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Campaign concepts for brand anniversary


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Published in: Marketing
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Campaign concepts for brand anniversary

  1. 1. Idea 2002 - Arrived.
  2. 2. The Decade of Ideas. The last decade saw a change. Money, Connections, Pedigree, Qualifications, Slogging, Luck; All saw one simple beautiful thing overpowering them. The idea. Facebook was an idea. iPad was an idea. Anna was an idea. Foreign Coaches was an idea. Wikileaks was an idea. Nothing made more impact in the last decade than ideas. Come let’s celebrate this age of idea by looking back at the ideas that shaped the world as we know it over the last decade. > Stories of these ideas and their ideators spread through SMS, mailers, talks at colleges, features in news channels, presence at innovation events etc. > Along with them stories of lesser known but inspirational ideators spread.
  3. 3. India Ideating. The month phone changed the world. The brand Idea has been a pioneer in not just creating ideas to solve problems of our nation but making people realize the problems which exist. On the 10th Anniversary of Idea, the brand takes what it has been doing for a decade to another level. > All Idea customers send us one problem which they feel very strongly about through a toll free SMS. The most prominent problems then relayed back to the customer seeking ideas for solving them. > The best idea will be turned into a reality by us.
  4. 4. Ideas to reality. In the last 10 years, the brand Idea has given been giving ideas to India which have gone beyond one way TV messages to ideas which have stimulated changes in people’s lives. People started walking while talking on their phone. Settling in new cities became easier by breaking the language barriers. Public expression became moments. > Let’s showcase stories of actual people and communities who brought our ideas to reality to make a change in their life or those around them.
  5. 5. The Idea Day. / Wall of Ideas. On Idea 10th anniversary, let’s use one of the very important resource of our country, people, to create another important resource, Ideas. > Brand Idea goes on-ground to meet people and captures ideas that the common man has to change this country for a better future. > Walls set-up at different prominent location in cities and towns where people come a write their ideas. > TED analogous talk set-ups in which common people showcase their ideas to the world. > Consumers also upload their own ideas on the Idea portal.
  6. 6. The Idea that changed your life. Every move forward we make is an Idea. People who has made big in life. People who had, if not big, have reached some place of satisfaction. All of them have one idea which changed their life. An idea which gave them the way to achieve something in life. On Idea 10th year anniversary, we give everyone a chance to peek into the lives of these achievers on that idea which changed their life, through videos in which they themselves tell about it.
  7. 7. Next Age of Ideas. Kids can sometimes come up with ideas which nobody could have imagined. They have an unbiased view of the world. Kids are generally not as conditioned as we adults are by the social and physical norms. Idea has been bearing the flag of ‘Ideas’ for the past 10 years, and for the next 10 years they want to give the mantle to young imaginative kids to come up with ideas that will change lives in future.
  8. 8. Idea Arrived.