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MXA Slater Skins Product Review


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MXA Slater Skins Product Review

  1. 1. Bazzaz-FMF_pg150-161:Layout 1 7/27/10 2:19 PM Page 8 SRP CRF450 SLATER SKINS WHAT IS IT? A one-piece shroud and side panel with attract a lot of attention and get valuable exposure for your more room for sponsor logos and artwork. sponsors with something unique and visible. Slater Skins are a billboard on a bike. WHAT’S IT COST? $649.99 (for skins and semi-custom (5) Performance. A positive aspect of the one-piece graphics). panels is a smoother rider interface with the bike. The negative aspects include a little more mud getting trapped, CONTACT? or (203) 878- a more open airbox, which can let more dirt (as well as 2379. more air) inside, and some engine overheating issues. (6) Future development. Currently, the Slater Skin is WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that only available for modern Honda CRFs. Slater is working on stand out with SRP’s CRF450 Slater Skins. the 2010 Yamaha body style. He is also getting involved in (1) Construction. The plastic material is thermally some wind tunnel testing. formed, high-impact, high-density, heat-resistant (7) Pro status. In the past, Slater Skins have had the most polypropylene. John Slater makes his own molds exposure among freestyle guys like Mike Metzger. Currently, in-house. Slater Skin graphics are six-mil convex vinyl Slater is testing with race teams who may be interested. with an eight-mil laminate. Titan MX designed the MXA graphics, while Side Line Graphics and Affordable WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? We noticed a few compromises Sign handled the layout and printing. with the Slater Skins. (1) If one breaks, you have to replace (2) Graphic design. For your $649.99, you could get the entire thing. (2) It’s held on with fewer bolts than the the same graphics that we got, but with your name or stock plastics, making the company in place of the MXA logo, and use a basic existing attachment points MXA RATING sticker kit for sponsors to fill in the gaps. For an extra more critical. (3) Although it’s charge, you can do a totally custom job. The graphic difficult to notice when on the is one giant piece, making the visual presentation bike, the lower portion of the seamless. The downside of this is that it is very difficult Slater Skin doesn’t rest flush This is a five-star to install smoothly. against the main spar of the product for a (3) Paint. The Slater Skin plastic is unique in that it frame. (4) The Skins need to marketing man and can be painted. For active motocross bikes, paint isn’t be modified to run certain a two-star product practical, but for a show bike, it can take the look to things like radiator braces, for a functionalist. another level. head pipe oxygen sensors, oil Slater Skins don’t (4) Sponsorship. Slater Skins are all about more coolers, etc. (5) To stop the directly help lap signage. The one-piece, streamlined Slater Skin panels bike from overheating in long times on the track, are designed to help promote offroad racing by giving motos, you would need to but they could corporate sponsors 1200 square inches of advertising make ducting behind the get you more space (which is 900 square inches larger than the stock Slater Skins to help get air sponsorship, which panels). Odds are you aren’t one of the few riders who through the radiators more definitely helps can compete for wins at the top level, but you can still effectively. performance. 156