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a summary of IT in telecom , changing trends, new age apps ...

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It services in telecom

  1. 1. Information Technology in Telecommunications Industry By Sridhar Radhakrishnan 1
  2. 2. Index 1 Organization Set up2 3 Revenue model Emerging Trends 4 IT in Telecom - Overview 5 Sales Pitch Operating Plan6 2
  3. 3. IT in Telecom ERP Customer Management Service Management Product Management Sales / Marketing Supplier/ Partner Management Revenue Assurance NW Infra/ Services Management Challenges / Expectations from IT in Telecom today • Managing scale (eg: real time best fit plan) • Complexity eg: integrate multiple systems • Reduce time to market and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) • Enrich customer experience – seamless and consistent The IT needs of the telecom are changing and required strategic business partnering approach 1 Equipment Vendors Service ProvidersMarkets Offerings Core Areas Handset Manufacturers Services Products Infrastructure Consulting 3
  4. 4. Technology then Technology today Changing technology needs in Telecom A. Internal facing role • Billing • Ops to provision services • NW & IT infra for employees B. Development at any cost A. Customer facing role: • how to differentiate from competition • Self sufficient customer experience (ordering, service changes etc , end to monitoring of services they receive (all by self) eg: move the banking way of customer interface to systems B. Development at a cost 1 4
  5. 5. Organization Setup2 Services Products Infrastructure management ConsultingDomain Experts Relationship Managers Program Managers Resource Management Group Technical Staff CEO - P&L ownership - Distribute targets to RM - Aligned basis Industry verticals - Pitching to Customer - Development & Sustenance of the relationship Support Functions Assumes one delivery centre, in case of multiple delivery centres, there would heads for each such centre who would report into the head of RMG 4 Service Line Heads Dual Reporting 5
  6. 6. Infrastructure management – Managed Services ( NOC Operations, RF Planning) Participate in value chain – customize products/ applications which telcos can bundle & sell to their customers, eg. Sales force automation, inventory management tools - integrations Machine to machine applications eg. Vehicle tracking, Smart metering for utilities Mobile commerce & Mobile advertising XaaS (Saas, PaaS & IaaS) – Cloud based applications Asset Management Systems: NW inventory management systems ; GIS based tools Emerging Trends 1 2 3 In addition to the traditional ways of participating in a Telco’s IT landscape, IT Companies today can participate in the following growth areas: 4 5 6 3 Convergence of Technology & Telecommunications leading to integrated world 6
  7. 7. Typical pitch Relationship spread in the industry Business Highlights Geographical Spread Showcase Credentials • Certifications:CMMI5 • POC’s • Awards • Customer testimonials • Supplier testimonials Business Partnerships Offerings • Managed Services Engagement • System Integration Engagements Telecom Labs Innovation capability 4 7
  8. 8. Pitch to a Telco Capability ROI Optimization Business Impact Is there a Value proposition ? Telcos need IT Service partners to demonstrate capabilities 1. As a strategic partner instead of a service vendor(Ability to manage strategic systems) 2. Transition management 3. Scale and level of expertise in the company - CMMI 4. End to end cycle times and delivery capabilities i.e improvement in post production errors, Focus the pitch on 4 Telco expects - Solutions to be architectured, managed and serviced 8
  9. 9. Pitch to a Telco4 Solution Identification Transition Set Up PilotKnowledge Transfer Planning Phase Solution Design Diagnosis Implementation Social Marketing : Analytics -Tools to gain customer insight through social media - enable social network promotions - Understand the brand image - convert unstructured to structured Offer Personalized products and services Next Gen Analytics - Pre built analytics solutions, dashboards, KPI benchmarks etc. - BI tools (SAP, Cognos etc) - Sales & revenue management - Customer loyalty programs - Churn management (Network parameters, content analytics, profitability management etc.) Hosted Solutions - End to End pre integrated business support systems in a hosted mode - Real time billing - COTS integrated with telco’s systems - Scalable infrastructure - Security features - Consolidate existing systems / develop new systems Network Management - Provided end to end NOC monitoring - Integration of NW elements to NOC - Analytics to track NW utilization 9
  10. 10. Revenue Sources Implementation Variable Model Maintenance & Support 1 2 3 • Man hours / Rate • License reselling • Asset recovery Ancillary 4 Revenue Model • SLA (Critical & non critical) • T&M / Rev share 5 On a ongoing basis – farming of the account is critical to get insights on additional opportunities. e.g.: use the Business Process consulting route to gain entry into an implementation 10
  11. 11. Metrics to track Enterprise wide metrics • Account wise profitability - Gross/ Operating margins • Compare Projected vs. actual at an account level • Pipeline / Order Book • Training man months % • Training effectiveness • Delayed/ on time projects Account level metrics • Man months – technical & management • Revenue market share at the customer • Billing Rate • Per person cost • On site/ off site mix • Others project costs – infra & travel • SLA slippages in projects • Account health check Corrective action – pointers • Try to improve on site/ off site mix • Reduce dependence on contracts in case the required resource is not available • Reduce idle time / bench strength • Train new people and develop a pool of resources at low cost 6 Operating Plan Static & Time – series analysis to identify emerging trends & patterns 11
  12. 12. Appendix 12
  13. 13. Use Case – Example Sales force check NW Feasibility check Business case approval NW Implementation Order Entry ( POS) BillingCollections FICO Capex related – WBSE Billing posting Collection posting The below is an example of the workflow for executing an enterprise sale; this chain requires interfaces with multiple applications within a telco Primary Secondary Analytics tools (committed vs. actual) 13
  14. 14. Social media in Telecom – example: IT opportunities exist around developing tools to 1. Gather customer sentiment 1. Pricing, feature, plan, flexibility etc. 2. Brand reputation - 1. Neutral, happy, unhappy 3. Customer reputation 1. Neutral, satisfied & unsatisfied Integrate social analytics tools to other marketing tools Develop linkages to CRM For better customer engagement 14
  15. 15. Thank You 15