kickall, @doom, @mapexit) are capable of remote usage.2008/12/01 * Fixed rare crash when using Flying Kick on clones (bugreport:2506)[ultramage] * Corrected Flying Kicks debuff rules to match official servers - only works on players - soul linkers and stalkers with Preserve active are immune - only removes Berserk Potion, Kaahi, Kaite, 1HQ, AAR and Soul Links2008/11/27 * Fixed a memory leak when returning a string variable in the scriptengine. [FlavioJS] (since r9864/r9865, fixes bugreport:2488)2008/11/24 * Fixed a va_end using the wrong variable. (from r13383, fixesbugreport:2483) [FlavioJS]2008/11/22 * Readded code that was removed from atcommand_showmobs by mistake in theprevious commit. (r13383) * Hunted down improper uses of va_list variables. * Hunted down the simpler 64bit pointer truncations. [FlavioJS]2008/11/18 * Rev. 13375 Autotrade characters will no longer get caught by UrgentRecall. (bugreport:2447) [L0ne_W0lf]2008/11/11 * Updated script_commands.txt [FlavioJS] * Made scripts terminate with an error: (fixes bugreport:2429) - when getitem/getitem2 tries to delete more items than the player has - when trying to set Zeny to a negative number.2008/11/09 * Added a check to make sure killed monsters level was greater than halfof the mercenary owners level before incrementing mercenarys killcount.(bugreport:2410) [Paradox924X]2008/11/07 * Rev. 13358 Changed how mobcount works since it wasnt counting last mobdeath. (bugreport:2419) [L0ne_W0lf]2008/11/06 * Fixed Char creation denied message not being sent properly. [FlavioJS] - Number 2 didnt exist in old clients so it used the default message, now it exists so the wrong message is displayed. - Changed 2 to 0xFF to get the default message.2008/11/05 * Fixed issue preventing you from changing to the original cart when usingChange Cart. (bugreport:2383) [Sara]2008/10/29 * Novice skill, Trick Dead, will no longer be granted to classes uponreset (save for Novice and Baby) (bugreport:2312) [SketchyPhoenix]2008/10/28 * Made script command "unequip" call status_calc_pc. Thanks to Orcao.(bugreport:2368). [Paradox924X]2008/10/27 * Fixed all overflow checks and made the code a bit cleaner from r13322.[Paradox924X] * Removed leftovers of "bLoseSPWhenUnequip" and "bDamageWhenUnequip".[Paradox924X]2008/10/24 * Added protection from segfault by int overflow in charcommand heal andfixed a typo in atcommand heal. (Follow-up to r13321) [Paradox924X] * Added protection from segfault by int overflow in atcommand heal.(bugreport:1886) [Paradox924X] * Commented out unused function clif_marriage_process. [Paradox924X]
  15. 15. 2008/10/21 * Added a check to make sure a player wasnt in a guild when they accepteda guild invitation. [Paradox924X]2008/10/18 * Corrected a target checking problem brought about with Kaizel/Osiriscombination. [SketchyPhoenix]2008/10/16 * Added missing char_sql/int_mercenary files to [FlavioJS]2008/10/15 * Fixed ipban sql connecting to the sql server when disabled. [FlavioJS]2008/10/11 * Using Kaizel in conjunction with Osiris Card should now work.(bugreport:2251) [SketchyPhoenix] * #monsterignore should turn off now. (bugreport:2306) [SketchyPhoenix]2008/10/09 * Rev. 13272 Updated NPC_REBIRTH. Has its own values, and no longerleeches off SL_KAIZEL. [L0ne_W0lf]2008/10/06 * Rev. 13264 Damage count on rebirthed mobs is now reset. (Valaris)[L0ne_W0lf] * Rev. 13263 voided out clif_blown as per Valaris instruction.[L0ne_W0lf] * Rev. 13262 SC_WEIGHT50 and 90 are no longer removed on death.(bugreport:2316) [L0ne_W0lf]2008/10/04 * Delete ST_LOGIN auth in chrif_disconnectplayer (followup to r13256,bugreport:2292) [FlavioJS]2008/10/03 * Fix for "yet another online check bypass technique". (bugreport:2292)[FlavioJS]2008/10/01 * Rev. 13252 Kaupe will now trigger from mobs, homuns and mercenaries, aswell. (bugreport:2297) [L0ne_W0lf] * Rev. 13251 Removed casttime adjustment from offensive ressurection.Follow up to r13225. [L0ne_W0lf] * Kaahi will now override override higher existing levels previouslycasted. (bugreport:2296)2008/09/27 * Fixed clif_changelook betraying the presence of gm-hidden players(bugreport:2283) [ultramage]2008/09/11 * Rev. 13226 Corrected Lex Divina not showing animation on fail.(bugreport:1740) [L0ne_W0lf] * Rev. 13225 Corrected Offensive Res using Turn Undead cast time.(bugreport:1704) [L0ne_W0lf]2008/09/11 * Rev. 13204 Made the mail check on login read from msg_athena.conf.[L0ne_W0lf]2008/09/09 * Rev. 13202 Added commands related to WoE SE, allowing it to runindependantly of WoE. [L0ne_W0lf] - Added: @agitstart2, @agitend2, agitstart2, agitend2, and agitcheck2.2008/09/05 * Rev. 13192 Updated mmo.h, increased merc max count to 36. [L0ne_W0lf] * Fixed save crash related to non-guilded mercenaries.2008/09/01 * Removed hardcoded equip position names from getequipname(bugreport:2156) - now its the npcs responsibility to store and display the names2008/08/28 * Fixed @cash/@points not handling negative values properly(bugreport:2132) [ultramage]2008/08/26
  16. 16. * Fixed @agjgmlvl bug preventing its use on other players.(bugreport:2124) [SketchyPhoenix] * pc_isGM() checks in gm_cant_party config checks will now check againstbeing lower or higher than lowest_gm_level config.2008/08/25 * Fixed homun sp regen bug introduced on r12953 bugreport:2071 [Brain] * Fixed: several compiler warnings [akrus]2008/08/20 * Rev. 13098 Implemented Brainstorms and SketchyPhoenixs fixes forFlying side kick. [L0ne_W0lf] - Skill will now remove KA-type statuses and not remove stalkers linkwhile preserved.2008/08/19 * Fixed a storage saving issue with txt charserver (bugreport:2084)[ultramage] - caused by incorrect idb_ensure -> idb_get change (see r12950) - removed redundant account_id variable from storage data - cleaned up the very messy txt storage handling code * Added global sql settings sql.* to inter_athena.conf. * Made account, ipban and loginlog use the global sql settings when thehostname is empty. * Commented ipban.sql.* and account.sql.