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Scientific truth

  1. 1. 1 SCIENCE AND THE BIBLEIs life on this earth a purposeless accident? Is life a result of a cosmicchance as claimed by so-called scientists? Whether all wonders, beauty,and order in the universe, is merely: an accident? Where do we comefrom? Where do we go? What is the purpose of this life? What is theanswer for all these Questions? The answer is creation has a creator, asdesign in the universe implies a designer. Atheists, skeptics, & Gnosticswho always talk what they do not know, engage in idle babble, collectinformation falsely & call their knowledge as rational knowledge. They areproud knowing nothing, but are obsessed with disputes & argumentsover words. They deceive their own hearts by a strong delusion & believefalse as truth & truth as false.BIBLE says that, “BECAUSE THE FOOLISHNESS OF GOD IS WISERTHAN MEN AND THE WEAKNESS OF GOD IS STRONGER THAN MEN.FOR YOU SEE YOUR CALLING, BRETHERN, THAT NOT MANY WISEACCORDING TO THE FLESH, NOT MANY MIGHTY, NOT MANY NOBLE,ARE CALLED. BUT GOD HAS CHOSEN THE FOOLISH THINGS OF THEWORLD TO PUT TO SHAME THE WISE AND GOD HAS CHOSEN THEWEAK THINGS OF THE WORLD TO PUT TO SHAME THE THINGS WHICHARE MIGHTY”.(1cor 1:25.)The psalm 19:1 of the BIBLE states that “HEAVENS DECLARE THEGLORY OF GOD, AND THE FIRMAMENT SHOWS HIS HANDY WORK”. InGenesis 1:1-25, we read that how God created everything in the heavensand on earth. In genesis 1:26-27, we read that, “THEN GOD SAID, LET USMAKE MAN IN OUR OWN IMAGE, ACCORDING TO OUR OWN LIKENESS”.In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. These are thevery first words of the BIBLE, which tells us of the beginning of theheavens and the earth. God who created them in the beginning meansthat he existed before the beginning and that the world, the heavens, theearth and everything in them were created by him. The mysteries,miracles, wonders, and secrets of the universe wrested in the bosom of
  2. 2. 2God alone and he through the BIBLE gave all the answers to his mendoubts and questions arising out, in every field of human enquiry.Some believe that the universe is a result of some inexplicable andunknown chance of combination of interacting forces. They honestlybelieve that billions of years ago there was a great explosion called bigbang in the space that resulted in the formation of our universe. Byfinding the Age of Aquarius, astronomers say that the universe is 6billions years old. Now where is that clock or what is that clock or whatwas that time machine: from which they measured that time?How absurd it is to believe some thing like that! We have heard of manyexplosions, and might have witnessed some. What do they produce? Dothey produce beauty, design, order, or creation? They do not create orbuild anything, but they destroy everything. How can one get a printednewspaper, high lighting that day’s events, resulting out of a bombexplosion in the newspaper press? Are we to believe that an explosionorganized letters, columns, spaces, and that set the power on to print thenews paper high lighting that days events, like politics, sports, picturesand etc? Are we to believe in these scientists who take advantage, thatuniverse cannot talk and it has no date stamp? Can scientists say anything they like?If the big bang theory of Hoyle, 1949 is true, why the moons of Neptuneand Uranus roil retrograde? Why the cosmic dust on our moon’s surfaceis only a half an inch? Scientists had calculated that our moon wouldreceive an inch of cosmic dust every 10,000 years. But when men landedon moon their boot did not go half an inch inside even. C14, Carbondating test can date substances only up to 2000 years.Now the scientists claim that they can date substances up to 7, 14,000years by using Al 26 dating test. If as per scientists earth is billions ofyears old, why is Globe warming? Why so many rivers are drying? Whyice in North Pole is melting away and grass is growing? Why ice andsnow have reduced on mountain tops, which is the source and origin of
  3. 3. 3many rivers in this world? As per BIBLE our universe was created in 6days, 6000 years ago. BIBLE speaks of creation of our earth (Gen 1:1),and destruction of our earth too (Isa 34:4, 2Ptr 3:10).The universe has purpose and design. There is beauty and order in it.How can life evolve from non-life? Can something come out of nothing?How wonderful it is to know and to believe that in the beginning there wasGod, who had always existed and that the eternal God, the creator ofheaven and earth and whatsoever, that are in them.The earth spins itself to give day and night, tilted itself, so that we getseasons. As per bible, the biosphere owes its existence to God’s act ofcreation. The biosphere is defined as part of envelope surrounding theearth in which the life thrives and survives. Man like all other livingcreature, is a product of that, biosphere, which God created on the veryfirst day.There are naturalists and evolutionists, who believe in what is called “acontinuous creation”. Of course, by this they do not mean that somethingwas made out of nothing, but rather, something shapely things, weremade out of shapeless things. But this theory of continuous andprogressive creation presupposes that each state of material world waspreceded by a previous state. There must be a beginning, but what wasthat in the beginning? Where did that come from? How and when did thatstart evolving? They say that man evolved from Anthropoid Ape andAnthropoid Ape from Ape and Ape from Buban and Buban fromChimpanzee and Chimpanzee from Monkey, which had evolved fromanother lower state, and that from another lower state, and that fromanother and that from another.But the question is where did that first one come from, which the processof evolution began? Why Ape is still an Ape? Why monkey is still amonkey? Why monkey has not changed into something else? Why Ape ormonkey could not talk or converse, while parrot and mina could talk likeman. And why is man still a man, who was supposedly evolved from a
  4. 4. 4state of monkey? Why is man not evolving into another being? HASEVOLUTION COME TO AN END?If man has evolved from lower species, why man does not start life likelower species? Birds start to fly the moment it comes out of egg. Reptilesstart hunting its prey the moment it comes out of egg. Why not man, if hehas come from lower specie? As per scientists, life and mankind hasbeen there from billions of years, then why there are no traces ofevolution to next higher specie? Scientists now claim that man hasevolved into intelligent specie. If that is true why scientist’s children arenot scientists, musician’s children are not musicians and genius childrenare not genius? What is an answer for all these, by these self-styled so-called evolutionists?Why man and woman are still male and female? Why man cannot be awoman and woman a man? Why father has to be a husband and woman awife? Why man cannot be a wife and a woman a husband? Darwin toconvince the world and to become great had put all kinds of misleadingquestions. Example: Why giraffe has long neck? Why frog’s back legsare longer than front legs? Why man lost the tail? Why mammary glandsare there in between legs in a cow or buffalo, while in man it is betweenshoulders? Why canines have long mammary glands stretching from hindlegs to fore legs?Evolution theory is nonsense, however sophisticated it might appear indress. The desire of these evolutionists, and the naturalists, is to explainthe world without God and to use man as mere animal of labor. It isinteresting to note animals have no idea of God at all. Persons whoaccept evolution theory have to accept themselves as animals and haveto be atheists like animals. One cannot accept to Darwin’s conclusion andidea of God both, since they contradict each other. But most people, whoaccept Darwin’s theory of evolution, also accept to idea of God whothinks he influences daily life. These people neither know message ofDarwin’s theory nor about God. They try to sail in two boats, with one legin atheistic Darwin’s theory and other leg in theistic religion.
  5. 5. 5Theory of evolution is destructive and it later became the foundation ofInhuman Communism, Nazism, fascism and capitalism, to treat divineman as an animal and justify use him as mere animal. Hitler was the onewho greeted Darwin’s theory of evolution. Quoting Darwin he hailed thatthe German Aryans as racially superior and annihilated 6 million Jews asracially inferior. Today it is proved beyond doubt that Jews are forerunners in all fields of human enquiry, be it military or science ortechnology or medicine. Darwin’s theory has more questions thananswers. Darwin’s theory is ridiculous and it was accepted during theindustrial revolutionToday science has opened up large dimensions of reason and thusbrought us new insights. But in the joy at the extent of its discoveries, ittends to take away from us dimensions of reason that we still need. Todayscientists denounce evolution theory. BIBLE is historical and scientific,greater than any book in existence. It is God’s book and his word. It hasbeen spark, which has promoted numerous scientific advances. Speakingin the realm of sciences, even though BIBLE is not a book of science, itdoes deal with scientific principles that have been proved correct. Truescience and BIBLE agree, and do not conflict. Many of the scientific truthsthat have been discovered only in recent times were written in the BIBLEseveral thousand years ago. Many Jewish and Christian scientistsattribute their source of scientific knowledge to the BIBLE. Science andtechnology is native and the natural born children of Christians and Jewsalone. BIBLE makes Christian and Jewish scientists feel, that they are notalone, that is why all inventions have come from them alone.Spiritually, the BIBLE contains the word of God, the will of God, and hismind through the scripture to man. BIBLE is the greatest book ever to bedelivered into the human hands. It is a book of the books, shinning gemof the ages, and inexhaustible. It has done more to change the course ofhuman events than any other book ever printed. It is bromide of life andan x-ray of truth. It gives comfort to the dying and a compass to the living.Some of the authors were shepherds, some were kings, some were ofgreat education, others men of formal education. Yet all wrote in such a
