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VCU Adcenter/Chrysler Presentation at the Innovation Challenge, 2006


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Our presentation at the Darden School of Business for the Innovation Challenge in 2006

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VCU Adcenter/Chrysler Presentation at the Innovation Challenge, 2006

  1. 1. Elizabeth Gershman Rodrigo De Lima Sruti Dhulipala Marcus Brown Nien Liu 78 Million People 18 Year Age Range $50K - $120K Average Income Range
  2. 2. Their Manifesto We are neither the folk with one foot in the grave, nor do we have a desperate death grip on youth. What Madison Avenue has failed to realize is that we have transcended past that and are now pushing ourselves towards a life of purpose, self-improvement, and spiritual growth. In other words, we are Individuals. Objective Create an emotional connection between Baby Boomers and the Chrysler brand.
  3. 3. It!s hard to believe that you can reach all the Baby Boomers with a single message. And have that message be powerful enough to affect them all. The only message that can reach them all is individuality.
  4. 4. Individuality is tricky. You can!t just say it or show it, You have to embody it. Concept Overview Position each car independently to connect with different segments of the target market.
  5. 5. Position Chrysler is the brand that Expresses Individuality Opportunities Chrysler cars are very unique. Not only from other brands, but even from each other. Each Chrysler car represents different values and has a different personality. There is potential for Chrysler to bring out each of these personalities in its positioning, thus increasing emotional connections to the car/brand. While most auto manufacturers tend to place emphasis on the brand as a whole, Chrysler has the opportunity to stand apart from the competition.
  6. 6. Strategy Put the personality of the cars ahead of the brand!s. Tailor each car to represent different values. This way Chrysler can target different values with different positioning without contradicting itself. BOOMER SEGMENTS Source: VALS
  7. 7. Thinkers These people carry themselves with a sense of quiet confidence that is inspired by an incredible personal history of achievement. Values: Tradition, knowledge, strength. Source: VALS 300 Embodies power and presence
  8. 8. Achievers These people approach life with a solid plan for success and rarely stray from it. Values: Stability, predictability, success. Source: VALS Experiencers These people are youthful and expressive; they see the world as their playground. Values: Open-mindedness, enthusiasm. Source: VALS
  9. 9. PT Cruiser It demands attention Believers Surrounded by family and community, these people put the needs of others before their own. Values: Indulgence, protectiveness. Source: VALS
  10. 10. Town and Country It shows that you have others in mind Strivers These people are driven by dreams of great status. Values: Achievement and optimism Source: VALS
  11. 11. Sebring The approachable luxury car Makers The pursuit of self-sufficiency takes this group of people in many directions. Values: Flexibility, discipline, pragmatism. Source: VALS
  12. 12. Pacifica It does a little bit of everything Individuality must be expressed at every level.
  13. 13. Product Ergonomic Options Help with arthritis and back pain UV protective film Service Personal test-drive. On location pick-up Product-centric customer service
  14. 14. Dealer Experience Floor plan re-organization Unique Ambiance for each car Personal takeaways Keychains personalized to the car/individual Car booklets tailored to the personality of the cars Customer Relations Post-purchase communications through car clubs Each car has a unique social cause PT Cruiser – Boys & Girls Club Aspen – Operation Home Front
  16. 16. Non-Traditional Chrysler cars compete to guest star in the Chrysler Film Project film. Have each car!s clubs campaign by offering incentives if they win. Owners of the car that wins could request free tickets to the movie. CRM tool.
  17. 17. Recommendations Green/Hybrid car Crossfire Chrysler Imperial Innovators These people have the most resources of all the segments, but they are only inspired by products that step up to their cultured and refined tastes. Values: Sophistication, intelligence. Source: VALS
  18. 18. Intangible Benefits ! By creating positioning based on unique values of consumers, we aim at creating an emotional connection. ! Going beyond mere sales figures and guerilla marketing strategies, in order to create a feeling of camaraderie between the company and consumers through car clubs. ! Getting consumers involved in a bigger cause – social responsibility, and a feeling of fulfillment.
  19. 19. Potential Risks ! Global Economy that will affect high interest rates and depreciation of the dollar ! Increase in gas prices directly affect the sales of cars ! Cannibalization from other Diamler-Chrysler owned cars. ! Estimating production schedule.