Numeric truth from the bible


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Numeric truth from the bible

  1. 1. 27 NUMERIC TRUTH FROM THE BIBLEThere are number of facts which mathematically prove thatthe BIBLE was not written by the human beings alone. It issupernatural, God inspired and God given book. Thediscoveries are facts of importance and they would indeedbaffle and confound atheists and agnostics. There are factsthat cause skeptics and modernistic thinkers to accept, thatBIBLE as God inspired book. This article helps one toappreciate the beauty of numerical and structuralconstruction in the BIBLE in CYCLES OF SEVEN by God.All Jews know that God gave their scripture in Hebrew. AllMuslims know that their scripture is in Arabic. Every Hinduknows that their scripture is in Sanskrit. But very fewChristians know that God gave their scriptures in Hebrew andin Greek. This numeric beauty is in original Hebrew and Greektexts alone.The numerical features construction not only increases inarithmetical progression, but in geometric progression, foreach paragraph is designed to develop constantly fixednumeric relations to the material that precedes and follows it.Every additional letter, word, and sentence makes the mattertremendously more complicated and comprehensive.These sevens are so deeply concealed that special searchingand special counting is necessary in order to find them. Theyoccur in the very structure of every paragraph in the entireBIBLE, not in the paragraphs only, but often in the many sub-divisions of paragraphs. When God gives it is always specialand complex and it is his way, like sky looks blue although itis not blue and earth does not seem to rotate although itdoes.The BIBLE declares that “all scripture is given by theinspiration of God” (II Tim 3:16). The BIBLE claims that thewriters of scripture wrote, not of their own will, but they weremoved by the power of Holy Spirit of God. The prophets who
  2. 2. 28wrote the BIBLE spoke from God, being borne on by thepower of Holy Spirit. II Peter 1:21 declares that the scripturecame, “not by the will of man, but by the holy men of God”.Luke 1:70, states that, “God spoke by the mouth of his holyprophets”. II Sam. 23:1-2, declares that, “the spirit of the lordspake by me and his word was on my tongue”.God said to Moses, “you shall not add unto the word which Icommand you, neither shall you diminish from it” (Deut 4:2).A death penalty was pronounced upon the prophets who addany of his own words, into the BIBLE, (Deut.18:10).Revelation 23:18-19, also state the very same commandmentof God. The prophets merely recorded the words theyreceived from God.The early Christians in Berea regarded BIBLE as God’s wordand checked every thing against the scripture and diligentlylistened to their preachers. Greek philosophers likewisepraised those who listened attentively. Tradition recordsapostle Paul addressed the Greek senators in their hall ofwisdom, the word of God Jesus.BIBLE contains two main divisions, the Old Testament andthe New Testament. The Old Testament of 39 books, written inHebrew, is a testimony of “Paradise lost” through Adam, andthe New testament of 27 books, written in Greek, is atestimony of “Paradise gained“, through Jesus the only sonof God. Both languages are regarded as God’s spokenlanguages, given first to the Jews and later to the Gentiles.BIBLE was never written by the prophets or apostles inEnglish or Latin or Arabic. While BIBLE is God’s creationwith no chapters or verses, for Bible is to be read wholly andfully, Chapters and Verses in it came later by so-called BIBLEscholars. The result, Christian denominations arose. Eachdenomination quotes its own favorite chapters and versesfrom the book to defend their point of view and existence.Paul wrote to Timothy, foreseeing this and gave prophesythat, “If anyone teaches otherwise and does not consent to
  3. 3. 29wholesome words…..he is proud knowing nothing, but isobsessed with disputes and argument over words from whichcome envy, strife..……”The most popular English translation of the BIBLE, the KingJames Version, was first published in 1611 A.D. by 47 of theworld great scholars. The second version is the revisedversion translated in 1885 A.D., by 101 prominent scholarsfrom England and America. For the convenience of BIBLEstudy, the BIBLE was divided into chapters in 1250 A.D. byHugo and verses in 1551 A.D. by Sir Robert Stephens. TheBIBLE since then has 1189 Chapters (OT 929 + NT 260) and31173 (OT 23214 + NT 7959) verses.The shortest verse in the BIBLE is John 11:35. But, somedispute that it is the last word of BIBLE. “AMEN”. The longestverse is Esther 8:9. The shortest psalm is psalm 117 and thelongest psalm is psalm 119. The 66 books of the BIBLE werewritten by about 40 different authors, who were shepherds,kings, captives in foreign lands, educated and uneducated.The books were written by those who spoke differentlanguages, and lived in different periods, and lived in differentregions.Yet all wrote in such a harmony and unity that not a singlecontradiction has been ever found in their writings. In the OldTestament times God conversed with Adam in Hebrew, andAdam named all living and non-living things in Hebrew(Gen2:19). God also spoke to Moses in Hebrew and gave himTen Commandments for the Israelites to follow and keep. Ascenturies passed by, with the Jewish population expanding tothe Greek areas (Hellenistic areas) and with the death, burialand resurrection of Jesus Christ, as prophesied God gavethem a new commandment in Greek, for them to follow andobserve.Christianity was founded by God’s apostles and disciples andChrist is the central person in the plan of salvation. FromGenesis to Revelation the scheme of redemption progressesfrom “someone is coming” to “someone has come” to
  4. 4. 30“someone will come again”. It is impossible for chance oreven deliberate fraud to account for this magnificent unity.Inspiration of God is the only explanation.The BIBLICAL prophesy and its fulfillment is the convincingevidences that BIBLE is GOD’S WORD. Many of thediscovered facts have a direct bearing on the unusualcharacteristics of these languages. A comparison is madewith the English language in order that the peculiarity of theHebrew and Greek language might be clearly understood.In English language there are 26 letters (sounds) in thealphabet, a, b, c, d, e, f, g, etc. In addition to these 26 letters1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0, are used. These figures were once theArabic symbols, used by them to represent planets, for thepurpose of astrology. English people later used it to express“numbers”. I.e. 1 = 1, 2 = 1+1, 3 = 1+1+1, 4 = 1+1+1+1, andetc. The Hebrew and Greek languages do not have a systemlike this. These languages have only the letters of theiralphabets, but do not have additional symbols or figures suchas 1, 2, 3, 4, etc, which express numbers. Instead of usingspecial figures, the Hebrew and Greek languages use theirown letters of their alphabets to express or representnumbers.Thus the letters of their alphabets served a two fold purpose.They were used to represent alphabetical sounds or expressnumbers. Every letter of the Hebrew and Greek alphabetsrepresents a certain “number”. In other words, each letter isassigned a “NUMERIC VALUE”. This is the peculiarcharacteristic of these languages.The Hebrew alphabet has 22 letters (sounds) and the Greekalphabet 24 letters (sounds). Below are listed the 22 letters ofthe Hebrew alphabet. Beside each letter is its sound and“NUMERIC VALUE”- the “number” which it represents.Hebrew has only capital letters.
  5. 5. 31 HEBREW ALPHABETS ‫א‬ Aleph (Ox) 1 ‫ל‬ Lamed (Ox Goad) 30 ‫ב‬ Beth (House) 2 ‫מ‬ Mem * (Water) 40 ‫ג‬ Gimel (Camel) 3 ‫נ‬ Nun * (Fish) 50 ‫ד‬ Daleth (Door) 4 ‫ס‬ Samekh (Prop ) 60 ‫ה‬ He (Window) 5 ‫ע‬ Ayin (Eye) 70 ‫ו‬ Vau (Nail) 6 ‫פ‬ Feh * (Mouth) 80 ‫ז‬ Zayin (Weapon) 7 ‫צ‬ Tsadi * (Fish Hook) 90 ‫ח‬ Heth (Hedge) 8 ‫ק‬ Keph (Axe Head Hole)100 ‫ט‬ Teth (Snake) 9 ‫ר‬ Resh (Head) 200‫י‬ Yod (Hand) 10 ‫ש‬ Sin (Tooth) 300 ‫כ‬ Khaph *(Wing) 20 ‫ת‬ Tav ( Sign) 400 Note 1: * The following letters 90 ,80 ,50 ,40 ,20 ‫כ, מ, נ, פ, צ‬ are used at the end of words, they are written as follows: ‫.ך, ם, ן, ף, ץ‬ Below are listed the 24 letters of the “Greek alphabets. Beside each letter is its sound and“NUMERIC VALUE” – the “number” which it represents. Each Greek letter has capital and small letters. GREEK ALPHABETS A α Alpha 1 N v Nu 50 B β Beta 2 Ξ ξ Xi 60 Γ γ Gamma 3 O ο Omicron 70 Δ δ Delta 4 Π π Pi 80 E ε Epsilon 5 P ρ Rho 100 Z ζ Zeeta 7 Σ σ Sigma 200 H η Eta 8 T t Tan 300 Θ θ Theta 9 Y υ Upsilon 400 I ι Iota 10 Φ φ Phi 500 K x Kappa 20 X χ Chi 600 Λ λ Lambda 30 Ψ ψ Psi 700 M μ Mu 40 Ω ω Omega 800 Note 1: Σ or σ when used in the end of a word is written as “ς”.
  6. 6. 32 Note 2: There was no alphabet for 6 and 90. But the Prophets were secretly using “S” for 6, and “ ” for 90.Each letter represents a certain “Number” and that will beits N.V.It is observed that a maze of amazing beauty of numbers ismysteriously hidden beneath, the very surface of the originalBIBLE text. The original BIBLE text means, the Hebrew andthe Greek text of the BIBLE alone, and not the Latin orEnglish translated texts or versions. At best the Englishtranslation has come to us as a translated text, as far aspossible, but the restrictions of grammar and usage has takenaway the original aroma of Hebrew and Greek texts. TheBIBLE became five times bigger in English translation andthree times bigger in Latin translation. Of course there is noloss of God’s message of abundance grace and God’s plan ofwonderful salvation for mankind by these translated texts.For example, the first verse of the gospel according to Johnin the Greek, “in the beginning was the word and the wordwas with (the) God, and the word was God”. The questioncomes to our minds as, why does the Greek word ‘THE’precede the word ‘GOD’ in one case, but not in the other?When we take an account of ‘GOD’ and ‘THE GOD’ in all thepassages, we will be struck with numeric relation betweenthem. This numeric beauty is not in Latin or Englishtranslation of the BIBLE.There are some examples; The shortest verse in the BIBLE isJohn 11:35. The Greek sentence “EDAKRUSEN O’ IESOUS” istranslated as “WEPT THE JESUS”. There are six letters in theGreek word “ιησους”, but only five letters in the Englishtranslation. There are sixteen letters in the Greek text, butonly nine letters in the English translation. In Greek : “εδακρυσεν ο ιησους”. In English: “Wept the Jesus”.
