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Advertising appeal ppt

advertising appeal (i.e) rational and emotional aapeal in marketing

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Advertising appeal ppt

  1. 1. ADVERTISING APPEAL Submitted by : Srishti Sachdeva MBA/4539/13
  2. 2.  The approach used to attract the attention of consumers and/or to influence their feelings toward the product, service, or cause.  “Something that moves people, speaks to their wants or needs, and excites their interest.”
  3. 3. The reasonable, practical and functional desirability of a product or service to a potential consumer. It is concerned with an appealing price point and with highlighting the benefits of owning the product. It encourages consumers to buy or to act on a cognitive rather than emotional basis. The rational appeal is widely used by small businesses to fend off competition.
  4. 4. Feature Appeal Advertisements based on such appeal are highly informative, provides information of product attributes or features that can be used as the basis for rational purchase decision. Technical and high involvement product often uses this appeal. Example : Nexus 5
  5. 5. Competitive Advantage Appeal Such appeal is used to compare the product with the competitor's product directly or indirectly and advertiser try to present his product superior then competitor's product on one or more attributes.
  6. 6. Feature comparison between the Tata Vista and Maruti Suzuki Swift. Note that , marketers often cleverly compare only those aspect where their own brand is lading, often ignoring others.
  7. 7. News Appeal In this appeal some type of news or announcements about product or company dominates the advertisement. This type of appeal can be used for new product or service or to inform consumer of significant modifications or improvements.
  8. 8. Favorable price appeal It makes the price offer the dominant point of the message. Price appeal advertising used most often by retailers to announce sales, special offers, or low everyday prices. Price appeal ads are often used by national advertisers during recessionary times.
  9. 9. BHARTI- AXA LIFE insurance in India stresses on the low premium for the term insurance
  10. 10. Product / Service Popularity Appeal Stress the popularity of a product or service by pointing out the number of consumers who use the brand, the number who have switched to it, the number of experts who recommend it, or its leadership position in the market.
  12. 12. Type of advertising in which the copy is designed to stimulate one's emotions, rather than one's sense of the practical or impractical. Promotional activity aimed at highlighting emotional factors (such as looks, status value, popularity) of a product, instead of the logical or practical factors. When copywriters use emotional appeal in advertising, they are attempting to appeal to the consumer's psychological, social, or emotional needs. The copy is written to arouse fear, love, hate, greed, sexual desire, or humor, or otherwise create psychological tension that can best be resolved by purchase of the product or service.
  13. 13. Aspects of Emotional appeal 1. Personal Appeal Some personal emotions that can drive individuals to purchase products include safety, fear, love, humor, joy, happiness, sentiment, stimulation, pride, self esteem, pleasure, comfort, ambition, nostalgia etc. 2. Social Appeal Social factors cause people to make purchases and include such aspects as recognition, respect, involvement, affiliation, rejection, acceptance, status and approval.
  14. 14. Hallmark, AT&T, Kodak, and Oscar Mayer often create commercials that evoke feelings of warmth, nostalgia, and/or sentiment. See this MasterCard ad as an example
  15. 15. Another reason for using emotional appeals is to influence consumers’ interpretations of their product usage experience. One way of doing this is through what is known as transformational advertising. A transformational ad is defined as “one which associates the experience of using (consuming) the advertised brand with a unique set of psychological characteristics which would not typically be associated with the brand experience to the same degree without exposure to the advertisement.”
  16. 16. In many advertising situations the decision facing the creative specialist is not whether to choose an emotional or a rational appeal but, rather, determining how to combine the two approaches.
  17. 17. Reminder advertising  Building brand awareness and/or keeping the brand name in front of consumers.  Products and services that have a seasonal pattern to their consumption also use reminder advertising, particularly around the appropriate period.  For example, marketers of candy products often increase their media budgets and run reminder advertising around Valentine’s Day, Diwali, Raksha Bandhan and Christmas.
  18. 18. Teaser advertising  Designed to build curiosity, interest, and/or excitement about a product or brand by talking about it but not actually showing it.  They are used by marketer to draw attention to upcoming advertising campaigns and generate interest and publicity for them.
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