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Applied Physiology Healing Physiology Dr


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Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine
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Applied Physiology Healing Physiology Dr

  1. 1. Applied Physiology: Healing Physiology Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar Applied Physiology or Healing Physiology means using the knowledge of Physiology (The Study of interactions in the nature i.e. environment inside and outside the body with respect to their effect on day to day human life. It teaches us what to eat, how much to eat, when to eat and how to eat also. It teaches about how much to sleep, when to sleep, when to defecate, when and how to urinate and so on. It instructs us about what clothes to wear and how they influence our life. It teaches which exercise, how much exercise and when and how to take it; and its benefits or side effects on body and mind.
  2. 2. It tells us about how much water to drink and the effects of cold and warm water! It also tells us about effects of cold bath, warm bath, sponging Jacuzzi etc. It teaches us about yoga principles and their judicious use to benefit us. It tells us about Sun Light, its effects in general; and benefits with respect to our health. It also guides us about the effects of space, climate, temperature, pressure, winds, humidity, aging; other conditions such pregnancy and the care to be taken for better health. It also informs about the effects of fragrance, colors, music, dance, massage and so on; on life. This perspective is extremely important to avoid getting carried away by the generally held misconception "Applied Physiology is synonymous with Clinical Physiology"! Applied Physiology or Healing Physiology accommodates Clinical Physiology, where there is application of the knowledge of Physiology in diagnosis, prognosis and therapeutics. Hence:
  3. 3. Applied Physiology or Healing Physiology can help us prevent diseases through applying the knowledge of immunity. It seeks to know the effects of soil status, chemical and organic fertilizers, pesticide and such factors on crop and its effects on the human life. It guides about the effects of various types of human -human, human - animal and human - plant interactions so that we can improve upon socialization, pets and home gardening also! Applied Physiology or Healing Physiology is studying Physiology with objective mind and applying the insight in every sphere; so as to blossom the global and individual life! Namasmaran is said to empower us for such efforts!