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Explicit Dedication of Resources in CloudStack


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Explicit Dedication of Resources in CloudStack

  1. 1. Introduction to Explicit Dedication of Resources Apache CloudStack Saksham Srivastava CloudStack Developer
  2. 2. InfraStructure Layout Zone Pod Cluster Host
  3. 3. Explicitly Dedicating resources • Allowing CloudStack infrastructure to be dedicated to specific users/accounts. • What can be dedicated ? Zone / Pod / Cluster / Host
  4. 4. Why dedicate • CloudStack is multi tenant architecture • A tenant wants reserved hardware usable only by him and his users. • Premium user wants to have his vms staying on hosts dedicated to him (pro-affinity). • Allows dedicated compute available to the user.
  5. 5. Dedicated Resources • Only the account/domain to which the resource has been dedicated can use the dedicated resource. • If a cluster is dedicated to an account, all the hosts in it are also dedicated to the same account • If a pod is dedicated, all clusters in it are also dedicated • Similarly if a zone is dedicated, all pods are also dedicated
  6. 6. APIs Dedicating Resources dedicateZone dedicatePod dedicateCluster dedicateHost Release dedication of Resources releaseDedicatedZone releaseDedicatedPod releaseDedicatedCluster releaseDedicatedHost Listing Dedicated Resources listDedicatedZones listDedicatedPods listDedicatedClusters listDedicatedHost
  7. 7. Affinity Group • When a resource is dedicated to an account/domain CloudStack internally creates an affinity group of type ExplicitDedication • CloudStack internally refers it as Processor and uses it decide the vm deployment location. • If the account uses this affinity group while deploying the vm, the vm will be placed on the resource dedicated to it • If this affinity group is not chosen, the vm is deployed on shared host (non-dedicated host)
  8. 8. A simple scenario • • • • • 2 accounts Blue and Red 3 Hosts Host 1 dedicated to account Blue Host 3 dedicated to account Red Host 2 is undedicated (shared)
  9. 9. Host Dedicated to account Blue Shared Host Host Dedicated to account Red A A A VM deployed from account Blue using affinity group A VM deployed from account Red using affinity group VM deployed from account Blue without affinity group VM deployed from account Red without affinity group
  10. 10. Note • Only Root admin can dedicate/release • System VMs and Virtual Router do not adhere to explicit dedication as they are owned by the system account and can be deployed on any host. • Admin can live migrate a VM deployed on dedicated resource to a resource not owned by the account, but suitable alerts are generated by CloudStack
  11. 11. Resources • This is an introduction to Explicit dedication. Please refer to the Functional Specification for more detailed explanation : UDSTACK/Dedicated+Resources++Private+zone%2C+pod%2C+cluster%2C+host+Fu nctional+Spec
  12. 12. Thanks, Saksham Srivastava @sakkuboy