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Endeavor Vs. Chgman

Endeavor Vs. Chgman. The differences between these two version control tools.

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Endeavor Vs. Chgman

  1. 1.
  2. 2.   Both are version control tools used in mainframe environment  They have different process, to complete software configuration life cycle. Endeavor Vs. Chgman
  3. 3.  Endeavor
  4. 4.   Select environment - Test is for adding element. Prod is for retrieving element  Retrieve from PROD for old element  Modify the element  Add or Update for new element/retrieved element. Select Test environment if you are adding.  Compile the program  Create package and move elements into it, to move it to next level  Cast package  Review/Approve/Reject package  Backout package Process in Endeavor
  5. 5.  Creating a package  Checkout the programs from production environment  Stage programs from personal development library or from other change man package  Compilation of program in change man environment  Querying for the programs present in packages  Querying for package information  Changing Install date for the packages Chgman
  6. 6.   Freezing / Unfreezing the package  Promote or demote the package  Approve or reject the package Contd..
  7. 7. Thank You