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FOB, P!atD, and, MCR, according to my little sister


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I asked my little sister on what she though of these band members (it's my first one don't judge)

FOB, P!atD, and, MCR, according to my little sister

  1. 1. FOB, P!atD, and MCR according to my little sister I am in black By gerardwaysbuttblog She is in blue (I was only going to do modern Panic but Ryan Ross though)
  2. 2. Gerard Way Do you know who this is? That’s Gerard Way I hate Gerard Way Do you know what band he’s in? The chemical Romances Totally What do you think about him? He is ugly and emo, I hate him (she only hates him b/c I like him I s2g)
  3. 3. Frank Iero That’s frank Frank who? Frank Eario (Eario????) Cheerio haha no Do you know what he does? He’s in Gerard's emo band He's some instrument player guy How do you feel about him? He’s chubby and short, I saw him getting tattooed on tv once
  4. 4. Mikey Way Jeffery Jeffery Lukas Why Jeffery? Idk he looks like a Jeffrey (what?) He looks like Gerard sort of But he’s cuter than Gerard I like his eyebrows He has a nice ear shape He is a male model (she likes Mikey)
  5. 5. Ray Toro Who’s this? Patrick Stump No that’s Ray Toro He looks like a Brian Brian Gateway ??????? He plays the drums Wait what band is he in? He’s the guitarist for My Chemical Romance But he’s not emo He's ugly ew
  6. 6. Patrick Stump PATRICK STUMP! That’s Patrick Stump Good Do you know what he does? He is the singer for The Fall Out Boys You can’t understand anything he says He is American He is a cutie I want to feel his face (she really likes Patrick)
  7. 7. Pete Wentz OOH, I’ve seen him before His names like Peter Ways or something Close, It’s Pete Wentz Dangit, I almost had it Take off his picture, his face disturbs me Is he Canadian? No, do you know what he does? Good He's a bass player with Patrick Wait he is? Yeah! I totally guessed, I’m good at that sometimes
  8. 8. Andy Hurley Who is this? A gay person That’s not what I meant, do you know what he does? Not brush his teeth Shut up Gracie He looks like a Jeffery I thought Mikey looked like a Jeffery? Everyone looks like a Jeffery A gay Jeffery
  9. 9. Joe Trohman He looks like Jesus No, Evan Almighty wow Is he a drummer? No he’s the guitarist for Fall Out Boy FUDGE! I was close Not really He has beautiful eyes They look like oceans
  10. 10. Brendon Urie Ooh he’s cute WAIT is this the naked boy girl guy!? Never mind he is not cute What band is he in? Panic on the Dance Floor Close enough He’s a singer And very scary And he’s not cute (omg my mom walked in and asked if he was trying to hypnotize me)
  11. 11. Ryan Ross Who is this? He’s emo I know that for sure, What's his name? Ryan Ross He was in Panic! At the Disco Disco? I thought it was dance floor I’m not sure how to feel about him He’s cute though He doesn’t get naked too right? nope good
  12. 12. Dallon Weekes Something way He looks like Gerard sort of… No…. He’s in Patrick Stump’s band Still no He’s a guitarist right? No, he’s the bassist for panic! That’s what I said (lies from the devil)
  13. 13. Spencer Smith That’s Ozzy Osbourne’s son from dancing with the stars! No that’s Spencer Smith Smith? Is he British? Smith is a common last name you know, not just Matt Smith I don’t care, I like Matt Smith Thank goodness this is over, they’re all ugly Go away