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Reverse osmosis project


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Reverse osmosis project

  1. 1. RODDING SHOP Reverse Osmosis Plant
  2. 2. RODDING SHOP Process flow diagram of RO
  3. 3. RODDING SHOP Why RO is Required • Effluent treatment through Reverse Osmosis in Aluminum smelter is a exemplary implementation in the country with complete management of RO reject through forced evaporation in solar ponds. • This provides the treated effluent the fitness to be re used in any process application inside the plant leading to 100% recycling. • This reduces plant's fresh water consumption resulting in water saving and conservation of natural resources. • Fluoride reduction in the treated effluent to a level of <1ppm eliminates water pollution and provides a safe environment.
  4. 4. RODDING SHOP Salient Features •It has 50 m3 /hour effluent treatment capacity. •Use of conventional water filtration techniques like Sand Filters and Activated Carbon Filters with state of art techniques like Ultrafiltration System and Reverse Osmosis filtration to get highest level of purity. •Use of RO technology for effluent treatment particularly fluoride in aluminium smelter effluent is one of its kind in major smelting industry. •Accelerated RO reject evaporation through installation of mist fans (atomizers) for increasing surface areas of the rejects. •Use of solar panels for heating the air which is blown through the RO rejects for faster evaporation. •Advantage over other fluoride treatment options like ion exchange methods where in regeneration of resin, resin replacement and other operational inefficiencies are involved.
  5. 5. RODDING SHOP Reverse Osmosis – Impact on effluents Impact of Reverse Osmosis on effluents – Fluoride Level <1 ppm
  6. 6. RODDING SHOP Key Benefits of RO •Fully automated system without any manual intervention. •Consistency in output treated water quality even with variant inputs. •Ensures hygienic working environment and reduces operators' exposure to hazards. •Recycling of effluent water for any industrial application. •This system can be used for treating fluoride contaminated ground water for domestic application. •Zero discharge industrial wastes to ambient water.
  7. 7. RODDING SHOP Ultra-Filtration & Reverse Osmosis snap shot Sand and Carbon filters Ultra Filtration
  8. 8. RODDING SHOP Ultra-Filtration & Reverse Osmosis snap shot RO FilterSolar Heaters and Mist Fan
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