  6. 6. 6harmony and unity that not a single contradiction has ever been found intheir teachings.When scientists are asked to explain the destiny of galaxies, they answerthat they will all be slowly be eliminated in millions of years. When askedabout the destiny of man, they answer that man probably will have toleave this earth and find another civilization in another planet. Whenasked whether life is there on any other planet, they say that they are tobe probed. Believing in these scientists, governments are spendingbillions of dollars, tax payers’ money, and sending manned andunmanned space crafts to nook and corner of our solar system.For thousands of years men had believed that the earth was flat and thatthe ship went too far off to sea, fall off the edge and are destroyed. Todaywe laugh at such a theory. Yet this belief was widely accepted throughoutthe world, as late as the days of Columbus, the year A.D.1492. It was notuntil Magellan first sailed around the world on ocean in A.D. 1522 that theearth roundness and that all the oceans are together was proved. As wego back to the scripture, Moses wrote in his book of Genesis that, “THENGOD SAID, LET ALL OCEANS ON EARTH UNDER THE HEAVENS BEGATHERED TOGETHER INTO ONE PLACE AND LET DRY LAND APPEAR,AND IT WAS SO” (Gen 1:9F).Magellan had faith in the BIBLE and took the voyage on sea, believingthat the BIBLE as truth and infallible. Magellan after the voyage came tothe conclusion that earth is round and all the seas are together, but notthe lands or mountains. Moses never went around the globe on sea. Thenwho revealed him to write this astounding fact?The first ship launched by Americans was in San Francisco in 1919. Theship was built on the laws of buoyancy. It was rock stable having perfectmeta-center and its dimension was 300 ft X 50 ft X 30 ft. As we go back tothe BIBLE, the first ship Noah built as per God’s commandment was 300cubits X 50 cubits X 30 cubits. (Gen 6:13-22). Noah was no Mariner. Was it
  7. 7. 7God’s purpose that after revealing that all the seas are together, that manshould have a world wide voyage by the seas?Along side, as we turn back through the BIBLE, to the prophets, Isaiah40:22, we read that, “IT IS HE WHO SITS ABOVE THE CIRCLE OF EARTH”,meaning earth as round. Moses lived in 3850 B.C.E. and Isaiah lived in2350 B.C.E. Again in (proverbs 8:27), we read that, “WHEN HE PREPAREDTHE HEAVENS, I WAS THERE, WHEN HE DREW A CIRCLE ON THE FACEOF THE EARTH”. Who could have revealed them to write all these truthsseveral centuries ago?Another example of BIBLE, which deals with is, the universal law ofgravitation: For centuries it was believed that earth was held in a place bysome great support on its outside. As Magellan sailed around, howeverhe discovered nothing visible holds it in place. Thousands of years beforethis fact was accepted by the scientific world, Job in his book (Job 26:7),declared that “GOD STRECHED OUT THE NORTH OVER AN EMPTYSPACE, AND HE HANGS THE EARTH ON NOTHING”. Job was a shepherdand who gave him this kind of astounding astronomical knowledge? Hisbook is full of astronomy having cosmic values. Till 16th century A.D.,mankind had believed that Atlas, a Greek god, had carried the earth on hisback.The coming of Jesus will be in the day–and in the night. In the passage 2activities are in the night and 2 in the day. There is only one comingspoken of. At any given time part of the earth is covered by darkness andthe other part by light. One half of the world has night, while other hasday, at the same time (Luke17: 34-36). Who reveled this to this gentiledoctor?Later scientists also discovered that in the northern region there is a vastempty space, in which even most powerful telescopes have not been ableto locate any celestial bodies. In every other direction, stars can be found.Prophet Job in his book wrote about star constellations visible duringdifferent seasons, which is valid even today. Job was a shepherd and did
  8. 8. 8not go out of his own village. Who revealed him to write these terrestrialtruths? Job was not an astronomer and there were no telescopes thosedays.Noble Laureate, William Fountain Murray, an admiral in the navy, “thepath finder of the sea” and “the founder of science of oceanography”,was a firm believer of the BIBLE. Before Murray lived there were no chartsof the sea and sailing lanes. One day he was ill, and he asked his son toread psalms. His attention became ever increasingly more and more,when his son read the (psalm 8:4), which read, “THE BIRDS OF THE AIRAND FISH OF THE SEA, THAT PASS THROUGH THE PATHS OF THESEA”. Murray got the clue from the BIBLE and his unfinished work onoceanography was completed, and they are followed by sailors for thesafety and smooth sailing of marine’s and sub-marines today. King Davidby inspiration wrote in psalms 3000 years earlier.The law of celestial universe is that whatever that takes birth, grows anddies and there is no exception to anything in this universe, be it plant life,animal life or celestial bodies. Everything in this world has entropy andeverything comes to an end.Even astronomers say that stars which areborn too perish some day by burning up. The dead star becomes a blackhole and swallows up the neighboring living stars. They also say that oursolar system together with earth also get burnt up some day. BIBLE in (2peter 3:10), says “BUT THE DAY OF THE LORD WILL COME AS A THIEFIN THE NIGHT, IN WHICH HEAVENS WILL PASS AWAY WITH A GREATNOISE, AND THE ELEMENTS WILL MELT WITH FERVENT HEAT: BOTHTHE EARTH AND THE WORKS THAT ARE IN IT WILL BE BURNTUP”.The prophesy made by Peter 2000 years ago are coming true as we arewitnessing the disappearance of snow on mountain tops, rivers drying upone by one, polar animals migrating or dying and the globe is warming.Who revealed this knowledge to this poor Galilean fisherman? Was Peteran astronomer?
  9. 9. 9There is scientific fore knowledge on eclipses too. Till 18th century it wasthought that shadow planets would swallow up Sun and Moon causingEclipses. But GOD had revealed to Isaiah, the terrestrial truth severalcenturies ago. He wrote in his book that, “THE SUN WILL BE DARKENEDIN ITS GOING FORTH; AND THE MOON WILL NOT CAUSE ITS LIGHT TOSHINE” (Isa13:10) meaning that moon would come in between the earthand sun, hence no light from the Sun to the earth, which is called totalsolar eclipse. How did Isaiah know about law of celestial mechanics, andwho revealed it to him? Even Sun Dial was in the use for the astronomicalpredictions wayback in prophet Isaiah times(Isa 38:8).Herbert Spencer, a known fashionable atheist once declared that scienceoffers 5 basic principles for universal stability, as time, space, matter,force and motion. The first verse of BIBLE reveals these five principles.Gen 1:1, “IN THE BEGINNING (TIME), GOD CREATED HEAVENS (SPACE),AND THE EARTH (MATTER), AND THE SPIRIT OF GOD (FORCE), WASHOVERING OVER THE FACE OF THE WATERS (MOTION)”. EverythingHerbert Spencer had said had already been revealed several thousandyears ago by Moses in his very first book: Genesis.Another latest discovery by Albert Einstein in the modern physics isabout the fate of space, time, matter and motion in 4th dimensional space.Here Einstein talks about shrinkage of time with respect to space. Nomatter: no space, no time and no vector dimensions. Whatever AlbertEinstein said and stated in his famous theory of relativity can be found in(2 ptr 3:8), which says, “BUT, BELOVED, DONOT FORGET THIS ONETHING, THAT WITH THE LORD ONE DAY IS AS A THOUSAND YEARS,AND A THOUSAND YEARS AS ONE DAY”. How did Peter know that theday of the earth and the day of the universe were different? How did heeven know about the shrinkage of time in space in this universe? Peterwas a Galilean fisherman lived his life in a remote corner of this world.To-day, there is no one who does not know about Radio and T.V: theentertaining gadgets. Both radio and T.V. works on the principles ofelectro-magnetism: a transmitter and a receiver gadget. As we return to
  10. 10. 10the BIBLE in the book of Job 38:19-35, says that, “WHERE IS THE WAYTO THE DWELLING OF LIGHT? AND DARKNESS, WHERE IS ITS PLACE?CAN YOU SEND OUT LIGHTNINGS, THAT THEY MAY GO? AND SAY TOYOU, “HERE WE ARE!” Yes: Whatever Hertz, Marconi and Baird had laiddown the theory and principles of transmission of electrical waves arealready there in the book of Job. Job was an ordinary wayside shepherdhad no schooling and did not go out of Israel. Who revealed him to writethese principles of electronics?The latest talk today in astronomy is about BLACK HOLE. It wasdiscovered by Dr. Chandrashekar, for which he was given the nobel prize.He revealed that black hole (a dying star) swalows up the living stars, tokeep itself alive from dying. For the Bible writers, this black hole was notany thing new. As we turn to the pages of bible, under the book of Jude(1:13) states that “raging waves of the sea, foaming up their own shame;wandering stars fror whom is reserved the black ness for ever”. Was Judean astronomer? Who revealed him this astounding knowledge?Till 16th century mankind did not know as how moon shines in the night.But as we go to BIBLE, Matt 24:29-31, Lk 21: 25-28, and Mk 13: 24, it isclear that moon shines at the cost of the Sun. Who revealed this to thefour gospel writers?Atheists in their boastful bravado deny these truths. Apostle James thebrother of the Lord Jesus Christ wrote in his canonical epistle (Jms 2:19),“AN ATHEIST DENIES, BUT DEVIL ADMITS”. Atheists complain that theycannot see him, and can’t prove him in the laboratories, or even see himthrough the telescopes. Atheists are weak, but their avarice is hard tosatisfy. They are like moth seeking a wick light of the evening than broaddaylight. They climb a molehill and claim that they have climbed amountain hill. We know it is for a small fame and a cheap popularity. Theyare unwontedly educated beyond their brains. Their hearts are sick souls.Doctors and nurses are different. Those in that profession are workingwith the most astounding organism of the world. Human body is a
  11. 11. 11complex biological, pathological and physical machine with precision.The complexity of the body and marvelous works that it accomplishesought to cause each of them to believe in divine creation. BIBLE reveals,that “BLOOD IS THE LIFE OF THE BODY” (Lev 17:11). Truly it is. Whypeople look for blood donors when they want to save the patient, becauseblood is the seat of body-life. It brings life giving iron and oxygen andcarries away the life destroying waste products. It is rare to come acrossdoctors and nurses, who are atheists.God’s power and wisdom are displayed in nature. It is apparent that ouruniverse is not limited to the physical realm and no doubt GOD is incontrol, which mortals cannot know. We do not want any humaninterpretation of GOD, because he who is born of earth talks about GODat earth level. But atheists provoke questions, without certainty of anyanswer. They leave us at a point, when it is impossible for us to stop.Atheists try to find happiness in wine, woman, wealth, and fortune, buthappiness cannot be found apart from GOD, and without him everythingis meaningless.Man imitates God’s design and claims it as his own invention. Can manmake an aircraft without it, looking like an eagle? Can man make a boatwithout, it looking like an external shell of Spathodia or donis reglia? Canman make a submarine without, it looking like a fish? These are only afew examples. God provides a proto type in nature for man to imitate anduse it, because he loves him.The word UNIVERSE, which scientists and atheists use, come from theBIBLE, i.e. UNI + VERSE, UNI means first, and VERSE means word. Whatdoes BIBLE say? IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE WORD, AND THE WORDWAS WITH GOD. HE WAS IN THE BEGINNING WITH GOD. ALL THINGSWERE MADE THROUGH HIM, AND WITHOUT HIM NOTHING WAS MADETHAT WAS MADE. (JN1:1-3).How the BIBLE writers knew about these things? Who revealed thissuper scientific knowledge? There is only one answer: - GOD REVEALED.
