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C O M P L E M E N T A R I T Y & E Q U A L I T Y D R S H R I N I W A S K A S H A L I K A R


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Published in: Spiritual, Health & Medicine
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C O M P L E M E N T A R I T Y & E Q U A L I T Y D R S H R I N I W A S K A S H A L I K A R

  2. 2. Even as the slogan of “equality” has stayed in the forefront for centuries the governance; and not merely governance but immaculate and impeccable governance of the universe is not merely by equality but by complementarities. The deep involvement in equality is actually due to egalitarian feeling that every one should get food, shelter and other pleasures of life. This feeling is due to high emotional quotient of some people who are charged with oneness with the millions others! But this sublime emotion if not enriched by the wisdom of appreciation of the complementarities, then it becomes naïve and restrictive. It becomes a theoretical shackle that hampers the growth and
  3. 3. blossoming human interrelationships and interactions! If you are sensitive then you may spend your lifetime in struggling for equality and if you are insensitive then you may spend your life time in imposing exploitative inequality. It is necessary to understand that broad equality or rather commonality amongst various species including human beings and hence their consideration for equitable distribution of resources is important and magnanimous. But insistence of mere superficial or external aspects equality in terms of similar food, similar clothes, similar houses, and similar behavior is fanatic! Such fanatics throttle the blossoming and inner growth of mankind (and even other species)! This is
  4. 4. because; the spirit of equality embodies freedom of growth and blossoming of everyone, which gets jeopardized by insistence of superficial or external aspects of equality! See how in the following instances insistence of superficial or external aspects of equality would do harm and gross injustice. You would all agree that, an infant without teeth should get milk or other liquids, a grown up person with good teeth should get food that can chewed and eaten and an old person with dentures should get food that could be easily chewed with dentures. The children should get toys and blessings, grown up people should get scope for fulfilling their creativity and productivity according to their aptitudes and elderly should get should get rest, respect and opportunity to pamper and bless the youngsters! An ailing individual should
  5. 5. get care and a healer should get freedom to deliver the care! A mother should get the freedom to breast feed and a new born to suckle! The carefully developed international laws and conventions, national constitutions and local laws/rules; based on this perspective; can totally manage the global STRESS i.e. intellectual, emotional, instinctual and physical chaos and cruelty and create an environment conducive to blossoming of one and all! Hence this is called Total Stress Management and the minimum common program or common royal pathway or core of this Total Stress Management is the practice of NAMASMARAN by billions! BUT WHAT IS NAMASMARAN?
  6. 6. (The following explanation is given by Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar in response to a clarification sought by Dr. Suhas Mhetre; for the benefit all those, who are not conversant with the concept and practice of NAMASMMRAN) Namasmaran means; remembering the name of God, Guru, great souls; such as prophets and holy objects such as planets and stars. It may be remembered silently, loudly, along with music, dance, along with breathing, in group or alone, either with counting by rosary (called SMARANI or JAPAMALA) or without counting. The traditions vary from region to region and from religion to religion. However the universal principle underlying NAMASMARAN is to reorient your physiological being with your true self. In fact while reorienting with true self you aim to
  7. 7. establish and strengthen the bond or connection; between; your physiological being; with your true self. You aim at reunification with yourself! Since remembering your true self is the pinnacle of or culmination of individual consciousness, and individual consciousness is the culmination of every activity in life, remembering any name of God or Guru (any symbol of your true self) is equivalent to opening the final common pathway for the individual consciousness associated with every possible activity to get funneled into or unified with objective or cosmic consciousness. Thus NAMASMARAN is in fact the YOGA YOGA of YOGA in the sense that it is the culmination of consciousness associated with every possible procedure and technique in the yoga that you are familiar with. It is the YOGA
  8. 8. of YOGA because it is the culmination of consciousness associated with all the activities in the universe, which it encompasses as well! It is YOGA of YOGA because everybody in the world irrespective of his/her tradition and the beliefs; would eventually, ultimately and naturally reach it it in the process of liberation. Even so called non believers also would not “miss” the “benefit of remembering the true self through one symbol or another”! Just as NAMASMARAN is YOGA of YOGA it is meditation of meditation also! It is the natural and ultimate climax of every form of meditation. These facts however have to be realized with persistent practice of NAMSMARAN and not blindly believed or blindly disbelieved with casual approach!
  9. 9. In short NAMSMARAN is super-bounty of cosmic consciousness for every individual to realize it (cosmic consciousness)! This is truly a super-bounty because a person, who experiences it, rises above mercenary, commercial and even professional and charity planes and manifest super-transactions in his or her life! These are just few observations to give rough idea about what is NAMASMARAN. NAMASMARAN is an ocean of bliss. Its true meaning is beyond description in words. DR. SHRINIWAS KASHALIKAR