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E         ditorial

    The year 2009 brought several CHANGES & CHALLENGES for VIDES Philippines and its volunteers.

New                              A           dmin News
      oard of Directors

      Antonio Espinosa              ...
M       essage from Mother General

                     Dear Volunteers of VIDES Philippines,

M      essage from the President

    To all kind hearted people of planet Earth

             For the first time, I am ―...
A         dmin News
VIDES Philippines shares the “Busina Mo, Dunong Ko” at UN Geneva


A           dmin News

  Ms. M. Francisca Ize Charrin of the Office of the UN High Com-   Delegates prepare themselves ...
20 th              Anniversary UN-CRC
           ocial Awareness
 VIDES Volunteers promote UN CRC at San Roque Parish
         The VIDES Volunteers animated the annual “Pista...
                                            Volunteers promote Volunteerism and Positive
VIDES produces Audio...
    VIDES celebrates Children’s Month at the House of Representatives
            In celebration of the 2009 Chi...
VIDES Philippines delivers Reaction Speech at the multi-sectoral forum on the UN CRC

outh Leadership
  Volunteers train BMDK Youth Leaders
           Last May 17, 2009, VIDES Volunteers conducted a whole
E          ducation
    B      usina Mo, Dunong Ko

         For the year 2009, the ―Busina Mo, Dunong Ko‖ Mobile Educa...
E         ducation
  B        usina Mo, Dunong Ko

                       Total BMDK Children                            ...
E            ducation

      B          usina Mo, Dunong Ko

BMDK Leader
Ladyco tutors
Sheila Mae, a
student of the
E     ducation
        B       usina Mo, Dunong Ko

Capt. Kruidenier, Capt. Alinea and
Capt. Pajilagutan of Jo Tankers pr...
L        ivelihood Project

B     aboy Mo, Buhay Ko

                                                             Rural a...
S olidarity At A Distance
    School Year June 2009 - March 2010

M edical Mission
                                          VIDES Philippines commits itself to the
M edical Mission

―Don't just hit and hurt the children. Talk to them about their mistakes but please
don't shout.”
S         olidarity
VIDES conducts relief operations for Ondoy victims

When typhoon Ondoy (―Ketsana‖) hit Manila last Sep...
S          olidarity
                                           VIDES reaches out to
Pope Benedict‘s Message              ...
N         etworks
   The community-based programs of VIDES are made possible through
extensive collaboration with local of...
P         artners
                                                                    CHILD RIGHTS NETWORK (CRN)

F         und-raising
                           The Eat and Meet fund
                           raising activity, alread...
F          und-raising

                                            For the first time,

                                                12/05/09 - International Volunteers’    02/13/09 - Volunteer...

 Solidarity - Volunteers prepare relief          Prayer Moments - Volunteers prepare              Volunteers...

                                                                                          A series of Focus Gr...
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Annual News Magazine of VIDES Philippines Volunteers Foundation, Inc.

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  1. 1. E ditorial The year 2009 brought several CHANGES & CHALLENGES for VIDES Philippines and its volunteers. For one, more and more volunteers are now joining our outreach activities. These include both young professionals who want to find more meaning in their life and students, whom we call Junior VIDES, who find joy in helping the less fortunate in our society. Another challenge, which is a mandate from VIDES International in Rome and the FMA Human Rights Office in Geneva, is for VIDES Philippines to actively promote the rights of children in our country. A specific focus is on the subject of Anti-Corporal Punishment where the Philippines has yet to enact a comprehensive law to protect our children from physical, mental, psychological and emotional abuse. Compared to other countries, we still have a long way to go in establishing this. It is in this context that VIDES Philippines launched advocacy initiatives such as the production of the song entitled “Disiplina, Hindi Parusa” (Discipline, Not Punishment). The song promotes Positive Discipline as an alternative to corporal punishment. This raised awareness and concern among the mothers and children in our six Busina Mo, Dunong Ko (BMDK) areas, as you would read later on in this News Magazine. VIDES Philippines also became a member of the Child Rights Network, a consortium of organizations that lobby against corporal punishment and other child rights issues. With this membership, VIDES Philippines seeks to work closely with other organizations and become an active part of a bigger bloc that could influence our lawmakers in creating an anti-corporal punishment law. Apart from typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana), we were also challenged by two separate fires that destroyed the homes of our children in Recto and Pasay during the latter part of the year. As in the past, however, we have showed resiliency thru the Filipino bayanihan spirit - a very active component of volunteerism. We have received tremendous support from our donors and the volunteers themselves and we remember once more that no matter what, we could help the children and their families start all over again. It is in this spirit of resilience that we, the volunteers of VIDES Philippines, are up to the challenges that may come in the year 2010 and beyond. We will continue to be advocates for social change and transformation working in solidarity with the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians and our mission partners. Editorial ……………………………………………..… 2 Medical Mission 2009 ..……………………………......20-21 Board of Directors ………………………………….………...3 Ondoy relief operations, VIDES Korea visit ……...….22-23 Message from Mother General …………………….….……4 Networks (CWC, IAVE, PAVE, Salesian Family) ……….24 Message from the President ……………………….…….…5 Partners - NGO Coalition, CRN, Jo Tankers … ……….25 Geneva Seminar for Child Rights Defenders……….…..6-7 Fund-raising Activities ……………………………….…26-27 20th Anniversary of UN-CRC (Mission Camp)……….…...8 News Bits………………………………………………...28-30 Advocacy on Children’s Rights , NCM Celebration...….....9 List of Volunteers 2009 ……………………...……………..31 Audio CD lyrics / On-Air at Radio Veritas ………………..10 Volunteers’ Formation……………… ………………….32-33 Advocacy on Positive Discipline at HOR QC ……………11 Junior VIDES Volunteers……………….…………………..34 Multi-sectoral forum on UN-CRC ………………………....12 Retreat, Meeting with Mother General……………...........35 Youth Leadership Training, World Comm Day…...……...13 VIDES Online ………………………………..……..……….36 Education - “Busina Mo, Dunong Ko” 2009 results ...14-15 Donors for 2009 ……………………………………….......37 “Busina Mo, Dunong Ko” pictures ……….…………... 16-17 Where We Serve ………………………………………......38 Livelihood Project -”Baboy Mo, Buhay Ko” …….…….… 18 Calendar of Activities for 2010 ………………………..…..39 Solidarity At A Distance - List of Scholars ……………... 19 Children’s Rights (simplified version)….………………….40
  2. 2. New A dmin News oard of Directors B Antonio Espinosa Jun Pimentel Raymund Zapanta Aissa Manalo President Vice-President Corporate Secretary Treasurer Maya Lyn Manocsoc Rudelyn Yaon Anna Theresa Cruz Board Member Board Member Board Member Sr. Ma. Socorro Bacani, FMA Sr. Ma. Josefina Carrasco, FMA Board Member Board Member & Delegate On the cover : Center cube - To commemorate the 20th PUBLICATIONS COMMITTEE year of the United Nations Convention on the Editor-In-Chief Rights of Children (UN CRC), VIDES printed this Raymund C. Zapanta cube design on t-shirts distributed to 2,000 children in 2009. Associate Editors Maya Lyn Manocsoc 5 cubes - Photos show highlights of VIDES Farahdize Chavez activities in 2009. Contributors Background Grass - symbolizes VIDES Ana Lorraine Gonzales volunteerism at the grassroots level, where Rudelyn Yaon Pinoy volunteers conduct direct work in Amy Suzara community-based projects. Graphic Artists Back cover : Jose Ma. Paolo Icasas Simplified Children’s Rights - design on Daryl Tecson the VIDES commemorative t-shirts for the 20th UNCRC celebration 3
  3. 3. M essage from Mother General Dear Volunteers of VIDES Philippines, Thank you for sharing with me your beautiful experiences with VIDES. Thanks for giving whatever you can, in your own unique way. For these, I think of you with joy. VIDES Philippines is dynamically progressing and making a very good journey because you are very involved and committed. I deeply appreciate your dedication to education. You are a sign of love. This mobile education project has given a lot of joy to the children. The children who are most in need, to whom you reach out to, make you a sign of God‘s own presence among them. God meets these children through you. The children do not go out to look for you. You go out of your way and reach out to them. To give them this possibility is your greatest gift to them. Their human dignity is enhanced. You also conduct medical missions and annual mission camps. I am deeply touched because in spite of the demands of your work, you still continue to dedicate your life to the youth. You still have the energy to give your very self. I am also touched by your individual stories on how you became VIDES volunteers. It is God who has guided you, through your different experiences. And this is very important because it gives our mission a wider dimension, a mission which God Himself has given us. This mission has changed your life. This is what really matters most. First of all, you allow your self to be touched by God. When you go to the children, you just don‘t bring yourself or your gifts, but in turn, you receive something. This is reciprocity, where we all grow together, and this is very important. There are very few people who think that being with children can change their life. You are among this blessed few. Your sharing has shown this. You can‘t live the same way as before. Your contact with the children has changed you. You also live this among yourselves, as volunteers. This transformation makes all your experiences worthwhile. You have this deep within you. To defend children and their rights is very important and yet it‘s very difficult. It asks for strong convictions capable of evoking change. Change happens in the inside. In the individual, in the family, in society, but most of all, change should happen at the grassroots level. It‘s very important because you can influence others, especially those who are most in need. There is also a network within you and outside your group. You can do your work with many other persons and organizations. Many would like to help. They like to find a group which can attract them. A group working together is better than a single person doing it alone. Sharing your experiences is a real source of hope. You tell it with your life and with your work that there is nothing that cannot be changed. The world needs a lot of hope. VIDES is international and this reality allows you to network with other volunteers. Strengthen VIDES networking with other volunteers around the world; because an organization which is international and with the same style and spirituality, can change the world. This is possible. I assure you of my prayers so that God will continue to let you carry out the work He has entrusted to you. You can communicate this passion to many other persons. You can be sure of being God‘s signs of hope for the poor because you let them grow, and enable them to go out of their situation. Sr. Yvonne Reungoat, FMA “Let the children know that they have done wrong and teach them what is right.” - Mark Ian, 13, Delpan 4
