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D R E A M & V I S O N D R


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D R E A M & V I S O N D R

  2. 2. What is use of the scriptures, mythology and other variety of religious and philosophical literature? What is the value of creative poetry incorporating sublime dreams for the society? What is the relevance of magnum opus such as Benhur or Dr. Ziwago, in terms of social development? What is the use of bombardment of sermons in schools, colleges and on other pulpits? The violence and crimes do not seem to reduce! Violence in Germany was replaced by violence in Hiroshima. Violence in Hiroshima was replaced
  3. 3. by violence in Vietnam. Thereafter violence kept on erupting in Cambodia (Kampuchea), Iraq, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda and so on. Are the expressions depicting justice, peace, brotherhood and so on, mere emotional outbursts of illusory or subjective nature of some sensitive individuals? This question can come in any one’s mind. The answer is neither unrealistically optimistic nor unrealistically pessimistic.
  4. 4. The realization of justice, peace and brotherhood (to a greater extent than what is prevalent) is equivalent to objective process of consistent and conscious evolutionary transformation, in billions, through generations through unhesitant, single minded, simultaneous and consistent commitment to and practice of NAMASMARAN by billons of people in the world through generations (analogous to generations working for the construction of Belur temple and sculpting of Ajanta). Artistic, scientific and even prophetic expressions are periodic harbingers of this mega process of global nature; which keeps on eluding you at any given time, because, it can at best be
  5. 5. apparent in bits at a time, as it involves many generations all over the world! Thus neither the scriptures are false, nor our faith futile. A process that spreads over millennia is a reality, but not comprehensible by limited individual capacity. It is our privilege that we are aware of and linked with this all encompassing cosmic superprocess, superstate and superpower viz. NAMASMARAN. This fact itself is a matter of ultimate assurance, and rejoices. Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar