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Branded apps &_airlines_dec_2010


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60 airline apps, 2 outstanding brands and the rising opportunity of tablets

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Branded apps &_airlines_dec_2010

  2. 2. AIRLINE UPDATE INTRODUCTION This presentation is part of a series of updates on how brands across major industry sectors are embracing mobile as part of their digital, marketing or product strategy. We reviewed over 1000 branded mobile applications and summarized the key findings and trends to give you a snapshot of who is doing what and how. This update focuses on the Airline Industry. Other updates for brands will be available soon for the following industries: • Automotive – AVAILABLE NOW • FMCG • Banking & Finance • Cosmetics • Fashion & Sportswear • Food & Beverage • Luxury Goods • Alcoholic Beverages • Retail • Hospitality To download this report and others go to Exicon Digital DEC 2010 2
  3. 3. AIRLINE UPDATECONSUMERS SLOW TO ADOPT AIRLINE MOBILE APPS 1000+ APPS REVIEWED TO DATE 6% Airline industry apps made up six percent of the research. The majority of apps were quite similar, focusing primarily on utility features and simply recreating the desktop website experience. Overall there were far less apps in this category than others, likely due to a lack of ‘gaming apps’ targeting consumers outside frequent DEC 2010 3
  4. 4. AIRLINE UPDATEEUROPEAN BRANDS FIRSTTO MARKET WITH APPS Virgin Atlantic Lufthansa DRIVE LED BY BRITISH AIRWAYS, LUFTHANSA, AND VIRGIN ATLANTICThe features used in this first batch of apps havebecome the basis for all airline apps available today– booking, checking in, updating flight status andmonitoring mileage programs. Swiss International Air France British DEC 2010 4
  5. 5. AIRLINE UPDATEAIRLINE APPS ARE UTILITY FOCUSEDTHE GOAL IS TO MAKE TRAVEL AS SMOOTH AS POSSIBLE.Overall, airline vary little in functionality, offering similar features like flight TOP FOURbooking, flight status, schedules, check-in, and limited access to mileagereward programs. However, a few brands have gone a step further and FEATURES AREoffered paper-free boarding or destination relevant content. UTILITY FOCUSED Airline apps do not yet fully exploit the technical capabilities of smartphones, and instead still send customers to their mobile website to complete DEC 2010 5
  6. 6. AIRLINE UPDATEDownloading QR codes for use as boarding passes is becoming the next‘standard’ feature for airline mobile apps. Surprisingly, not all airline apps Apps that simplifypossess this feature today, e.g. Southwest. 1Also, not all airlines have made mobile boarding passes available for all flights the travel experiencee.g. BA only issues mobile boarding passes for short-haul flights. British Airways American Airlines KLM DEC 2010 6
  7. 7. AIRLINE UPDATE Lufthansa created two apps designed to help travelers ‘get around’ upon arrival at their destination city. Unlike other industry apps, Apps that help you get 2 airlines leverage both the phone’s built in hardware (GPS) and around once you arrive mileage program to increase customer engagement. Air Canada partnered with travel-related companies, such as car rentals and hotels, to provide direct access in-app to additional services travelers need. LUFTHANSA NAVIGATOR MILES & MORE Member Scout Air Canada Using phone’s GPS, app employs localization Integrated with Lufthansa’s frequent flyer Air Canada released first app (Summer 2009) to assist busy traveler through airport. program, app allows connection with to provide complementary travel info – Currently available in Frankfurt International ‘traveler social networks’ to share tips, geo- weather updates, rental car services – Airport only. location, even taxi rides! provided by outside companies e.g. DEC 2010 7
  8. 8. AIRLINE UPDATECathay Pacific has led the way by integrating their ‘City Guides’ intotheir mobile app. With over 70 destination cities available worldwide, Apps that give youthis is one of the key features of Cathay’s app. 3 ideas on what to doMILES & MORE Member Scout gives helpful tips and insights about when you get theredestination cities via recommendations provided by the program’s‘scouts’ within its own social network. MILES & MORE Member Scout Cathay Pacific CX DEC 2010 8
  9. 9. AIRLINE UPDATE Apps to manage Virgin Atlantic, who pride themselves on giving travelers a 4 fun and unique flying experience, released two unusual travel-related stress apps designed to combat travel-related stress. Jet-Lag Fighter Flying Without Fear Designed to help travelers minimize jet lag, based on Helps travelers overcome fear of flying through interactive destination cities, arrival and departure times. Recommends activities. Derived from actual courses offered by VA, times for light exposure and exercise. boasting 98% success rate. Clients include Whoopi Goldberg! DEC 2010 9
  10. 10. AIRLINE UPDATEMOST BRANDED The vast majority of airline apps are free, which is not surprising considering they mostly mirror what is already available via theAPPS ARE FREE… airline’s website. …HOWEVER  Virgin Atlantic is an exception, charging for two of their apps, the ‘Jet-Lag Fighter’ and ‘Flying without Fear’ app. They do not however charge for their main travel assistance application. US$4.99 US$1.99 Jet-Lag Fighter Flying Without DEC 2010 10
  11. 11. AIRLINE UPDATEEMERGING iPAD APPSCathay Pacific launched one of the world’s first Malaysia Airlines were among the first to re-purpose theircustomized airline apps for the iPad, releasing it on iPhone application for the iPad. They have even installed iPadthe same day the device hit the shops in the carrier’s terminals at Kuala Lumpur airport, enabling travelers to bookhome town, Hong Kong. flights, find departure times and even check-in at dedicatedThe iPad app enables users to book flights directly kiosks.from the device – not possible on the iPhone app. Malaysia Airlines MH Mobile. The iPad app is identical to the iPhone app. The iPad app links users to Marco Polo Club information and gives insights into more than 70 destinations worldwide through the popular ‘City Guides’. New kiosks at Kuala Lumpur airport, equipped with DEC 2010 11
  12. 12. AIRLINE UPDATEThe first generation of airline apps may not be SIGNIFICANT OPPORTUNITIESparticularly ‘unique’, nor go beyond simplyrecreating their desktop web experience, butthey win respect for making travelling easier REMAIN FOR BRANDS WILLINGand faster, helping to avoid queues andminimize time in airports. TO PUSH THE ENVELOPEAs airlines fully integrate their mileageprograms into their apps, engagement and Today’s airline apps are still a long waybrand loyalty will come more into play, and from delivering unique experiencesthe overall mobile experience will beenhanced. Airline DEC 2010 12
  13. 13. AIRLINE UPDATEHOW CAN EXICON HELP? Exicon is dedicated to providing a turnkey solution for your brand, whether researching the competition on our global directory of branded applications, or finding the right If you enjoyed this update, then you might be developer through our automated interested in participating in The Expedition, a series match-making platform. of invitation-only workshops about going mobile. If you enjoyed this update, please visit Together with leading local brands, agencies and our website to download a copy of our developers, you’ll hear first-hand from people who Automotive Update and subscribe to have been in the trenches. You’ll also be able to receive future industry updates. discuss how to apply the learnings to your brand as well as meet the relevant people who can make it happen. Other updates for brands will be available soon for the Let us know which cities you’d be interested in following industries. attending and we’ll be in touch when we’re in your neck of the woods. • Automotive – AVAILABLE NOW • FMCG • Banking & Finance • Cosmetics Go to • Fashion & Sportswear • Food & Beverage • Luxury Goods • Alcoholic Beverages • Retail • DEC 2010 13