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Search Engine Optimization


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Methodology to organic search optimization

Published in: Business, Technology
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Search Engine Optimization

  1. 1. Search Engine
  2. 2. Research Look for rankings, traffic, leads, sales, competitors, online target, etc. Search Engine
  3. 3. Define Objectives Identify measurable objectives, focusing on your expectations and the final goals you expect from your site. Search Engine
  4. 4. Technical Analysis Make a SEO analysis of Current Website. Search Engine
  5. 5. Keywords Research Work with the client to choose the best keywords to be noticed by the target audience. Search Engine
  6. 6. Content Text and keywords will be placed in accordance with proper SEO densities. Search Engine
  7. 7. Promotions The development of links with well established webpages is the best way to call the attention of net surfers and also to obtain good rankings from search engines. Search Engine
  8. 8. Submission Submit your website to all the major search engines and directories. Search Engine
  9. 9. Reporting You’ll receive a monthly report with the results and your website's progress. Search Engine