  4. 4. M essage from the President To all kind hearted people of planet Earth For the first time, I am ― forced‖ to write something for our News Magazine. The year 2009 is indeed ―remarkable‖. After the UN Geneva seminar in March, VIDES International and the FMA Human Rights Office have given us the task of becoming multipliers, actively promoting the rights of children, with special attention to Anti-Corporal punishment. This is also the year that marked the birth of our Junior VIDES Volunteers, who have actively participated in our medical missions and our Christmas party with the Aetas in Mabalacat last December 20. On that occasion, we had the most number of volunteers. More than 80 strong participated, and if I may add, it was the happiest bunch. One of the biggest challenges to us volunteers, was when we were asked to take on the leadership in the Foundation. It was a big surprise to us, but eventually, we accepted the challenge and the rest is history. I would like to take this opportunity to thank a lot of people during the crisis in Pasay last Christmas. While most of us are still nostalgic from our just concluded Christmas Party with the Aetas, disaster struck in Pasay last December 23. A fire hit the residence of our kids at around 10:30 AM. Sister Jojo and Amy went to the site during the fire, to visit and comfort the children and their families. They gave me an update on the situation and I was able to go to the area in the afternoon. It was a heartbreaking sight. Almost everyone was in a trance, asking why it had to happen just two days before Christmas. This very same tragedy tested our faith in Divine Providence and in kind-hearted people. In this difficult situation, you turn to your friends for help. I called Norwegian Crew Management who immediately sent USD 1,000. Jo Tankers immediately confirmed that they will send relief goods, which they did. On the 24th of December, Raymund, Arnel, Rose, Ali, Virgilio, Eyen , Liza, Anna Lorraine, Niño and Sr. Jojo helped in the distribution of emergency relief goods. On the 26 th, Tina, Tristan and the youth leaders of Pasay distributed the relief goods from NCM. On the 27 th, Amy, Raymund, Pao and Katkat distributed sleeping mats and blankets which they themselves have donated. On the 28th, Ms. Diva Santos donated blankets and sleeping mats thru Sr Sue. Vanessa and Peter brought the Doloroso family‘s donations for the fire victims. On the 29th, the food items plus Php 10,000 worth of grocery items from the Wives of Seafarers of Jo Tankers were repacked at Don Bosco School, Sta Mesa with the help of Sr Sue, Amy, Raymund, Ali, Eyen, Liza, Liza M. and the youth leaders of Pasay. With all the help coming from different sectors, we were still lacking relief goods. Amy sent text messages asking the volunteers to donate sleeping mats and blankets without much success because most of the volunteers have gone home to their respective provinces. But as Sister Jojo used to say, ―God will provide.‖ and lo and behold, PTC donated 280 packed goods consisting of blankets, sleeping mats, towels, soap bars and toothbrushes. Thanks to Capt. Ronald Enrile, Stan Santiago, Paul Haboc, Edwin Carbonel and Annie Japsay. The reason why I am relating this story is to spread the good deeds of people who participated in alleviating the sufferings of our less fortunate brothers and sisters. This is the true Bayanihan spirit. This is also to reassure the volunteers that WE ARE ONE. Some have sent text messages that they could not help because they could not be present. We do what we can and we know in our hearts that you, my dear fellow volunteers would do the same when given the opportunity. Thus, on behalf of VIDES, I would like to thank each and everyone for extending their helping hand during the Christmas crisis. ―Emmanuel‖, God-with-us, truly became one with us, ONE FOR OTHERS. And so, my dear volunteers, this is your President signing off. MABUHAY ANG VIDES! Antonio Espinosa ―My wish is for children to have a good childhood and a bright future. ‖ - Geneva R. Florito, 14, Pasay 5
  5. 5. A dmin News VIDES Philippines shares the “Busina Mo, Dunong Ko” at UN Geneva Organizers: Last March 4-11, 2009, the seminar entitled “Educational strategies for welcoming, accompanying, rehabilitating and reintegrating street children in accordance with the Convention on the Rights of the Child: A Formation and Awareness-raising session for ten child rights defenders from Latin America and Asia” was organized by the Bureau International Catholique de l‘Enfance (BICE), Voluntariato Internazionale Donne Educazione Sviluppo (VIDES Internazionale) and Istituto Internazionale di Maria Ausiliatrice (IIMA) at Geneva, Switzerland. VIDES Philippines, represented by FMA Delegate Sr. Maria Josefina Carrasco, shared their best prac- tices and lessons learned from the Busina Mo, Dunong Ko Mobile Education Project, which renders direct services to indigent urban children. She also presented the different programs of VIDES Philippines at the side event held on March 10 at Sala XXIII. Rev. Fr. Olivier Poquillon, the Director of the Dominican Network, met the participants at the FMA Office of Human Rights at Route de Veyrier on March 5, 2009 and explained to them the methodology and objectives of the training session. He also moderated the sharing of field experiences, lessons learned, and best practices among the participants. In the afternoon, Alfred Fernandez (Director, OIDEL) and Jorge Ferreira (UN Representative, New Humanity) discussed the anthropological, cultural, and educational challenges to which street children and their educators are confronted. March 6, 2009 saw the organizers and participants at the International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC) Office, Rue de Varembe. Experts took turns in discussing the following topics and entertaining questions from the participants: 1. The Convention of the Rights of the Child (Alessandra Aula, BICE) 2. Functioning of the Committee on the Rights of the Child. How field organizations can best collaborate with the Committee and use its country observations (Ugo Cedrangolo, OHCHR / Lisa Myers, NGO Group on the CRC) 3. The special procedures system – Focus on the Special Rapporteur on the right to education (Vernon Muñoz / Thierry del Prado) 4. The Universal Periodic Review. How field organizations can best utilize this mechanism at the local level (Budi Tahijono, Pax Romana) 5. Follow-up to the UN Study on Violence Against Children (Veronica Birga, OHCHR) “Don’t hurt the children. This way, they will grow effectively.” - Xandrio G. Manlapig , 13, South Triangle QC 6
  6. 6. A dmin News Ms. M. Francisca Ize Charrin of the Office of the UN High Com- Delegates prepare themselves for the side events at Sala XXIII, missioner for Human Rights moderates the Side Events UN Geneva FMA, IIMA and VIDES delegates attend the 10th Session of the Rev. Fr. Olivier Poquillon of the Dominican Network orients Human Rights Council at UN Geneva the participants at the FMA Human Rights Office Two side events were organized on March 9-10 at Sala XXIII of the United Nations in Geneva with topics on the situation of street children in Asia and Latin America. Among the panelists were the ambassadors of Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay, Thailand and the Holy See as well as the invited ten child rights defenders from VIDES, BICE, IIMA and SDB. The panel discussions were moderated by M. Francisca Ize Charrin of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. The participants were given the opportunity to attend the daily sessions of the 10th Human Rights Council from March 9-11. At its conclusion, the participants and organizers Organizers Sr. Leonor Salazar FMA (VIDES Director General) resolved to share this seminar when they return to their and Sr. Maria Grazia Caputo, FMA (Permanent Delegate of the FMA Office of Human Rights to the UN) facilitate the respective countries; to form multipliers who will evaluation at the end of the seminar actively promote the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child; to conduct strategic planning for welcoming, accompanying, educating and reintegrating street children in accordance with UN CRC; and to strengthen local and international networks for the promotion and implementation of the UN CRC. The organizers received very positive feedback from the participants, partners and guests. “For me, children need supervision and guidance coming from their parents because we don’t have the capacity to protect ourselves against harm and abuse. - Angelica Angoso, 13, South Triangle QC 7
  7. 7. 20 th Anniversary UN-CRC ocial Awareness S VIDES aligns 14th Annual Mission Camp with 20th UN CRC celebration For this year‘s mission camp, held last August 23, the theme chosen by the VIDES volunteers and youth leaders is “May K Kami!”, short form of “May Karapatan kami!” (We have rights!). The choice is motivated by the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Children (UN CRC). VIDES Philippines celebrates this milestone with the children of the province of Negros Occidental by providing them with inputs on the UN CRC and engaging them in slogan-making, cheering, sharing, discussion and reporting. VIDES volunteers witnessed the enthusiasm and active participation of the 1,700 children coming from different haciendas. Adopted in 1989 by the UN General Assembly, the UN CRC sets out the children‘s rights in 54 articles and two Optional Protocols. It defines the basic human rights that children everywhere have: the right to survival; to develop to the fullest; to protection from harmful influences, abuse and exploitation; and to participate fully in family, cultural and social life. The four core principles of the Convention are (1) non-discrimination; (2) devotion to the best interests of the child; (3) the right to life, survival and development; and (4) respect for the views of the child. In the Philippines, studies reveal that 85% of children suffer from corporal punishment, which violates their right to protection from abuse. This includes physical, emotional and psychological harm inflicted on children which diminishes their self-confidence and destroys their self-esteem. Together with the other members of the Child‘s Rights Network (CRN), VIDES Philippines advocates for and supports Positive Discipline as an alternative to corporal punishment. The input on the UN CRC given by the volunteers opened their minds to their rights and responsibilities as Filipino citizens. The skit performed by the volunteers depicted the historical background on the drafting of the UN CRC as well as the fruitful effects of positive discipline in the home. Through their posters and slogans, the children expressed their appreciation for dialogue, understanding, discipline and respect. The presentation of their cheers in the assembly brought greater awareness on their rights and responsibilities as children. “Please protect and take care of children being maltreated by their parents‖ 8 - Joy T. Tosio, 16, Delpan