  7. 7. 33 Num Val of words: “785 + 70 + 888” = 1743. (249X7). The numeric Value of JESUS in Greek: “ιησους “. Ι η σ ο υ ς Total. 10 8 200 70 400 200 888. The numeric Value of SATAN in Greek: “χξS “. Χ ξ S Total. 600 60 6 666. The numeric Value of NERON KAISER. In Greek it is written as Neron Kaiser. In Hebrew it is written as Neron Kesar: i.e. ‫קםך‬ ‫נךוכ‬ . n, Nun ( 50 = ( ‫נ‬ k, Keph ( 100 = (‫ק‬ r, Resh ( 200 = ( ‫ך‬ s, Samech ( 60 = ( ‫ם‬ v, Vau ( 6 =(‫ו‬ r, Resh ( 200 = ( ‫ך‬ n, Nun ( 50 = ( ‫נ‬ Total 306 Total 360 = 666It was a disguise number for the name of “NERON CEASAR”(666) calculated and attributed to SATAN. The TOTALNUMERIC VALUE of SATAN and NERON CEASAR is SAMEand it is “666”. During I st century, the apostles hadwitnessed the fury of Nero Caesar, who was no better thanthat of Satan, who had got beheaded Apostle Paul and hadgot killed the early Christians in Roman COLOSEUM for theirfaith in the resurrected Christ, the LORD of the UNIVERSE.Apostle John expressed the secret name of Nero by addingthe numeric value contained in his name, taken from Hebrewlanguage. (Rev 13:18). King Solomon received 666 talents ofgold from Sheba. He became an idolater. The result thetemple was destroyed by Romans later and God never gavehim a prophetic vision to foresee Jesus. 1king 10:14, Godalso took away the ark of covenant to heaven. Rev 11:19.
  8. 8. 34Are number and its numeric value in the structure of BIBLEso important? - The answer is YES.“He counted the number of stars” –Psalm 147: 4.“He bringeth out their host by numbers”- Isa 40: 26.“He has measured the waters in hallow of his hand andmeted out the heaven with a space and comprehended thedust of the earth in a measure and weighed the mountains inscales, and hills in balance”- Isa 40:12.“The very hairs of your head are all numbered”- Matt 10:30.When God has counted the very hairs of your head, has henot counted the words and letters of his scripture?It is only in Hebrew and Greek text of the BIBLE, that theletters, words, sentences, paragraphs, passages, andchapters, have the beauty of numbers and numeric value.The 7’s are strangely out of the sight of ordinary Hebrew andGreek readers. The number 7 is mysteriously hidden every-where, all over, both in the world, heaven and the BIBLE.One can very well conclude that, there is one mind behindall, and that mind is God’s.Number 7 has been his basic unitary brick of all hiscreation. From the first book “Genesis” to his last book“Revelation”, 7is by far the outstanding number. Wherethere is 7, there is heaven and where there is heaven there is7. Heaven and 7 are inseparable. 7 is a numeric expressionof the BIBLE and heaven. The CREATOR of this universeand the AUTHOR of the BIBLE is one and the same.God is a great mathematician of all creations. His mathe-matical signature is seen and felt beneath all his creation.The number 7 is God’s specialty and its meaning is associ-ated with perfection and completeness. God’s presence isfelt by the presence of 7 both in this universe and in theBIBLE. Why is number 7 so important to son of God JESUSin all his creations and in his scripture?
  9. 9. 35 THE WORLD OF SEVENGod created the world in 7 days and that is his foundation ofcreating complexities of cycles of 7 in his earthly creationslike color, music, pH of water, seven seas, gestation periodsetc and in his scripture: THE BIBLE. From the beginning oftime, the number 7 has always meant perfection andcompletion. God raised his creation, with the number 7. Thenumber 7 has stabilizing raising qualities. The number 7 isstamped upon all of God’s work, and his great mathematicallaws govern the activities of the entire universe. Forinstance, there are 7 colors in a ray of light. In the sphere ofmusic there are 7 whole tones in the scale. God segmentedthe week into 7 distinct days. In the night sky no one willmiss to see the 7 great star constellation. On earth all the 7seas are together making continent to continent navigationpossible. The pH of water is 7 which cover ¾ of the surfaceof earth. There are 7 days a week and God segmented theweek into 7 distinct days. There are 7 Wonders of the World.Each lunar period lasts 7 days from the crescent, half,gibbous, and full/new moon taking lunar month to 28 days(7X4). In chemistry it is well known that two substancescombine only when two molecular mathematical proportionsonly unite in Chemical wedding. INDEED SEVEN IS STAMPED UPON PHYSIOLOGY TOO.While God commanded man’s rest to be 7th day, He declaredman’s years to be: 3 score and 10, (7X10). Every 7 years ourbody renews. There are 7 stages of life. There are 7 types ofjoints in human beings like 1) ball and socket 2) hinge joint3) saddle joint 4) ellipsoidal joint 5) pivot joint 6) gliding joint7) fixed joint. There are 14 (7X2) phalanges in each of ourpalm fingers. In the field of physiology man’s pulse beatslower every 7th day, whether he is sick or well. In certaindiseases, the 7th, 14th, and 21st are critical days.In the sphere of the gestation period, the hare and rat is 28(7X4) days, the cat is 56 (7X8) days, the dog is 63 (7X9) days,the lion is 98 (7X14) days, the sheep is 147 (7X21) days, the
  10. 10. 36hen is 21 (7X3) days, the duck is 28 (7X4) days. The woman’smenstrual cycle is 28 days (7x 4) and the period of gestationof woman is 280 (7X40) days. All these gestation periods aredivisible by 7. To most pregnant women, the 7th month ofpregnancy, is crucial. GOD VERY OFTEN WORKS INCYCLES OF 7’s IN THIS WORLD.Hippocrates held the number 7, through its hidden naturemaintains everything in being. It disperses life andmovement. It influences even celestial laws and mechanicsof heavenly bodies.In the field of arithmetic, 7 is an indivisible supreme primenumber. Many complicated calculations can easily be doneby shortest steps using number 7 and its applicationtechniques. All these reveal that nature does not operate bychance, but by a calculated design. There is a fundamentalarithmetical foundation which is 7. The unified field theory,propounded by Albert Einstein defines space-time continumas the fourth dimension. He does not rule out the possibilityof fourth, fifth, sixth and the 7th dimensional space.According to him, the 7th dimension is the final frontier inwhich, our expanding universe exists. Imagine! Howmagnanimous is to live in this mysterious infinite universe.Can scientists provide an answer? No. Only GOD canprovide answer through the Scripture. THE NUMBER SEVEN IN THE BIBLEDuring creation of the universe and the earth fromdesolation, Lord God said, that his creation was good: i.e.[“It was good”], 7 times (Gen 1:1-31). The Sabbath was the7th day. In acts the word “Sabbath” is repeated 84 (12x7)times. In Egypt there were 7 years of plenty and 7 years offamine. Sabbatical year was every 7th year. Jericho city wascaptured with 7 priests, who had 7 trumpets, and walkedaround the city walls 7 times. Solomon took 7 years to buildthe temple, then for 7 days he gave the sacrifice of offeringsand on the 7th day glory of God came. In 2 King 5, Elishainstructs Naaman to wash 7 times in the Jordan River to
  11. 11. 37cure leprosy. Widow’s dead son sneezes 7 times aftercoming back to life from the dead. 2kng 4:35.In the book of REVELATION, the number 7 is outstanding, 7churches, 7 lamp stands, 7 seals, 7 trumpets, 7 stars, 7spirits, 7 dooms are mentioned. In all, the number 7 occursmore than fifty times in the book of revelation. There areonly 7 miracles in the gospel according to John. All themiracles are rich in symbolism.Jesus transfigured as Moses and Elijah on a high mountain,before Peter, James and John after six days, i.e. on the 7 thday. (Matthew 17: 1-13). There are 7 Doctrines mentioned inthe book of Ephesians, Eph 4: 4-6 by Paul:- 1) One body 2)One spirit 3) One hope 4) One Lord 5) One faith 6) Onebaptism 7) One God. The 12 disciples (i.e. leaving Judah) ofJesus come from 7 families. There are 8 barren women, butonly 7 were blessed to conceive after their due age 1) Sarah2) Rebecca 3) Rachel 4) Manoah’s wife 5) The Shuna--mmitewoman 6) Hannah 7) Elizabeth. Michael, David’s wife, did notconceive, for she laughed at, almost nudity of David whiledancing, in bringing the ark of covenant box. It was God’scurse on her.In the gospel of John, the son of noble man, who wassuffering from fever, left him at the 7th hour (Jn 4:52). All thenumbers expressed by John in his gospel is divisible by 7,i.e., 70 (7X10) A.D. 42 (7X6) months, 1260 (7X180) days.There are 7 divisions in the Lord’s Prayer. Jesus fed 5000with 7 items: 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread. Blood wassprinkled 7 times on the Ark of the Covenant. Moses marriesZipporah, one of the 7 daughters of Jethro. Moses ties 7rounds of red thread on the wrist of Zipporah. Enoch, the 7thfrom Adam was taken up by God himself (Gen 5:24, Jude14). 7 Greek helpers, who were men of reputation, wereappointed by twelve Disciples of Christ to serve at the table,when the Christians were multiplying (Acts 6:3). Jesusappears to the 7 disciples (Jn 21:2). Jesus predicts his death14 (7X2) times. Jesus Christ spoke 7 words from the cross.
  12. 12. 38There are only 7 parables in the whole of the Old Testament,antecedents to Jesus’ parables, namely, 1) Nathan’s parable(2 Sam 12: 1-10), 2) Woman from Tekoa’s ( 2 Sam 14: 5-20),3) Parable condemning Ahab (1 king 20: 35-40), 4) Song ofthe vineyard ( Isa 5: 1-7), 5) Eagles and the vine ( Ezek 17:2-10), 6) The lioness and cubs (Ezek 19:2-9), 7) Vine ( Ezek19: 10-14). Jacob had 7 righteous sons from his spiritualwives. Jesus had righteous disciples from 7 families.Samson, the strongest man who lived on this earth, hadstrength in 7 locks of hair on his head. (Judges 16:19).Why so many CYCLES OF SEVENS throughout the BIBLE.Coming down to the practices of practical life, to combatsterility, Moroccan women roll their sashes 7 times around atrunk tree and leave them there for 7 days. To avoiddrowning in the sea, Icelanders going for the first dip of theday start letting 7 waves pass over their heads. In India,Hindu bride and the bridegroom take 7 steps around the fire,an age old custom of marriage, for eternal family bondage.The word “Baptized“ is repeated 35 times, and “Follow me”is repeated 14 times in the New testament. GOD IN BIBLETOO WORKS IN CYCLES OF SEVENS. So what is theconclusion? THE CREATOR OF THIS WORLD AND THECREATOR OF BIBLE IS ONE AND THE SAME.7 symbolizes the BIBLE, the salvation of mankind, the word,the world, the heaven, Universal stability, all creation havingfull completeness with absolute perfection. The number 7 isindivisible and hence cannot be broken. Christ always saidthat the scripture cannot be broken, hinting about themysterious number 7 hidden. Jesus said in Matthew 5:18, Jn19:35, that not a single ‘jot’ or smallest mark ‘title’, wouldpass from the law till all be fulfilled. God controlled everyword and number of its occurrences in various books, thusformed words of combinations of words of equal value toreveal his authority in the form of languages of numbers.It is discovered that thousands of these 7 are mysteriouslyhidden in the very structure of the text. Some of the 7 arestrangely hidden in the unusual system of numbers in the
  13. 13. 39numeric value of the Hebrew and the Greek letters, words,sentences, paragraphs, and passages of text, while othersare hidden in other remarkable and peculiar ways. Thefinding of cycles of sevens need not be of one stereo type. Itvaries from verses to verses, paragraphs to paragraphs,books to books. It goes complex as we read from Genesesto revelation. Since each letter stands for a number, it isclear that a change in even a single letter changes thenumeric value of the entire passage. Any addition oromission to the original texts destroys many features of aperfect design given to us by God.The most famous method adopted by Jesus in his teachingswas the parable. It is an earthly story with a heavenlymeaning. Parable in Greek means comparison. Everyparable has different levels of meaning, one to his devotedfollowers, and other to disarm his opponents. But as far asnumbers are concerned, the mysterious number 7 is theultimate hidden numerical parable of the BIBLE and that isthe strong foundation. It is like binary 0’s and 1’s in the fieldof computers, which lies beneath. In a simple example, it islike train moving on rails or jets going on air or ship sailingon water.
  14. 14. 40 GENESIS, Chp 1, Verse 1. (Birth of the heaven and the earth) The Hebrew is written and read from right to left. I.e. Backwards. IN HEBREW: ‫הארץ ואת השמים את אלהים ברא בראשית‬ IN English: “In the beginning created God the Heaven and the Earth”. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Heb word N.V. of alphabets N.V. of word In English --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 913 400,10,300,1,200,2 ‫בראשית‬ In the beginning 203 2 ,1,200 ‫ברא‬ Created 86 40,10,5,30,1 ‫אלחימ‬ God 401 400,1 ‫את‬ An Article 395 40,10,40,30,5 ‫השמים‬ The Heaven 407 400,1,6 ‫ואת‬ And 296 90,200,1,5 ‫הארץ‬ The Earth------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Feature 1:- There are seven (7X1) words. Feature 2:- There are 28 (7X4) letters. Feature 3:- CREATED is a verb, whose n.v. is 203 (7X29). Feature 4:- There are three nouns, namely God, Heaven, and Earth. The N.V. is: 86+395+296 = 777 (7X111). Feature 5:- No. of letters in subject & predicate, 6+3+5 = 14 (7X2). Feature 6:- No. of letters in objects, 2+5+3+4 = 14 (7X2). Feature 7:- No. of letters in I st object, 2+5 = 7. Feature 8:- No. of letters in II nd onject 3+4 = 7. Feature 9:- Letters in three nouns, 5+5+4 = 14 (7X2). Feature 10:- Letters in non-nouns, 6+3+2+3 = 14 (7X2). Feature 11:- Letters in the shortest word plus letters on the left, 2+5 = 7. Feature 12:- Letters in the shortest word plus letters on the right, 2+5 = 7. Feature 13:- The N.V. of the first, middle, and the last words, 913+401+296 = 1610 (7X230). Feature 14:- The total sum of N.V. of the first and last alphabets of each seven words, 402+3+41+401+45+406+95 =
  15. 15. 41 1393, (7X199).Feature 15:- The N.V. of the first and last 497 (7X71).Feature 16:- The N.V. of the rest of the remaining words 3+41+401++45+406 = 896 (7X128). The maze of amazing numeric features of 7 is indeed beyond theview of mere readers of the Hebrew BIBLE text. They aremysteriously hidden beneath the surface of the text. They can bediscovered only by keen searching and calculations. The featurespointed out are numeric values based on grammar. According to“Good news bible”, Galatians 3:16, “Now God made promises toAbraham and to his descendant”. The scripture does not useplural but singular. “Descendant” meaning one person only,namely “CHRIST”. The purpose of Grammar is to bring beauty to a language byrestricting the flow of spoken or written language with the rulesand regulations. MATTHEW, Chapter 1, Verse 1-17. (Christ’s Genealogy) 1. βιβλος γενεσεως ιησου χριστου υιου δαυιδ υιου αβρααμ. 2. αβρααμ εγεννησεν τον ισαακ ισαακ δε εγεννησεν τον Iακωβ ιακωβ δε εγεννησεν τον ιουδαν και τους αδελφους Αυτου. 3. ιουδας δε εγεννησεν τον φαρες και τον ζαρα εκ της θαμαρ. φαρες δε εγεννησεν τον εσρωμ εσρωμ δε εγεννησεν τον αραμ. 4. αραμ δε εγεννησεν τον αμιναδαβ αμιναδαβ δε εγεννησεν τον ναασσων αασσων δε εγεννησεν τον σαλμων. 5. σαλμων δε εγεννησεν τον βοες εκ της ραχαβ βοες δε εγεννησεν τον ιωβηδ εκ της ρουθ ιωβηδ εγεννησεν τον ιεσσαι. 6. ιεσσαι δε εγεννησεν τον δαυιδ τον βασιλεα δαυιδ δε εyεννησεν τον σολομωνα εκ της του ουριου. 7. σολομων δε εγεννησεν τον ροβοαμ ροβοαμ δε εγεννησεν τον δε εγεννησεν τον ασαφ. 8. ασαφ δε εγεννησεν τον ιωσαφατ ιωσαφατ δε εγεννησεν τον ιωραμ ιωραμ δε εγεννησεν τον οζιαν. 9. οζιας δε εγεννησεν τον ιωαθαμ ιωαθαμ δε εγεννησεν τον αχας αχας αχαζ αχαζ δε εγεννησεν τον εζεκιαν.10. εζεκιας δε εγεννησεν τον μανασση μανασσης δε εγεννησεν τον αμως αμως δε εγεννησεν τον ιωσιαν.11. ιωσιας δε εγεννησεν τον ιεχονιαν και τους αδελφους αυτου επι της μετοικεσιας βαβυλων.12. μετα δε την μετοικεσιαν βαβυλων ιεχονιας εγεννησεν τον
  16. 16. 42 σαλαιηλ σαλαθιηλ δε εγεννησεν τον ζοροβαβελ.13. ζοροβαβελ δε εγεννησεν τον αβιουδ αβιουδ δε εγεννησεν τον ελιακιμ ελιακιμ δε εγεννησεν τον αζωρ.14. αζωρ δε εγεννησεν τον σαδωκ σαδωκ δε εγεννησεν τον αχιμ αχιμ δε εγεννησεν τον ελιουδ.15. ελιουδ δε εγεννησεν τον ελεαζαρ ελεαζαρ δε εγεννησεν τον ματθαν ματθαν δε εγεννησεν τον ιακωβ.16. ιακωβ δε εγεννησεν τον ιωσηφ τον ανδρα μαριας εξ ης εγεννηθη ιησους ο λεγομενος χριστος.17. πασαι ουν αι γενεαι απο αβρααμ εως δαυιδ γενεαι δεκατεσσαρες και πο δαυιδ εως της μετοικεσιας βαβυλων γενεαι δεκατεσσαρες και απο της μετοικεσιας βαβυλων εως του χριστου γενεαι δεκατεσσαρες.The first 17 verses form a natural, logical division, dealingwith the genealogy of Jesus Christ. It is just the same as lastexample, worked out. As one goes progressively by book bybook and to the last book, revelation, complexity of numericdesign is progressively most amazing. The Greek text ofWestcott and Hort is used, the only original, natural andneutral BIBLE, for the authors had taken all precautions incompiling.There are 72 Greek vocabulary words in these 17 verses.Vocabulary words means number of words used. Forexample, the word ‘and’ is one word, although it is usedseveral times in the passage. In short the number ofvocabulary words, or the number of different words used ina passage, is thus not the same as the total number ofwords used in a passage.Feature 1:- The N.V. of these 72 Greek vocabulary words is 42364, (7X6052).Feature 2:- These 72 Greek vocabulary words occur in 90 forms. The N.V. of the 90 forms is 54075, (7X7725).Feature 3:- Of the 72 Greek vocabulary words the number of are exactly 56, (7X8).Feature 4:- The Greek word ‘the’ occurs 56 times, (7X8).Feature 5:- The number of different forms, article “the” is exactly 7.
  17. 17. 43The seventeen verses has two main sections (1) Verses1-11, (2) Verses 12-17.VERSES 1-11.Feature 6:- The number of Greek vocabulary words used in the last eleven Verses are 49, (7X7).Feature 7:- Of these 49 words, the words begin with vowel are 28, (7X4).Feature 8:- Of these 49 words, the words begin with consonant are exactly 21, (7X3).Feature 9:- The number of letters in these 49 words is 266, (7X38).Feature10:- Of these 266 letters the number of vowels is 140, (7X20).Feature11:- Of these 266 letters the number of consonants is 126, (7X18).Feature12:- Of the 49 Greek vocabulary words in the 11 verses the number of Words which occur more than once is exactly 35, (7X5).Feature13:- The number of words which occur only once is 14, (7X2).Feature14:- Of the 49 words, the words which appear in only one form is exactly 42, (7X6).Feature15:- The number which appears in more than one form is 7.Feature16:- Out of 49 Greek vocabulary words, the number of nouns is exactly 42, (7X6).Feature17:- Out of 49 Greek vocabulary words, the number which are not noun is, 7.Feature18:- Of the 42 nouns, the proper name is 35, (7X5).Feature19:- Of the 42 nouns, the common noun is 7.Feature20:- Of the seven common nouns, the number of Greek letters is 49, (7X7).Feature21:- The number of times the 35 proper nouns occur is exactly 63, (7X9).Feature22:- Of the 35 proper names in 11 verses, the number of male names are exactly 28, (7X4).Feature23:- The number which is not male names is 7.
  18. 18. 44Feature24:- The number of times these 28 male names occur is 56, (7X8).Feature25:- 3 women names are mentioned, Tamar, Rahab, and Ruth. The Number of Greek letters in these names is 14, (7X2). Θαμαρ, ραχαβ, ρουθ.Feature26:- Only one city is mentioned, Babylon, the number of Greek letters In this word are exactly 7. βαβυλων.Feature27:- Fourteen generations are mentioned thrice, which is divisible by 7. (Matt 1:17).The second section too, verses 12-17 has equally aprofound numeric features of its own. The very structure ofthe passage is literally saturated with phenomenaloccurrences of the number 7. The structural characteristicby Matthew, are the names in the list are gathered into threegroups of 14, with significant historical events placed attheir junctures. The structure as a mnemonic device, basedon the number 14 since it represents the numeric value ofDavid’s name in Hebrew. David (14 = 4+6+4 = (‫.ד ו ד‬ MATTHEW, Chp 1, Vrs 18-25. (The account of Christ’s birth)18. του δ {VAR1: [ιησου] } χριστου η γενεσις ουτως ην Μνηστευθεισης της μητρος αυτου μαριας τω ιωσηφ πριν η συνελθειν αυτους ευρεθη εν γαστρι εχουσα εκ πνευματος αγιου.19. ιωσηφ δε ο ανηρ αυτης δικαιος ων και μη θελων αυτην δειγματισαι εβουληθη λαθρα απολυσαι αυτην.20. ταυτα δε αυτου ενθυμηθεντος ιδου αγγελος κυριου κατ οναρ εφανη αυτω λεγων ιωσηφ υιος δαυιδ μη φοβηθης παραλαβειν μαριαν την γυναικα σου το γαρ εν αυτη γεννηθεν εκ νευματος εστιν αγιου.21. τεξεται δε υιον και καλεσεις το ονομα αυτου ιησουν αυτος γαρ σωσει τον λαον αυτου απο των αμαρτιων αυτων.22. τουτο δε ολον γεγονεν ινα πληρωθη το ρηθεν υπο κυριου δια του προφητου Λεγοντος.23. ιδου η παρθενος εν γαστρι εξει και τεξεται υιον και καλεσουσιν Toονομα αυτου εμμανουηλ ο εστιν μεθερμηνευομενον μεθ ημων ο θεος.
  19. 19. 4524. εγερθεις δε {VAR1: [ο] } ιωσηφ απο του υπνου εποιησεν ως προσεταξεν αυτω ο αγγελος κυριου και παρελαβεν Tτην yυναικα αυτου.25. και ουκ εγινωσκεν αυτην εως {VAR1: [ου] } ετεκεν υιον καιFeature 1:- There are 161 Greek words, (7X23).Feature 2:- The numeric value of these 161 words is 93394. (7X13342).Feature 3:- The number of Greek vocabulary words is 77, (7X11).Feature 4:- The N.V. of these 77 Greek vocabulary words is 51247, (7X 7321).Feature 5:- There are six Greek words in the passage which are not found in the whole book of Matthew, Its N.V. is 5005,Feature 6:- The numeric letters in these six Greek words is 56, (7X8).Feature 7:- “EMMANUEL”, found nowhere else in the whole of N.T. has a N.V.644, (7X92). Εμμανουηλ is : (5+40+40+1+50+70+400+8+30)= 644.Feature 8:- The number of forms in which these 161 words appear is 105, (7X15).Feature 9:- The N.V. of these 105 forms is 65429, (7X9347).Feature 10:- The verbs in these 105 forms are 35, (7X5).Feature 11:- Proper names in these 105 forms is 7.Feature 12:- The number of Greek letters in these 7 proper names is 42, (7X6).Feature 13:- The number of forms found nowhere, except in this passage is 14.Feature 14:- The N.V. of these 14 forms is 8715, (7X1245).Feature 15:- Of the Greek vocabulary words (feature 3), the of words, The Angel used speaking to Joseph is 28, (7X4)Feature 16:- The N.V. in the words Angel used is 21042, (7X3006).Feature 17:- The number of forms Angel used is 35, (7X5).
  20. 20. 46Feature 18: The number of letters in these 35 forms is 168, (7X24).Feature 19:- The N.V. of the 35 forms, which Angel used is 19397, (7X2771).Even the Angels little speech has amazing numericalfeatures. They are entirely separate from the rest of thepassage, yet they form a part of the numerical features ofthe whole passage. MATTHEW, CHAPTER 2. (Christ’s childhood)1. του δε ιησου γεννηθεντος εν βηθλεεμ της ιουδαιας εν ημεραις ηρωδου του βασιλεως ιδου μαγοι απο ανατολων αρεγενοντο εις ιεροσολυμα2. λεγοντες που εστιν ο τεχθεις βασιλευς των ιουδαιων ειδομεν γαρ αυτου τον αστερα εν τη ανατολη και ηλθομεν προσκυνησαι αυτω3. ακουσας δε ο βασιλευς ηρωδης εταραχθη και πασα ιεροσολυμα μετ αυτου4. και συναγαγων παντας τους αρχιερεις και γραμματεις του λαου επυνθανετο παρ αυτων που ο χριστος γενναται5. οι δε ειπαν αυτω εν βηθλεεμ της ιουδαιας ουτως γαρ γεγραπται δια του προφητου6. και συ βηθλεεμ γη ιουδα ουδαμως ελαχιστη ει εν τοις ηγεμοσιν ιουδα εκ σου γαρ εξελευσεται ηγουμενος οστις ποιμανει τον λαον μου τον ισραηλ7. τοτε ηρωδης λαθρα καλεσας τους μαγους ηκριβωσεν παρ αυτων τον χρονον του φαινομενου αστερος8. και πεμψας αυτους εις βηθλεεμ ειπεν πορευθεντες εξετασατε ακριβως περι του παιδιου επαν δε ευρητε απαγγειλατε μοι απως καγω ελθων προσκυνησω αυτω9. οι δε ακουσαντες του βασιλεως επορευθησαν και ιδου ο αστηρ ον ειδον εν τη ανατολη προηγεν αυτους εως ελθων εσταθη επανω ου ην το παιδιον10. ιδοντες δε τον αστερα εχαρησαν χαραν μεγαλην σφοδρα11. και ελθοντες εις την οικιαν ειδον το παιδιον μετα μαριας της μητρος αυτου και πεσοντες προσεκυνησαν αυτω και νοιξαντες τους θησαυρους αυτων προσηνεγκαν αυτω δωρα χρυσον και λιβανον και σμυρναν12. και χρηματισθεντες κατ οναρ μη ανακαμψαι προς ηρωδην δι αλλης οδου ανεχωρησαν εις την χωραν αυτων
  21. 21. 4713. αναχωρησαντων δε αυτων ιδου αγγελος κυριου φαινεται κατ οναρ τω ιωσηφ λεγων εγερθεις παραλαβε το παιδιον και την μητερα αυτου και φευγε εις αιγυπτον και ισθιεκει εως αν ειπω σοι μελλει γαρ ηρωδης ζητειν το παιδιον του απολεσαι αυτο14. ο δε εγερθεις παρελαβεν το παιδιον και την μητερα αυτου νυκτος και ανεχωρησεν εις αιγυπτον kαι ην εκει εως της τελευτης ηρωδου ινα πληρωθη το ρηθεν15. υπο κυριου δια του προφητου λεγοντος εξ αιγυπτου εκαλεσα τον υιον μου16. τοτε ηρωδης ιδων οτι ενεπαιχθη υπο των μαγων εθυμωθη λιαν και αποστειλας ανειλεν παντας τους παιδας τους εν βηθλεεμ και εν πασιν τοις οριοις αυτης απο διετους και κατωτερω κατα τον ρονον ον ηκριβωσεν παρα των μαγων17. τοτε επληρωθη το ρηθεν δια ιερεμιου του προφητου λεγοντος18. φωνη εν ραμα ηκουσθη κλαυθμος και οδυρμος πολυς ραχηλ κλαιουσα τα τεκνα αυτης και ουκ ηθελεν παρακληθηναι οτι ουκ εισιν19. τελευτησαντος δε του ηρωδου ιδου αγγελος κυριου φαινεται κατ οναρ τω ιωσηφ εν αιγυπτω20. λεγων εγερθεις παραλαβε το παιδιον και την μητερα αυτου και πορευου εις γην ισραηλ τεθνηκασιν γαρ οι ζητουντες την ψυχην του παιδιου21. ο δε εγερθεις παρελαβεν το παιδιον και την μητερα αυτου και εισηλθεν εις γην ισραηλ ακουσας δε οτι αρχελαος βασιλευει22. της ιουδαιας αντι του πατρος αυτου ηρωδου εφοβηθη εκει απελθειν χρηματισθεις δε κατ οναρ ανεχωρησεν εις τα μερη της γαλιλαιας23. και ελθων κατωκησεν εις πολιν λεγομενην ναζαρετ οπως πληρωθη το ρηθεν δια των προφητων οτι ναζωραιος κληθησεταιFeature 1:-The number of Greek Vocabulary words is 161, (7X23).Feature 2:-The number of letters in these words is 896, (7X128).Feature 3:-The N.V. of these 161 words is 123529, (7X17647).Feature 4:-The number of forms is exactly 238, (7X34).Feature 5:-The N.V. of 238 forms is 166985, (7X23855).
  22. 22. 48There are numerous passages in the second chapter ofMatthew and each paragraph has amazing numeric featuresof its own. For E.g., the number of Greek vocabulary wordsin the I st six verses is 56, which is exactly divisible by 7,(7X8).There are three speeches 1) Herod speaks 2) Wise menspeak 3) The Angel speaks. Each speech shows an amazingnumeric features in itself, yet each forms only part of thechapter, which as a whole has phenomenal features of itsown. Each division alone shows the same numeric of itsown. Each division alone shows the same numericphenomena found in the chapter as a whole. It is alsointeresting to note, that more than 100 numeric features arestrangely hidden beneath the surface of passages whichconsist of no more than 175 words. MARK, Chapter 1, Verses 1-8. (Preaching of John, the Baptist)1. αρχη του ευαγγελιου ιησου χριστου {VAR2: [υιου θεου] }2. καθως γεγραπται εν τω ησαια τω προφητη ιδου αποστελλω τον αγγελον μου προ προσωπου σου ος κατασκευασει την οδον του3. φωνη βοωντος εν τη ερημω ετοιμασατε την οδον κυριου ευθειας ποιειτε τας τριβους αυτου4. εγενετο ιωαννης βαπτιζων εν τη ερημω και κηρυσσων βαπτισμα μετανοιας εις αφεσιν αμαρτιων5. και εξεπορευετο προς αυτον πασα η ιουδαια χωρα και οι ιεροσολυμιται παντες και εβαπτιζοντο υπ αυτου εν τω ιορδανη ποταμω εξομολογυμενοι τας αμαρτιας αυτων6. και ην οωαννης ενδεδυμενος τριχας καμηλου και ζωνην Δερματι νην περι την οσφυν αυτου και εσθιων ακριδας και μελι αγριον7. και εκηρυσσεν λεγων ερχεται ο ισχυροτερος μου οπισω ου ουκ ειμι ικανος κυψας λυσαι τον ιμαντα των uποδηματων αυτου8. εγω εβαπτισα υμας υδατι αυτος δε βαπτισει υμας πνευματι αγιωFeature 1:-The total number of Greek words is 126, (7X18).Feature 2:-The number of Greek letters in 126 words is 427, (7X61).Feature 3:-The number of vowels in these 427 letters is 224, (7X32).Feature 4:-The number of consonants in 427 letters is
  23. 23. 49 203, (7x29).Feature 5:-The number of syllables in 126 Greek words is 294, (7x42).Feature 6:-Of 126 words, the number which begin with vowel is 42, (7X6).Feature 7: Of 126 words, the number which begin with consonants is 84, (7X12).Feature 8:-The number of Vocabulary words is 77, (7X11).Feature 9:-Of these 77 vocabulary words, the number John used in his speech is 21, (7X 3).Feature10:-Of these 77 words found in the l st 8 verses, the No. in verses 1-5 Is 49, (7X7).Feature11:-The number of vocabulary words in verses 6-8 is 28, (7X4).Feature12:-Of the 77 words, the number which begin with vowel is 42, (7X6).Feature13:-Of the 77 words, the number which begin with consonants is 35,(7X5).Feature14:-The number of Greek letters in the longest word is 14, (7X2). Εξομολογυμενοι.All features cited so far are features under the vocabularywords and forms alone. There is something else and moreabout the maze of amazing numeric features under noun,verbs, subject, predicate and objects as analyzed like in E.g.cited in Gen 1:1. MARK, Chapter 1, Verses 9, 10, 11. (Baptism of Jesus)9 και εγενετο εν εκειναις ταις ημεραις ηλθεν ιησους απο Nαζαρετ της γαλιλαιας και εβαπτισθη εις τον ιορδανην υπο ιωαννου10 αι ευθυς αναβαινων εκ του υδατος ειδεν σχιζομενους τους ουρανους και το πνευμα ως περιστεραν καταβαινον εις αυτον11 kαι φωνη εγενετο εκ των ουρανων συ ει ο υιος μου ο αγαπητος εν σοι υδοκησαFeature 1:- The number of Greek vocabulary words in this passage is 35, (7X5).Feature 2:- The N.V. of the passage is exactly 27783, (7X3969).Feature 3:- The N.V. of the forms in which these words are found is exactly 26887, (7X3841).
  24. 24. 50 MARK, Chapter 2, Verses 13-17. (Jesus calls Matthew)13. και εξηλθεν παλιν παρα την θαλασσαν και πας ο οχλος ηρχετο προς αυτον και εδιδασκεν αυτους16. και παραγων ειδεν λευιν τον του αλφαιου καθημενον επι το τελωνιον και λεγει αυτω ακολουθει μοι και αναστας ηκολουθησεν αυτω17. και γινεται κατακεισθαι αυτον εν τη οικια αυτου και πολλοι τελωναι και αμαρτωλοι συνανεκειντο τω ιησου και τοις μαθηταις αυτου ησαν γαρ πολλοι και ηκολουθουν αυτω18. και οι γραμματεις των φαρισαιων ιδοντες οτι εσθιει μετα των αμαρτωλων και τελωνων ελεγον τοις μαθηταις αυτου οτι μετα των τελωνων και αμαρτωλων εσθιει19. και ακουσας ο ιησους λεγει αυτοις [οτι] ου χρειαν εχουσιν οι ισχυοντες ιατρου αλλ οι κακως εχοντες ουκ ηλθον καλεσαι δικαιους αλλα αμαρτωλουςFeature 1:- The number of Greek vocabulary words is exactly 49, (7X7).Feature 2:- Of the 49 words the number used by Jesus is exactly 14, (7X2).Feature 3:- The number of words used by the scribes is exactly 7.Features cited above are, a few of many numericalfeatures found beneath the surface of these five verses. MARK, Chapter 3, Verses 13-19. (Jesus chooses 12 Apostles)13. και αναβαινει εις το ορος και προσκαλειται ους ηθελεν αυτος και απηλθον προς αυτον14. και εποιησεν δωδεκα {VAR1: ους και αποστολους ωνομασεν } {VAR2: [ους και αποστολους ωνομασεν] } ινα ωσιν μετ αυτου και ινα αποστελλη αυτους κηρυσσειν15. και εχειν εξουσιαν εκβαλλειν τα δαιμονια {VAR1: και εποιησεν τους δωδεκα } {VAR2: [και εποιησεν τους δωδεκα] }16. και εχειν εξουσιαν εκβαλλειν τα δαιμονια {VAR1: και εποιησεν τους δωδεκα } {VAR2: [και εποιησεν τους δωδεκα] } και επεθηκεν ονομα τω σιμωνι πετρον17 kαι ιακωβον τον του ζεβεδαιου και ιωαννην τον αδελφον του ιακωβου και επεθηκεν αυτοις {VAR1: ονομα } VAR2: <ονοματα> } βοανηργες ο εστιν υιοι βροντης
  25. 25. 5120. και ανδρεαν και φιλιππον και βαρθολομαιον και μαθθαιον και θωμαν και ιακωβον τον του αλφαιου και θαδδαιον και σιμωνα τον καναναιον21. και ιουδαν ισκαριωθ ος και παρεδωκεν αυτον και ερχεται εις οικονThe names of 12 apostles are Simon, Andrew, James, John,Matthew, Bartholomew, Philip, Thomas, James, Thaddeus,Simon and Judas. It is amazing to note that the total numericvalue of these 12 apostles is 9639, which is perfectlydivisible by 7, (7X1377). Of all the disciples only simon peterhad the numeric value of 1295, which is perfectly divisibleby 7, on whom Christ said that he would built the church,(Matt 16:18). After the death of Juda Iscoriot, Mathias wastaken (Acts 1:23). The Numeric value after subtracting Judasfrom the total numeric value and adding the numeric valueof Mathias or Justus to the total numeric value is stilldivisible by 7.It is interesting to note that higher the numeric value of anindividual apostle higher was his participation in the Jesusministry and lower the numeric value of an individualapostle, lower was his participation in the Jesus ministry.Amongst 12 disciples, Juda Iscariot’s Numeric Value was1635, the highest and that is why Jesus used him, for hishighest mission. The lowest was of Thaddeus, whoseNumeric Value was only 149, and that is why we do not readmuch of him at all in the whole of New Testament BIBLE.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Apostle’s Name Numeric value TotalName in Greek------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. Simon σιμωνι 200+10+40+800+50+1 Peter πετρ 80+5+9+100 12952. James Iακωβοv 10+1+20+800+2+70+50 9533. John Iωαννην 10+800+1+50+50+8+50 9694. Andrew ανδρεαν 1+50+4+100+5+1+50 2115. Phillip φιλιππον 500+10+30+10+80+80+ 70+50 8306. Bartholomew βαρθολομαιον 2+1+100+9+70+30+70+ 40+1+10+70+50 4537. Matthew μαθθαιον 40+1+ 9+9+1+10+70+50 1908. Thomas θωμαν 9+800+40+1+50 900
  26. 26. 52 9. James Iακωβοv 10+1+20+800+ 2+70+50 953 10.Thaddaeus θαδδαιον 9+1+4+4+1+10+70+50 149 11.Simon σιμωνι 200+10+40+800+50+1 1101 12.Judas ιουδα 10+70+400+4+1+ Iscariot ισκαριωθ 10+200+20+1+100+10+ 800+9 1635 Grand Total 9639 (7X1377) After the death of Juda, to replace Juda’s apostleship, a lot was taken between Mathias and Justus, because of a tie, which means in either of the case, whether Mathias or Justus was taken in place of Juda, the total Numeric Value still would be divided by 7. Both Mathias (in Greek) and Justus (in Greek) have 7 letters in their names. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Mathias μαθθιαν 40+1+9+9+10+1+200 270 I.e. (9639-1635+270) = 8274 (7X1182) Justus ιουστος 10+70+400+200+300+ 70+200 1250 I.e. (9639-1635+1250) = 9254 (7X1322) It is also interesting to note both James and John sons of Zebedee too have 7 letters in their names. Andrew too has 7 letters in his name. MARK, Chapter 4, Verses 3-20 (Parable of sower)3. ακουετε ιδου εξηλθεν ο σπειρων σπειραι4. και εγενετο εν τω σπειρειν ο μεν επεσεν παρα την οδον και ηλθεν τα πετεινα και κατεφαγεν αυτο5. και αλλο επεσεν επι το πετρωδες {VAR1: [και] } οπου ουκ ειχεν γην πολλην και ευθυς εξανετειλεν δια το μη εχειν βαθος γης6. και οτε ανετειλεν ο ηλιος εκαυματισθη και δια το μη εχειν ριζαν εξηρανθη7. και αλλο επεσεν εις τας ακανθας και ανεβησαν αι ακανθαι και συνεπνιξαν αυτο και καρπον ουκ εδωκεν 8. και αλλα επεσεν εις την γην την καλην και εδιδου καρπον ανα-βαινοντα και αυξανομενα και εφερεν τριακοντα και εν εξηκοντα και εν εκατον 9. και ελεγεν ος εχει ωτα ακουειν ακουετω10.και οτε εγενετο κατα μονας ηρωτων αυτον οι περι αυτον συν τοις δωδεκα τας παραβολας
