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  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE Email Id: Contact : +91-9959884759 PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY  Over 3 years of IT experience in Software Development.  Proficient with technologies Core Java, Hibernate, JDBC, Servlets, JSP, JavaScript, HTML, AJAX, JBoss, MySql and Oracle.  In depth knowledge on Open Source Frameworks like Jakarta Struts, JBOSS Seams.  Strengths include strong customer interface and bug fixing skills.  Excellent communication skills. PROFESSIONAL WORK EXPERIENCE  Working as a Sr. Software Programmer in Virinchi Technologies, Hyderabad, from July-2007 to till date.  Worked as a Jr. Software Programmer in XL Softtech, Hyderabad, from Jan-2007 to June-2007.  Worked as a Software Developer in Sunshine Soft, Hyderabad, from Jun-2005 to Nov- 2006. EDUCATIONAL PROFILE  M.C.A. from Osmania University.  B.Sc ( Maths, Computers, Stats) from Osmania Unviersity. TECHNICAL SKILLS J2EE Technology Servlets, JSP, JDBC, EJB, XML, Struts Languages Java, SQL, C, C++. Database MySql, Oracle. Web Server JBoss Operating Systems Win95/98/NT/2000. Tools Eclipse, Notepad++, Toad, SQLyog. Web Technologies HTML, Java Script, AJAX, PHP. Others Hibernate Distributed RMI Technologies
  2. 2. PROJECT PROFILE: Project-01: Thinking Media (from jul’07-Till date). Client : VirinchiTechnologies Team Size :9 Technologies : Java, Hibernate, struts, Html, Jsp, JavaScript, AJAX, JBoss & MYSql Tools/IDE : Eclipse, SQLYog DESCRIPTION: Thinking Media is a Media and entertainment portal that provides a platform for various stakeholders like Talents, Investors, Experts, Thinking Media administration, & Franchises to collaborate and produce movies. This application is modular based and has various modules like Talent, Investor, Expert, Franchise and administration. TM provides the most effective means of recording costs, primarily through automation of Portal, this application reduces the time by selecting talented people through portal, and with making use of more sophisticated techniques for managing user profiles. The principal aim of this application is to encourage talented people and help them in moving to a better position. PURPOSE:  To Automate the TM movie Portal.  Enable Investors in investing their money without any mediators with Tm portal.  Encourage and participation of talent people by exposing their skills in different fields through Media Portal. RESPONSIBILITIES:  Coding and preparation of both server and client program.  Worked as Mailing side, client side and server side application.  Involved in Design & Development of Registration, Investors and Admin modules. Project-02: CRP (Collaborative Research Platform) (Feb’07 to Jun’07) Client : Serono Symposia International Foundation, Italy. Team Size :9 Technologies : Java, Hibernate, JSP, HTML, JBoss, Oracle, Servlets & XML Tools/IDE : IDEA, TOAD for MySql. DESCRIPTION: Collaborative Research Platform is an online portal that would provide the members of the CRP portal with a means to share Product right and the Revenue generated from the sale of the particular product. The portal would enable its members to collaborate with each other and initiate a Project. This acts as a gateway for the talents to exposure their skills to all the members of the CRP. The basic modules which are covered are Registration, Talent Login, Investor and Admin. RESPONSIBILITIES:  Preparing help manuals.
  3. 3.  Involved in Design & Development of Admin, Investor Modules.  Worked on Client side and server side validation. Project-03: ONS (Online Recruitment System) (Nov’06 to Jan’07) Client : XL Softtech. Team Size :9 Technologies : Java, Hibernate, JSP, HTML, JBoss, Oracle, Servlets & XML Tools/IDE : IDEA, TOAD for MySql. Servers : Tomcat DESCRIPTION: This Project help us to develop Recruitment Service that can be accessed over the internet. The finished product will serve both the Jobseeker and Employer. It will serve the purpose of searching jobs and it is useful for employer to advertise, select and Recruit Employees. The system will cater for all industries. The system database will help graduates to search for a job anything from accounting and computers to warehouses and driving positions etc. The Basic modules Administrator information, Employer information, Employer user information, Graduate Information, Graduate user information and Company details. RESPONSIBILITIES:  Involved in preparation of Documentation and FSDS.  Involved in Database Design.  Involved in coding of Login and Registration Modules.  Involved in client side validations. Project-04: BIS (Banking Information System) (Jun’05 to Sept’06) Client : Exion Softtech. Team Size :9 Technologies : Java, JSP, EJB, JDBC. Database : Oracle. Servers : Tomcat DESCRIPTION: This Project help us to develop Banking Information that can be accessed over the internet. The finished product will serve both the Bank and Customers. It will serve the purpose of Transactions through online, from this we can make our account information easy. The Basic modules Accounts, Transactions and Reports. And these modules havesome sub modules. RESPONSIBILITIES:  Involved in Coding and Designing.  Involved in Creation of Transactions & Accounts.  Involved in client side validations. PERSONAL DETAILS: Name : Saritha.Reddymasu Date of Birth : 25th june 1980
  4. 4. Father’s Name : R. Bala Showry Sex : Female Martial Status : Married Nationality : Indian Languages Known : Telugu, Hindi, English.