  12. 12. 12Refusing to recognize his authority and follow his order, would take himto eternal condemnation.What are the achievements of so-called scientists, whose fashion isatheism? Unchecked by any authority they have out grown to the extentof destroying the world with their useless inventions. Statesmen,progressive scientists, and doctors are warning of impending disaster bythem. The late Albert Einstein said that, “there is no defense in scienceagainst the weapons which can destroy civilization”. Late John FKennedy said that, “together we shall live or together we shall perish inits flame”. The great powers are facing their last moments.Ours is an age of agnosticism and atheism, mixed with worst form ofcynicism and self-hatred. The vast majority is skeptical of the existence ofhigher power called GOD. The BIBLE foretold this time of atheism onearth. The Old Testament prophets had foretold the exact time of God’sappearance on earth, yet people refused to believe in him. When he came,he was beaten, tortured, crucified, and killed. The ruler of the universewas judged and condemned to death. Of course GOD, the fatherresurrected him and took him back in to the heaven to judge the worldnow. All authority has been given to him now by the father. He is nowsitting on the right hand side of the power. The Lord says in the BIBLEthat, “Heaven is my throne, and earth is my footstool, Where is the housethat you will build me? And where is the place of my rest?” (Isa 66:1).New Testament reveals of his second coming. The BIBLE speaks of signsbefore all these things happen. Mankind has rejected the BIBLE and itsteachings. Mankind has reached the end of rope. The further he goes, themore destructive he becomes. Mankind has no solutions. Any attempt tobring change in these men is like serpent to repent. The BIBLE reveals, ashow God will intervene in the worldly affairs to save his believers,baptized, and saved in his name. Yes, Jesus saves us, with his hiddennature of compassion. Called or not called, Jesus Son of God will visit hispeople again. Because he lives, we also live. He will not leave us asorphans. And that is his promise to his beloved disciples. So let us pray
  13. 13. 13for his second coming. The Christian and the Jewish cosmic vision of thisworld and its realities are above narrow world vision of the gentilepagans. Saints. AMEN.Christianity took its birth, for saving mankind from eternalcondemnation in Jerusalem, a smallest town in Israel. It became aspiritual conviction of Jewish Christians of Israel in spite of crucifixion.It became a national faith of Rome in spite of persecutions. It became aspiritual force of Europeans in spite of condemnation. It became world’sleading spiritualism (seekers of divine truth) amongst highly civilizedpeople in spite of rejection and frequent attacks from the religionists.It is practiced in all countries, and in all continents, and in all races ofmankind. It is more universal than regional. Today it is faith of highlycivilized people like Europeans and Americans, who produced greatinventors, discoverers, doctors, scientists, technocrats, and what not.Are they fools or mad to accept Jesus Christ as their redeemer? THESECRET OF ITS GROWTH IS PERSECUTION, REJECTION ANDCONDEMNATION BY OTHER RADICAL RELIGIONS. This vindicates themighty hand of Christ working amongst his people and in his nations(Psalm: 112).Christians do not have any festival related or linked to the new moon orfull moon (Gal 4: 9-12, Col 2: 14-17). They have no dress codes orexternal logos or religious uniforms to impress their fellowmen orothers. Christianity is not a religion, but a spiritual way of life. Jesusrepresents Christians and all Christian nations. They haveunquenchable thirst for freedom of people, all races, and all nations. Allmoderate people appreciate Christianity of their enlightened moderation.They are always God-wards and heaven-wards rather than to seek lifeand luxury on earth. They are always calm in the world, which has gonebad, mad, hysterical, tyrannical and cynical. They are taught to have noenemies and they pray for their enemies. They are transparent and preachopenly, fulfilling the liberal openness of Christ. They dislike, people taking
  14. 14. 14religious laws into their own hands, on behalf of their religiousconvictions. They say it is immortal God’s business to judge andpunish, and not the business of dying mortals.Karl Marx wrote that, “Science and technology are the natural and nativeborn children of Jews and Christians alone.” Many major fields ofscience were founded by the Christians. It is significant that the earlypioneers in modern science were men of deep Christian faith. Thescientists believed that “God declared that all he has created is good...therefore, God’s works are worthy of study.” The Christian faith aidedthe scientific approach of many of the original thinkers and shaped theirscientific quest for truth. God gave the Christians the power andboldness of thought to tackle any problems in all fields of humanenquiry.Here below are stories and inventions of most eminent scientists.Johnn Kepler was the founder of physical Astronomy. Kepler wrote, “Since we, astronomers are priests of the highest God, in regard to thebook of nature, it benefits us to be thoughtful, not of the glory of ourminds, but rather, above all else, of the glory of God”.Robert Boyle is credited with being the father of modern chemistry. Hewas active in financially supporting the spread of message of Christthrough missions and bible translations.John Ray was the father of English natural history, considered thegreatest zoologist and botanist of his day. He wrote a book titled, “Thewisdom of God manifested in the works of creation”.Isaac Newton, father of physics invented calculus, discovered the lawof gravity and the law of motions, anticipated the law of energyconservation, developed the particle theory of light propagation andinvented the reflecting telescope. He invented calculus. He firmly
  15. 15. 15believed in Jesus Christ as his savior and the bible as the word of Godand wrote many books on these subjects. He remained celibate asDisciples of Christ.Carolus Linnaeus was the father of biological taxonomy. His systemof classification is still in use today. One of his main goals insystemizing the verities of living creatures was an attempt to delineatethe original genesis classification of the “kinds”. He firmly believed inthe genesis account as literal history.Micheal Faraday was one of the greatest physicists of all time, whodeveloped fundamental concepts of electricity and magnetism, inventedthe electrical generator and made many contributions to the field ofchemistry. He was active in the various ministries of the church, both inprivate and public and had abiding faith in the bible and in prayer.Charles Babbage was the founder of computer science. He developedinformation storage and retrieval systems and used punch cards forinstruction and data sets in automated industrial controls. He was aChristian with strong convictions and wrote an important bookdefending the bible and the miracles.John Dolton was the father of atomic theory, which revolutionizedchemistry. He was an orthodox, bible believing Christian.Matthew Mauray was the founder of oceanography. He beloved whenpsalms 8:8 talked about ‘paths in the sea’ and dedicated his life incharting such pathways in Atlantic and confirmed that seas did havepaths. “The birds of the air follow the paths in the sea”.James Simpson discovered Chloroform and laid the foundation foranesthesiology. He said that his motivation to conduct research, whichled to the discovery, was fascination in the book of genesis with Adam’s
  16. 16. 16deep sleep during the time in which Eve was fashioned from his side. Hesaid that his biggest discovery was finding Jesus Christ as savior.Gregor Mendel was the father of genetics. He had strong religiousconvictions and chose the life of a monk. He was a creationist andrejected Darwin’s ideas.Luis Pasteur was the first virologist, who invented vaccine for rabiesand later to small pox and measles. He was a pastor of a church. Hislove for Christ and love for mankind was beyond any one. He wanted tobe martyred like Christ and his disciples.Bernard Riemann developed concept of non-Euclidian geometry,which was used by Einstein in his development of the theory ofrelativity. He was a Christian with a desire to go into ministry, but hisinterest in mathematics side-tracked him. He apparently made severalefforts to prove the validity of book of genesis, using mathematicalprinciples.Joseph Clerk Maxwell developed a comprehensive theoretical andmathematical frame work for electromagnetic theory. Maxwell rejectedthe theory of evolution and wrote that God’s command to man to subdueearth, found in the first chapter of genesis, provided the personnelmotivation to him for perusing his scientific work. He acknowledged apersonal faith in Jesus Christ as lord and savior.Joseph Lister founded antiseptic surgical methods. Lister’scontributions have perhaps led to more lives being saved throughmodern medicine. He wrote, “I am a believer in the fundamentaldoctrines of Christianity”.William Mitchell Ramsay was among the greatest of all archeologists.He acquired “liberal’ theological beliefs during his days as a universitystudent. However, as he began to make various archeological
  17. 17. 17discoveries in Asia Minor, he began to see the archeology confirmed theaccuracy of the bible and thus he became an ardent follower ofChristianity.Werner Von Braun was the father of space science. He wrote, “Thevast mysteries of the universe should only confirm our belief in thecertainty of its creator. I find it as difficult to under-stand a scientist whodoes not acknowledge the presence of a superior rationality behind theexistence of the universe, as it is to comprehend a theologian whowould deny the advances of science.The more that the science advances, it advances towards the bible. Themore modern and latest finding, the more it approaches closer to thebible. What an awesome God we have! With all this, Christian scientistsdo not boast at their colossal discoveries and inventions. Many Jewishand Christian scientists attribute their source of scientific knowledge tothe bible. Bible makes a Jewish or Christian scientists feel, that they arenot alone, that is why all inventions and discoveries have come fromthem alone. God Jesus gave the Christians: boldness to tackle worldlyproblems.Christianity is not a religion as people claim. Christianity meansknowledge discoveries and inventions. God’s people means, absoluteknowledge in every thing. A Christ follower means complete knowledgewith an absolute power to change the world. Take physics and chemistry,it is full of only the Christian scientists. Take Engineering, it is onlyChristian scientists. Take medicine it is again only Christian scientists.Take any field; it is only but Christian scientists. Christians should own anddefend their own men of inventions. Christians have no country barriers,because all are in Christ. There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neitherslave nor free, there is neither male nor female, for you are all one inChrist (Gal 3:28). All Christians are personnel property of Jesus Christ, sincehe has purchased us with his own blood (Acts 20:28). Then why can’tChristians feel proud, when every invention has come from them alone,from paper to plane?
