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Richard branson PPt


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Richardbranson and virginty life.

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Richard branson PPt

  1. 1. Richard Bransons: Losing My Virginity “How Ive survived, had fun, and made a fortune doing business my way.” Presented By : Ankur Solanki
  2. 2. Early LifeBranson was born at Stone fieldNursing Home in Blackhealth, South London.The son of Barrister Edward JamesBranson and Eve Branson.Branson was educated at ScaitcliffeSchool.Branson has DYSLEXIA and hadpoor academic performance as astudent, but discovered his ability toconnect with others.
  3. 3. Personal FrontBranson was originally marriedto Kristen Tomassi but is nowmarried to his second wife, JoanTempleman.He has two children: Holly andSam Branson.He owns most exquisitesproperties : British VirginIsland, Necker Island etc
  4. 4. 1970’s: the brand is born
  5. 5. First Virgin Music Store
  6. 6. 1980’s: early growth/survival
  7. 7. Richard Branson ArrestedRichard Branson was arrested forthe second time at the age of twenty-one.Because of doing Illegal MusicBusiness.He had to spend one night inprison.Released : Agreement with the taxauthorities : 15,000 poundsimmediate payment & 45,000pounds to be paid in the next 3years.
  8. 8. 1990’s: entrepreneurial start ups
  9. 9. Virgin brand so far: Transport & Travel
  10. 10. VIRGIN ATLANTIC !!!
  11. 11. Virgin brand so far: Leisure & Entertainment
  12. 12. Virgin Megastore !!!!!!!
  13. 13. Virgin brand so far: Retail
  14. 14. Virgin brand so far: Communications. Money.
  15. 15. Virgin Mobile India Entry….
  16. 16. Virgin brand so far: Health. Renewables. Charity.
  17. 17. Business Philosophy“Fun is at the core of howI like to do business.”“Fun is the secret ofVirgins success.”“Business is not a recipewhich could be imitated.”
  18. 18. ….one of the most exciting brands in the world200 companies worldwide, employing 48 500people, an annual Virgin Group turnoverof £10.8bn/US$20.4bn
  19. 19. Some stuff you probably didn’t know about Virgin…Virgin Media Virgin AtlanticTheir cables laid end to end would Since their inception in 1984, they havereach moon or around world 30 times served over 110,000,000 meals onboardVirgin Active South Africa Virgin Cola2,889,256 customers in January 2008, Pamela Anderson was the model for theproducing 30282 litres of sweat per day curvaceous shape of their bottles!Virgin Cosmetics VFest Music FestivalsTop seller sold in one year enough Maryland: 72000 smiley faces, 2500lipsticks to circle the earth end to end! bodies tattooed, 40000 crabcakes eatenVirgin Money UK Virgin TrainsDeveloping a credit card that once 1st European rail operator to use bio-expired can be planted to grow a tree! diesel, reducing C02 emissions by 14%
  20. 20. So, to sum up…
  21. 21. What do we learn from : Sir Richard Branson Make your work FUN !!! Be Different Innovation is the key to success. Take the leap of faith Keep on checking Stay true to your values
  22. 22. Thanks for listening!Any questions?