  8. 8. dvocacy A VIDES Volunteers promote UN CRC at San Roque Parish The VIDES Volunteers animated the annual “Pista Para Sa Mga Bata” of the San Roque Parish, Cabrera St., Pasay City, on August 15. More than 300 children and 100 adults representing different parish groups, zones, and barangays took part in the celebration. Mr. John Carlyle Quimbo, President of Altus Communications, led his employees in supporting this outreach by providing school supplies and prizes. The program started with the opening prayer and blessing of children by Rev. Fr. Joey Tuazon. It was he who invited VIDES to facilitate this feast of the parish for children. Songs and dances about the protection and care of children ensued, presented by various youth and children‘s groups. After the program, Sr. Jojo FMA gave a child-friendly input on the UN CRC, followed by educational games and small group activities animated by the VIDES volunteers and Parish youth leaders. All throughout, the children were enthusiastically involved and participative in the discussions, slogan-drafting, poster-making, and cheer-dance presentations which highlight their responsibilities and rights as children. Snacks and lunch were distributed to all the participants by the officers and donors of San Roque Parish. On the eve of the feast, the parish also organized a cultural night where the creative presentations prepared by all the Parish Mandated Organizations (PMO) were showcased. Directed by Jun Pimentel, VIDES Volunteers and kids beautifully performed Michael Jackson‘s ―Heal the World‖ and received the highest citation: ―Best in Presentation Award”. VIDES Volunteers and “Busina Mo, Dunong Ko” Kids celebrate National Children’s Month Last October 4, 2009, 500 kids from age 9 to 16 attended the 17th National Children‘s Month Celebration organized by VIDES Philippines at the Don Bosco Youth Center in Barrio Magsaysay, Tondo, Manila. This year‘s theme, provided by the Council for the Welfare of Children (CWC), is: “BRIGHT CHILD: PROTEKSYON NG BATA, PANANAGUTAN NG BANSA”. CWC Director Ma. Elena S. Caraballo, guest of honor and keynote speaker during the said celebration, honored the children as society‘s most vulnerable and in need of protection. She cited our country‘s experience during the recent typhoon Ondoy where children truly suffered most. Rev. Fr. Ike Veloso, SDB presided the Eucharistic celebration and underlined the important role of the family in the protection of children. He said that God wanted that husband and wife be united in love for the rest of their lives in order to care for their offspring. The children actively took part in the Holy Mass, led by the choir, Voice of VIDES. Songs, skits, dance numbers and choral recitation on children‘s rights were among the many creative presentations rendered by both VIDES volunteers and children. The children‘s groups were organized and animated by the VIDES volunteers. They deepened their awareness on children‘s rights thru games, puzzles, cheers, posters and slogan-making activities. T-shirts on the 20th UN CRC were also given to the kids. At the end of the half-day event, Sr. Sarah B. Garcia, FMA Provincial Superior, gave her message to the children, instilling in them the values of respect, responsibility, goodness and faith. ―In my opinion, positive discipline means sincerely talking to us to correct our mistakes and not hurting us. Punishment often results to tantrums and develops attitude problems in children.‖ 9 - Ana Maria Jessica, 14, Recto
  9. 9. dvocacy A Volunteers promote Volunteerism and Positive VIDES produces Audio CD on Discipline at Radio Veritas 846 Anti Corporal Punishment On three separate occasions in 2009, Radio Veritas has invited the The idea of launching a Tagalog volunteers of VIDES Philippines to promote volunteerism among song on positive discipline came after a young professionals and advocate for positive discipline in the home, series of heart-to-heat talks with especially among parents, foster parents and caregivers. mothers of BMDK kids in Pasay. Their Mr. Bernard Cañaberal, who hosts the program “Pamilya Muna” sharing on painful and humiliating at Radio Veritas, expressed particular interest on what motivates childhood experiences still bring forth VIDES Volunteers in serving others. He also asked then to enlighten bitter tears today. Asked about how his audience about parenting with Positive Discipline as opposed to they would have preferred to have been Corporal Punishment. In the course of the interview, text messages reared, they unanimously answered: to were sent by the listeners for the volunteers to answer and/or react have been loved, accepted and to. understood. Ms. Angelique Lazo and Fr. Benny Tuazon, hosts of “Barangay A brief meeting with the Simbayanan”, explored where and how volunteers make themselves Zaballero family led to the production of available for service. They also interviewed them about VIDES, its this audio CD on Positive Discipline as projects, programs, partners and members. an alternative to Corporal Punishment. Among those interviewed were Rosylyn Arnigo, Syra Liza Suzara, They have donated this to VIDES last Girlie Amarillo, Raymund Zapanta and Sr. Jojo who all graciously October 1, 2009. shared about the great sense of fulfillment that they get when they Copies are available upon truly serve others from the heart request from the VIDES Office. ―God has blessed us bountifully; therefore we are also inspired to ———————————————————— share our blessings with others, especially the neediest.‖, says Girlie, DISIPLINA, HINDI PARUSA who works at the Office of Senator Chiz Escudero. Composed by Eric V. Zaballero Raymund, an engineer, adds: ―It is not enough that we work for Artists: Rya Patricia E. Zaballero, ourselves. We find meaning in our life when we educate the youth Rachel Pauline E. Zaballero and share our talents and skills with them.‖ ―It is when we give without being compensated that we truly feel (1st Verse) fulfilled. The smiles on the children‘s faces express their happiness Sa tuwing nagkakamali si totoy and contentment at having the VIDES Volunteers around.‖, says Pinapalo agad ni itay Rosylyn, an employee of the Philippine Women‘s University. Konting mali ni nene Syra, a registered social worker, rejoins: ―We really get inspired Sinisigawan, sinasaktan ni inay when we see the children‘s improvement in their attitude, habits and behavior.‖ (2nd Verse) Referring to Positive Discipline, Sr. Jojo explains that this is in accord D‘ kailangang..saktan..parusahan with Don Bosco‘s ―Preventive System‖, which is based on reason, Mali‘y tamang paraan religion and loving-kindness and does not apply corporal punishment. (Chorus) Turuan, tulungan, Unawain.. paliwanagan, Mali ng mga bata Di maiwasan, di sinasadya Turuan, tulungan, Kausapin.. pakinggan Karapatan nilang mga bata..kilalanin at Ipadamang..sila‘y..mahal (3rd Verse) Kinabukasan ng mga bata Ngayon pa lang ay ihubog na Sa inyo, mga magulang Sa inyo ang..simula (4th Verse) Disiplina…hindi parusa Mali‘y itama, sa tamang paraan ―We need guidance and assistance because some of us are still unfamiliar with our rights. Children really need to be protected.‖ - Judy Ann A. Relojo, 13, Delpan 10
  10. 10. dvocacy A VIDES celebrates Children’s Month at the House of Representatives In celebration of the 2009 Children‘s Month, the Child Rights Network (CRN) and the House Committee on the Welfare of Children launched “UNAHIN KAMI: MAKE LAWS THAT PROTECT CHILDREN” on Tuesday, October 13, 2009, from 10AM to 4PM, at the North Lobby, House of Representatives, Quezon City. As a member of the CRN, VIDES Philippines actively took part in this whole day event by sending four young artists attending the mobile education project “Busina Mo, Dunong Ko” to the On-the-Spot Poster-Making Contest entitled: “Ang Batas sa Mata ng Bata” (The Law in the Eyes of A Child). A delegation of 20 VIDES children and mothers from Bgy. Bagong Pag-Asa, San Roque, Quezon City, attended the Forum on Positive Discipline and Anti-Corporal Punishment of children. To deepen said topics, a video on corporal punishment was shown by the organizers to the assembly, followed by the messages of the congressmen and reactors. In his speech, Hon Jose Carlos V. Lacson underlined their contribution to the protection of children through the enactment of laws. Hon. Rodolfo G. Plaza, an alumnus of Don Bosco Technical Institute of Makati, stressed the importance of promoting unconditional love and positive discipline in the home and eliminating all forms of corporal punishment of children. For the main input, Ms. Minerva Cabiles of Save the Children extensively discussed the long-term benefits of Positive Discipline and the adverse effects on self-esteem and short- term benefits of Corporal Punishment. In the afternoon, Sr. Maria Josefina S. Carrasco, FMA Delegate of VIDES Philippines, presented their audio CD on Positive Discipline entitled “Disiplina, Hindi Parusa”. This is an original composition of Eric V. Zaballero, sung by his daughters Rya Patricia and Rachel Pauline for all Filipino families, and donated to VIDES Philippines. This audio CD is a powerful tool that can shape one‘s values and options, especially in applying positive discipline in parenting. To officially launch the audio CD, the Busina Mo, Dunong Ko kids performed their interpretation of the song before the assembly. Hon. Monica Louise “Nikki” Prieto-Teodoro, Chair of the House Committee on the Welfare of Children gave her keynote speech. She congratulated the Child Rights Network and her staff for organizing this special event. She expressed her all out support for the children, having lobbied for the creation of the Committee on the Welfare of Children at the House of Representatives in 2006. ―It‘s good if parents can talk in such a way that they don't hurt their children. And it‘s also good to give advice so that next time, the child will know what to do‖ - Joy T. Tosio, 16, Delpan 11