* so they default to theglobal settings. * Removed deprecated settings case_sensitive andadd_to_unlimited_account from in login_athena.conf. * Made inter_athena.conf be imported from login_athena.conf instead ofbeing handled separate. * Changed ipban to get the failed login attempts of an ip from loginlog (respects if loginlog is enabled or not). [FlavioJS]2008/08/16 * Added a mapreg txt->sql converter script to /tools, because the sql mapserver doesnt read the txt mapreg savefile anymore and people will most likely want to preserve their global variables. - script is php-based and requires the php_mysql module - script produces a series of INSERT statements, ready to be imported2008/08/15 * Split off mapreg code from script.c [ultramage] - new mapserver files, mapreg.h, mapreg_txt.c, mapreg_sql.c - removed MAPREGSQL from project files / makefiles - mapreg storage engine is now fully dependent on the server type - added config settings mapreg_txt and mapreg_db to inter config - added get_str() function to complement add_str() - fixed txt mapreg code allowing too long variable names * Removed gm_cant_party_max_lv. It now uses gm_cant_party_min_lv as thethreshold. (bugreport:2051) [SketchyPhoenix]2008/08/11 * Fixed right-click npc unload not unloading duplicates (bugreport:2014)2008/08/09 * Fixed @noks leaking internal buffer contents (bugreport:1528) * Now Novices without lvl5 basic skill can be partied (bugreport:1131) * Fixed login printing raw passwdenc passwords to console (bugreport:826)[ultramage] - added strlib function bin2hex() - cleaned up the md5calc interface a bit2008/08/07 * Added another GM trust config for party invitations (bugreport:2004)[SketchyPhoenix]2008/08/04 * Added configs for quest table name adjustment (bugreport:1778)2008/08/02 * Player shops will not close on death anymore (bugreport:1955)2008/08/01 * Removed unused guardian hp columns from the castles table in main.sql. * Corrected incorrect use of the datetime column in the `login` table.
  17. 17. [ultramage] * Quagmire now will affect boss monsters, but more info is required tocode the debuff exceptions properly. [Brainstorm]2008/07/31 * Fixed: added E-type zenylogs in sql table (bugreport:1957) [akrus] - added sql file upgrade_svn13025_log.sql * Improved: added --enable-debug=gdb option in configure script to use gdboptimized debug mode [akrus] * Removed the mob controller system, now a customization (seetopic:194375) [ultramage] * Fixed: commented out loginlog in convert engine sql tables (loginlogtable is in logs database now) [akrus]2008/07/30 * Fixed TXT storage code handling storage incorrectly (bugreport:1928) * AccountDB_TXT will now correctly read inconsistent EOLs (bugreport:1934) * Removed the IRC bot system, now a customization (see topic:194306)2008/07/29 * Renamed struct skill to s_skill to remove naming collisions. * Added defines for mercenary skill ranges. * Added a mapping of mercenary skills to the skill db (700-799 atm). * Fixed Sql object not initializing default values properly. Fixed Sql_Free producing timer deallocation errors when called without first establishing a database connection. * Corrected upgrade_svn12975_view.sql not assigning default values to the two dummy columns; please drop the view and re-run the script.2008/07/27 * Fixed md5 passwords not working * Possibly corrected a guild saving problem (bugreport:1908) * Removed some leftover code that shouldnt have been merged [ultramage] * Fixed a memory leak in mmo_auth_tosql (extra sql statement beingallocated). * Added missing option log_db_db tologinlog_config_read(loginlog_sql.c). * Fixed a memory leak in account_db_sql_destroy. [FlavioJS] * Changed the way GM levels are handled - removed conf/gm_account.txt - added the gm level column to the txt savefile (after email column) - gm level information is now transferred along with account data * Merged the /loginmerge branch [ultramage] - the login server storage, ipban and logging systems have been abstracted and now provide a common interface; the rest has been merged into a single login server core (no more login/login_sql duplicity) - storage systems are now added via compiler options (WITH_SQL / WITH_TXT) - multiple storage engines can be compiled in at the same time, and the config option account.engine defines which one will be used. - due to MySQL autoincrement limitations, accounts with id 0 will not be supported; account IDs from this point on should start from 1. - login_log() functions now again record IP addresses in dotted format, not as 4-byte integers (undo from r6868). - removed config options that defined column names in the login table - removed `memo` and `error message` columns from login db/savefile - moved `loginlog` table to the logs database - added sql files upgrade_svn12975.sql and upgrade_svn12975_log.sql - due to changes to the login table layout, I added an !optional! sql file (upgrade_svn12975_view.sql) that will provide a certain degree of backwards compatibility with existing software; read the instructions inside carefully! - moved third-party includes/libs to a separate directory - updated project files / makefiles2008/07/20 * Simplified the search in pop_timer_heap and added more debug info tohelp determine the source condition of timer errors. (bugreport:1860)
  18. 18. * Fixed crash in skill_castend_id. (bugreport:1860) [FlavioJS] * Corrected #storagelist target typo (bugreport:1873) [SketchyPhoenix]2008/07/16 * Added a check to make sure only released timers are acquired from thefree list. * Changed TIMER_MAX_INTERVAL to 1 second (was set to 1 minute by mistake).[FlavioJS] * Fixed TK_JUMPKICK, should not jump over objects and cliffs. - This also might fix them being able to jump barricades on WoESE.[Brainstorm]2008/07/15 * Updated WoE Time Explanation for Sunday. [Paradox924X] * Corrected wrong data loading order in txt storage code [ultramage] * Fixed pop_timer_heap using max heap comparisons instead of min heapcomparisons and protected timer functions against improper use. (should fixbugreport:1833 bugreport:1841) [FlavioJS]2008/07/14 * Made homunculi have doubled regen rates (they regen twice as fast)defined on battle configs. [Brainstorm] * Corrected compiler warning and error made from r12952 and r12953,respectively. [SketchyPhoenix]2008/07/13 * Modified storage data loading (bugreport:1425) [ultramage] - storage is now loaded/saved along with character status - as a consequence, a lot of storage handling code was removed - there is no more locking done within storage data - mapservers no longer cache the data (solves muiltimapserver exploit) - loading storage on char select may decrease charserver performance * Added missing picklog case [Konard]2008/07/12 * Fixed a bad check on NPC_EVILLAND, actually healing players instead ofdoing damage. [Brainstorm]2008/07/10 * Users cant click floating npcs directly. (quick fix for bugreport:1814)[FlavioJS]2008/07/09 * Fixed SG_FUSION hp penalty (0.5% to 2%), bugreport:1805 [Brainstorm] * Added const to the return value of get_timer. * Added a maximum timer interval. Avoids server shutdowns being delayed for ~10 seconds under some circumstances on windows. * Replaced the fake timer heap (ordered array) with a binary min heap.