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$3 2fcfpON.            LIMIT3                   $30            2fcfpONNOLIMIT                                         $2 O...
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Page7 costco

  1. 1. $3 2fcfpON. LIMIT3 $30 2fcfpONNOLIMIT $2 OFF NOLIMITKirkland Signature™ CHOOSE FROM: BUY one complete pair of eyeglasses and GET $30 Gatorade Variety Packs Hands-Free Stainless Steel Trash CanoVitamin E 400 I.U. 500 ct OFF each additional pair for the same individual, 24/20 oz OR 30/16.9 oz 012-Gallon Power Assist Lido Daily Multi Vitamin Pack 100 ct Not valid with any other offer. Selection varies by location. Cunent Item 214226, 991349, 245628, 310407, 208016, <Toe Tap" triggers automatic lid prescription required. Transaction must occur on the same day. Each 263015, 501771,502652,502653,502654,o Enteric Coated Fish Oil 180 ct pair of eyeglasses must be for the same individual. Transitions is a oFingerprint-resistant finish 502655,502656,535776,523660-Vltamin D3 2000 I.U. 600 ct registered trademark of Transitions Optical Inc. °Silent closure Selection varies by location.-Calcum Chews 180 ct o Nonskid baseItem 98211,157850,240669,393914,535236,101508 CosTe _0. vr-llCAL ~ Item 567171 Transiti(@ns" ~.- .. WarehousePrice $49.99 ADAPTIVE LENSES . y-5~ ~ InstantSavings YOUR COST -10.00 $39.99$3 2fcfpON LIMIT 3 $5 2fcfpON LIMIT3 $8 OFF NOLIMITCHOOSE FROM: Bausch & Lomb CHOOSE FROM: Harmonics Pad-Attached Laminate Flooring Duracell AA AND/OR AAA BatteriesRefresh Plus Lubricating Vials 100 ct o PreserVision 150 ct Harvest Oak, Golden Aspen OR Vineyard Cherry Coppertop AND/OR Ultra Advanced Alkaline-Tears Lubricating Drops 4/15 mL + 5 mL o PreserVision with Lutein 180 ct Item 239549, 511430, 559852 Item 516590, 448474, 544843Complete Multi-Purpose Solution 2/16 oz -Ocuvite 2/120 ct Selection varies by location.Item 40310,529110,223042 Item 853240,518543,838714