  11. 11. dvocacy A VIDES Philippines delivers Reaction Speech at the multi-sectoral forum on the UN CRC As part of the Children‘s Month celebration, the Child Rights Network (CRN) and the Philippine NGO Coalition organized on Wednesday, October 28, 2009, a multi-sectoral dissemination forum on the UN CRC Reports at the Club Filipino, Greenhills, San Juan City. Entitled “Realizing the 20th Year of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child: A multi-sectoral Dissemination Forum”, this event was participated in by about a hundred stakeholders on children‘s rights issues from the government, legislative offices, NGOs, POs, academe, international development agencies and individuals working for and with children. The objectives for this gathering are as follows: 1) To disseminate the government and NGO alternative reports to concerned stakeholders of children issues; 2) To gather multi-sectoral support to address gaps and challenges set in the UN CRC report; and 3) To broaden multi-sectoral support on children‘s rights issues. To start the day, VIDES BMDK kids from Pasay choreographed the opening prayer. Representatives of CRN and NGO Coalition welcomed the speakers and participants, provided background on the UN CRC report, and oriented everyone on the objectives, overview and expectation of the forum. Dir. Ma. Elena Caraballo of the Council for the Welfare of Children of the Department of Social Welfare and Development presented the thematic summary of the government report submitted to UN Geneva. Ms. Rowena Cordero of Save the Children presented the NGO Alternative Report on behalf of the Philippine NGO Coalition, focusing on the gaps of the government‘s report. UNICEF, represented by Atty. Albert Muyot, reported on the Concluding Observations of the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), whereby the Philippine government is being urged to ―take all necessary measures‖ to prevent summary executions, because the victims have included children. The report also underlined the government‘s poor funding for social services, saying that it‘s denying the Filipino children their rights. For almost 20 years, the UNCRC has reminded the government to weigh its budget priorities, and to channel the funds for debt payments to social services that directly benefit the children. From the concluding observations, we read that: ―The Committee reiterates its deep concern at the fact that the State party (Philippine government) allocates more than 30% of its national budget to debt service-interest payment and that the share allocated to debt servicing has increased over the last years.‖ Since its ratification of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1990, the Philippine government and child rights groups were obliged to monitor the country‘s compliance to the convention and to present a status report every five years. Under the UNCRC, the Philippines committed itself to create programs and policies that would promote and ensure child rights, among them, access to education and healthcare, and protection from abuse and exploitation. At the end of the three reports, reactions were given by the following agencies: Department of Health, Department of Education, Commission on Human Rights, Local Government Units. People’s Organizations, Legislators, and VIDES Philippines. During the Open Forum, the stakeholders took turns in clarifying points and submitting suggestions in support of children‘s rights. The signing and reading of the Statement of Declaration of Commitment to work on the general comments presented in the UN CRC Report was done towards the end of the assembly. “Children’s rights must be protected so that our health and education will be promoted .” - Christine Camille, 10, San Roque QC 12
  12. 12. outh Leadership Y Volunteers train BMDK Youth Leaders Last May 17, 2009, VIDES Volunteers conducted a whole day youth leadership training for 48 Busina Mo, Dunong Ko (BMDK) leaders at the La Mesa Ecopark, Quezon City. Based in the six areas being served by the VIDES Volunteers, these youth leaders assist VIDES in the organization of groups, facilitation of activities and coordination with the barangay officials and parents. Their contribution to the implementation of the BMDK project is deeply appreciated by the volunteers. On this note, VIDES then thought of enhancing their leadership skills thru this training seminar. At the opening prayer, everyone invoked God for guidance and wisdom. After this, the Volunteers took turns in inspiring the children to serve by sharing about their personal leadership experiences. Jun Pimentel gave an input on Servant Leadership, followed by team building activities and fun games intended to boost their leadership skills and talents. At the end of the talk, the children presented their tokens of gratitude to Jun and the VIDES volunteers. To complement the inputs with fun activities, the children also went swimming after lunch. Basic swimming lessons were taught by Volunteers Simone, Varry, Pauline and Syra. At around 4:00 PM, the group gathered again for the recap. Volunteers Joy and Amy facilitated the session on lessons learned for the day and the leaders' resolutions. BMDK Leaders join Youth C-A-M-P In celebration of the World Communications Day, the Daughters of St. Paul organized a gathering of youth leaders on Sunday, May 31, 2009, at their Auditorium along F.B. Harison Road, Pasay City. 44 BMDK Leaders took part in this event. Entitled “Youth C-A-M-P”, this one-day gathering of 300 youth leaders representing schools and parish-based Youth Ministry groups sought to strengthen Communion, deepen Awareness of media’s impact, and Motivate them to Promote media literacy education among their peer group / members. The invited resource speakers developed the following topics: (1) the message of Pope Benedict XVI to the youth on the occasion of the World Communications Day; (2) new technologies; (3) God‘s challenge to the youth on the proper use of the modern means of communication; and (4) the importance of mass media. Apart from the input, there were open forums, games, unfreezers and group discussions on the Pope‘s message regarding the use of new technology. The BMDK Leaders actively participated in the various activities organized. Some were even assigned to share about what they learned from the training in front of the assembly. Others were given liturgical assignments by the facilitators. Above all, they were able to come up with doable plans to achieve the Youth C-A-M-P goals. The celebration of the Holy Eucharist, presided by Rev. Fr. Ramil Tapang, capped the day‘s activity. Volunteers present during this event in order to assist the BMDK kids are the following: Romina Mazzotta, Elisa Pieralice, Simone Lalli, Amalia Suzara, Jovito Braga, Aissa Manalo, Rudelyn Yaon, Farah Chavez, Raymund Zapanta, Rosenni Barzo, Syra Liza Suzara and Sr. Jojo FMA. BMDK Youth Leaders totaled 44, with the following breakdown: Pasay (20), Del Pan (11), Recto (3), NIA Road (3) and San Roque QC (7). “Let the child understand what he did and explain to him/her the consequences of her actions. Myra Sapico, 15, Pasay 13
  13. 13. E ducation B usina Mo, Dunong Ko For the year 2009, the ―Busina Mo, Dunong Ko‖ Mobile Education Project of VIDES continued to serve six areas in Pasay City, Manila, and Quezon City. Five out of six areas have removed the Kindergarten from the program in order to give priority to children aged 7 to 16. Notwithstanding the absence of children below 7 years of age, the total number of BMDK participants from Grade 1 up to High School still increased. This manifests the children‘s interest in the BMDK project and other organized activities for them. Under the BMDK project, VIDES Volunteers provide children with tutorial sessions, values formation, literacy skills, media education as well as opportunities for enhancing their skills in music, sports, arts, drama, dance, and writing. Advocacy on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, promotion of Positive Discipline, protection of children from abuse and exploitation are among the urgent issues being taken up by the Volunteers with the children and their parents. Inputs on Community Organizing are also rendered to the parents of the BMDK kids. In implementing the BMDK project, VIDES coordinates closely with the officials of the six Barangays. ―Positive discipline includes talking and listening. Please let the kids be heard. Talk calmly and refrain from beating the children at fault‖ 14 - Judy Ann A. Ralojo, 13, Delpan