  27. 27. 5311.και ελεγεν αυτοις υμιν το μυστηριον δεδοται της βασιλειας του θεου εκεινοις δε τοις εξω εν παραβολαις τα παντα γινεται12.ινα βλεποντες βλεπωσιν και μη ιδωσιν και ακουοντες ακουωσιν και μη συνιωσιν μηποτε επιστρεψωσιν και αφεθη αυτοις13.και λεγει αυτοις ουκ οιδατε την παραβολην ταυτην και πως πασας τας παραβολας γνωσεσθε14.ο σπειρων τον λογον σπειρει15.ουτοι δε εισιν οι παρα την οδον οπου σπειρεται ο λογος και οταν ακουσωσιν ευθυς ερχεται ο σατανας και αιρει τον λογον τον εσπα-ρμενον εις αυτους16.και ουτοι εισιν {VAR1: ομοιως } οι επι τα πετρωδη σπειρομενοι οι οταν ακουσωσιν τον λογον ευθυς μετα χαρας λαμβανουσιν αυτον17.και ουκ εχουσιν ριζαν εν εαυτοις αλλα προσκαιροι εισιν ειτα γενομενης θλιψεως η διωγμου δια τον λογον ευθυς σκανδαλιζονται18.και αλλοι εισιν οι εις τας ακανθας σπειρομενοι ουτοι εισιν οι τον λογον ακουσαντες19.και αι μεριμναι του αιωνος και η απατη του πλουτου και αι περι τα λοιπα επιθυμιαι εισπορευομεναι συμπνιγουσιν τον λογον και ακαρπος γινεται20.και εκεινοι εισιν οι επι την γην την καλην σπαρεντες οιτινες ακουουσιν τον λογον και παραδεχονται και καρποφορουσιν εν τριακοντα και {VAR1: εν] } {VAR2: εν } εξηκοντα και {VAR1: [εν] } {VAR2: εν } εκατον The number of Greek Vocabulary words in this passage is exactly 49, (7X7). There are totally 21 amazing numeric features. MARK, Chp 13, Vrs 5-37, (The speech of Christ on tribulation)5. ο δε ιησους ηρξατο λεγειν αυτοις βλεπετε μη τις υμας πλανηση6. πολλοι ελευσονται επι τω ονοματι μου λεγοντες οτι εγω ειμι και πολλους πλανησουσιν7. οταν δε ακουσητε πολεμους και ακοας πολεμων μη θροεισθε δει γενεσθαι αλλ ουπω το τελος8. εγερθησεται γαρ εθνος επ εθνος και βασιλεια επι βασιλειαν εσονται σεισμοι κατα τοπους εσονται λιμοι αρχη ωδινων ταυτα9. βλεπετε δε υμεις εαυτους παραδωσουσιν υμας εις συνεδρια και εις συναγωγας δαρησεσθε και επι ηγεμονων και βασιλεων σταθησεσθε ενεκεν εμου εις μαρτυριον αυτοις10. και εις παντα τα εθνη πρωτον δει κηρυχθηναι το ευαγγελιον11.και οταν αγωσιν υμας παραδιδοντες μη προμεριμνατε τι λαλησητε αλλ ο εαν δοθη υμιν εν εκεινη τη ωρα τουτο λαλειτε ου γαρ εστε υμεις οι λαλουντες αλλα το πνευμα το αγιον12.και παραδωσει αδελφος αδελφον εις θανατον και πατηρ τεκνον και επαναστησονται τεκνα επι γονεις και θανατωσουσιν αυτους13.και εσεσθε μισουμενοι υπο παντων δια το ονομα μου ο δε υπομεινας εις τελος ουτος σωθησεται
  28. 28. 5414.οταν δε ιδητε το βδελυγμα της ερημωσεως εστηκοτα οπου ου δει ο ναγινωσκων νοειτω τοτε οι εν τη ιουδαια φευγετωσαν εις τα ορη15.ο {VAR2: [δε] } επι του δωματος μη καταβατω μηδε εισελθατω {VAR1: τι αραι } {VAR2: αραι τι } εκ της οικιας αυτου16.και ο εις τον αγρον μη επιστρεψατω εις τα οπισω αραι το ιματιον αυτου17.ουαι δε ταις εν γαστρι εχουσαις και ταις θηλαζουσαις εν εκειναις ταις ημεραις18.προσευχεσθε δε ινα μη γενηται χειμωνος19.εσονται γαρ αι ημεραι εκειναι θλιψις οια ου γεγονεν τοιαυτη απ αρχης κτισεως ην εκτισεν ο θεος εως του νυν και ου μη γενηται20.και ει μη εκολοβωσεν κυριος τας ημερας ουκ αν εσωθη πασα σαρξ αλλα δια τους εκλεκτους ους εξελεξατο εκολοβωσεν τας ημερας21.και τοτε εαν τις υμιν ειπη ιδε ωδε ο χριστος ιδε εκει μη πιστευετε22.εγερθησονται γαρ ψευδοχριστοι και ψευδοπροφηται και δωσουσιν σημεια και τερατα προς το αποπλαναν ει δυνατον τους εκλεκτους23.υμεις δε βλεπετε προειρηκα υμιν παντα24.αλλα εν εκειναις ταις ημεραις μετα την θλιψιν εκεινην ο ηλιος σκοτισθησεται και η σεληνη ου δωσει το φεγγος αυτης25.και οι αστερες εσονται εκ του ουρανου πιπτοντες και αι δυναμεις αι εν τοις ουρανοις σαλευθησονται26.και τοτε οψονται τον υιον του ανθρωπου ερχομενον εν νεφελαις μετα δυναμεως πολλης και δοξης27.και τοτε αποστελει τους αγγελους και επισυναξει τους εκλεκτους [αυτου] εκ των τεσσαρων ανεμων απ ακρου γης εως ακρου υρανου28.απο δε της συκης μαθετε την παραβολην οταν ηδη ο κλαδος αυτης απαλος γενηται και εκφυη τα φυλλα γινωσκετε οτι εγγυς το θερος εστιν29.ουτως και υμεις οταν ιδητε ταυτα γινομενα γινωσκετε οτι εγγυς εστιν επι θυραις30.αμην λεγω υμιν οτι ου μη παρελθη η γενεα αυτη μεχρις ου ταυτα παντα γενηται31.ο ουρανος και η γη παρελευσονται οι δε λογοι μου ου {VAR2: μη } παρελευσονται32.περι δε της ημερας εκεινης η της ωρας ουδεις οιδεν ουδε οι αγγελοι εν ουρανω ουδε ο υιος ει μη ο πατηρ33.βλεπετε αγρυπνειτε ουκ οιδατε γαρ ποτε ο καιρος {VAR1: [εστιν] } {VAR2: εστιν }34.ως ανθρωπος αποδημος αφεις την οικιαν αυτου και δους τοις δουλοις αυτου την εξουσιαν εκαστω το εργον αυτου και τω υρωρω ενετειλατο ινα γρηγορη35.γρηγορειτε ουν ουκ οιδατε γαρ ποτε ο κυριος της οικιας ερχεται η οψε η μεσονυκτιον η αλεκτοροφωνιας η πρωι 36.μη ελθων εξαιφνης ευρη υμας καθευδοντας 37.ο δε υμιν λεγω πασιν λεγω γρηγορειτε
  29. 29. 55Number of Greek Vocabulary words in this passage isexactly 203, (7X29). There are 28 numeric features in histribulation speech.THE MYSTERIOUS NUMBER SEVEN HIDDEN BENEATHTHE BIBLE. 26 six writers are named in the BIBLE. There were, ofcourse, others who wrote books of the BIBLE. However,only 26 of the writers are actually named in the BIBLE textitself. Each of these 26 names, like all other Hebrew andGreek words, has a numeric value.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------NAMES HEB/ GRK NUMERICVALUES TOTAL Hebrew books1. Moses 345 = 5+300+40 ‫השמ‬2. Isaiah 401 = 6+5+10+70+300+10 ‫והיצשי‬3. Jeremiah 271 = 6+5+10+40+200+10 ‫והימרי‬4. Ezekiel 156 = 1+100+7+8+10+ 30 ‫לאקזחי‬5. Hosea 381 = 70+300+6+5 ‫ע שוח‬6. Joel 30+1+6+10 ‫לאוי‬ 47 =7. Amos 176 = 60+6+40+70 ‫סוםע‬8. Obadiah 5+10+4+2+70 ‫= 19 ה י ד ב‬9. Jonah ‫01+6+05+5 ה נ ו י‬ 71 =10.Micah ‫= 57 ה כ י מ‬ 5+20+10+4011.Nahum ‫05+8+6+04 מ ו ה נ‬ 104 =12.Habakuk ‫8+2+001+6+001 ק ו ק ב ח‬ 216 =13.Zephaniah 235 = 5+10+50+80+90 ‫הינפצ‬14.Haggai ‫= 12 י ג ה‬ 10+3+815.Zacharia ‫= 242 ה י ר כ ז‬ 5+10+200+20+716.Malachi ‫04+03+1+02+01 י כ א ל מ‬ 101 =17.David ‫4+6+4 ד ו ד‬ 14 =18.Soloman ‫003+03+04+5 ה מ ל ש‬ 375 =19.Daniel ‫4+05+01+1+03 ל א י נ ד‬ 95 =20.Ezra ‫07+7+002+1 א ר ז ע‬ 278 =21.Nehemiah 5+10+40+8+50 ‫= 311 ה י מ ה נ‬ Greek Books22.James Ιακωβ 10+1+20+800+2 = 83323.Peter πετορς 80+5+300+100+70+200 = 75524.Jude Ιουδας 10+70+400+4+1+200 = 68525.Paul παυλος 80+1+400+30+70+200 = 78126.John Ιωανης 10+800+1+50+8+200 =1069------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ TOTAL= 7931
  30. 30. 56Total numeric value is 7931, which is divisible by 7. TheN.V. of each author is calculated from the N.V. of theHebrew alphabets and the N.V. of the Greek alphabets,depending upon the book is from the Hebrew text, or theGreek text. It is amazing to note that the total N.V. isperfectly divisible by 7. Hence writing of 66 books, i.e. 39books in Hebrew and 27 books in Greek books, is theplan of God.The books have wide meaning of message of BIBLEcoming first to the Jews and later to both the Jews andthe gentiles. The apostles wrote the gospel and theepistles in Greek alone, although they were Jews,knowing Hebrew. Even the book called Hebrew waswritten in Greek by Apostle Paul, Jew of the Jews. Nameof John has the highest N.V. i.e, (1069) which hints hiswork is compact, packed and practical. His book isworthy more than all other books in the New Testamentand it is full of symbolic mysterious No: 7. The nextepistle is by James which has a N.V. of 833. Jamesepistle in first century used to be called as practicalepistle of Christian life. The merit of the book can beassessed by the Numeric Value.Feature 1:- The total N.V. of 26 BIBLE writers is 7931, (7x1133).Feature 2:- The total N.V. of the author of first book Genesis, Moses and the last Book Revelation John is 1414. i.e. 345+1069 = 1414 (7X202).Feature 3:- The other names have a N.V. of 6517 (7X931).Feature 4:- The number of O.T writers is 21, (7X3).Feature 5:- The N.V. of Hebrew names of the 21 writers is 3808, (7X 544).Feature 6:- The N.V. of 5 Greek names of the N.T. text is 4123, (7X589).Feature 7:- The writers of the law and the prophets (Moses to Malachi) have a N.V. of 2933, (7X419).
