Social Media - Focus on the 'How'


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Does your brand need buzz?

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Social Media - Focus on the 'How'

  1. 1. Sebastian Rusk (@sebrusk)786-273-7875
  2. 2. Case StudyStarbucks gave its customers a voice to“Share, Vote, Discuss, See.”
  3. 3. Campaign produced 50,000 new product ideas
  4. 4. WHY Social Media?
  5. 5. Focus on the ‘How’
  6. 6. You’ve Got 2 Options As a Brand…
  7. 7. ‘Proactive’ NOW!
  8. 8. ‘Reactive’ Later!
  9. 9. Stats 800 Million users – Valued at over $100 BILLION OVER 500 Million users – it IS the new telephone OVER 100 Million users – in less than a year!
  10. 10. AdvertisingIf the band Journey comes to town and you paintA sign that says“Journey coming to the arena Saturday night” –that’s ADVERTISING! ADVERTISING
  11. 11. PromotionIf you have a parade tocelebrate the bandJourney playing in your town Saturday night –That’s PROMOTION!
  12. 12. PublicityIf the band Journey startsa bar fight in thatSame town – that’s PUBLICITY!that’s PUBLICITY!
  13. 13. Public RelationsIf the bar owner laughsabout the bar fight – that’sPublic Relations!that’s PUBLIC RELATIONS!
  14. 14. MarketingIf you planned thebands bar fight –That’s MARKETING!
  15. 15. Social MediaAnd if the Bar Owner’s Wife freaks outbecause the bar iswrecked and tweets “Poker night cancelled, bar isruined (for now)”and takes a video of the damage and posts itOn Facebook and YouTube –that’s SOCIAL MEDIA!
  16. 16. Sales!If the town’s people go to the Journeyconcert, Eat a local restaurants,meet the band After the show forAutographs and buy Souvenirs –that’s SALES! SALES!
  17. 17. “How soon ‘not now’ becomes never.” –Martin Luther
  18. 18. What do THEY want?What can you do to make AND keep them happy?
  19. 19. Don’t be afraid of what’s new and familiar!
  20. 20. is a “C”
  21. 21. Case study is from the book the “Thank You Economy” by Gary Vaynerchuk
  22. 22. DERAC DERAC DERAC D E R A C yeh T • DEDRA WER DEDRA WER DEDRA WERs s e ni s u b ri e ht r of m e ht D E D R A W E R y e h T • D E N E T SI L D E N E T SI L D E N E T SI L D E N E T SI L D E N E T SI L D E N E T SI L m e ht D E N E T SI L y e h T m e ht D E N E T SI L y e h T • T S RI F T S RI F T S RI F T S RI F r e m ots u c e ht t u p y e h T •
  23. 23. Sebastian Rusk (@sebrusk)786-273-7875