  14. 14. E ducation B usina Mo, Dunong Ko Total BMDK Children BMDK Male-Female Ratio (Yr 2009) 1954 Female 2000 1936 49.03% Male 1500 50.97% 1309 1000 500 The chart on the left indicates the increase in 0 the number of BMDK Participants, from 1,936 in 2008 (which still includes the Kindergarten) to 2007 2008 2009 1,954 in 2009 (minus the Kindergarten from five areas). Of this number, 49.03% are boys and 50.97% Year are girls, as shown in the chart above. The BMDK seeks to encourage the kids to remain in school thru motivation, attitude correction, values formation and regular tutorials. With the help of VIDES Internazionale, VIDES Italy, and other generous donors, those who are hindered due to economic constraints are given financial assistance in the form of transportation and/or food allowance. Out of school youth (OSY) are given opportunities for learning through the literacy program of the Daughters of St. Paul at F. B. Harrison in Pasay City. Through this program, some OSY have already decided to go back to formal school this school year 2010-2011. Thru Jo Tankers, VIDES is able to implement this mobile education project on a daily basis. The driver of the mobile library brings the social worker and volunteers to the areas. Snacks are served to all BMDK participants in 5 areas. Mrs. Marissa O. Concepcion, on the other hand, weekly provides the Swift hotdog sandwiches and Sunkist juices to the 350 BMDK children of Pasay. Implementing the BMDK isn‘t always easy. Challenges remain to be hurdled, such as: the presence of more active volunteers and the availability of a conducive venue for learning, especially when it rains or when the weather is too hot. When both are lacking, one could just imagine the difficulty of handling 300 children all at once! Thanks to Chairman Berting Billones, VIDES has been provided by Bgy. 286 with a stable shelter for the BMDK in Delpan. Areas for improvement include the following: 1. enrolment of more OSY in the Alternative Learning System (ALS) program in coordination with adjacent public schools 2. providing computer literacy to BMDK kids 3. protection of children from abuse and exploitation thru advocacy and community mobilization 4. expansion of the BMDK project in other areas. (Yes, we have received a lot of requests from other parishes and other areas but we’ve got only one mobile library and one driver! Maybe someone reading this could have the idea of adding more. Why not?) ―For me, the rights of the children should be protected. These rights were done for the sake of the kids...So that the kids won't be abused and hurt. That's why these rights must be also be respected by others, especially by adults.‖ 15 - Anonymous, Delpan
  15. 15. E ducation B usina Mo, Dunong Ko BMDK Leader Ladyco tutors Sheila Mae, a student of the Literacy Course of the Daughters of Children actively St. Paul in participate in the Pasay. weekly BMDK activities. They learn new ideas thru educational games. Volunteer Mike shows kids how to use a laptop. BMDK kids enjoy reading books from the mobile library. Italian Volunteer Elisa BMDK kids advocate Pieralice opens an Art for Children’s Right thru Gallery at the courtyard creative drama and of San Roque Parish. dance. Courtesy of Budding BMDK artists trainor-volunteer Jun appreciate their works Pimentel. of art. ―If our rights will be protected, there won't be kids being abused by adults.” - Joan Moncada, 15, Delpan 16
  16. 16. E ducation B usina Mo, Dunong Ko Capt. Kruidenier, Capt. Alinea and Capt. Pajilagutan of Jo Tankers present the new set of TV and DVD player for the VIDES mobile library. E ducation December 5, 2009. International Volun- teers’ Day and VIDES Gratitude Day. BMDK kids invite Capt. Kruidenier to join them in singing Christmas Carols. Fr. Joey Tuazon, parish The Knights of Columbus, San priest of San Roque, joins Roque Chapter, annually conducts the VIDES volunteers in a feeding program for BMDK kids welcoming the VIDES Korea. in partnership with VIDES. Look at the work of our hands! Lovely, aren’t they? Volunteer Tonirose gives an input on the UN CRC to BMDK kids “Let the child understand the situation by explaining to him/her in a way he/she can understand. Do not use force nor punishment. It’s harmful. - Mary Jane Sumaong, 13, Pasay 17
  17. 17. L ivelihood Project B aboy Mo, Buhay Ko Rural areas are generally conducive for hog- raising. Launched initially in 2002, the ―Baboy Mo, Buhay Ko‖ (BMBK) livelihood project of VIDES has grown and expanded, assisting families from the provinces of Negros Occidental, Oriental Mindoro, Laguna and Pampanga. Under the BMBK project, the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians assigned in the locality identify the prospective recipient families and recommend them to VIDES. The process of selecting recipients is based on a set criteria provided by VIDES. The piglets are raised by the families for fattening or breeding. Once the piglets are awarded to the families, the nuns periodically monitor their status and update VIDES about them accordingly. FMA Provincial Each family is expected to turn over to VIDES a minimum Superior of one piglet or its monetary equivalent in view of Sr. Sarah Garcia handing it over to the next recipient family within the marvels at the community. The turnover rate of piglets depends largely on the care given to them by the owners. Inevitable BMBK Project factors such as natural calamities, pests and viruses have of VIDES. been the cause of death of some of the piglets. This program contributes to the realization of UN MDG #1 - Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger. Tony Espinosa, VIDES President and Chair of BMBK, awards the certificate and turns over the native piglet. “Discipline means showing love and understanding and not hurting the child for his/her wrongdoing.‖ -Maria Rachel, 13, Pasay 18
  18. 18. S olidarity At A Distance School Year June 2009 - March 2010 21 EMBOLTORIO ARJIL In t he P hi l i p pi ne s , 22 FERNANDEZ HONEY GRACE access to basic education is made available for all since the 23 GALIZA JOHN VER ANGELO law provides for free education in 1 ABUNYAWAN DESIREE 24 GARGAR MARY JOY the elementary and public 2 ALAMPAYAN LESLIE schools. 25 HECHANOVA JOEVEN 3 ALBADA JOHN MARK 26 LABRADOR ARKEN But for impoverished 4 ANCIANO DONA MAE 27 LAGUDA RELAN rural and urban children, free education still needs to be 5 ARIBA FRANKLIN 28 MANEGO RAMBO sustained with subsidies in food, 6 BAUTISTA JONALYN 29 MONTERDE MARY ROSE transportation, school supplies, 7 BELARMINO RACHEL 30 ORO RAYMART uniforms and shoes. When children are deprived of these 8 BELINARIO FATIMA 31 PERULINO KIMBERLY items, they tend to drop out 9 BELINARIO ARNOLD 32 PONTINO JR ROGELIO from school and work instead. 10 BERINA JOHN ERIC When parents could hardly 33 SALAYA REYNALDO JR. provide for the most basic 11 BERINA EZIEL 34 SALES RODEL needs, they regard education as 12 BIACO JAY ANN 35 SANCHEZ MA. JINKY luxury and thus abandon it. 13 CABAHUG ANDREW 36 SANCHEZ ELMIRA With the Solidarity At A 14 CADIZ JEYAN 37 SEGOTIER GLEN Distance (SAD) Scholarships, 15 CADIZ RAYMUND 38 SOLERA RAMIL JR. a big number of children are helped to pursue their studies. 16 CANICULA GRACE 39 TUPAS MA. VICTORIA 17 CHARELYN MOLINA 40 VILLANUEVA RONA Thanks to VIDES Italy 18 DANGCASIL KENNETH JOHN and VIDES Internazionale! 41 VILLANUEVA JOMAR 19 DOLAR GEORGE JR. 42 YANGCO CAMILLE 20 DONGUINES JUNVIL 43 ZASPA PETER JOHN School Year June 2009 - March 2010 1 ALIMAN PATRICIA 10 ORTULA CHARLES DENNIS 1 BENAMIR MICHELLE 2 CAMO ELLA MARIE 11 ROCAMORA LAWRENCE 2 BREN JONALYN 3 CANONIGO SHEILA 12 SALGADO KAREN 3 CABRERA AILYN 4 FERNANDEZ TALYADA 13 SALVADOR APRIL 4 DE GUZMAN CHRISTINA 5 FLORITO KEVIN FRANCIS 14 SAN JUAN JANICE 5 DELA CERNA JENNIFER 6 FRANCIA CHRISTIAN 15 TABIOS JAN MARINI 6 ELISAN JOVITA 7 MAZO REYET 16 TAMAYO ROSE JEAN 7 GANTUAN HONEYLETTE 8 ORSAL RICHARD 17 TUBA NANCY 8 VAGAY VIVIAN 9 ORTONIO NOEMI 18 TUBA ROSEMARIE ―For me, the children are important. If they don‘t have rights, they will always be abused.” 19 - BJ Karla V. Villano, 13, Delpan
  19. 19. M edical Mission VIDES Philippines commits itself to the promotion and development of women and children. An aspect that needs special attention is hygiene and health care, to which VIDES responds through the medical missions. Starting 2009, VIDES expands its services by providing quarterly medical missions in urban and rural areas, rendering free medical services to about 1,500 patients. This is our share in contributing to the realization of UN MDGs #4, #5, and #6. 1st Quarter 2nd Quarter Del Pan Sports San Roque Complex, Parish Manila Pasay City Feb. 28, 2009 May 30, 2009 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter Malihao, South Negros Triangle, Occidental Quezon City Aug. 23, 2009 Nov. 7, 2009 ―As a group leader, I will do my best to teach them their rights. I will also discipline my group here in Delpan. If they make a mistake, I will listen to their explanation.‖ 20 - Judy Ann A. Relojo, 13, Delpan
  20. 20. M edical Mission ―Don't just hit and hurt the children. Talk to them about their mistakes but please don't shout.” 21 - Catherine G. Fiel, 12, Delpan
