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How to Certify a L1


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How to Certify a L1

  1. 1. How to Certify a L1 By Matteo Callegari How to Certify a L1
  2. 2. Contents • L1: Qualifications • Before the Exam • During the Exam • After the Exam How to Certify a L1
  3. 3. L1: Qualifications • Level 1 judges are: – local / store judges – Regular REL events – main envoys to the retail community – basic knowledge of rules & policy – basic knowledge of tournament operation How to Certify a L1
  4. 4. L1: Qualifications • Has acted as a judge at a sanctioned event twice in the last six months. • Knowledge of tournament structures with experience as a player in DCI-sanctioned tournaments. • Passing score on L1 judge certification exam. • Brief interview with a L2+ judge and written recommendation. How to Certify a L1
  5. 5. L1: Qualifications • What about? – Passing RA test – Passing L1 Practice test – Knowledge of the IPG – FJing at Competitive events How to Certify a L1
  6. 6. Before the Exam • Pre Exam Interview – Rules questions – Policy questions – Activity questions – Goal questions • Do not create a test for a Candidate that you will not pass! How to Certify a L1
  7. 7. Before the Exam • Create the test – Judge Center -> Exams -> Create – Magic (English) -> Level 1 – Candidate (DCI #!) • Print the test (Safari / Chrome / IE 8+) – Paper Exam – Full Exam – Answer Sheet – Short Answer Key (for you!) How to Certify a L1
  8. 8. During the Exam • Setup – Location – Materials • Instructions – – – – – – Confidential! 25 questions (18 rules + 7 policy) Answer Sheet is final Ask questions AP vs NAP, multiple answers, random pool Time: un-timed but expect 60-90 minutes How to Certify a L1
  9. 9. During the Exam • Interview – Review the wrong questions and the ones marked as difficult –> be sure of the answers! – Give back the Paper Exam to the candidate – First to go to the difficult questions – Go through the wrong questions – Educate about rules and policy – Create connections with the community • Destroy Paper Exam, keep Answer Sheet How to Certify a L1
  10. 10. After the Exam • Review – Enter within 1 week if possible – Enter even if not passed – Judge Center -> Reviews -> Create – Interview – Test ID, Score and Recommended Level (from Answer Sheet) – Subject Name (DCI #!) – Enter info also for the event How to Certify a L1
  11. 11. After the Exam • Review – “Compare Subject” should be based on the Candidate’s current level – “Strengths” (R&P, reasons for testing, positive interactions) – “Areas for Improvement” (R&P, Areas for new Level role, negative interactions) – “Comments” (“This Review is based on testing at XXX Event on <Date>”, “I recommend that Candidate advance to / remain at Level X”) • Congratulate on local forums, Facebook, … How to Certify a L1
  12. 12. After the Exam • Failures – even though they aren't certified yet they are still a judge – we still value them – this test has identified some areas for improvement with our help – scheduling a time or event for a retest gives the candidate a goal to work towards and encourages them to keep judging – retest after 2 months How to Certify a L1