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crazy engineers

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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  1. 1. Not a Social Networking Site But An Online Global Engineering Community YaY, we are about 86,000 now.
  2. 2. We the Crazy Engineers are : C - CREATIVE R - REALISTIC A - AMBIDEXTROUS Z - ZEALOUS Y - YOKED
  3. 3. YaY! YaY! YaY!
  4. 4. New Ideas, Creative Thoughts, Innovations is only Possible through collaboration which is the major part of our
  5. 5. CE makes us to reach the Great Heights of Success!
  6. 6. We are Very Good Friends!! You can’t see this Kind of Friend Ship in any other Forums!
  7. 7. But, You are new everyday!
  8. 8. Wishing you the treasure of Happy Yesterdays and the gift of Bright Tomorrows!! Happy Birthday CE!
  9. 9. The Man Behind all this is The_Big_K You are Awesome! A Very Happy Birthday to You! Rock On!
  10. 10. Happy Birthday to CE and Biggie! Have a Blast!
  11. 11. Thanks to Biggie for giving this Wonderful and Beautiful Place for us and Once again Happy Birthday to CE and Biggie.