  21. 21. S olidarity VIDES conducts relief operations for Ondoy victims When typhoon Ondoy (―Ketsana‖) hit Manila last September 26, VIDES Philippines immediately organized the volunteers to bring relief goods to the victims. Together with representatives from the Don Bosco School (Manila) Educating Community and the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians (FMA), VIDES distributed clothes, blankets, towels, household wares, rice, canned goods, and other food supplies to the survivors. The group first attended to the victims along NIA Road, where families of children participating in the ―Busina Mo, Dunong Ko‖ program were affected by the typhoon. The volunteers distributed relief goods and also spent time listening to the sentiments and stories of the victims. Another group headed to Barangay 143, Riverside, Gamban, Pasay City. Prior to the distribution of relief goods, the delegation visited the families in their flooded shanties. Interviews with mothers, fathers, children and the elderly revealed that the floodwaters coming from the creek reached about 8 feet deep, submerging their homes in murky waters. A total of 600 families of the children benefited from the distribution. Weeks later, more VIDES volunteers joined in another relief operations in Bgy. 176, Bagong Silang, Caloocan, distributing food and household sup- plies to 1,000 families, Christians and Muslims alike. School supplies were also given to 1,000 children. In general, despite their loss, the children and their families were thankful for all the help. They said that they are still grateful to God because they were saved and are still alive. Homeless they may be, but they are not hopeless. VIDES thanks all those who have sent their donations for the victims. ―As the leader, I will explain to the other kids their rights so that they will not always end up abused by the elders‖ 22 - BJ Karla Villano, 13, Delpan
  22. 22. S olidarity VIDES reaches out to Pope Benedict‘s Message children of hacienda laborers August is the leanest and toughest month for hacienda laborers. They are jobless and therefore economically strained. This year, during the annual VIDES mission camp in Negros, the volunteers also distributed clothes and grocery items to the 1,700 children participants. Volunteers give inputs on IGPs Mothers attending the VIDES an- nual mission camp in Negros gathered around Volunteer Reccie Oliveros to learn how to make banana chips. Volunteer Mark Seigfrid Suzara met the fathers for sessions on poultry farming. In July 2009, Sr. Rosa Ryu FMA, Sr. Noh Haesook FMA and 21 VIDES Korean Volunteers came to the Philippines for some days of volunteer service in NIA Road, Delpan, Pasay, South Triangle and Payatas. Together with the children, they did art works, dance, t-shirt printing, and fashion accessory-making. They also shared with them Korean products: t-shirts, wallets, bags, slippers, school supplies, volleyballs, soccer balls, lollipops and other items. They also performed a traditional Korean dance which truly delighted everyone. ―Proper communication is the right way of disciplining the children‖ - Mary June Alacre, 11, South Triangle 23
  23. 23. N etworks The community-based programs of VIDES are made possible through extensive collaboration with local officials, government agencies, faith-based organizations, schools and other non-government organizations. In the operation of the VIDES Busina Mo, Dunong Ko Mobile Education Project, the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) has issued the license to operate this community-based project in six (6) areas. VIDES then coordinates with the barangay chairmen of the following barangays: 1. Hon. Jesus N. Lipnica, Jr. - Bgy. Pinyahan, NIA Road, Quezon City COUNCILOR THE WELFARE OF 2. Hon. Fermin B. Bilaos - Bgy. Bagong Pag-asa, Quezon City CHILDREN (CWC) 3. Hon. Larry Handayan - Bgy. South Triangle, Quezon City 4. Hon. Thelma Lim - Bgy 310 Zone 31, Recto, Manila The Council for the Welfare of 5. Hon. Berting Billones - Bgy. 286, Delpan, Manila Children (CWC), the focal agency for 6. Hon. Reynaldo Ebacitas - Bgy. 143, Pasay City children‘s concerns, advocates for the delivery of programs and services for As a Volunteer Organization, VIDES networks with other groups rendering children. The CWC adopted Bright international and local volunteers services. VIDES Internazionale, an NGO Child in an effort to consolidate with a consultative status at the United Nations, is the mother organization initiatives, programs and services from which VIDES Philippines sprung forth. For the year 2009, VIDES leading to the holistic development of Internazionale has sent three Italian Volunteers in the Philippines: Elisa the Filipino children. The ―Bright Pieralice, Romina Mazzotta and Simone Lalli. Child‖ is a nationwide campaign, launched in 2004, which supports VIDES Korea, a colleague of VIDES Philippines in the VIDES of Asia programs and services for children at Network, works in close collaboration with the Filipino VIDES Volunteers. In the national, regional and provincial 2009, it has continued its volunteer services in the Philippines. levels. Since then, the Council carried Bright Child as a thematic focus for In Pasay, VIDES is a Parish Mandated Organization (PMO) at San Roque the Children‘s Month celebration. Parish, Cabrera Street. VIDES joins CWC in the annual For 2009, VIDES has networked with Don Bosco School (Salesian Sisters), observance and celebration of the Inc. for the recruitment of VIDES Junior Volunteers from among their students. National Children‘s Month in October. PHILIPPINE ASSOCIATION SALESIAN FAMILY FOR VOLUNTEER EFFORT IN THE PHILIPPINES (PAVE) INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR VOLUNTEER EFFORT (IAVE) In response to the Rector Major‘s Founded in 1995, the 2009 Strenna: ―Let us commit The International Association for Philippine Association for ourselves to making the Salesian Volunteer Effort (IAVE) was founded Volunteer Effort is a network of Family a vast movement of persons in 1970 by a group of volunteers organizations and individuals for the salvation of the young‖, VIDES from around the world. It is a global engaged in diverse volunteer network with members in over 70 Philippines joined the Salesian Family programs, advocating service countries. IAVE has special Formation Day held on July 4, 2009 at through volunteerism and consultative status with the UN the Don Bosco Technical Institute in mobilizing all sectors of society ECOSOC Committee, and associate Makati City. status with the UN Department of to promote volunteerism as a Public Information. Filipino way of life. VIDES has In October 2009, VIDES was formally been a member since 2006. introduced to the other members of VIDES joined this network in July the Salesian Family in the Philippines. 2009. “If I know how to discipline myself, I will be respected and appreciated by others. -Sheila May Sendin, 12, South Triangle QC 24
  24. 24. P artners CHILD RIGHTS NETWORK (CRN) The Child Rights Network was officially launched on October 1, PHILIPPINE NGO COALITION ON 2007. Its vision is for every child to be valued as a human person, THE UN CRC and whose human rights are fully protected and fulfilled. Established in 1995, the Philippine CRN is a network of organizations and individuals advocating for NGO Coalition promotes and monitors the passage of national laws that will protect and fulfill the rights of the implementation of the United Filipino children. VIDES joined the network in April 2009. Its priority th Nations Convention on the Rights of the legislative agenda for the 14 Congress Included the following: Child (UN CRC) at the national level. It prepares the NGO Alternative 1) Foster Care Bill; 2) Anti Corporal Punishment; 3) Increasing the Report to the UN. It advocates for age of statutory rape; and 4) Anti Child Pornography. change in policy and practice using the NGO Alternative Report and the On November 17, 2009, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo signed Concluding Observations of the UN. into law RA 9775, known as the Anti-Child Pornography Act of 2009. VIDES joined the network in November 2009. Since 2006, Jo Tankers has been graciously supporting VIDES Philippines Volunteers Foundation in the ―Busina Mo, Dunong Ko‖ Program. The Mobile Library van was donated to VIDES in May 2006. With this van, VIDES has been reaching out and educating the indigent children around Metro Manila, who have no access to books and other learning materials. The 6 areas include, NIA Road, South Triangle, San Roque, Recto, Del Pan, and Pasay. Headed by Capt. Rene D. Kruidenier, Jo Tankers has been continuously supporting VIDES Philippines in its operational expenses annually. In 2009, typhoons Ondoy & Pepeng caused massive flooding in Metro Manila. On its way to Delpan, the Mobile Library was submerged in deep waters. Through the all-out support of Jo Tankers, the Mobile Library was restored completely. This included the replacement of the DVD player, TV set and the comprehensive repair of the van. In this regard, the VIDES volunteers especially honored Jo Tankers during the Annual Gratitude Day held last December 5, 2009 in Pasay. The management and officers of Jo Tankers witnessed the various numbers prepared by the 6 BMDK areas, as a way of thanking them for their total commitment. VIDES Philippines also acknowledges the wives of the Jo Tankers is a leading provider of deep-sea trans- seafarers under Jo Tankers, who donated relief goods for the portation services for chemicals and other high fire victims of Pasay last December 2009. value liquids like petroleum products and edible oils that is based in Norway. Their local office For further information on Jo Tankers, visit their website here: located in Palanan, Makati City takes care of the employment of highly qualified officers and crew for deployment in their ships around the world. ―My dream is for children to grow in all aspects, free from all forms of abuse.‖ - Mary Jane Alacre, 11, South Triangle QC 25