  18. 18. 18Periyar wrote that, “However fanatical a religionist may be he does notresent changes. He does not give up the benefit of scientific progressmade by the Christians. No one has gone to wilderness rejectingprogress by way of science saying that it is unacceptable to god andreligion”. Rationalists, scientists, and technocrats thought that theadvancement in science and technology would remove the religionsfrom the mind of entire mankind. Instead, priests and their religions areall the more using science and technology, hijacking its believers. Theycan not survive without science and its technology.Christian cosmic vision of the world and its realities are above narrowworld vision of the gentile pagans.The Bible and its commandments is the heart property of all Christians.So let our hearts, Praise Lord JESUS, king of kings and the lord of ouruniverse, with our song voice of faith.You cannot massacre an idea and you cannot run tankers over hope. R.Reagan.In the words of Gamaliel, a Pharisee and a Sanhedrin member: “ Andnow I say to you, keep away from these men and let them alone; for ifthis is the plan or this work is of men, it will come to nothing; But if it isof God, you cannot overthrow it-lest you even be found to fight againstGod” Acts 5:38-39.While some books inform and others reform, only the BIBLE cantransform----By Billy Graham. INVENTIONS AND DISCOVERIES FROM THE CHRISTIANS AND THE CHRISTIAN NATIONS Invention Year Inventor Country Acetylene Gas 1862 Berthelot France Adhesive tape 1930 Richard Drew USA Adding Machine 1642 Pascal France
  19. 19. 19Airplane 1903 Wright Brothers USAAero Jet engine 1939 Ohain GermanyAerosol Spray 1926 Eric Rotheim NorwayAir Conditioning 1902 Carrier USAArtificial Heart 1957 Willem Kolff NetherlandsAtomic Bomb 1945 Robert Oppenheimer USAAtomic Numbers 1913 Moseley BritainAtomic Theory 1803 Dalton BritainAtomic reactor 1942 Szilard Fermi USAAutomatic Rifle 1918 John Browning USABakelite 1907 Leo H Baekeland BelgiumBallistic Missiles 1944 Wemher Von Braun GermanyBalloon 1783 Joseph and Jacques FranceBall-point pen 1888 John J Loud USABarometer 1644 Evangelista Torricelli ItalyBattery 1800 Allesandro Volta ItalyBicycle 1839-40 Kirkpatrick Macmillan BritainBicycle pneumatic tyres1888 John Boyd Dunlop BritainBifocal lenses 1780 Benjamin Franklin USABleaching powder 1798 Tennant BritainBunsen burner 1855 R. Wilhelm Von Bunsen GermanyBurglar Alarm 1858 Edwin T Holmes USACalculus 1670 Isaac Newton BritainCamera 1888 Walker Eastman USACanned food 1804 Appert FranceCar (Steam) 1769 Nicolas Cugnol FranceCar (Petrol) 1888 Karl Benz GermanyCarburetor 1876 Gottlieib Diamier GermanyCassette (audio) 1903 Phillips and co Holland
  20. 20. 20Cassette (Videotape) 1969 Sony JapanCelluloid 1861 Alexander Parkes BritainCement (Portland) 1824 Joseph Aspdin BritainChemotherapy 1909 Ehrlich GermanyChronometer 1735 John Harrison BritainCinema 1895 Nicolas and Lumiere FranceClock 1656 Christian Huygens NetherlandsCloning DNA 1973 Boyer and Cohen USACloning (Mammal) 1996 Wilmut et al UKCompact disc 1972 RCA USACD player 1979 Sony and Phillips Japan,NetherlComputer laptop 1987 Sinclair BritainComputer, Mini 1960 Digital Corp USACT Scan 1973 Hounsfield BritainDiesel Engine 1895 Rudolf Diesel GermanyDisc Brake 1902 Dr. F. Lanchester BritainDNA Structure 1851 Crick, Wilkins, Watson UK, USADynamo 1832 Hypolite Pixii FranceElectric Iron 1882 H. W. Seely USAElectric Lamp 1879 Thomas Alva Addison USAElectric Motor (DC) 1873 Zenobe Gramme BelgiumElectric Motor (AC) 1888 Nikola Tesla USAElectric Washing 1906 Alva J Fischer USAElectro Magnet 1824 William Sturgeon BritainElectron 1687 Thomson J BritainElectroplating 1805 Luigi Brugnatelli ItalyElectronic Computer 1824 Dr Alan M Turing BritainFacsimile Machine 1843 Alexander Bain BritainFiber Optics 1955 Kepany Britain
  21. 21. 21Fire Cracker 1874 Edgar Wallace Pataki BritainFloppy disc 1970 IBM USAFreq. Modulation 1933 E.M. Armstrong USAFountain Pen 1884 Lewis E Waterman USAGalvanometer 1834 Andre-Marie Ampere FranceGlider 1853 Sir Gregory Cayley BritainGramophone 1878 Thomas Alva Addison BritainHelicopter 1924 Etienne Oehmichen FranceHIV 1984 Martagnier FranceHolography 1947 Denis Gason BritainHydrogen Bomb 1952 Edward Teller USAJet Engine 1937 Sir Frank Whittle BritainLaser 1960 Theodore Maiman USALift 1852 Elisha G otis USALocomotive 1804 Richard Treviithick BritainLogarithms 1614 Napier BritainLoom, power 1785 E. Cartwright BritainLoud speaker 1900 Horace Short BritainMachine Gun 1718 Richard Gailing BritainMatchbox 1826 John Walker BritainMicrophone 1876 Graham Bell USAMicroprocessor 1971 Robert & Gordon USAMicroscope 1590 Z Janssen NetherlandsMicrowave oven 1947 Percy Spensor USAMotor Cycle 1885 G. Diamler GermanyMovie projector 1893 Thomas Edison USAMRI 1971 Damadian USANeon Lamp 1910 Georges Claude FranceNeutron Bomb 1958 Samuel Cohen USA
  22. 22. 22Nylon 1937 Dr. Wallace USAPaper A.D. 105 ----- ChinaPacemaker 1952 Zoll USAPasteurization 1867 Louis Pasteur FrancePencil 1792 Nicolas Conte FrancePeriodic table 1869 Mendeleyev RussiaPhotocopier 1938 Carlson USAPhotoelectric cell 1893 Julius Elster GermanyPhoto film 1893 Reichenbach GermanyPiano 1709 Cristofori ItalyPistol 1836 Colt USAPlutonium fission 1940 Kennedy, Seaborg et al USAPopup toaster 1927 Charles Strite USAPrinting press 1455 Gutenberg GermanyProton 1919 Rutherford N. ZealandQuantum Theory 1900 Max Plank GermanyRadar 1922 A.H. Taylor & Young USARadiocarbon Dating 1947 Libby USARadio telegraphy 1864 Loomis USARadio telephony 1901 G. Marconi ItalyRayon 1883 Sir Joseph swan BritainRazor (Safety) 1895 King C Gillette USARazor (electric) 1931 Col Jacob Schick USARefrigerator 1850 Harrison & Alexander USARelativity 1905 Albert Einstein GermanyRubber (Latex) 1928 Dunlop BritainRubber (Vulca) 1841 Good year USASafety Pin 1849 Walter Hunt USASewing Machine 1891 Merritt singer Britain
  23. 23. 23Self Starter 1911 Kettering USAShip (steam) 1775 I.C. Perier FranceShip (turbine) 1894 Sir C Parsons BritainSilk manufacture 50 B.C. ---- ChinaSlide rule 1621 William Oughtred BritainSpinning 1764 James Hargreaves BritainSteam Engine 1765 James Watt BritainStainless Steel 1913 Harry Brearley BritainStethoscope 1819 Laennec FrenchSubmarine 1776 David Bushnell USATelegraph code 1837 Samuel Morse USATelephone 1876 Alexander Graham Bell USATelescope 1608 Hans Lippershey NetherlandsTelevision 1926 John Logie Baird BritainTransformer 1831 Micheal Faraday BritainTransistor 1948 Bardeen et al USAVacuum Cleaner 1907 Spangler USAVideo tape 1956 Ginsberg USAWashing Machine 1907 Hurley USAWelding 1877 Elisha Thompson USAX-ray 1895 Roentgen GermanyZero B.C.E --------- Chinese, MayaZip Fastner 1891 W.L. Judson USA Mile stones in Medicine by the Christians and their nations:-_________________________________________________Invention Year Inventor CountryAdrenaline 1894 Oliver and Schafer BritainAnesthesia (L) 1888 Koller Austria
  24. 24. 24Anesthesia (sp) 1898 Bier GermanyAnti-toxins (imu) 1890 Behring GermanyAspirin 1889 Dreser GermanyBacteria 1683 Leeuwenhock NetherlandsBiochemistry 1648 Baptista BelgiumBlood Bank 1940 Drew USABlood tranfusion1625 Jean-baptiste FranceChemotherapy 1541 Paracelsus SwitzerlandChloroform 1847 James Simpson BritainChloromycetin 1947 Burkholder USACholera and T.B 1877 Robert Kooch USAEmbryology 1792 Karl Bayer EstoniaEndocrinology 1902 Bayliss BritainTest tube baby 1978 Edwards BritainGene therapy 1980 Martin Clive USAHeart transplant 1967 Christian Barnard S. AfricaKidney machine 1944 Kolf NetherlandsLeprosy bacillus 1873 Hansen NorwayLSD 1943 Hoffman SwitzerlandMalaria germs 1880 Laveran FranceMorphine 1805 Friderich GermanyNeurology 1758 Joseph Gall GermanyOpen Heart surg 1953 Walton Lillehel USAOral contr pills 1955 Gregory pincus USAPencillin 1928 Alexander Fleming BritainPhysiology 1757 Albrecht Von Hailer Switzerland
  25. 25. 25Rabies Vaccine 1860 Louis Pasteur FranceRecombinantDNA1972 Paul Berg USAReserpine 1949 Jal Vakil IndiaRh Factor 1940 Karl Landsteiner USASerology 1884 Paul Ehrlich GermanySex Hormones 1910 Eugen Steinach AustriaStethoscope 1819 Rene Laennec FranceStreptomycin 1944 Selman Waksmann USASynth.Antigens 1917 Landsteiner USASyringe 1853 Alexander wood BritainTerramycin 1950 Finlay & others USAThyroxin 1919 Edward Calvin USATomography 1978 Louis Sokoloff USATyphus Vaccine 1909 J. Nicolle FranceVirology 1892 Ivanovski USSRAllopathy 370BC Hippocrates GreeceHomeopathy 1914 Hanehmann GermanyLet every Christian heart and mind feel proud about thecontribution made in the field of science and technologyby their Christian community to the world. This was thepromise of God to David in his Psalm 112: 9-10, “His heartis established; he will not be afraid, until he sees hisdesire upon his enemies. He has dispersed abroad, he hasgiven to the poor, his righteousness endures forever; hishorn will be exalted with honor. The wicked will see it andbe grieved; he will gnash his teeth and melt away; thedesire of the wicked shall perish. Christians are halfbrothers in solving worldly problems.
  26. 26. 26Christians and their Christian nations with theirdiscoveries and inventions, coupled with their researchinstitutes, hospitals and schools, and along side with theirinduction of democratic setup like army, police, judiciaryand elections are the building blocks of modern civilizedworld----Christian voice.