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Summer youth leadership training newsletter

  1. 1. MAY, 2010 SPECIAL ISSUE ALTUS COMMUNICATIONS SPONSORS VIDES YOUTH LEADERSHIP TRAINING On May 1, 2010, fifty-eight (58) youth leaders, facilitators, and volunteers participated in the VIDES Summer Youth Leadership Training Program sponsored by Altus Communications. (VIDES stands for Volunteers International for Development, Education and Services.) Held at Don Bosco School - Manila, this whole day training entitled “Servant Leadership Experience” (SLEX), focused on four topics: trust, listening, unity, and humility. Delegates came from the six areas being served by the VIDES Volunteers under the mobile education project, “Busina Mo, Dunong Ko”: NIA Road, San Roque QC, South Triangle, Pasay City, Recto, and Delpan. Junior VIDES Volunteers participating in the Summer Youth Volunteer Program of VIDES also joined the seminar. Trainors Alvin Espejo, Dondie Bernardino, Albert Gabiana and Jonnel Sesalim of Don Bosco Youth Center Tondo skillfully facilitated the training. “We are planting seeds of leadership today. If we nurture Activities included inputs, team-building them well, we shall reap a sessions, games, debates, cheering, songs, dance, bountiful harvest in the future. commitment-making, discussion, reporting, and Let us then be grateful for every prayer moments. good thing that comes to us. Let us profit from every The participants value this seminar and thank meaningful experience God Altus Communications for making this possible. provides for us.”
  2. 2. MAY, 2010 SPECIAL ISSUE
  3. 3. MAY, 2010 SPECIAL ISSUE EDUCATIONAL TRIP TO TAGAYTAY May 2, 2010 - BMDK YOUTH LEADERS VISIT TAGAYTAY FOR THE FIRST TIME The day after the whole-day training, the Volunteers brought the BMDK youth leaders and Junior VIDES Volunteers to Tagaytay. For the youth leaders, it was their first time to see the Taal Lake and Volcano. Thanks to ALTUS Communications for sponsoring the bus which brought them there. You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives. ~Clay P. Bedford
  4. 4. MAY, 2010 SPECIAL ISSUE Participants (Youth Leaders and Junior Volunteers): 1 Agregado, Dianne 18 Comodas, Ronalyn 35 Relojo, Judy Ann 2 Alap, John Vergel 19 De Guzman, Zarah 36 Reyes, Fel Jhon 3 Allbabidi, Suzanne 20 Diñega, Annie Mae 37 Reyes, Garry Jr. 4 Allones, Jennifer 21 Dolite, Rey 38 Rubio, Mary Grace 5 Ampil, Mavic 22 Emerenciana, Ana 39 San Juan, Jennifer 6 Antipuesto, Gilie Ann 23 Fernandez, Erilyn 40 Sendin, Shiela Mae 7 Arcino, Marieta 24 Florito, Genieve 41 Sumague, Cristal 8 Aynaga, Ladyco 25 Hallera, Maricris 42 Sumague, Rosalie 9 Baldomero, Jara II 26 Lansangan, Rachell 43 Tacardo, Sharmaine 10 Baquero, Raymond 27 Macalaba, Jahara 44 Tamayo, Richard 11 Baraquiel, Nidalyn 28 Moncada, Joan 45 Tuba, Roger 12 Baraquiel, Teriza 29 Moralida, Jhon Renz 46 Vigor, Queenlyn 13 Belarmino, Marian 30 Moyon, Rebecca 47 Viogela, Norven 14 Bullecer, Rachel 31 Ortula,Dendi Joy 15 Cabano, Elma 32 Padrique, Hazel Joy 16 Cantilla, Mary Grace 33 Queban, Mark Ian 17 Carollio, Emmie 34 Recaña, KC VIDES PHILIPPINES VOLUNTEERS FOUNDATION, INC. Facilitators: 1. Alvin Espejo Our Community-Based Programs: 2. Dondie Bernardino 1. “Busina Mo, Dunong Ko” Mobile Education Program 3. Albert Gabiana 2. “Baboy Mo, Buhay Ko” Livelihood Program 4. Jonnel Sesalim 3. “Solidarity At A Distance” Scholarship Program 4. Quarterly Medical Missions VIDES Volunteers: 5. Annual Mission Camp 1. Aissa Manalo 2. Amy Suzara Telefax: (02) 715-6740 3. Farah Chavez 4. Joy Hugo 3500 V. Mapa Extension, 5. Rhea Ramos Sta. Mesa, Manila 1016 6. Riza Villaviray 7. Varry Gibb Manalo