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Hair's Only solution is providing affordable treatment of hair transplantation.

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Hair's only solution

  1. 1. Hair’s Only Solution 100 % Safe and Sure Way to Strong, Shinning & Healthy Hair
  2. 2. What are Bald Spot? The hair is a vital components of one’s physical attractiveness. The typical lifespan of a strand of hair is from 2 years to as much as 5 years. When eventually falls out, another follicle is printed to replace it and begin another two-year to five year cycle. The average person’s hair grows approximately one and a half inches each month. There are countless people in the world , who are facing problem of hair loss.
  3. 3. Causes of Bald Spot? The causes of bald spot on the head varies greatly between individuals and there are many possible culprits. The most typical factor in hair loss is heredity. Genetic problem may cause hair loss in women as well as men. If one’s father and grandfather both had a bald patch, the chances are good that you also have bald spot.
  4. 4. Another cause is Androgenic alopecia, which is to be considered the most widely know cause of bald spot. It occurs when testosterone is converted into dihydotestosterone(DHT) within the body. This causes are seen specially in women due to their menopause,perimenopause, pregnancy or other concentraction.Such hormonal fluctuations may bring other problem.
  5. 5. Stress and shock may also contribute to the development of a bald patch. Surgery or severe illness can both be at the root of hair loss.
  6. 6. What are the treatment to remove Bald Spot? Now a days , the latest technique that is used is Follicular Unit Extraction which is considered to be one of the best . The latest, FUE hair transplant enables the surgeon to not to leave any scar after the transplant, and because of that patients doesn't have to live with the permanent scarring on their skulls for the rest of their lives. This unfortunately in the traditional follicular unit hair transplant has, so choose wisely which hair treatment process you wanted to go for. After all, it's all about your appearance and hair.
  7. 7. The Results of FUE method are really effective, I have seen many people who gone through this technique and now having real hair that makes their personalities really great. They are now motivated and their big problem of hair loss has been thrown out from their lives.
  8. 8. Hair’s Only Solution have all the Solution related to hair loss. Dr Rahul Verma is the specialist who have mastered in hair transplantation. You can visit him at their office or you can take free consultation by taking an appointment today only from his website. Dr. Rahul Verma
  9. 9. Our • • • • • • • • • • Services: Follicular Unit Hair Transplants Follicular Unit Extraction Eyebrow Hair Transplants Hair Transplant Repair & Surgery Wigs and Rebounding Laser Hair Removal Sample Hair Transplantation Myths & Facts Body Hair Transplant Artificial Hair Transplant
  10. 10. Contact Us:Hair's Only Solution A-757, Sector 19, Noida Uttar Pradesh, India Ph:- +91-0120-4544995 Mobile:- +91-9818899771, +919911170709