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The Art of Digital Story Telling


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This presentation was developed for the Eye4Travel conference where I will be giving a talk on the art of digital storytelling and creating compelling content for the travel industry

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The Art of Digital Story Telling

  1. 1. The Art of Digital Storytelling Srinivas Rao
  2. 2. Colin Wright Exile Lifestyle
  3. 3. I want people to realize that they have exactly one life to live and should act accordingly. - Colin Wright ” “
  4. 4. Michael Hodson Go, See, Write
  5. 5. In 16 months… 6 Continents 44 Countries Michael Hodson Go, See, Write
  6. 6. I am trying to spread the word about overland travel, which is the best way to appreciate the scope, size and wonder of this amazing planet we all share. - Michael Hodson “ ” Michael Hodson Go, See, Write
  7. 7. Benny Lewis Fluent in 3 Months
  8. 8. I want to convince the world that reaching fluency in a second language is accessible to anyone, regardless of age, background or wealth. - Benny Lewis ” “ Benny Lewis Fluent in 3 Months
  9. 9. Mark Lawrence Lifestyle Ignition
  10. 10. Live your passions. Follow your dreams. Ignite your lifestyle. My blog journals my personal story of my mantra. - Mark Lawrence ” “
  11. 11. Ashley Ambirge The Middle Finger Project
  12. 12. My blog tells the story of not just me, but of all of us. It's a love story - one whose great romance is not with another person, but with life itself. - Ashley Ambirge ” “
  13. 13. Srinivas Rao The Skool of Life BlogCastFM
  14. 14. I want to people to know that it's possible to learn anything, be anyone and live without limits. - Srinivas Rao “ ”
  15. 15. Personal Blogs
  16. 16. Company Blogs
  17. 17. Your Blog is NOT a Marketing Brochure
  18. 18. It’s NOT a Travel Guide
  19. 19. The Destination is Just a Backdrop
  20. 20. I will hold firm until the day I die, that travel is less about the places, and more about the conversations and experiences. - Spencer Spellman “ ”
  21. 24. A Global Network of Inspiring People
  22. 25. 150 Followers is All You Really Need
  23. 26. Engagement Causes Growth Q2 13K 22K 41K Q3 Q4
  24. 27. Flightster Writing Contest 20,000 Page Views in 2 Months 25 Participants in the Contest 300+ Followers on Twitter Hi!
  25. 28. We’re All Artists
  26. 29. Don’t Be Afraid to Break Rules
  27. 30. Embrace Your Inner Child
  28. 31. Create a Masterpiece