Camera Movements


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Camera Movements

  2. 2. TILT Tilt is moving the camera lens up and down whilst keeping its horizontal axis constant, such as nodding your head up and down.
  3. 3. PAN Pan is moving the camera lens to one side to another, for example, like looking left and then right.
  4. 4. ZOOM Zooming is changing the focal length of the lens, to make the subject appear closer or further away from the frame. Zoom is the most known camera moves and most often the overused camera move.
  5. 5. PEDESTAL Pedestal is moving the camera up or down without changing either the vertical, or horizontal axis, so it is lifted up, or moved across without tilting the lens.
  6. 6. DOLLY Dolly is using dolly tracks, moving the camera towards or away from a subject, while on the tracks, like a train on railroad tracks, whilst keeping the zoom the same.
  7. 7. HANDHELD Handheld is what it says, the camera is held by the operator because the action is most likely moving too quick, or unpredictability, so not knowing where things will be going.
  8. 8. CRAB Crab is just a less known name for tracking or trucking.
  9. 9. TRACK Track is similar to the dolly shot, but stays consistent, as it stays the same distance from the action and uses mainly the side-to-side movemnet.
  10. 10. STEADICAM Steadicam is a piece of equipment that allows you to be able to use the camera handheld, but keeping it still at the same time.