[FlavioJS]2008/07/07 * First attempt at implementing the official walk speed system - separated speed modifiers into bonuses, penalties and other statuses - no bonuses stack, instead the maximum is taken - no penalties stack, instead the maximum is taken - Union, Riding and Pushcart are the only other statuses that stack - both bonuses and penalties are linear modifiers of the base walk speed - other statuses are applied after bonuses and penalties * Changed many equations to match official walk speed system - Steel Body now sets a fixed walk speed of 200 (bypassing everythingelse) - Defender now caps the walk speed to a minimum of 200 - Slow Grace now uses official equation for aspd/walk speed decrease - Pushcarts speed penalty is now halved - Free Cast now changes walk speed to a fixed value, bypassing bonuses andpenalties - Wedding clothes now have a penalty of +100%, not +200%
  19. 19. - rogues Tunnel Drive and stalkers Chasewalk ignore all penalties - taekwons Running is now 5% faster - Frenzy is now 5% faster - Gospels offensive slowdown is now +75% instead of +33% - Quagmire now slows down by +50% instead of +100% - Gatling Fever now slows down by +100% instead of +33% - Cloaking modifier is now a bonus/penalty, depending on presence of wall - Longing for Freedom overrides the song/dance penalty (bugreport:416) - Bard/Dancer Spriit now properly affects song/dance penalty(bugreport:1019) - item-granted speedup no longer stacks with speed bonuses (topic:145019) - removed some status code that pre-calculated speed bonuses/penalties, to make calculations more localized and less messy (see song/dance code) * Removed stop/slowdown effect from Grimtooth (bugreport:1806) * Players autotrading will not be able to receive whispers(bugreport:1804) [SketchyPhoenix]2008/07/06 * Slight cleanup of item-based walk speed bonuses [ultramage] - removed bSpeed bonus code (was just disabled until now) - changed speed_rate to use base value 0% instead of 100%2008/07/05 * Moved the mob killmonster flag to a more appropriate area.(bugreport:1795) [SketchyPhoenix]2008/07/04 * Fixed AM_PHARMACY produce chances based on info gathered by flaviojs,aegis zone ep 11.2, of 20070629 [Brain/FlavioJS] * Rev. 12912 Homunculus will no longer auto-vaporize on master death.[L0ne_W0lf] - Added config option to allow for this to be turned on or off. * Added missing E logs to mail system [Lupus]2008/07/03 * Removed aspd penalty from Free Cast since tests show its not there, even though RO sites claim it is * Adjusted Free Cast code so that its walk penalty gets calculated in status_calc_speed and nowhere else [ultramage] * Fixes regarding bugreport:1727 (undead element/race skill behaviors)follow up on revisions r12820 r12821 and r12822 [Brainstorm]2008/06/24 * Rev. 12891 Increased Item group limit for new item groups. [L0ne_W0lf]2008/06/23 * Fixed: replaced TYPEs with ENGINEs in SQL files (for bettercompatibility, TYPE is a synonym) [akrus]2008/06/22 * Extended script command set to return the variable reference(topic:190602). [FlavioJS] * Fixed a bug where the "OnMyMobDead" event wouldnt trigger if the mobwas killed and never attacked. (bugreport:1725) [SketchyPhoenix] * Reworded a comment in can_copy to make more sense. * Modified *killmonster and *killmonsterall to support a new argument thatwill allow it to kill monsters using the new OnMyMobDead behavior (in order toavoid breaking older scripts) (bugreport:1734)2008/06/19 * Added Sirius_Whites fix for sense working on emperium. (bugreport:1679) [SketchyPhoenix] * Fixed SC_CHANGEUNDEAD behavior: Blessing and Increase AGI deals 1 damageand does not apply buffs to those inflicted by it.2008/06/18 * Added a fix for refresh properly displaying dead and sitting players.[SketchyPhoenix] * Fixed basilica behavior not knocking back monsters 2 cells should oneattempt to enter the field. * Fixed cash shop not using points to make up the cash difference whenpurchasing an item.2008/06/17
  20. 20. * Forgot to commit source modification from r12833 (Updated Novicegrounds.) [L0ne_W0lf]2008/06/16 * Made the socket limit not be set in cygwin, which has bogus behavior.(bugreport:1684) [FlavioJS] * Made the socket limit be set to the maximum allowed value when settingto FD_SETSIZE fails.2008/06/14 * Fixed Icewall not restoring the original cell type [ultramage] * Fixed PF_FOGWALL working on Boss monsters. [Brainstorm]2008/06/13 * Fixed Evil Land working versus undead element instead of undead race. * Fixed Grandcross and darkgrandcross, should only cause blind againstundead race. Also confirmed that ME, evil land, sanctuary, grandcross/DGC andstatus recovery are versus element, not race. * Removed confusion effect part from AL_CURE, it doesnt work on officialanymore. * Partial revert of signum crucis modification, it doesnt work againstplayers, but work on ELEMENT undead monsters. * Corrected dc_serviceforyou bonus values based on irowiki (better havefansite info than 100% guessed info). * Fixed dc_humming only recieving half the bonus from dancing lessons. * Fixed some skills working on undead element when they were supposed towork on undead race. [Brainstorm] Skills Fixed: Cure, Signum Crusis, Blessing, Demons Bane, DivineProtection. Skills needing confirmation: Magnus Exorcismus, Evil Land,Sanctuary, Status Recovery, GrandCross, Dark GrandCross, Head Crush2008/06/12 * Added check to prevent crashing on logmes with no player attached (bugreport:1648) [ultramage] * Added support for skill names to script commands: [FlavioJS] - skill, addtoskill, guildskill, getskilllv, getgdskilllv, itemskill, petskillattack, petskillattack2, petskillsupport, skilleffect, npcskilleffect, unitskilluseid, unitskillusepos - bonus/bonus2/bonus3/bonus4/bonus5 for bonuses bAutoSpell, bSkillAtk, bSkillHeal, bAutoSpellWhenHit, bAddSkillBlow, bCastrate2008/06/11 * Added partylock/guildlock checking for @changeleader/@changegm (bugreport:72) [ultramage]2008/06/10 * Fixed double attack working with unarmed attacks, as reported by LoneWolf. [Brainstorm] * Added experimental code to set the socket limit at runtime. [FlavioJS]2008/06/09 * Fixed SN_SHARPSHOOTING doing 100% atk less damage than it should,bugreport:1654 * Fixed Active Guild skills not working when WoE is OFF, follow up onr12770, bugreport:1653 and bugreport:1637 * Fixed Fire Pillar (and any future splash damage magical trap) notworking on Land Protector. * Fixed reject sword having a infinite duration, bugreport:695[Brainstorm]2008/06/08 * Implemented the two-handed staff/rod type * Corrected definition of delitem and delitem2, which prevented the optional accountid parameter from working (bugreport:1512) [ultramage] * Fixed SA_DISPELL removing SC_CRITICALWOUND. [Brainstorm]2008/06/07 * Swapped the W_SHOTGUN and W_GATLING weapon type IDs [ultramage]
