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Saa s marketing


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Saa s marketing

  1. 1. SaaS & Marketing Workshop Delivered by Sriram Reddy 5th May 2011
  2. 2. Covering…• SaaS, PaaS, Cloud, Grid, Utility computing• SaaS & Digital media marketing models• SaaS & Digital media marketing strategy• SaaS & Pricing models• SaaS & Accountability in marketing• SaaS & Innovation in marketing• SaaS & Ethics in marketing
  3. 3. SaaS vs PaaS vs Cloud vs Grid vs Utility-ComputingUtility-Computing: Packaging computing resource/s on a metered service.Grid: Centralized/Distributed, On Demand and Scalable integrated computing power as a service.Cloud: Scalable integrated system as a service hosted on a grid.
  4. 4. SaaS vs PaaS vs Cloud vs Grid vs Utility-ComputingSaaS: A methodology to provide an On Demand software system with an ability to monitor its resources usage on a specified unit.PaaS: A methodology On Demand software platform with an ability to integrate with other softwares and have an ability to monitor its resources usage on specified units.
  5. 5. Why do we need to know the differences?• Eases the development and innovation strategy• Gives flexibility in product offering• Provides a new vision in marketing strategy• Derives better billing model with high transparency• Possibly changes business model
  6. 6. Methodology?• Not as strict as a method• Provides an idea to generate a strict methods• Methodology gives knowledge to develop number of methods to attain a goal• Methodology is nothing but theory• Methodology evolves over the time
  7. 7. SaaS business methodology• Human Resources• Information & Technology• Marketing & Sales• Accounts & Finance• Operations & Support
  8. 8. Marketing or/and The best product• Even universe is not perfect• Market is not stable• If such only product exist yes we dont need to marketing• If market is not varying yes we dont need marketing• Balance is important
  9. 9. Digital Media Marketing• What is digital media marketing?Simple marketing but launchers, launchpads and payloads are different• Is this different?Yes
  10. 10. Digital Media Marketing Models• Push Model • Pull ModelAim is to push digital Aim is to pull marketing content customer your to potential comfort zone customer market• Less €€€ • More €€€
  11. 11. Digital Media Marketing Push Model - Launchers• Email Campaigns• Social Networks• Group Messages• RSS feeds• Podcast pushes• Slide pushes• Video pushes• Product Manuals
  12. 12. Digital Media Marketing Push Model - Payloads• Email Messages• Network update posts• Help messages on groups• Updates on RSS feeds• Audio (Explanations and guidelines)• Video (Display usage)
  13. 13. Digital Media Marketing Push Model – Launch Pads• Mail marketing • Depends on product provides • Depends on strategy(ex: constant • Depends on contacts & ec2) accountability• Shared News threshold Portals,Content • Depends on brand aggregators etc management
  14. 14. Digital Media Marketing Pull Model - Launchers• Search Engine Marketing (Organic)• Affiliate Networks• Pay Per Click (Ad- tech)• Pay Per Leeds (Ad- tech)• Pay Per Million Impressions (rte)• Search Engine Marketing(Paid)
  15. 15. Digital Media Marketing Pull Model - Payloads• Website target landing pages• Website routing pages• Banner Images• Banner Animations• Target key words• Leeds form
  16. 16. Digital Media Marketing Pull Model – Launch Pads• Website directories • Depends on budgets• Search optimization • €€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€• Search engine paid search results • €€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€• Video blogs• Ad Networks• Product comparison sites
  17. 17. Pull model - Web Development1. Web site is the primary media for digital marketing in SaaS era2. Search engines are one major source3. Optimizing website for high search ranking4. Optimizing website for brand building5. Optimizing website for support6. Optimizing web site for business process
  18. 18. Pull model - Web Development7. Optimizing for speed8. Optimized of security9. Optimized for costumer behavior analysis10. Optimized for information acquisition11. Optimized for sales12. Optimized for legal obligations13. Optimized for ethical obligations
  19. 19. Push Model – Social Marketing1. High ROI since investment is low2. Media platform are evolving3. Opportunity to make SaaS integrated with Social Platforms4. Social Resource Planning5. Constant review on social content for brand building
  20. 20. Strategy & Business Success• Measures • If plan is good effectiveness of probability of plan getting success is• Introduces math in heigh to life • Business success• Strategy = Plan = Financial ROI = Financial Accounts = Math Accounts = Math
  21. 21. Strategy & Success
