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Stepper motor


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stepper motor. application , machine,
stepper motor, application, machine, electrical engineering, electrical, motor,

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Stepper motor

  1. 1. Stepper motors are used when accurate positioning is required. Controlling the position of a stepper motor is achieved by energizing stator windings that allow the stator to align with permanent magnets mounted on the rotor. The microcontroller controls the sequence of pulses that are applied to the windings to control speed and direction. Application
  2. 2. • Computer Peripherals • Business Machines • Process Control • Machine Tools Application
  3. 3. • Computer Peripherals Printer Plotter Application
  4. 4. • Business Machines Typewriters Card Sorter Application
  5. 5. •Process Control Valve Control I. C. Bonding Application
  6. 6. •Process Control Valve Control Timing PLC Controlling Application
  7. 7. • Machine Tools Drilling Machines Grinding Machines Application
  8. 8. • Machine Tools Laser Cutting Application
  9. 9. • Machine Tools Laser Cutting Application