  21. 21. * Fixed GD_EMERGENCYCALL not working inside gvg castles when WoE is off,bugreport:1637 fix by Meyraw [Brainstorm] * Kaite should not work against high-level mobs (bugreport:1623) * Fixed soundeffectall not reading its params correctly [ultramage] * Fixed PF_DOUBLECASTING casting % bugreport:140 * Fixed a few properties of NPC_CHANGEUNDEAD bugreport:79 [Brainstorm]2008/06/01 * Added Ai4reis "gm can view all players equips" feature [ultramage]2008/05/31 * Crashfix to attach/detach timers, thanks to Konard (fixed recentcrashes) [Lupus]2008/05/28 * Updated Ankle Snare duration (bugreport:1438) [Playtester] - agi now has only half the effect on the duration (100 agi reduces it by50%) - minimum duration is 5 seconds no matter what * Fixed stat values displaying incorrectly when increasing them past 255 (wraparound, ack packet only has 1 byte) [ultramage]2008/05/26 * Updating configure script: [FlavioJS] - fixed memory manager using the argument of the last enable/disableoption (any option) - other minor changes * Increased the allowed packet size for chat messages [ultramage] - changed the capacity of the message column in chatlog (see sql update)2008/05/25 * Increased storage space to 600 [Playtester]2008/05/24 * Updated sql files to latest [Toms]2008/05/16 * Fixed 64bit timestamps messing up auction/storage (bugreport:1454) * Added sd state to track party creation/invitation (bugreport:1180)2008/05/13 * Fixed a mistake in r11344 that caused the my shop window to display info about cards slotted in items incorrectly (bugreport:1502)2008/05/12 * Fixed a script engine problem where warping away while having a menu window open and talking to an another npc with a menu would produce menu option count mismatch errors (bugreport:1208)2008/05/10 * Fixed @showmobs not working (bugreport:1487)2008/05/09 * Added correct extended info packets for items that are being moved into storage or cart. This caused items to visually lose their properties once they have been moved from inventory (bugreport:250). The modification is mostly copypaste but it works nicely [ultramage]2008/05/07 * Corrected default guild positions not being saved during guild creation. * Did some cleanup of the splash code, the NPC_WIDE* skills now send the preamble packet, which for the most part correct their skill animation display. * Fixed Sense messing up with Spiderweb. * Added Throw tomahawk to the list of items that do not trigger the equipment breaking code. * Probably fixed Moonlight petals pushing back the casters. * Infinite Endure wont be passed on to devoted characters. * Infinite Endure is no longer saved on logout. * Added check to avoid gms opening vending shops if they dont have the required level. * Fixed the flee penalty not applying when you walk into a gvg map.[Skotlex]2008/05/03 * NPC_GUIDEDATTACK is not supposed to bypass pneuma/safetywall [ultramage]2008/05/02
  22. 22. * Fixed missing iterator destruction in the map_foreach* functions(followup to r12684). * Added backward compatible handling of PACKETVER 8 and 9. (followup tor12539) * Changes to map_foreach* functions: [FlavioJS] - removed the unecessary use of va_copy in map_foreachpc - applied the same function pattern to map_foreachmob and map_foreachiddb - created map_foreachnpc - extended the behaviour of map_foreach* functions to stop iterating whenfunc returns -1 * Replaced the very ineffective clif_foreachclient() with map_foreachpc()since they essentially do the same thing (bugreport:1174). * Rewrote map_foreachpc() so that its callback function signature now usesa more natural sd instead of a DBKey/void* pair. * Rewrote atcommand_users() to use a single function, instead of dependingon two helper functions and global objects. * Added a custom implementation of the va_copy macro for systems thatdont provide it. * Fixed varargs not being used correctly in foreach() calls in db.c(bugreport:551). * Replaced the integers+checking approach in r12679 with usage of floatingpoint arithmetic. * Applied search&replace to use the new name of the function. * Implemented get_percentage() for compact and safe calculation ofpercentual values. * Fixed integer arithmetic overflows that were occuring in severalsupernovice checks (bugreport:1135). [ultramage]2008/05/01 * Updated mob_db.sql to latest [Toms]2008/04/30 * Rev. 12676 Corrected several effect descriptions. [L0ne_W0lf]2008/04/28 * Cleaned up char server set online/offline/char select functions.(r12670) [Kevin]2008/04/27 * Fixing some timestamp type difference warnings... * Removed the calc_times() no-op (bugreport:1289). * Corrected r12662 where a guild break would trigger the OnGuildBreakevent for all castles (even of other guilds). * Corrected some x64 compilation warnings in ers/malloc files. * Cleaned up a case of bad variable reuse. * Cleaning up the itemdb reload mess (see r12635, r12643, r12650, r12661,r12662, r12663): [ultramage] - the player data inventory-itemdb index is now refreshed usingpc_setinventorydata() - mobdb will no longer initialize with nonexistent items, and mobs will nolonger drop them in case of a reload - the clif_buylist() function once again hides invalid npc shop items - it is no longer possible to purchase nonexistent items from a npc shop - npc shop loading will not abort if there is a nonexistent item entry, itwill just skip over it2008/04/26 * Added script function hasquest. [Kevin] * Fixed OnGuildBreak. [Kevin] * Cleaned up auth system after change back to map server request. - Created function set_char_charselect to get rid of some of the "specialcase" variables. - Removed code that involved the char server sending auth data at charselect. - Changed char select code to update the instance of the char data in theDB to fix map/sex info not being propagated to auth request. [Kevin] * Rev. 12657 Added WoE SE castles to castles.txt in save-tmpl. [L0ne_W0lf]2008/04/25