  31. 31. 57Feature 8:- The writers of Hagiographa (David to Nehemiah) has a N.V. of 875, (7X125).Feature 9:- Of the 21 writers of the O.T. the name in the N.T. are Moses, David, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, Hosea, and Joel, who are exactly 7, and whose prophesy fulfilled. Jonah’s name is mentioned, but he does not give prophesy.Feature10:- The N.V. of these 7 names is exactly 1554, (7X222).Feature11:- The number of times these 7 names occur in the O.T is exactly 2310, (7X 330).Feature12:- Of these 2310 occurrences, number of times David occur is 1134, (7X 162).Feature13:- Of these 2310 occurrences, number of times Moses occur is 847, (7X121).Feature14:- It is to be noted the N.V. of David is 14, perfectly divisible by 7, the Lowest amongst the writers. All this seems amazing and so exhaustive. BETHLEHEMThe N.V. of βηθλεεμ: 2 + 8 + 9 + 30 + 5 + 5 + 40 = 99.The N.V. of Bethlehem is 99, the lowest in the Judearegion of Israel. This fulfills the prophesy, as narrated byMicah 5:2, Matt 2:6. “But you Bethlehem, in the land ofJudah, are not the least among the rulers of Judah; forout of you shall come a ruler who will shepherd Mypeople Israel.” David’s numeric value is also only 14.(7X2) SAUL TO PAULThe name Saul did not have a N.V. that was divisible by 7;hence God might have changed his name to Paul. TheN.V. of Paul is 511, which is perfectly divisible by 7, i.e.(7X73). There is no reason mentioned, as why Godwanted him to be called as Paul. It is only Peter and Paulhad a numeric value divisible by 7. It was also Jesus wayof hinting a departure from the Jewish names, since none
  32. 32. 58of the Jewish names begin with “P”. Amongst the 12disciples only Simon Peter was married, whose name’sN.V. alone was divisible by 7. Amongst the unmarriedPaul’s name N.V. alone was divisible by 7. AMEN“AMEN” has a numeric value of 91, which is perfectlydivisible by 7, (7X13). NAZORAIOSNazoraios appear 7 times in the gospels:Matthew- 3 times, Mark-o times, Luke-1 time, and inJohn-3 times, totaling to 7 times. MOSESMoses appears 847 times (7X121) in the BIBLE. GABRIELThere are 7 letters. And the total N.V. is 154, (7X22).Γαβριηλ: 3+1+2+100+10+8+30 = 154. EPISTLE TO THE HEBREWSNumeric designs unquestionably prove that Apostle Paulis the writer.7 is a number, hinting Jesus message having a world widemission. It is bread from heaven to the entire mankind. Thefeeding of the 5000 men alone from, 7 numbers: 2 fishes and5 loaves of bread, hints Jesus bringing salvation to JewishIsraelites. The feeding of 4000 men alone, hints hissalvation to the whole mankind, including the Jews. Christspeaks to us, here indirectly and mathematically. When hefed 5000, the left over were 12 baskets full. When he fed4000, the left over were 7 baskets full. 12 (4x3) stands forIsraelites who multiply as they are born and 7 (4+3) standsfor gentiles (Mark 8:17-21), who were added to the church.
  33. 33. 59It is notable that the BIBLE as a whole divides perfectly intoseven great divisions.1. The Law. 2. The Prophets. 3. TheWritings. 4. The Gospels. 5. The Acts. 6. The Epistles7. The Revelation. The 2 larger divisions, the prophets andthe epistles, are each composed of a number of bookswhich is perfectly divisible by 7. The number of books ineach division is exactly 21, (7x3). In epistles the bookswritten by Apostle Paul are 14, (7X2).How did these features occur or come to be in the verystructure of the BIBLE text? Their presence must beexplained in some satisfactory way. They could haveoccurred either 1) by an accident or 2) by design. No doubtsome critics say that they occurred in this manner merely bysheer chance.What are the chances of getting a perfect square piece ofstone or cubic piece of stone on this earth? If it is found, itis concluded, that some one must have quarried it by hand.Second what are the chances of finding a ready made housein nature? If it is found, it is concluded positively, that someone must have built it by hands.Thirdly, suppose suddenly, the bag containing 30 orangesbroke and fell to the floor, what chance would there be, thatthe oranges would fall into five perfect rows with six in eachrow? Though it is theoretically possible, practically it isimpossible. Such self arrangement would be consideredimpossible and no one would risk being called insane byinsisting that such a thing can occur by chance.Likewise, these amazing numeric features found in theoriginal BIBLE text, are not there by chance or accident, butby design. They are arranged according to definite plan. Anyorder or design in any thing can be known only through thenumbers or by measurable units, and the BIBLE by numericstructural design.If anyone could write an intelligible passage of 275 words,constructing it in such a way that the same designs and
  34. 34. 60arrangements of 7 occur in the structure of its original textas those found in the first 17 verses of Matthew, indeed hewould prove himself a wonder if he could accomplish it in ayear.If anyone could write an intelligible passage of 161 words,constructing it in such a manner that the same designs andarrangements of 7 occurs in the structure of its original textas those which are found in verses 18-25 of the 1st chapterof Matthew, he would accomplish a still greater wonder if hewere to do it in 5 years.If any one in an entire life time of continuous work couldwrite an intelligible passage of some 500 words, containingin its structure as many intertwined, yet harmoniousnumeric features as are found in the 2nd chapter Matthew, itwould be a miracle of miracles.No mortal in the lifetime of 100 years could possibly havecarried out the design which is found in even a single bookof the BIBLE, if he devoted the entire 100 years to the task. Itwould require some centuries to write a book designed andconstructed in the manner in which the book of Matthew isconstructed. It is to be remembered that many of thescripture writers were men chosen from very ordinary walkof life and men who had no schooling at all. The limitationsof human intellect and the abrupt ending of human life makeit impossible for any man or any set of men combined toaccomplish such stupendous feats. Man by his ownattainments could not perform such unthinkable feats.How could the writers of BIBLE have planned the distribut-ion of the name ‘Moses’ through the BIBLE, so as to formmarvelous numeric design? The case of Moses is only oneexample of a design which extends through the BIBLE. Thedesign interlock paragraph with paragraph, book with book,and the Old Testament with New Testament. The OldTestament was concluded 400 years before the NewTestament began, yet two taken together form one completerevelation. Both are parts of one homogenous whole.
  35. 35. 61How did Matthew know that he could use certain wordswhich would not be used in any of the other 26 books of theNew Testament? How did each writer know that he shoulduse certain words which would not be used in any otherbook? In order for each writer to have done this, it wouldhave been necessary for each one to have had all the otherbooks before him as he wrote. If each had the other booksbefore him as he wrote, it would mean that each particulargospel was written last. Such a thing is impossible andunthinkable. These are only a few of many problems whichconfront a person who tries to figure out how mere mencould have designed and arranged the phenomenal numericfeatures in the structure of the original BIBLE .The 15 books of Apocrypha, shows no evidence of such anumeric design. There are so many Hebrew, Greek andLatin, prose and poetry classics, dating back to the BIBLEtimes. There is not a single incidence or evidence of such anumeric design. With this, it is evident that the BIBLE is notthe work of many minds, but one mind alone, that of God’s.There is no escape from this conclusion.The original manuscripts, which the BIBLE writers wrote arenot available today. Thus the Old Testament and the NewTestament manuscripts available today are the copies of theoriginal manuscripts. Critics, say that they have found somenew passages added into King James Version, comparingwith translated version, done from Vatican and Sinaimanuscripts. But the translation of BIBLE to King JamesVersion was done from ancient copies that were relativelylater in date, which had these disputed passages. There are12 passages in the New Testament, which have beenseriously disputed by them as interpolation. Some of themare 1) Mark 16:9-20, 2) John 7:53-8:11, 3) Luke 22:44, 4) Luke23:3 etc. Could it be, these inspired scriptures removed fromthe BIBLE? Certainly not.Thus come, the application of numerical structural analysis.The discovery proves that there is no interpolation byanyone. The alleged and disputed passages certainly find
  36. 36. 62place in the divinely inspired bible. The Satan’s anti-Christwork is defeated hence forth and once for all. Now all thedisputed passages have been forever settled as GODspoken.Thanks to new discovery based on numeric analysis.Any error in a word, or a verse, or a chapter or evena book, or the whole book can be detected by thedesigns of numerical facts. MARK, CHP 16, VRS 9-20, (The appearances and the ascension of Jesus) 9. [αναστας δε πρωι πρωτη σαββατου εφανη πρωτον μαρια τη μαγδαληνη παρ ης εκβεβληκει επτα δαιμονια10. εκεινη πορευθεισα απηγγειλεν τοις μετ αυτου γενομενοις πενθουσιν και κλαιουσιν11. κακεινοι ακουσαντες οτι ζη και εθεαθη υπ αυτης ηπιστησαν μετα δε ταυτα δυσιν εξ αυτων περιπατουσιν εφανερωθη εν ετερα μορφη ορευομενοις εις αγρον12 ακεινοι απελθοντες απηγγειλαν τοις λοιποις ουδε εκεινοις επιστευσανυστερον [δε] ανακειμενοις αυτοις τοις ενδεκα εφανερωθη14. και ωνειδισεν την απιστιαν αυτων και σκληροκαρδιαν οτι τοις θεασαμενοις αυτον εγηγερμενον {VAR1: [εκ νεκρων] } ουκ επιστευσαν15. και ειπεν αυτοις πορευθεντες εις τον κοσμον απαντα16. κηρυξατε το ευαγγελιον παση τη κτισει ο πιστευσας και βαπτισθεις σωθησεται ο δε απιστησας κατακριθησεται17. σημεια δε τοις πιστευσασιν {VAR1: ακολουθησει ταυτα } {VAR2: ταυτα παρακολουθησει } εν τω ονοματι μου αιμονια εκβαλουσιν γλωσσαις λαλησουσιν {VAR2: αιναις}18. [και εν ταις χερσιν] οφεις αρουσιν καν θανασιμον τι πιωσιν ου μη αυτους βλαψη επι αρρωστους χειρας επιθησουσιν και καλως εξουσιν19. ο μεν ουν κυριος {VAR1: [ιησους] } {VAR2: ιησους } μετα το λα- λησαι αυτοις ανελημφθη εις τον ουρανον και εkαθισεν εκ δεξιων του θεου.20. εκεινοι δε εξελθοντες εκηρυξαν πανταχου του κυριου συνεργουντος. και ον λογον βεβαιουντος δια των επακολουθουντων σημειων παντα δε τα παρηγγελμενα τοις περι τον πετρον συντομως εξηγγειλαν μετα δε ταυτα και αυτος ο ιησους απο ανατολης και αχρι δυσεως εξαπεστειλεν δι αυτων το ιερον και αφθαρτον κηρυγμα της αιωνιου
