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Telephone etiquette.ppt

  1. 1. Essential Telephone Etiquette E-Learning
  2. 2.  Presenting a professional image Speaking Style Usage of Tone Usage of Language Do’s & Donts
  3. 3.  Both in person and on the telephone, is very important in the Officeskills profession. Taking care of your customers over the telephone and making themfeel well informed and appreciated is essential. The ability to listen is a problem in general but it is very importantto listen to what the caller has to say. It is always a good habit to repeat the information back to the clientwhen you are taking a message.
  4. 4.  A picture paints a thousand words but the caller onthe other end of the phone can only hear you. Caller cannot see your face or body language. Taking the time to speak clearly, slowly and in acheerful, professional voice is very important.
  5. 5.  Use your normal tone of voice whenanswering a call. In case if you have a tendency to speak loudor shout, avoid doing so on the telephone.
  6. 6.  Speak in a normal way but in a effectivemanner. Never use swear words. Words delivered should be clear & understoodto the caller.
  7. 7.  Do’s Be patient and helpful. Respond clearly with “yes” or “no” when speaking. Always remember it is important :-If you are answering a call on behalf of your team member please mention to thecaller & try if you can assist them on the query.-Else note down the caller’s number so that a concerned user can make a call backon the query for resolution. Address the Caller Properly by his or her title.Eg : ( Good morning Mr. Brown, Good afternoon Ms. Sanders). Listen to the Caller and what they have to say. Always ask if you can put the caller on hold. Verify that you have heard and transcribed the message accurately.
  8. 8.  Donts Do not eat or drink while you are on telephone duty. Do not use slang words or Poor Language. Never address an unfamiliar caller by his or her first name. Never snap back or act rude to the caller. Never leave the person on hold for more than a few seconds or they maybecome upset and hang up.