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Trainspotting pp

  3. 3. THE CASTThe Cast of the movie Trainspotting consisted of Five main characters andtheir dealings with life as drug addicts and, occasionally, lunatics. The movie takes place in a city named Edinburgh which is the capital of Scotland.
  4. 4. THE MAIN CHARACTER RENTONRenton is a heroin addict. He is one of a group of friends who live their lives day to day and hit to hit. When he tries to kick the habit he manages it for a while but eventually falls back into his old ways.
  5. 5. BEGBIEBegbie is a cynical member ofRenton’s group of friends. It is described in the film that he does not use drugs, but what he does use people!
  6. 6. SPUDSpud is an immature and spastic character who remains loyalto Renton throughout the course of the movie. His constant loyalty eventually comes in handy at the end of the film.
  7. 7. SICK BOY Sick Boy is a complacent individual who also uses heroin regularly. He appeared to be a bit concerned over control; When Renton decided to quitheroin, Sick Boy followed suit just to prove that he could do it, as Renton was attempting.
  8. 8. TOMMYTommy abstains from drug use during the majority of the film. But, he finally gives in eventually and Renton allows him to try Heroin. This decision eventually leads to a tragic episode for Tommy.
  9. 9. HARSH REALITIES IN THE MOVIE The movie Trainspotting at times started to seem like they were starting toglamourize drug use, but they would always correct the tone of the movie byputting in harsh realities of drug use like in the infamous seen where one of the fellow female junkies finds that her baby has died and appears to have been dead for a while without anyone noticing.
  10. 10. HEROINHeroin is a powerful, addictive painkilling drug. It is one of the most-used,most-rapidly acting, and most addictive of the opiate family, which includes opium, morphine, and codeine.
  11. 11. WAYS HEROIN IS USED AND THE EFFECTS Most regular users inject either intravenously (into a vein) or intramuscularly (into a muscle, usually the shoulder) after heating heroin powder in a little water. It is possible to smoke the drug, but the characters in Trainspotting always used the drug intravenously. Heroin creates a euphoric and, as described by the movie, a feeling that isbeyond orgasmic. But the tragic events that occurred deter viewers from using it in a variety of ways. The movie illustrates the severe withdrawal symtoms, the tragic events that can occur, and the drastic measures addicts use to get their ‘fix’
  15. 15. NALOXONE The drug Naloxone is an opoid antagonist drug developed in the 1960s. It is used in hospital settings for an array of opiate related overdoses, and in Renton’s case, heroin overdose. It is used specically to counteract the life-threatening depression of the central nervous system as well as the respiratory system. In the movie, we see the immediate effect of Naloxone. When Renton is brought into the clinic, the nurses inject the drug intravenously. As soon as it is injected, Renton immediately sits up and appears sober as can be. Seeing this illusrates the importance of this drug to avoid fatalities due to opiate overdose
  16. 16. METHADONE
  17. 17. THE FINANCIAL AND CRIMINAL COST OF THE DRUGCustomers can expect to pay more for a higher-quality product. Generally its between $59-$88 per gram, or around $22 for a third of a gram. In somecases, a customer can buy a single dose of dope for as little as $10. A heroin addict may spend upwards of $150 per day to support his or her habit. That is roughly 50,400 dollars a year!Heroin is a Schedule I substance in the US, and is a Class A illegal substancein the UK. It has no medical purpose and anyone who is caught possessing,distributing or manufacturing it is subject to a fine and/or imprisonment on conviction. The level of punishment depends on the amount of the drug involved.
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