  23. 23. * Updated item_db.sql to latest * Fixed bugreport:1223 (Invalid Items In Shops Are Processed Incorrectly) * Modified delitem/delitem2 to have the same behaviour as getitem/getitem2(optional account_id parameter) bugreport:1035 * Modified doc in consequence [Toms]2008/04/23 * Fixed script strings not being handled properly (only skipped the ). * Added skip_escaped_c to strlib.c/h. * Fixed sv_unescape_c not handling hex/octal escapes properly. * Script parse errors displayed with one ShowError instead of severalShowMessages. [FlavioJS]2008/04/22 * Changed itemdb_reload to clear the database before reloading, so it ispossible can remove an item from the DB without restarting the server(bugreport:1348) (r12635). [Kevin] * Fixed a "bug" in sv_readdb under windows and cygwin configured as"Unix/binary" for text files (r is read and empty lines are not skipped) bugreport:1382bugreport:1401 [Toms]2008/04/21 * Changed the data field of timers from int to intptr. * Added intptr/uintptr to cbasetypes.h (integers with the same size as apointer). [FlavioJS] * Rev. 12631 Changed Sacrifice status to end on casters death, not at 25%HP. [L0ne_W0lf] - Should also fix over-flow damage returning to sacrificed targets.Partially fixes bugreport:1332 * Updated sql files to latest [Toms]2008/04/19 * Made some cleanup in changesex [Toms] * Fixed a bug in (init/start/stop)npctimer [Toms]2008/04/18 * Fixed a bug when unloading a npc near a shop. * Fixed npc_buylist not giving/checking the good item when it was an item_avail in the shop (the real one was added in inventory). * Implemented config setting vending_over_max, to let people configure the behavior of vending items over the MAX_ZENY limit [ultramage] * Fixed mapserv crash, thanks to Konard [Lupus]2008/04/17 * Modified sv_readdb to be able to process non-native line terminators(bugreport:1382) [ultramage]2008/04/16 * Fixed an issue in r12575 where not setting char offline when going frommapserver to charserver also caused a permanent account lockout if the playerpressed cancel in the char select screen. * Merged some recent changes from SQL to TXT, as someone didnt bother todo it. * Ifdefed the quest data request code as SQL-only (this was causing serverdisconnects whenver someone logged in). [ultramage]2008/04/15 * Use the same code for script commands getitem & getitem2 as @item toavoid bug in bugreport:1324 (non-stackable items are stacked) [Toms] * Removed all _ in the second name in item_db.txt and updated item_db.sql[Toms] * Added a forward declaration of the struct quest instead of includingmmo.h [Toms] * Corrected some invalid syntax in skill_db.txt (wrong usage of commas) * Renamed BA_FROSTJOKE to BA_FROSTJOKER (aegis server-side name) * Implemented a generic framework for parsing delimited db files - allows specifying min/max column ranges and max number of rows to read * Cleaned up pc.c a bit [ultramage]
  24. 24. * Updated item_db.sql to latest [Toms]2008/04/14 * Fixed a possible crash in char_sql. (since r12575, later modified inr12590). [FlavioJS] * Fixed a memory leak in mapif_quests_fromsql [Toms] * Fixed a typo in char_sql/char.c [Toms] * Fixed a bug in the disconnection part char-server (not sending youoffline) [Toms] * Changes to the configure script: [FlavioJS] - added options --with-MYSQL_CFLAGS and --with-MYSQL_LIBS to allow manualsetting of those variables2008/04/13 * More major updates to the quest log system. [Kevin] * Followup to r12579 (all other players appeared as female on sql branch).[FlavioJS] * Some major updates to the quest system, beginning to move it over to the inter server instead of char server. (r12581) [Kevin] * Added an include in clif.h to avoid a complaint of gcc [Toms] * Quick&dirty reversal of the inter-server behaviour introduced inr3255/r3256: - the behaviour enabled a desynch between the char-server and the map-server - now the map-server asks the char-server to authenticate the auth info (the char-server doesnt send the auth info immediatelly) * Changes to the configure script: [FlavioJS] - clarified how --with-zlib is used - added --enable-packetver to set the PACKETVER define (used often enough to get its own option, but unnecessary since it can be set with CFLAGS) - added -g compiler option to --enable-debug * Changed LOG_ALL definition to really log everything [Toms]2008/04/12 * Login will no longer set character offline when going from map to character select. (r12575) [Kevin]2008/04/11 * The max_account_id packetver detection mechanism will never cause anyconnection problems ever again. (bugreport:388) * Reverted the `login` table changes from r12464 [ultramage] * Finished most of the quest log code, still bits here and there but its ready for testing. (r12558) [Kevin]2008/04/10 * More quest log code. [Kevin] * Client not marked online until map receives auth request from the client - and is approved. Also added some online/offline sets to the auth system - that were being skipped.(r12552) [Kevin] * Modified the charservers to use a DBMap instead of a cyclic array forauth data. * Merged the auth fix from r12473 to TXT as well. * Removed the no-op from r12547. [ultramage] * Rev. 12550 Reverted the change to MAX_SQUARE_LAYOUT. [L0ne_W0lf] * Rev. 12548 Updated NPC skill "Evil Land". More gravity wtfage.[L0ne_W0lf] - Based on visual observation, and experience with it on iRO Sakray.2008/04/09 * Clif functions and basic data structures for questlog system. (r12544)[Kevin]2008/04/08 * Fixed party invitation ack messages not displaying (bugreport:1308) * Modified PACKETVER for recent clients to use a YYYYMMDD date format instead of a simple sequence number (allows adding versions inbetween) * Small party/guild creation cleanup. Added packet comments. Removed fakereply packet usage. [ultramage]2008/04/07 * Rev. 12529 Updated MAX_GUARDIANS to support an insane amount ofguardians. [L0ne_W0lf]
