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Unleash It Casestudy


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Agile methods are increasingly popular of late due to flexibility of iterative development with changes, but there is a strong cost rationale for traditional work specialization and planned based approaches to project management. One need not necessarily make a choice among these seemingly different options. Hybrid methods work with both, leveraging the best of both and unleash is a step in that direction.
The salient features of the product include
1) CMMI level 3, 4 and 5 compliance.
2) Early warning capability in-built. Systems are designed to provide early capability warning even before things get in wrong direction.
3) Follows complete project life cycle approach (SDLC) with executive controls.
4) Ability to create and re-use project templates for efficient projects execution.
5) Ability to customize and integrate with any existing ERP systems.
6) Features of TOC and critical chain approach are integrated.

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Unleash It Casestudy

  1. 1. IT and IS Case study
  2. 2. Unleash Team strongly believes in customer data and informationconfidentiality.All the information used in this case study has been studied andapproved by the end client and does not divulge any informationwhich did not receive approval of the client’s executive department.
  3. 3. Context and the settingA medium sized IT and ITES organization based out of HiTech City,Hyderabad mostly servicing clients based out of US follows CMMstandards, employing about 4000 members in their Hyderabadoffice in addition to another 3000 members in the Gurgaon office.The work involves several ERP projects based on huge databasesand web based e-commerce technologies. Requirements by thecustomers are usually agreed in advance and executed as per theneeds.
  4. 4. Context and the settingMany of the projects are multi-year fixed price contracts and areexecuted using the work flow tools developed in house, whichconsists of change control systems and tracking mechanisms.While changes are common and have always been accommodatedto ensure customer satisfaction, they have started becoming morefrequent along with price erosion due to competition to retainexisting contracts.While efficiency improvements are happening continuously thechanges, specially towards the later part of project are increasingthe costs tremendously.
  5. 5. Context and the settingThe organization has decided to follow Agile practices to better dealwith changes and few projects have adopted Scrum methodologyfor projects execution. This seemed to have improved the ability towork more efficiently with respect to changes, but the CMMstandards proved difficult to follow and Audits have pointed outmany discrepancies in the systems which need to be addressedurgently. Specially the documentation of meeting notes and workflow changes with tracking needed better methods.Various tracking techniques like mobile camera pictures etc weredone to meet CMMI standards in the interim. The scrum practiceslike planning and retrospective were manually planned on physicalcalendars which had to be done manually for different projects.
  6. 6. Problem StatementA solution was urgently required which would allow the organizationto continue following the internally developed work flow systems forprojects execution and allow a few teams to adopt Agile practices.Due to the nature of Industry and competition involved, the toolshave to be CMMI compliant and be able to integrate with theexisting work flow systems. Preference is for systems which allowgreater automation of various projects and work with SAP systemsalready in place in the organization.
  7. 7. Solution with “Unleash”Unleash is a complete project management system which has toolsfor change controls, waterfall and Agile project management. Thetools is CMMI level 3 complaint with Audit trails and automatedmechanisms for creation of road maps, release schedules, iterationplanning, review and retrospective schedules defined and assignedto the individual team member calendars. A work dashboard tomanage portfolios, programs and “episodic events” is available.Since the tools are based on cloud, it is easy to integrate and hasthe ability to synchronize with SAP systems by automated readingof excel files generated by SAP through scripts which run inautomated mode every midnight.
  8. 8. Solution Methodology The following solution methodology was followed for integration of “Unleash” into the client’s PMIS already in place, managed by PMO. Implemen Analyze Suggest Adjust t A team of 2 Proposal senior provided managers and The softwareRequirements including 4 dedicated was adjusted asare gathered. consulting and software needed after theSystems training engineers implementationanalysis. schedules allocated to along withPMIS are Feedback customize completion ofstudied. received and “Unleash” core team training. proposal modules using finalized Agile practices
  9. 9. Lessons Learned• It was realized that the implementation of solution was a challengebut the biggest challenge was a lack of focus on “changemanagement” required for the team to adopt to new environment.• The project management trainings provided have gone a long way inhelping team members adopt the new systems. Many members had alack of awareness of Agile methodologies and had persisted withusage of command and control systems. These were addressed as apart of change management and were realized to be a key aspect ofultimate client success.
  10. 10. Data Concerns, Contracts and solutionThe customer has agreed to have our system be implemented ontheir servers with a two year contract to have any changes be madeby our team.The contract can be renewed after two years with an option tocompletely buy the source code, for in-house customization by thecustomers IT teams.