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Window July August 2008


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Published in: Technology, Spiritual
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Window July August 2008

  2. 4. <ul><li>From Our Consistory </li></ul><ul><li>Assistant Pastor Update: Have you received a survey in church or in the mail yet. If so, have you sent in your response? Great! You have just participated in our process to identify a new Assistant Pastor. Now let me fill in some of the other details. </li></ul><ul><li>In the last Window we mentioned two interim measures to insure continuity of our Youth programs. The first, providing administrative support, is a role being shared by Shannan Sicienski and Laurie Estochen. They are assisting the Sunday School and Youth Ministry areas with scheduling activities, obtaining materials, arranging calendars, and organizing events. The other initiative we are pursuing is to gather candidates to act as Youth Intern. An Intern is typically a student or recent graduate who is looking for experience in Youth Ministry. The position would be offered for six months to one year. We have been in contact with a number of colleges and are seeking qualified candidates. This is not a permanent solution, but provides support to sustain our current ministry areas. </li></ul><ul><li>So where do the surveys come in? We have handed out multiple copies of the survey with the intent that each individual could express their thoughts rather than just a single response from a family. We are looking for feedback from all who attend SRC as to the strengths and weaknesses of our ministry overall. We know you share our concern for the future direction of SRC, and this is a key opportunity to assist in setting that direction. During July we’ll be reviewing the survey feedback and praying for God’s guidance as to what the next Assistant Pastor should focus on. The result will be a draft ‘job description’ that can be used in the search process. Please take the time to provide input to this critical first step. </li></ul><ul><li>In HIM……………..bob estochen </li></ul>
  3. 5.   Gloria Bertou 31 Don & Paula VanderBrook, Kevin & Kim Bushart   30 John & Julie Reesor   29   William DeWandel, Joshua VanHall 28   Kristen Means 26 Rick & Sandi Kelley Amy Klino 25   Susan Taylor, Robin Lewis 24   Eric Young 23 Geoff & Karen Hayden, Roger & Gloria Bertou   20   Emily Estochen, Helen Rabjohns, Nicholas Macano, John Reesor 19   Robert Hussey, Leslie Adriaansen 18   Jeffery VanStrien 17 Chuck & June VerPlank, Grant & Meredith Mark, Bob & Kelli Freeland Judy Sheffield 16   Tammy Cambier, Dana Gillens 15   June VerPlank, Michael Dupre 14   Eian Gillens 13   Lexi Hogaboam 12   Mary Spittal 11 Michael & Shannon Sicienski, Russell & Holly Doyle, John & Stacy Van Camp Lori Schoonerman 10 Larry & Janette Nevlezer Janette Nevlezer, Brenda Cramer 9   Gordon Adriaansen, Kevin Haak, Justin Devlin, Pearl Dey 8 Jonathan & Jennifer Goodwin MarySue Nyitray, Andrew Krocke 7   Isabelle Bushart, Nancy VanHall, Alyson VanCamp 6 Tom & SueEllen Hawn Barbara Schoonerman, Carol Boerman 5   Tanya Pierce 3   Tim Leno, Jennifer DeFisher 2   Beth Boerman, Michelle Adriaansen 1 Anniversaries Birthdays July 2008  
  4. 6. Jake & Marge Haak David Wise 30   Edward Bender 28 Don & Brenda DeVries Bruce Stone 27   Mark Schoonerman, David DePoint, Suzanna DeFisher 26   Irene Klaeysen, Elaine Schoonerman, Courtney VanderBrook 25 Jim & Pam Wolfanger Ethel Stone 24 Tim & Shirley Leno , Don & Mary Spittal, Alan & Kathy Wessie Randy VanHall, Gabrielle VanHall, Derek Adriaansen 23 Steve & Barb Schoonerman Paul Nevlezer 22   Jason Haak, Jim Rabjohns, Rebecca Lewis, Amanda Hill 21 Jason & Linda Haak , Mark & Amy Klino Donald VanderBrook, Diane Magde 19 George & Janet Reiss Geoff Krocke 18   Adam Boerman, Rick Kelley, 17   Kim Laird, Marie Nyitray, Shannon Sicienski 16 Sherwood & Cleall Johnson, Alan & Mary DeFisher, Robert & Cherie Hussey Mary DeFisher 15 Tom & Tish De Young Heather Milliman 13 Rodney & Karen Wise Dorothy Hendricks 12 Rob & Kathy Coisman Zachery VerPlank 11 Steven VanHall, Sienna Grace Kelley 10 Richard & Rebecca Magee , Howard & Anita DeRidder Karen Hayden 8   Florence DeNeering, Shane DeLyser 7   Donna Adriaansen 5 Scott & Tammy Young , Jeff & Lara Kelley   4   Mark DeVries, Brianne Raes 2   Sarah VanCamp, Stephen Walker, Paul Dyroff 1 Birthdays August 2008 Anniversaries
  5. 8. Labors of Love