  25. 25. * Immunity to magic now makes you immune to the SC effect as well.(r12527) [Kevin] * Made script command flagemblem and guild_emblem_change send an update of the emblem_id to the players in the area. - known bug: ui components that are displaying the emblem at the time (emblem in flag npc and emblem over head in gvg maps) are not updated, but putting the mouse over the target shows the new emblem * Modified script command guardian: - returns the id of the guardian - if guardian index isnt supplied, it generates a temporary guardian * Implemented support for temporary guardians (not saved with castle). * Added missing includes from r12520. [FlavioJS] * Party/guild names can no longer be less then 2 characters long. (r12521)[Kevin] * Removed the wait close timer that closed a sessions socket after 5seconds. This was causing random disconnects when logging in. (bugreport:1330) * Improved the Mental Sensing fix from r12507 to not start the status atall, instead of starting it and ignoring it later on. [ultramage]2008/04/06 * Fixed a case where a dangling pointer was formed when a person was - invited to a party immediately after creating their own. (r12518)[Kevin] * Sight rasher now affects the wizards own and others icewalls. (r12516)[Kevin] * Sight rasher, sight blaster, and arrow shower are now the only - three skills that will affect traps. (r12516) [Kevin] * NPC earthquake now divides the atk2 bonus between players. (r12514)[Kevin] * Changed guild skills restore, regen, and battle order to only affectBL_PC. (r12513) [Kevin] * Reverted one of the changes in dynamic mobs that may - be causing the spawning problems. (r12512) [Kevin] * Equip speed buffs no longer stack with speed consumables. (r12509)[Kevin] - (Speed potion not included). * Sprint, Fusion, and Increase AGI now stack independently. - The others still dont take affect if you have any of these three.(r12508) [Kevin] * Mental Sensing no longer gives an xp bonus on bosses. (r12507) [Kevin] * Changed Union/Increase AGI stack fix (it should work now). (r12506)[Kevin] * Fixed seven wind not allowing ghost/shadow. (r12505) [Kevin] * Added Moscovia to the list of @go destinations [Toms]2008/04/05 * Unequip should no longer remove any buff from seven wind. (r12503)[Kevin] * Union and Increase AGI now stack. (r12502) [Kevin] * Union now consumes sp when not soul linked. (r12499) [Kevin] * Running into a wall/npc/pc/mob no longer enables spurt. (r12498) [Kevin] * Fixed unable to move after using a skill to break out of sprint.(r12497) [Kevin] * DMG no longer stops running. (r12488) [Kevin]2008/04/04 * PCs/Mobs/NPCs now block Leap(TK_HIGHJUMP) and sprint(TK_RUN). (r12485)[Kevin] * Disconnect user when receive select egg packet with no menu open.(r12484) [Kevin] * Fixed @rura between maps on more then one map server. (r12483) [Kevin] * Update to Auth Glitch fix: moved unit_free_pc back to where it was - and updated it so unit_free_pc just tells the script to end - (not hard delete). (r12481) [Kevin] * Updated mob_db.sql to latest. * Fixed a little bug in Kevins commit (r12473) [Toms]
  26. 26. * Bug fixes for Auth Glitch and Map server crash through script warp when - changing map servers. * When char receives the request to go back to char selection it sets - the character as "at char select" in the online_char_db, and - set_char_offline now deletes the entry in the online_char_db unless - the user is at the character screen (to prevent unecessarycallocs/frees. * Script warp was just a simple misplacement of a free statement, freeingthe - users session data before the scripting subsystem was finished with it.[Kevin]2008/04/03 * More login server work - Renamed connect_until_time to expiration_time - Renamed ban_until_time to unban_time - this also applies to login table columns (see upgrade_svn12464.sql)2008/04/02 * Rev. 12462 Updated MAX_GUILDCASTLE to support new castles. [L0ne_W0lf] * Added SV_KEEP_TERMINATOR option to not split the line terminator. * Added sv_split to strlib.c/h (similar to sv_parse). [FlavioJS]2008/03/31 * Fixed ACIDDEMO crash, thanks to Kaato&Konard [Lupus] * Added latest version of dbghelp.dll (from microsoft debugger package),to prevent Windows from loading other, outdated versions. This caused the dbghelpplug plugin to omit information about structureswhen producing a backtrace. [ultramage]2008/03/30 * yet more login server stuff - jA data structure compatibility renaming / adjustments - mmo_account -> login_session_data, auth_data -> mmo_account - made gender variable usage consistent for the entire login server - rewrote TXTs new account creation procedure to match SQLs2008/03/28 * Some more txt/sql login server synchronization [ultramage] - removed the option to specify multiple IPs/subnets for ladminallowip - removed the @gm command and all associated management code - removed the save unknown packets code - removed the lengthy TXT ipban code (which was essentially a copy of whats already handled by the socket layer/packet_athena.conf) - implemented start_limited_time in SQL (expiration for new accounts) - applied some missing TXT changes from the last update2008/03/27 * Updated SQL Files (item & mobs) [Toms] * Partial rewrite of the login servers auth system. - replaced the cyclic, size-limited auth_fifo data structure with the more appropriate DBMap-based alternative (stops some erratic behavior) - added code to simulate the pseudo-status "online on login server" - auth data will now expire after 30 seconds instead of persisting - better-than-aegis handling of login cancellation (the server will wipe all previous auth data instead of making you wait for it to expire) - proper status message - no more generic "rejected from server", now youll get "the server still recognizes your last connection" - fixed a typo in r10110 which caused disconnect timer removal to fail - split off some parsing code to login_auth_ok() and login_auth_failed() - extended the auth confirmation packet so that the login_id1/2 values are sent along with the associated account id (stops charserver from making wrong choices if two incoming sessions have the same acc_id) - fixed a bug in the disconnect part of the main charserver parsing loop, where a non-authed client would erase the online db entry for a client thats already online, thus bypassing any dual-login checks - added code to stop the waiting_disconnect timer when the associated online entry is removed right away, instead of doing checks later - removed code that would periodically wipe the online status of clients that are in the auth process (producing yet more erratic behavior)
