An overview of customer research capabilities


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An overview of customer research capabilities

  1. 1. An Overview of Customer Research Capabilities Offered by Frost & SullivanBy Krishna Srinivasan, Frost & Sullivan Global President and Senior Board MemberInternational growth consultancy Frost & Sullivan works with organizations in all different markets,providing them access to resources ranging from executive management training and best practicesinformation to customer data and technical research. The company†™s comprehensive researchservices extend to businesses operating in 10 different industries, including automotive andtransportation, energy and power systems, and health care. Frost & Sullivan focuses its data and industryanalysis on eight unique areas, including customer research.Frost & Sullivan†™s Customer Research unit provides clients with applicable data about the customerswho use their products or services, which the client can in turn apply toward marketing efforts,rebranding, and other initiatives. The globally positioned division maintains expertise in generating ideasfor revenue streams, such as new services and products, and methods for bringing these solutions tomarket. In addition, the Customer Research group possesses the capabilities to provide companies withsnapshots of their ranks within respective industries.The Frost & Sullivan Customer Research division†™s solutions encompass a number of approaches,including strategic planning, brand and category development, new product integration, advertising andmarketing evaluation, and market structure analysis. Analysts determine what solutions would work bestfor clients by employing quantitative and qualitative research methods, analytics, and customized studiesto assess customer bases, the market, and other factors. To receive feedback on the growth strategiesexecuted by Frost & Sullivan, the consultancy relies on its Competitive Benchmarking Services (CBS)Choice Survey Program. This program identifies and awards those organizations, services, andprocesses deemed the best in their respective fields.