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E M P L O Y E E E M P L O Y E R & S U P E R L I V I N G D R


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E M P L O Y E E E M P L O Y E R & S U P E R L I V I N G D R

  2. 2. Quite a lot has been written on the relationship between employers and the employees. In today’s world this relationship is found to vary from company to mill, village to city, public sector to private sector, farm laborers to quarry workers and from contract labor to permanent employees with their respective employers. In short; class division as well as the caste distinction have become considerably complex. The working class has become quite heterogeneous and also full of contradictions; in terms of priorities and interests of different groups of workers. A particular policy benefits some sections of working class and harms the interests of the other sections simultaneously. This is especially evident in case of working class of affluent countries and that of developing countries. The financial benefits tend to go to
  3. 3. the working class of affluent countries at the cost of working class of the developing countries. These facts however, are ignored, neglected, unnoticed, unattended to or NOT resolved for one reason or another! Because of this, the movements of the working class have not been able to succeed adequately in making the human society more just. This is largely because they have not adequately developed their strategies on the background of the vision of nonsectarian global welfare. The solution to this can come with inner growth and emergence of global perspective, which can emerge from Namasmaran, which according to great seers can free the society divided into classes into truly unified and classless society. The inner unity; when and if unraveled; can lead
  4. 4. to external unity envisaged in the concepts of the classless society. Mere hatred and antipathy on the one hand and sectarian and individualistic petty pursuits on the other; can not help any class. The opportunist and selfish pursuits or materialistic considerations of the present leadership of establishment as well as working class; and the sense of helplessness and apathy of the land-less laborers, child laborers and such others, can be overcome, through Namasmaran; which is preached for centuries and which can be compared to light, which is indispensable irrespective of the types of residence (a palace, a bungalow or a hut). It has the capacity to endow the cultural profundity which in itself is an effective and powerful weapon that can be used by those interested in true welfare of the mankind irrespective of whether they belong to
  5. 5. the side of employers or employees and make them invincible. This can be realized more fully by the practice of Namasmaran and not otherwise. Intellectually however; one can imagine how by Namasmaran one can become more objective, and thereby more beneficial to greater sections of society and how thereby one can gain undefeatable strength in his efforts to free himself as well as the ailing mankind both materially and spiritually. DR. SHRINIWAS KASHALIKAR