  22. 22. Digital Media Marketing Strategy• Strategy introduces accountability• Accountability introduces responsibility• Digital media marketing strategy introduces 1. Measuring mechanism for effectiveness of digital media marketing 2. Adds accountability in terms of Return On Investment (ROI) 3. Creates responsibility for an effective plan
  23. 23. Strategy in Push & Pull ModelsPull Model Push Model1. Cost of advertising 1. Cost of media2. Cost of media generation development 2. Cost of strategy3. Cost of keywords implementation investigation4. Cost of strategy implementation
  24. 24. Strategy in Push & Pull Models1. We calculate cost of traffic2. We measure leeds count from traffic3. We number transactions on books from leeds4. We extract profit from transactions5. We present profit/loss of each campaignWho is doing all the above work and how much that cost where it goes in my books?I say cost of strategy
  25. 25. Digital Media Marketing Strategy SaaS Perspective1. Fill the knowledge gap in digital media marketing2. Apply both push and pull models with right strategy3. Manage both longterm and short term strategies4. Adopt SaaS pricing models and apply transparent licensing and billing
  26. 26. Marketing & Pricing1. Right price is important for effective marketing2. Pricing may not be a direct a result of costing3. Variable pricing can attract variety of markets4. One price for each market can also bring ethics down
  27. 27. SaaS Pricing Models & Licensing1.Identify right computable units(Ex- User, Transaction, Instance, Usage Time, API key incase of PaaS)2. Increased metering variables increases number of marketing plans3. More plans mean more flexibility to user4. Dont forget to meter metering cost
  28. 28. SaaS Pricing Models & Licensing• Transparent Pricing 1. Computing power cost 2. Data storage cost 3. Application usage cost 4. Data escrow cost 5. Software escrow cost 6. SaaS layering cost 7. Dependable services cost
  29. 29. SaaS Pricing Models & Licensing• Closed Pricing 1. Price per unit 2. Price per plan 3. Price per add-on 4. Price per api-key 5. Price per support unit 6. Price per support plan
  30. 30. SaaS & Innovations In Marketing• Marketing evolves since market evolves over the time• Research and development needed for new marketing strategies• R&D funding should be for both SaaS product development and marketing• SaaS business market is the fastest growing and evolving market
  31. 31. SaaS & Accountability• SaaS business function integrates with each other and its hard to develop accountably• Every thing looks like software department is accountable• Accountability is crucial for strategy implementation• With out accountability there is no responsibility
  32. 32. SaaS & Accountability• Modular and interoperable with in the platform• Single service for each business function• Service bus for message passing• Independent & channeled data bus
  33. 33. Cost Of Strategy• Strategy costs time • Strategy and money implementation• Reduced cost of becomes error strategy means prone with out flexible strategies having• Use integrated accountability data to reduce cost • Accountability of strategy increases responsibility
  34. 34. SaaS & Ethics1. Ethics are far more important to SaaS business then normal software business2. It is minimum requirement to be ethical to be transparent on data handling policies and procedures3. It is minimum requirement to publish ethics of the SaaS company4. It is minimum requirement provide training on ethics to key software and data handlers
  35. 35. SaaS & Ethics5. It is ethical to describe the reasons for pricing,supply and service variance over demographies6. It is ethical to obey the enforced supply restrictions of residing legal boundary7. It is ethical to obey the enforced restrictions of operating legal boundary
  36. 36. Marketable Ethics & Ethical Marketing in SaaS• Since Ethics are important for SaaS business they are highly marketable• Having good published ethics gives companys value over ethics and provides vital trust needed in the SaaS market• Also it is important to have ethical marketing strategy over competitors
  37. 37. SaaS Ethics & Retention• Retention is key for SaaS business since SaaS market got rapid changes• Cost of retention is much lower than cost of acquisition• It is proven having good ethics on supply and support provides high retention ratio• It is important to have an over look on ethics of support personal
  38. 38. Review• We know what exactly is SaaS• We know how to make a methodology• We know we need marketing no mater what• Digital medial marketing• Push Model• Pull Model
  39. 39. Review• What is Strategy• Strategy for digital marketing• Pricing and marketing• Pricing models for SaaS• Strategy and accountability• Cost of strategy
  40. 40. Review• Ethics and why do SaaS business count• Value of published ethics• Marketable ethics• Ethical marketing• Finally we reviewed allA Big Thanks :-)