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Social Media Boot Camp


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You\'ve probably heard a ton about social media sites like facebook, twitter, and youtube but do you know what they can do to help grow your business?

Statistics show that over 70% of adults use some form of social media and that social media plays a HUGE role in influencing people buying decisions. So what are you doing to get your piece of the pie?

How are you growing your online presence to build a community of raving fans who
supportyour products and services?

What would it mean to your business to have loyal customers who tell everyone they know about how much they love YOU?

What if every loyal customer brought 2 or 3 more customers to your business?

How much would that additional revenue mean to you?

But I know what your thinking. You think you don\'t have time for social media. You\'re not sure how to use these platforms in way that generates results.

Heck, you my not even be sure what "social media" is.

Does Your Business Need Some SOCIAL MEDIA Conditioning?

SPREAD THE WORD! Everyone Needs Social Media, EVERYONE!

You\'ll learn about...

*What is Social Media?
*Why do I need it?
*What are the most effective Social Media mediums?
*Case studies and successful campaigns
*Why you need video in your life
*Tips, Tricks and Tools
*Leaving Boot Camp with a GAME PLAN for Social Media

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Social Media Boot Camp

  1. 1. WELCOME to BOOT CAMP!Thanks for Joining Us!
  2. 2. What is
  3. 3. is an integrated marketing solution that helps businesses build online communities using social media to create social buzz and local celebrity over their products and services which increases their online presence and word of mouth marketing so they have more customers and die-hard fans.
  4. 4. Social Media 101…
  5. 5. What is Social Media? Networking: Social Networking •Facebook(Wikipedia)…Social •LinkedInmedia is media designed Blogs:to be disseminated •Wordpressthrough social •Bloggerinteraction, created •Tumblrusing highly accessible •Twitter (micro-blog)and scalable publishing Media:techniques. ... •YouTube •Podcasts •Video Blogs (Vlogs)
  6. 6. Create a Plan!1) What are You Trying to do? 2) Who are You Trying• Branding? to Reach?• Lead Generation?• Community Building? •Businesses? 3) What’s Your Message? •Consumers? •Both? •Are you creating relevant content? •Are you engaging?
  7. 7. Choose Your Arsenal of Networks, but…
  8. 8. Keep it Simple…Less is more!
  9. 9. Add Your Social Networks to your website:
  10. 10. More than 600 million active users • Average user spends more than an hour per day on Facebook • More than 20 million people become fans of Pages each day • 29% of US users are 35 54 • 24.8% of US users are 25
  11. 11. Personal Facebook Pages
  12. 12. Facebook business Pages
  13. 13. What Do I Post on my FacebookWall?• Text• Photos• Videos• Events• Links
  14. 14. •1 Million Followers in 24 hours. •Engagement •Bad train
  15. 15. How Do I Choose a Name? •Your Company Name •Something Catchy •Stay Consistent w Your other Brands
  16. 16. How Do I Communicate on Twitter?Tweets: You can post text withlinks … max 140characters
  17. 17. How Do I Communicate on Twitter? Replies: @ replies to engage with users
  18. 18. How Do I Communicate on Twitter? DM (direct message) followers
  19. 19. Best Twitter Tool…
  20. 20. Addt’L Twitter Tools…
  21. 21. VIDEO!
  22. 22. Why is it important?
  23. 23. 7 reasons…1. Video is well received on the web2. Delivers content in a way that adds interactivity – hear, see, connect.3. Encourages sharing4. Perfect way to show personality5. It’s an entertaining way to deliver a message6. It’s quick and to the point7. It’s
  24. 24. Blogs!
  25. 25. Why a Blog?
  26. 26. A Couple OF reasons…1. Its FREE2. Most brands are creating blogs versus websites3. Tells your audience whats happening within your business4. Allows for Frequent Content Updates5. Search Engine Ranking (adds relevant information)
  27. 27. Which blog should I use?!
  28. 28. Which blog should I use?!
  29. 29. Tools & - – Click on “How to”
  30. 30. Now what?!
  31. 31. Take action!
  32. 32. Create•Create Accounts•Update them DAILY Update•Share them with EVERYONE Share
  33. 33. What if I just don’t have time?!
  34. 34. WE CAN HELP!•Setup •$175 per hour•Maintenance •4 hour minimum•Content•Following
  35. 35. Special boot camp offer!•Pay for 3 hours ($525), get 4th Free! Payor… Pay•Pay for 4 Hours ($697) get a FREE 30second Video! ($495 value)
  36. 36. Sebastian RuskSocialBuzzTV.com786-273-7875