  27. 27. - commented out some TXT-only reconnect prevention code (bugreport:1281) * merged the charserver acc modification code cleanup to TXT (r11324) * changed trunks default server->client PACKETVER to 92008/03/26 * Adjusted eAthena code to compile cleanly in C++ mode.2008/03/25 * Added proper checks to adoption processing (followup to r12428). * Cleaned up some code / fixed some typos. [ultramage]2008/03/24 * Reorganized the contents of the mapservers header files. - map.h is no longer a generic dumping spot of all the shared structs, and instead, each such structure now resides in its logical component - map.h now only holds mostly map-related things (needs more cleaning) * Fixed a problem in the new trade window implementation (from r11830)where no trade acknowledgement messages would get sent (bugreport:1217).[ultramage]2008/03/22 * Cart Termination now bypasses Parrying and Energy Coat (bugreport:476). * Mobs with no respawn information which dont have a master will not getunloaded by the dynamic mobs system. This prevents script-spawned mobs (bio MVPs, Emperium/Guardians, ...)and dead-branched mobs from disappearing (bugreport:1246). * Added a missing null-pointer check to the timed player pvp/gvg respawnfunction (mistake in r12232) [ultramage]2008/03/21 * Added VS9 project files. Thanks to Konard [Lupus] - removed redundant map_getallusers() function2008/03/19 * Changed the dynamic mobs system to also unload mobs that have respawn time but are already spawned - 22M less mem usage (bugreport:1197) - also added a check to not respawn mobs on maps with no players (potentially unsafe operation, needs further inspection)2008/03/18 * Fixed invited party members not displaying correctly (bugreport:1199) * Fixed OnPCLoginEvent not working correctly (bugreport:1182) [ultramage] * Added missing WorkingDirectory value to vcproj-7.1, vcproj-8 projects. Now you can flawlessly run your compiled server with RUN button in the correct directory. Thanks to Konard [Lupus] - Reverted changes from the project files, due to incompatibility [Lupus]2008/03/14 * Fixed spawned mob count not being counted properly, causing yet morerespawn problems. * extended the "npc_event: event queue is full" error message to alsoprint the name of the event (so that the cause can be tracked down) * removed a strange (and undocumented) event name check for "GM_MONSTER"in the npc event execution code * added effects from recent sakexes to effects list * removed ladmin from vs8 sql builds * added int_auction.c/.h to vs6 and vs7 project files * some small cleanups * Fixed one condition incorrectly modified in r12358, which causeddynamically unloaded mobs to never spawn once theyve been unloaded once(bugreport:1178) [ultramage]2008/03/13 * Replaced some foreach-based functions by their inlined iteratorequivalents. * Changed the dynamic mobs system, so that the flag that indicates whethera particular mob can be unloaded is stored in the mobs respawn data structure. * Cleaned up related parts of the source code. * Fixed one forgotten mob spawning function call causing mobs to duplicatewhen respawning (followup to r12350) (bugreport:1173) [ultramage]2008/03/12 * Removed one mob data variable related to dynamic mobs that I found to beredundant.
  28. 28. * Changed MAX_MOBSKILL (max. amount of different skill entries per mob)from 50 to 40 to reduce memory consumption a bit more. [ultramage]2008/03/11 * Replaced one incorrect nullpo check in chat_deletenpcchat(). * Replaced clif_countusers() with a more efficient alternative (thanks tothe fact that pc_db now only holds fully authed players only). [ultramage]2008/03/10 * Added missing check to only allow the leader of a party to modify its exp share settings (bugreport:12) [ultramage]2008/03/09 * Modified attack_walk_delay so it behaves on a per-object basis, and changed the default to 15 (all types). * Modified battle_delay_damage so damage is not delayed more than one second for non-player attacks. * Modified party_member_added with a hack so that the clif functions will send the info of the new member since party_recv_info has not yetarrived. * Updated clif_calc_delay so the type sent to the client is based on the number of hits of the skill (as Aegis packets reveal) [Skotlex] * Cleaned up and corrected some more land skill code [ultramage] - removed redundant skill_ganbatein() function - Added flag UF_PATHCHECK from jAthena which affects whether a skills cells will be affected by the surrounding terrain. Adjusted existing flags so that they closely match jAs (for easier comparisons). - Fixed code that allowed placing of skill unit cells on gaps. - Fixed code that prevented successful casting of land skills on gaps (officially its possible, even though they will not deploy entirely).2008/03/07 * Script induced status changes can now be reduced by stats/cards (but only trigger rate is reduced, not duration). * Battle delay timers will now check if the target player has the invincible timer active or not. * Adjusted clif_damage and clif_skill_damage to set the endure type value based on dmotion and damage, rather than hardchecking for SC_ENDURE.2008/03/06 * Fixed song/dance cells to appear even on top of walls and pits. * Fixed non-chatroom owners being able to kick others from the chatroom. [Skotlex] * Fixed a crash when a homun kills a mvp and the char that did the most damage is unable to carry the mvp reward (bugreport:1114)2008/03/05 * Added code to clear the Illusionary Shadow effect (followup to r12293) * Added some trim() calls into mapflag code (followup to r12238) * Fixed mvp exp reward packet not working right for big values * Added dbghelpplug plugin entry to the plugins configuration file * Added conf setting for auction table name (see r12287) [ultramage] * Implemented Firepillars target cannot move for 0.2 sec x hitproperty. * Corrected Earthquake so it behaves as explained in the developmenttopics. * Added a missing line to actually unequip unallowed compounded cards when changing maps.2008/03/04 * Updated the firepillar code so it behaves like the other traps. * Additional status changes now only get triggered if the attack did damage, not if they get absorbed. * Properly set the opt3 value for Moonlight, Changeundead and Soul Link. * Fixed the "no equip" flag of cards not being properly applied when attemting to equip items. * Some corections to the new auth db system. [Skotlex]2008/03/02 * New optimizations for mail system and adjust to use it on Auctions.[Zephyrus] - Added a Sql patch to clear all deleted mails. (There is no need to keep
