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US IT Recruiter Interview Questions

US IT Recruiter Interview Questions.

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US IT Recruiter Interview Questions

  1. 1. HTTP://SRINIMF.JOBTHREAD.COM US IT RECRUITER INTERVIEW QUESTIONS 1. Tell me about yourself? A) My name is XYZ, I am holding XYZ degree. I started recruitment career in the year XXXX. I have placed many consultants to reputed clients. 2. What are the technologies you sourced profile till now? A) Mainframe/SAP/Oracle/DB2/Java/.Net/UNIX/Linux/Dbase Admin/ etc 3. What is your experience in HR field and relevant experience? A) I have X+ years’ experience as in recruitment process. Recruitment is the sub-process in HR. HR Activities are Induction/Training/Payroll processing/Employee Grievance/Exit process/Recruitment 4. What is recruitment process? A) Requirements-Client/Account manager/Recruitment lead/passing requirement to recruiter/Call up candidate/Get updated Resume/Check CV/Submit CV to account manager/account manager process it to client/get feedback from client/setup interview/Closure 5. What are the methods used for sourcing profiles? A) Methods – Job boards – and keyword search and Boolean search, Employee referrals, Internet, Google groups, staffing agencies 6. Why you are looking for change? What is the main reason? A) Better prospects and to effective utilization of my skills and abilities 7. They will be checking that whether you done end-to-end recruitment process at your company or not? A) Yes, I have involved complete life cycle of recruitment process
  2. 2. 8. What are your roles and responsibilities at your organization? A)  Source, screen, interview, and evaluate candidates  Foster long-term relationships with candidates  Review and understand technical job requirement requirements  Review applicants to verify if position requirements are met  Format resumes meeting client expectations  Research new technologies  Create detailed job descriptions  Follow up with candidates 9. Have you faced any difficult situation till now? How you handle those? A) Candidate not available at the time of interview, finding right source for right skills 10. How many positions will you close in a month? A) In a month I will close 5 positions 11. Why do you want to work here? A) I want to work here to increases my experience in broaden areas so that to maximize profit to the organization 12. Tell me about a challenging situation that did not end well A) Client is ready for interview but consultant went his hometown on personal urgent work. Requirement is urgent. 13. How to Negotiation? A) Resolving point of difference between two are more parties. It is basically win-win situation. 14. Who is a client? A) Client means who provide salary
  3. 3. 15. Who is a vendor? A) Vendor is a ‘third party’, maintains good pool of Human resource 16. What are the most important points that a recruiter should keep In mind? A) Location B) Duration C) Rate D) Primary and secondary skills E) Roles and responsibilities F) Client 17. How important is knowing various Technologies in IT, and how is it going to help in Recruiting? A) Ability to understand technology and to keep abreast of technology trends at Client Company, it helps to select right consultant to match right skills 18. How can the recruitment be done without the help of a vendor? If the vendor is involved than what are the risks associated? A) Carefully audit vendors to check rates, compliance issues, insurance status, and financial stability 19. What are the important points that you follow to judge the quality of a candidate? A) Commute, Rate, Willingness to re-locate, Willingness to BG check 20. What is a Background check and why it is done? A) Criminal check, Credit check, Drugs check
  4. 4. 21. Explain the Resume Screening Process on any of the Job Portal you wish? A) DICE.COM 22. What is required to become a good recruiter? What made you to opt for Technical Recruiting? A) Influencing, Negotiating, Persistence, Judgment, openness to feedback