  25. 25. F und-raising The Eat and Meet fund raising activity, already in its second year, was indeed very successful because of the joint effort and active cooperation and collaboration of VIDES volunteers. Special thanks to the following who voluntarily rendered their culinary expertise and shouldered the expenses for all the ingredients: Tony Espinosa, Ian Velasco, Riza Villaviray, Stanley, Ningning and Suzette Suzara, Jovet Braga, Ciel Estacio, and our Italian volunteers: Simone, Elisa and Romina. We thank Leizel Ebdane for all the beverages. And of course our full-time volunteer dishwashers who worked until 1:00 AM! Once again, we‘ve shown that we‘re truly ONE FOR OTHERS... Hats off to our ever-creative event manager, Jun Pimentel! Thanks, of course, to our ticket sellers, guests and volunteers for paying P500 for each plate. Thanks also to Sr. Alice, Sr. Celia and all the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians for letting us use the facilities, and for their never-ending support. Above all, thanks and praise to GOD for His u nf a i l i ng Providence! May God always bless us.. Long live VIDES! PERYA: Fashion Show for a Cause By virtue of Divine Providence, and through the efforts of volunteer Jose Maria Paolo Icasas, VIDES became one of the three NGOs chosen to be the beneficiary of PERYA, a whimsical fashion show of Happy Andrada. Thus on the evening of March 6 the volunteers attended this glamorous fashion show. The organizers allowed VIDES to set up a booth where the Kikay products of VIDES were put on sale. Jun Pimentel c r e a t i v e l y decorated the area and the lady volunteers sported the different fashion accessories for sale. This event also showcased the artistic talents of Paolo Icasas. The models were wearing clothes designed and painted by Paolo, a member of Happy Andrada's creative team of photographers, designers, artists and also a humble VIDES volunteer. ―Positive discipline means saying disciplinary words in an encouraging way.‖ - Erwin C. Nacario, 13, NIA 26
  26. 26. F und-raising For the first time, VIDES conducted an Ukay-Ukay fund raising activity. Done at Sta. Mesa and Mandaluyong, it proved to be quite successful. Goods for sale were all donated by the volunteers themselves. Thanks to the united and strong collaboration and untiring effort of the volunteers. Seeing them sell different items on the streets was indeed a new and fun experience for VIDES. It was a tiring yet fulfilling service. The proceeds enabled the volunteers to meet the target budget for the Annual Mission Camp in Negros. Unsold items were donated to the victims of typhoon Ondoy. CAROLLING In keeping with the spirit of Christmas, the children attending the ―Busina Mo, Dunong Ko‖ from Pasay, rendered Christmas carols to the offices and residences of the VIDES Volunteers. This initiative is also in view of raising funds for the various projects of VIDES and at the same time, a venue for children to experience an environment totally different from theirs. Twenty seven (27) children from Pasay participated in the said endeavor. VIDES thanks Toni Rose Escabarte for inviting the children to sing at the different offices of the Department of Budget and Management (DBM); Tony Espinosa for bringing the children to the Norwegian Crew Management (NCM) and Philippine Transmarine Carriers (PTC); Mr. & Mrs. Ildefonso dela Rosa; Girlie Amarillo for the Office of Sen. Chiz Escudero; Peter Doloroso and his family; Cheryl Vinluan and her family; Don Bosco School - Manila; and Gina Astilla for BPI Foundation, Inc. It was a very exhilarating experience for the children. They were very energetic and enthusiastic in singing, dancing and bringing the Christmas spirit everywhere. ―As a leader, I will inform our members about the importance of Children's Rights.” 27 - Joy T. Tosio, 16, Delpan
  27. 27. ewsBits N 12/05/09 - International Volunteers’ 02/13/09 - Volunteers greet Sr. Alice Bishop Bernardino Cortez visited San Day and Gratitude Day for VIDES FMA on the occasion of the EC Roque Parish on Aug. 15, 2009 and benefactors. 500 kids from Pasay, Gratitude Day at the MHCS Gym in requested to witness the activity of Delpan NIA Road, South Triangle, Canlubang, Laguna. BMDK in Pasay. San Roque and Recto attended. VIDES Volunteers elected their new set of Board of Trustees on September 14, 2009. The declaration and presentation of The CSR Group of TOTAL Benny Antiporda, President of the new Board to the volunteers was (Philippines) Corporation gifted National Press Club, gave away toys done by FMA Provincial Superior and goodies for 1,000 BMDK Sr. Sarah B. Garcia. VIDES with 10 Gas Coupons worth Ex-Provincial Sr. Alicia S. Fulgencio Php500 each for the Mobile Library children last February 5, 2009 as his FMA witnessed the entire electoral van last February 2009. way of celebrating his birthday. procedure. Three-hundred (300) children from BMDK kids act out the Nativity UP Phi Delta organized an art VIDES BMDK program participated Scene during the Christmas Party workshop for 26 children of BMDK in the LVF Partihan at DBS sponsored by the San Roque Parish South Triangle last July 11, 2009 at Sta.Mesa last Dec. 12, 2009. last Dec. 12, 2009. Don Bosco School, Sta. Mesa. “I will start the implementation of children's rights by respecting, teaching and sharing with them what I know about Children‘s Rights so that they will understand it and be able to share it to other children.‖ 28 - Marianne, 13, NIA
  28. 28. ewsBits N Solidarity - Volunteers prepare relief Prayer Moments - Volunteers prepare Volunteers of VIDES Korea and goods for the children of Pasay and for the Taize Experience held during Philippines bond together after a Recto whose houses were razed to the the Annual Mission Camp in Negros. series of outreach activities to the Prayer is an indispensable part of BMDK areas. They enjoyed each ground by fires which occurred before other’s company, appreciating each Christmas. VIDES Volunteerism. group’s initiatives for the children. 10/26/09 - VIDES exhibits its projects and activities at Don Bosco School 01/18/09 - Formation and planning of 08/08/09 - Twelve (12) BMDK kids Manila and launches the recruitment of the volunteers received the Sacrament of Junior VIDES Volunteers. This is in VIDES volunteers formed different Confirmation at the San Roque line with the Mission Month and the working commissions for 2009 in order Parish. Volunteers were invited by celebration of the National Children’s to implement the projects and activities the kids to be their sponsors. Month. Twenty-three students became planned out for the year. Junior VIDES Volunteers. 12/21/09. Officers and staff of the National Press Club, under the leadership of their BMDK kids surprised the VIDES Volunteers with a special gratitude President, After the Junior VIDES launch, students Mr. Benny of DBS started sharing their blessings program last May 2009. The BMDK Antiporda, gathered 1,000 children from and talents with the BMDK kids. Mary leaders initiated the activity, mobilizing all the younger BMDK kids and organizing BMDK Recto. The children, who are fire Francisco celebrated her birthday last victims, received gift bags composed of October 30 with the Pasay children, and the entire event. They presented a huge rice, groceries, toiletries (noodles, shared with them juices and cake and a beautiful hand-made card for the VIDES Volunteers. canned goods, etc) and clothes. sandwiches. ―A good way of disciplining is to talk to the kids first if they made some mistake. The parents must listen first and understand their children.‖ - Joan Moncada, 15, Delpan 29
  29. 29. ewsBits N A series of Focus Group Discussions with the voluntary sector on Republic Act 9418 was conducted by the Philippine National Volunteer Service Coordinating Agency starting October 19, 2009. RA 9418, known as the “Volunteer Act of 2007”, institutionalizes volunteerism as a Volunteerism has fun moments, too. strategy for national development and VIDES Volunteers take a day off international cooperation. VIDES Volunteers enjoy Pataan Falls at Bago exploring Silangang Nayon at Philippines attended the FGDs organized City, Negros Occidental after the Pagbilao, Quezon Province. by PNVSCA. Mission Camp. Volunteer Niño happily carries four (4) Boodle Fight a la VIDES! Volunteers Together with members of the Child boxes of SUNKIST JUICES. We thank enjoy meals together, especially on Rights Network, VIDES meets the Mrs. Marissa O. Concepcion and her days such as this one… hmmm… technical staff of Sen. Jamby family for providing the weekly Sunkist delicious! White rice, roasted meat Madrigal on the proposed Anti- juices and Swift hotdog sandwiches for and fish complete with calamansi, Corporal Punishment Bill. 350 BMDK kids of Pasay. toyo, pepper and salt! Sorry, we’re just too many, 12/20/09 - Aetas of Sitio Monicayo, we’re overflowing… VIDES Volunteers process their Mabalacat, Pampanga welcome ha ha ha! We can’t fit in volunteering experiences and evaluate VIDES during the “Have a VIDES the picture. A souvenir pose their performance after each event. after the joint volunteer activity Creatively facilitated by Jun Pimentel, Christmas with Aetas”. Volunteers of VIDES Pinoy and VIDES Junior enjoyed the Aetas’ “Panuluyan” and Volunteers at Pampanga. volunteers enjoy intimate moments like native dance. this. ―I feel uncomfortable when I see kids that are punished by their parents.” - Mary Jane Sumaong, 13, Pasay 30