  29. 29. that data) - Added more code for Auctions. Not implemented but just for study.2008/02/29 * Rev. 12268 Added documentation for Cash shop NPC heading. [L0ne_W0lf]2008/02/28 * Added cash shop support [Zephyrus]2008/02/27 * Fixed cleararray not able to erase array entry 127 (bugreport:864) * Fixed @reloadmobdb producing memory leaks in pet db (bugreport:1030) * Patched an unresolved case where knocking back a bard/dancer would cause the mapserver to crash (bugreport:1043) * Fixed Apple of Idun not checking for bard soul link (bugreport:1028) * Fixed Advanced Adrenaline Rush not working barehanded (bugreport:1049) * Disabled idle_no_autoloot setting (bugreport:1051) * Removed NODAMAGE and ICEWALL cell types (mem usage back to normal) - Icewall now uses basic cell type 5 (nonwalkable, shootable) - as a consequence, you can now warp to a nonwalkable cell - but only via gm command or scripted warp bug (hopefully :) * Added missing option changes for Illusionary Shadow and Soul Link that disappeared when you left the screen (bugreport:1053) * Added support for the "view player equip" feature (see topic:174461)2008/02/26 * Added new settings for Autotrade. [Zephyrus]2008/02/23 * Now the server will print an error message if an invalid mapflag is found during script loading (see bugreport:980 for the motivation) - removed one extra space that broke jails noreturn mapflag loading2008/02/22 * Removed code in socket.c that tries to avoid send buffer overloading, as there is a scenario (many players and charserver disconnect) where mass char saving produces huge ammounts of data to send (see r11503) * Cleaned up player respawning code (bugreport:1022) * Increased the max amount of different autocast skills from 5 to 10 * Fixed @whomap not unlocking the player db (bug in r12204) [ultramage] * Added $(CUSTOM_CFLAGS) into all to provide any custom defs directly to all sub make files. How to use: make CUSTOM_CFLAGS=-DSOME_DEF sql [Lupus] * Fixed 2 problems in r12223 - incorrect variable used (bugreport:1031)and a missing global function declaration. [ultramage]2008/02/21 * Added status_calc_life to properly calculate hp/max_hp as a ratio taking into accounts overflows (and for now also avoids divisions by 0).Applied this function around clif.c, mob.c and pet.c * Implemented the correct walk-speed bonus from the Bard/Dancer spirit. * Fixed logarithmic drops turning 0% drop rates into 100%. * Restructured the login mechanism of the map-server. The goal was to make sure players are not found in the different dbs of the map while the player has not yet been fully authed or while it is quitting, to avoidthe rest of the code from accessing and modifying it. It is a ratherextensive change, and I only had time to test the basic functionality, so if usewith care and report any bugs found. * Replaced player states auth, waiting_disconnect, finalsave with active, and removed states party_sent/guild_sent. * Removed several of the old login methods/constants/player states which are no longer needed due to this cleanup. [Skotlex]2008/02/19 * Rev. 12219 Fixed a typo in /map/clif.c (acount_id -> account_id)[L0ne_W0lf] * Forgotten update to the definition of script command input.
  30. 30. * Enabled DEBUG_MEMMGR only in DEBUG mode. * Made autotrading characters be kicked instead of reporting double login. * Made create_session initialize session_data to NULL. * Fixed db_obj_get not handling deleted nodes correctly. (bugreport:999)[FlavioJS]2008/02/17 * corrected login_fd/char_fd being uninitialized in the char servers. * Added a check to prevent using consume-delay items when you cannot use skills, since that opens an exploit if the item also has non-skill-casting components to its script. [Skotlex]2008/02/14 * Removed/replaced all calls to map_getallusers (followup to r12195) * Trashed @whozeny (from r269) [ultramage] * Added some changes to @noks. Now it uses a SC and not vars in mob_data[Zephyrus] - Added support to Self|Party|Guild to @noks (default is Party)2008/02/13 * Changes to memory manager: [FlavioJS] - fixed blocks that are fully used not being detected (and not freed) in memmgr_final (unfill_prev is NULL for unused blocks and full blocks) - fixed memmgr_final giving the wrong address to _mfree (for small blocks) - added the pointer address to most error messages (and log) - made it append to the log file instead of rewriting it - implemented a function to verify if a memory location is active - other minor changes * Merged memory manager updates from old jA revisions (bugreport:663)[ultramage] - less overhead and better overflow detection (caution, experimental!) * Added some security checks in mail system [Zephyrus] - This supose to fix a bug reported in 622 to limit to MAX_ZENY. - Also add more checks to free space in your inventory to receive items. * Added some new config settings: [Zephyrus] - homunculus_autoloot, idle_no_autoloot, max_guild_alliance. - Added a code to activate a Kill Steal protection and the requiredmapflags.2008/02/11 * Forget me Not no longer blocks ASPD bonuses from working or prevents their re-casting, they are simply dispelled when the effect takes place. * Fixed a possible crash when a player logs out before their create-party request is accepted. [Skotlex] * Expanded the script command input: (bugreport:811) [FlavioJS] - two new optional arguments min and max - return value indicating if its in the correct range - config variables for the default value of the arguments: input_min_value and input_max_value in script_athena.conf2008/02/10 * Added two missing opt2 values, for Angelus and Bleeding status * Fixed Warp Portal code sometimes producing errors/crashes in the case where a priest enters his/her own warp (bugreport:270)2008/02/08 * Fixed wrong message in item group loading code (bugreport:936) * Fixed charisalpha not working for the first char (bugreport:940) * Disabled signed/unsigned warnings for visual studio 2005 [ultramage]2008/02/07 * Fixed the disguise commands using the wrong variable when attempting to disguise as an npc. * Corrected and optimized npc_remove_maps npc array cleanup (Fixes @reloadscripts reporting too many npcs per map and related dangling pointer crashes). * HP loss item scripts can no longer kill you. * Corrected the item-drop-rate check to avoid duplicate entries in @whodrops after a @reloadmobdb. [Skotlex]2008/02/04