My tryst with the Ruins of Hampi...


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My presentation for #BCM10. How I fell in love with Hampi and how we have a tryst and every year I fulfil it...You should go there for sure.

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  • Read stuff from the book.
  • Read from website and book… Hampi was Kishkinda 7000 years ago. Son of Vayu Hanuman is believed to be born here on the Anjaneya Hill. Rishimukh hill was where Sugreeva took refuge
  • From the book and website
  • My tryst with the Ruins of Hampi...

    1. 1. www.hampi.inMy tryst with the ruins ofHampi… #BCM10
    2. 2. www.hampi.inLate. Shri. Narayan Srinivas RajpurohitLate N. S. Rajpurohit has gone unrecognized in spite of his significantcontribution to history and heritage of Karnataka. Born in a poorfamily in 1887, he was self-taught, and qualified himself for teachingin primary schools. But, the movement for Indias freedom was verystrong, and due to his participation in anti-British activities, he foundhimself dismissed and disqualified from teaching for rest of his life!He single-handedly dug the land round about Rakkastangadi, a villagenear Bijapur and established the battle field which was the death-knellof the great Vijayanagar empire. The fields were full of human andhorse skeletons, coins and raged canons. Till then scholars hadbelieved it was Talikote with was the battlefield. He disproved thistheory after which many stalwarts of history recognized his works.#BCM10
    3. 3. www.hampi.inThe Vijayanagara Empire #BCM10
    4. 4.• History of Hampi region dates back to Neolithic-Chalcolithic times…• Refrences to Hampi date back to third century BC within Asokan Kingdom!• Over the years Vijayanagara (popularly called as Hampi) developed a unique style of architecture, came to be known as Vijayanagara Architecture• The Kadambas, Chalukyas of Badami, Kalyani, Hoysalas, Yadavas and others• reigned Hampi Pre-Vijayanagara era.• Before them it was controlled by Kampili chiefs• It was then affected by Delhi Sultan, Alauddin Khalji & Muhammad-bin-Tughluq• Harihara , Bukka conquered Hampi back and started the Vijayanagara era.• Dev Raya I, II and Krishnadeva Raya were learned scholars who contributed to the Vijayanagara Empire• It was during Ramrayas reign Vijayanagara faced a destructive end!• Finally the battle of Rakshasi and Tangdi ( Commonly mistaken to Talikota) was the death knell of Vijayanagara Empire History of Hampi #BCM10
    5. 5.• Rama and Lakshmana reach Kishninda, the kingdom ofmonkeys (Vanara Kingdom). in search of Sita. Locals believeit’s the environs of Hampi.• Battle of Vali & Sugreeva (Matanga Hills)• The Anjaneya Hill , just across the river is believed to bethe place where Añjana gave birth to Hanuman.• Sugreeva’s Cave is located on the banks of the river on theway to Vittala Temple.• The riverbank near Kodandarama Temple , near theSugreeva’s cave is the place where Rama crowned Sugreevaafter killing Val The Ramayana Connection #BCM10
    6. 6. www.hampi.inHazara Rama Temple #BCM10
    7. 7. www.hampi.inMusical pillars and Stone chariot at the Vittala Temple #BCM10
    8. 8. • This 5-meter or so tall ‘balance’ is located near the Vittala temple. Also called as Tula Bhara or Tula Purushadana, the king used to weigh himself with gold, gems, silver and precious stones, and distributed to the priests. • It’s believed that this had been done during the special ceremony seasons like solar or lunar eclipses. You can spot three loops on top of the balance, into which the balance actually hung.The Kings Balance #BCM10
    9. 9. www.hampi.inThe airconditioned Kamala Mahal (Lotus Palace) & The Elephant Stables #BCM10
    10. 10. •This structure, as the name indicates, is a gigantic bathing area made in the shape of an Octagon. •The bath shelter is designed with an octagonal shaped platform at the middle and an encircling pillared veranda around it. •The circular section between the veranda and the platform is the water (now empty) area. •To the west of it you can spot the ruined bases of numerous palaces.Octagonal public Baths in Hampi #BCM10
    11. 11. www.hampi.inUnderground Shiva & Queens Bath #BCM10
    12. 12. • This temple was built by the king (Krishnadevaraya) in 1513 AD to celebrate the conquest of the eastern kingdom of Udayagiri or Utkala (in the present day Orissa state). • The carvings are especially spectacular with the Yalis (the mythical lion) on the pillars and the beautiful women at the entrances to the temple hall is flanged with impressive carvings. • You can see the carvings of the 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu in this temple.The Krishna Temple at the entrance of the city… #BCM10
    13. 13. www.hampi.inLakshmi Narsimha Statue & The poor woman’s Lingam #BCM10
    14. 14. www.hampi.inSasvekalu GaneshaThe Ganeshas of Hampi… Kadalekalu Ganesha #BCM10
    15. 15. www.hampi.inThe monolithic Bull at the feet of Matanga Hill #BCM10
    16. 16. •Battle of Vali & Sugreeva (Matanga Hills) • Probably Matanga Hill is the most talked about hill in Hampi. Let it be its central location, the oversold sunset/sunrise view or the myths associated with it, this hill commands a special attraction. • Being at the centre of Hampi, and also the highest point, Matanga hilltop is the best spot to get an aerial view of Hampi and its environs.The Magical Matanga Hill #BCM10
    17. 17. • The Vijayanagara kings took advantage of the river by constructing a host of irrigation canals and aqueducts. • Many of the ancient canals are still in use to irrigate the surrounding agriculture fields. • The ancient name of the river was Pampa. According to the legends, Pampa, the daughter of Brahma (the God of creation) did penance to please Lord Shiva. • Impressed by her devotion Shiva married her and taken the name Pampapati (means husband of Pampa)The Tungabhadra River and the coracle rides #BCM10
    18. 18. www.hampi.inFinally the Virupaksha temple… #BCM10
    19. 19. Within infinite myths lies the Eternal Truth. Who sees it all? Varuna had but a thousand eyes, Indra has a hundred, You and I, Only two… - Dr. Devdutt PattanaikKeep on Exploring the unknown…For the only two eyes we have, are thirsty for more… #BCM10
    20. 20. www.hampi.inThank You Twitter: @srinistuff http://www.srinistuff.com #BCM10