  37. 37. 63 These are the last verses of the book of Mark.Feature 1:- Number of Greek words in these 12 verses is 175, (7X25).Feature 2:- Number of Greek vocabulary words is 98, (7X14).Feature 3:- Number of nouns in the 98 words is 21, (7X3).Feature 4:- Number of non-nouns in 98 words 77, (7X11).Feature 5:- Number of words begins with consonants in 21 nouns are 7.Feature 6:- Number of words begins with vowel in 21 nouns are 7.Feature 7:- Number of Greek letters in these 98 words is 553, (7X79).Feature 8:- Of these 553 letters the No. of Vowels is 294, (7X42).Feature 9:- Of these 553 letters the no. of consonants is 259, (7X37).Feature 10:- The number of forms of these 98 words is 133, (7X19).Feature 11:- The numeric value of these 133 forms is 89663, (7X12809).Feature 12:- Of these 133 forms, the forms which occur once Is 112, (7X16).Feature 13:- Of these 133 forms, the forms which occur more than once is 21, (7X3).Feature 14:- Of the 98 Vocabulary Words, the number used his disciples are exactly 42, (7X6).Feature 15:- The number of Vocabulary words which form no part of Christ’s speech are 56, (7X8).Feature 16:- Of the 175 total words, the number of words used by Christ in his speech Is xactly 56, (7X8).Feature 17:- Of the 175 total words, the number that forms no part of Christ speech is 119, (7X17).The twelve verses divide themselves divide themselvesinto three natural divisions. Verses 9-11 Form (Division A)
  38. 38. 64 Verses 12-18 Form (Division B) Verses 19-20 Form (Division C)An amazing feature of numeric design is found in thesethree natural divisions. For E.g.:- Division A (Verses 9-11)Feature 18:- The number of Greek Words is 35, (7X5).Feature 19:- The N.V. of 35 words is 17213, (7X2459).Feature 20:- The N.V. of verses 9 and 11 alone is 11795, (7X1685).Feature 21:- The N.V. of verses 10 alone is 5418, (7X774).Feature 22:- In verse 10, the Its Greek word, the N.V. is 98, (7X14).Feature 23:- In verse 10, the last Greek word, the N.V. is 791, (7X 113).Feature 24:- The remaining words in verse 10 have a N.V. of 4529, (7X 647).Feature 25:- Of the 35 Greek words, in verse 9, 10, 11 the words begin with vowel are exactly 21, (7X3).Feature 26:- The No of syllabus in 36 Greek words is 84, (7X12).Feature 27:- “THANASIMOS”, means “deadly”, which has a N.V. of 581, (7X83). “Θανασιμον”. This word is used by GOD only once in the whole of New Testament.This by no means exhausts. The Division B and C, eachhave more than 20 numeric features.So the disputed last verses of Mark 16 shows amazingnumeric design as a whole, i.e. designs within the design,and further designs within those. The separate paragraphshave designs of their own within the design. The vocabularyhas its design and forms have theirs. John 7:53-8:11 (The woman caught in adultery)53. [[και επορευθησαν εκαστος εις τον οικον αυτου
  39. 39. 65 John 81. ιησους δε επορευθη εις το ορος των ελαιων2. ορθρου δε παλιν παρεγενετο εις το ιερον {VAR1: [και } {VAR2: και } πας ο λαος ηρχετο προς αυτον και καθισας εδιδασκεν {VAR1: αυτους] } {VAR2: αυτους }3. αγουσιν δε οι γραμματεις και οι φαρισαιοι γυναικα επι μοιχεια κατειλημμενην και στησαντες αυτην εν μεσω4. λεγουσιν αυτω διδασκαλε αυτη η γυνη κατειληπται επ αυτοφωρω μοιχευομενη5. εν δε τω νομω {VAR1: [ημιν] } {VAR2: ημιν } μωυσης ενετειλατο τας τοιαυτας λιθαζειν συ ουν τι λεγεις6. {VAR1: [τουτο } {VAR2: τουτο } δε ελεγον πειραζοντες αυτον ινα εχωσιν κατηγορειν {VAR1: αυτου] } {VAR2: αυτου } ο δε ιησους κατω κυψας τω δακτυλω κατεγραφεν εις την γην7. ως δε επεμενον ερωτωντες {VAR1: [αυτον] } {VAR2: αυτον } ανεκυψεν και ειπεν {VAR1: [αυτοις] } {VAR2: αυτοις } ο αναμαρτητος υμων πρωτος επ αυτην βαλετω λιθον8. και παλιν κατακυψας εγραφεν εις την γην9. οι δε ακουσαντες εξηρχοντο εις καθ εις αρξαμενοι απο των πρεσβυτερων και κατελειφθη μονος και η γυνη εν μεσω ουσα10. ανακυψας δε ο ιησους ειπεν αυτη γυναι που εισιν ουδεις σε κατεκρινεν10. δε ειπεν ουδεις κυριε ειπεν δε ο ιησους ουδε εγω σε11. κατακρινω πορευου απο του νυν μηκετι αμαρτανε]]There are 168 (7X24) words in the passage and the list ofother features are numerous.Tregelles, who was a strict orthodox editor of the new testament, andwho believed as firmly in the divine inspiration of the scripture asanyone, honestly confessed that the account of the woman caught inthe adultery was not part of the word of God. Various other scholars,on the contrary contended that the passage is entitled to its place inthe divine BIBLE.Does the passage contain the divine numerical design beneath thesurface of its text? Yes: the passage is permeated with the samephenomenal numeric designs and features as are found in thestructure of genuine God inspired passages. The profound numericfeatures and schemes found therein could not possibly haveoriginated from man. How or why they disappeared we don not know.
  40. 40. 66One has to appreciate Jesus beautiful way of, encountering the elders(so-called embodiment of paragons of sinless perfection), who hadbrought the woman caught in the adultery in the very act. Jesus heredid not ask for the one who did this act to be brought (fleeter of foot),as normally all would, as Moses too wrote in the law (Ex 23:7). HereJesus writes on the ground, which elders thought that he is writingincidences of adultery committed by them. Then Jesus said to them“He who is without sin among you, let him throw a stone at her first”.Jesus as God knew their adulterous past of elders, which ultimatelylead elders to drop their demand of stoning her to death. All left theplace silently and quietly with no turning back to the scene, beginningwith elders followed by their own male chauvinistic gang, eachhaunted by their own guiltiness (echoes from their own past). Theconfidence and personnel absoluteness of Jesus words not only callto mind that Jesus came not to condemn, but to save. Jesus now tellsthat, “woman (respectful term), go and sin no more”. This seems togive the woman more than her due. Here Jesus was moreencountered than woman herself. Acts of the risen LordIn 1 week Acts Ch 1-7: Church started by Peter.In 4 weeks Acts Ch 8-12: Church scatters by Phillip.In a Month Acts Ch 13-28: Church spreads by Paul. The Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:7-13)The total numeric value is 28644, which is perfectly divisibleby 7. (7X 4092).
  41. 41. 67 (Luke 11:2-5)The total numeric value is 17290, which is perfectly divisibleby 7. (7X 2470). Book of JOHN, Chapter 21, verse 11. (Catch of 153 fishes)Apostle John’s speciality is always numbers. A messagethrough numbers. Just like our lord Jesus spoke in parableand figurative language, so also John sent message to theChristians in numbers. What is 153? It is a sum total of 1 to17.i.e. 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13+14+15+16+17=153.17 is a total of 10 and 7. i.e. 10 commandments (Deut 5:6- 21)+ 7 doctrines (Eph 4: 4-6). It is a number hinting a messagethat every Christian to abide by the 10 commandments and 7doctrines: 1 body, 1 spirit, 1 hope, 1 lord, 1 faith, 1 baptism,and 1 GOD. Genesis 5:1-32 (Genealogy of Adam through Seth to Noah)Ten persons are named in this chapter. This chapternarrates the genealogy of Adam through Seth. It isinteresting to note that the sum total of lifespan of 10persons are (8575) which are in cycles of 7 (1225X7).Adam 930Seth 912Enosh 905Cainan 910Mahalaleel 895Jared 962Enoch 365Methuselah 969Lamech 777Noah 950TOTAL 8575 (1225X7)Lamech father of Noah the most righteous in God’s sight, livedfor 777 Years which is also in cycles of 7.
  42. 42. 68 I-AM“I-AM” is a title indicating self-existence. Jesus in the bookof John says Seven “I-AM” statements. 1) I am bread of life2) I am light of the world 3) I am door of the sheep 4) I amgood shepherd 5) I am resurrection and the life 6) I am trueand living way 7) I am a true vine. THE LAW OF CHANCESThe law of chances deals with chances, i.e., what chancesare there that these features would occur together in onepassage accidentally. This is calculated by a standardscientific method. They are recognized and standard in allbranches of science. Its usage and the result are accurate,free from error.Only one number in 7 is multiple of 7. The other six numberswhich are not multiples of 7 have as a good chance to occuraccidentally as the one that is multiple of 7.Therefore, according to the law of chances, for any 1number to be a multiple of 7 accidentally, there is onechance in…,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,…….…………..……7.According to law of chances, for any 2 number to be amultiple of 7 accidentally, there is only one chancein……………………………………………………….…7X7X7 = 49.According to the law of chances, for any 3 number to be amultiple of 7 accidentally, there is only one chance in……………………………………..………………….…7x7X7 = 343.Thus according to law of chances, for any one feature tooccur accidentally, there is only one chancein……………………..………………………………………………..7.Thus according to law of chances, for any two features tooccur accidentally, there is only one chancein……………………………..………………………………………49.Thus according to law of chances, for any three features tooccur accidentally, there is only one chance in .…………………………………………………………………..…343.